How to Leverage Pinterest Traffic and Build Up Mighty Audience? [Case Study]

Are you struggling day and night to figure out Pinterest marketing solution to drive traffic from the top second most referral traffic distributor after Facebook? Then I think you have landed on the right place to get started with Pinterest newly by making your track appropriate and positive with other successful Pinterest marketers by following ideas are generic and authentic.

Pinterest is not just a social bookmarking site but a big resource to find out target audiences and customers from 70% of it's women users. Many people always think "What can attract women?" rather thinking what their community ask for on Pinterest. So this is not logical to think women psychology but it's authentic to manipulate creativity and awesomeness that can attract your target audience easily.

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How to Leverage Pinterest Traffic and Build Up Mighty Audience? [Case Study]
How to Leverage Pinterest Traffic and Build Up Mighty Audience? [Case Study] Image: Flickr
Today's case study will break down all of your wrong conceptions about Pinterest and force you to think newly about "How to Leverage Pinterest Traffic and Build Up Mighty Audience?" Let's dive deep to learn more.

Statistics of Social Media Traffic Including Pinterest

Pinterest is called the rising start in providing high quality traffic from the range of all other social networking websites. This top favorite social bookmarking site exceeds Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Google+ in distributing more traffic who are highly engaging, loyal audience and overall have higher tendency to purchase products from your services blog/site.

On a recent statistics by shareaholic has shown Pinterest counted 5.72% referral traffic where the closest competitor Twitter provides 1.03% referral traffic as opposed to Facebook of 23.39% referral traffic (which is still counted as top referral traffic source).

Shareaholic Statistics of social media traffic
Shareaholic Statistics of social media traffic. Image: Shareaholic
Facebook delivered nearly a quarter of the total visits sites around the web received. While its share of traffic has marginally shrunk since then, the ubiquitous social network still drives 4x more traffic than Pinterest.

The referral traffic change year over year but still a half of all the web traffic are reserved by social bookmarking websites where Pinterest dominates over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn in providing highly convertible traffic and the average time on site is 5 - 6 minutes comparing to Facebook (3 - 4 minutes), Twitter (2 - 3 minutes) and Reddit (1 - 2 minutes).

The reasons of Pinterest traffic are never retired and always on coming up mode that users ability to "repin" also share with their followers and other social networks which later count huge spike in traffic and on average a viral post can pull 40K - 50K+ of referral traffic by a period of 3-4 weeks.

How to Leverage Pinterest Traffic and Buildup Mighty Audience ???

Below are some of authentic ways to use Pinterest positively to drive more traffic to your sites, and lead your business to bring it to next level.
Note: All of the ideas of this case study are proven and work with most of the successful Pinterest marketers, if you think I have added any illogical or irrelevant items then please do let me know through a simple commenting.

1. Analyze and Understand Your Pinterest Community

Before starting with world's top leading women community Pinterest you must know, understand and analyze your target audience. Many people come to Pinterest in order to gain referral traffic without knowing the basics of usability, even they follow other people blindly without understanding who are the industry leaders, and minded people. They pin stuffs that make no sense to their followers, finally nothing possibility to gain target traffic which can drive leads and make sales.

If you use Pinterest in such way then you're more than years away reaching your target point in Pinterest traffic domination race combating your competitors. So how can you understand your Pinterest community and find out real persons who are your influencers and spread out your words to their audience.

Here are some ideas to find out your community and audience on Pinterest.
  • Follow your business minded people
  • Follow your industry leaders and top contributors
  • Seek out your competitors on Pinterest and understand who are they following
  • Follow your competitors followers (basically the minded people)
  • Understand what pins go viral within your pinterest followers
  • Produce same type of content that attract more shares than regular
Follow minded people on Pinterest
Follow minded people on Pinterest
So these are the ways you can easily find out your community on Pinterest, dominate people with your viral content and build up mighty audience that will help you to drive sales than other social networks.

2. Try to be An Expertise Contributor

After being familiar with your Pinterest community this is right time to contribute useful content (images or infographic) that focus your business and attract people who are your audience. Suppose, you have an online business like "Website logo generator" then you need such type of visitors who have website or at least internet based services. As we know there are 644+ million websites online so it's nothing tough to find out your target audience from Pinterest or other social networks.

You have to contribute stuffs that relate your services, suppose infographic submission that are more appealing to users comparing to regular rectangle images. You can also share vertical shaped images that also go better on Pinterest.

3. Try Infographics Submission

For about years Infographics have been shared 10x faster than text articles on social bookmarking sites, majority on Pinterest since the structure and layout of Pinterest are top suitable for Infographic sharing than Facebook, Twitter, Google+ do.

Read the following article to create infographic:

4. Prioritize Vertical Shaped Images

I know one person Bob who blogs around 7 years after quitting this day job to find out passive ways to make money online through blogging from not knowing word "how to blog?" dais. He has a number of highly experienced contributors including himself lead a successful business blog which mainly focuses solutions through publications on make money, finance, online business, mortgage, money savings etc. topics.

Vertical shaped images

One thing makes me very curated about images published on are all vertical shaped, highly modified with photoshop tools that cover the theme of individual article and appeal to their audiences on Pinterest. These vertical shaped images are not so tough to create but a little bit photoshop experience can present you such creative image that are more accepted to Pinterest communities.

5. Optimize Images With Meta Description

While pinning to your board try to add meta description including 500 characters [Max] but it's better to go through 100-150 characters. These meta descriptions are tracked by Pinterest crawler and fetch more targeted results based on Image file name and meta description.

6. Provide Hashtags

After Twitter, Google+ the Pinterest communities use hashtags to fetch more curated results and too easily than manual searching by category. Adding hashtag is easy just add a hash before any word withing your pin description,

Learn how to create #windowsphone #app with these free resources and tools

7. Install Pint It Button both on Website & Browser (As Extension)

By adding a Pinterest Pin It button on your website which allows users to pin any image they like from your site. Also add Pinterest extension on Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera etc. browsers so that you can pin any stuff without going to Pinterest board. See following articles

8. Schedule Your Pins Timing and Monitor Analytics

This is another important thing you should know maintaining proper timing can help you to utilize  pinning with your target audiences who are active and ready to share your content on instant. As with every social network, there is a specific time that you can submit that will give you the best chance of reaching the front or popular pages. By a research of Colby Almond (Viral traffic and social media analyst) this is found that with Pinterest people can generate 10x more engagement when they're active between 5-7AM and 5-7PM EST with pinning, commenting, sharing.


Schedule Your Pins Timing and Monitor Analytics
Schedule Your Pins Timing and Monitor Analytics. Image: Moz

9. Syndicate Pins with Other Social Channels

While pinning you have option to syndicate your pin with Facebook and Twitter this can help you to reach your pin with Twitter and Facebook followers. Just check the button of Facebook and Twitter of Pin window and submit your pin.

Syndicate Pins with Other Social Channels

10. Add Pinterest Board Widget to Your Website

By adding a pinterest board widget on your website can help people to directly access your pinterst board and other boards and increase more engagement than other promotion.

Create pinterest widget and add on your website no matter if it's Blogger hosted blog or self hosted WordPress blog but the widget works on all platforms.

11. Interact with Popular Pinners, Repin, Comment, Like and Share

When you're active on Pinterest don't forget that you're also a follower of other pinners so you have to do the same thing that your followers do in order to be trusted to your audience and popular. Always communicate with your pinners through messaging and ask then what you do want from you, also "repin" the most valuable content in order to boost your pinterest board quality, comment to the pin, like pins and share with your other social channels. These activities will help you to create an authority across your pinterest profile and boards.

Things to Do Yet!

Below are some of the activities I think you still need to perform to create a powerful Pinterest profile.

1. Connect Other Social Networks

By adding other social networks with your Pinterest profile help you to boost your social channels visibility. You can easily setup other social networks with Pinterest,

First of all login your pinterest account and click on gear icon
Now choose Account settings and click on "Social Networks" from left menu

Social Networks

Now connect Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. social networks

Connect Other Social Networks

Finally hit "Save Settings" and you're done

2. Verify Website

It's easy to verify website with Pinterest. Just do following

When you're on Account Settings dashboard so click on "Profile" and navigate to website.
Now type your website and you will be given a verification meta tag
Just add the meta tag close to <head> of your website and click on "Verify website" button
Your website will be verified and you will get a PR9 dofollow backlink for free

Website verfied

3. Add Location to Your Profile

Many people don't add location to their Pinterest profile but it worths since people can understand you by a real person and would be more interested in your profile. It's easy to add location to your Pinterest profile

From your Pinterest profile click on "Account settings" and navigate to "Profile"
Now type your location in the box next to "Location"

Add location

Finally hit "Save Settings" and that's it.

4. Don't Create Useless Boards That Add No Sense or Value to Audience

When you're trying to provide people most valuable content through your boards then creating any useless, valueless or meaningless board can destroy your credibility of pinning and break users trust upon your services. So be serious in creating authentic board and on topics where you have countless resources and mainly based on target audiences.

5. Use Tools for Pinterest Marketing

Like other social networks Pinterest marketing can be handled and 10x expedited by using marketing tools as there are number of free and paid Pinterest marketing tools can help you to bring your services through Pinterest into audiences, increase more visibility and drive more sales.

Read following articles to get useful resources and tools for pinterest marketing.

What More Do You Need?

I tried my best to cover an article that focuses on useful facts behind understanding/analyzing Pinterest community, value of Pinterest traffic amongst all other social networking sites and how to exactly leverage Pinterest traffic to market your business. Pinterest is not only a place where you can have target audience and loyal readers but can create branding so fast than other social platforms.

If you think I have missed any useful point in this post then do let me know about your thoughts through a simple comment.
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20 Best Free Websites to Learn iOS Programming and Development

Looking for some quality tutorials to learn iOS development? Then I think you have appeared on the best place where to get all the lists of best free iOS development tutorials and guides as a beginner. iOS development is today's one the top paid professions amongst other programmers and developers iOS programmers have highest demand at the Job field.

If you're a code expert, have better experience on C program, Java and C++ then this is the right time to get started with iOS development since there are lots of online courses and tutorials with effective visual guides and videos can help you to learn iOS programming from scratch and begin app development which will be stored on iTunes.

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20 Best Free Websites to Learn iOS Programming and Development

These are 20 best free resources and tutorials to learn iOS programming as a beginner.

1. Apple Developer − iOS Developer Library

Start developing your own iOS apps today with Apple develop which comes with countless freeware utilities and resources to get started creating apps that can be run on iPad, iPhone and iOS touch. Apple developer provides you four shot modules as an ideal introduction to building your first app. The key elements of developing a great app including App Store, Xcode and Download.

To develop iOS apps, you need:
  • A Mac computer running OS X 10.9.4 or later
  • Xcode (latest version)
  • iOS SDK

2. Code School − Try iOS

Code School − Try iOS

Learn how to create an iOS app with free tutorials from Code School. The app development courses are divided into number of levels (up to level 6) including videos and visual guides. To get started with Code School you need basic coding experience.

3. AppCoda − iOS Programming Course

AppCoda provides you the best tutorials to learn iOS programming. This free iOS programming course is target for beginners without possessing any programming experience. What you just need is a strong passion to build your own app.

4. udemy − Learn iOS Programming

This iOS course is aimed to provide a through and clear understanding of the iOS programming. Start with basic Hello world for iOS and cover the most important topics which will provide you a firm base to build your iOS Apps.

5. CODE with Chris − Learning iOS Programming

CODE with Chris − Learning iOS Programming

Chris is a programmer who provides free courses to learn and develop iOS application. If you're newbie to iOS programming then you can get started with Beginner's guide to iPhone Development

6. BLOC − Learn iOS Programming

Start by setting up your development environment using Xcode 6, Git, and GitHub. GitHub will serve as an online portfolio of your coursework. Next, explore fundamental programming topics such as variables, loops, arrays, and objects, using both Objective-C and Swift.

7. Oreilly Media − Learning iOS Programming, 3rd Edition

Get a rapid introduction to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch programming. With this easy-to-follow guide, you’ll learn how to develop your first marketable iOS application, from opening Xcode to submitting your product to the App Store.

8. TeamTreeHouse − Learn iOS Development & Swift

Get up with learning iOS development and Swift, a complete course designed by highly experienced iOS developers and free video programs will help to expedite your learning 10X faster than other courses.

9. Design then Code − Building iOS Apps From Scratch

Design then Code − Building iOS Apps From Scratch

Before taking a crack at any Design Then Code project tutorials you'll need some knowledge of Xcode, Objective-C, Cocoa and UIKit. This tutorial guide is created by Mike Rundle with more effective visual, codes and examples which create perfect environment to learn how to code.

10. YouTube − iOS Programming

This video tutorial helps you to learn the basics of iOS programming. It's familiar with Apple's programming interface, Xcode and learn the basics of creating an iOS application.

11. IT eBooks − Learning iOS Programming, 3rd Edition

Get a rapid introduction to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch programming. With this easy-to-follow guide, you'll learn how to develop your first marketable iOS application, from opening Xcode to submitting your product to the App Store.

12. Lynda − iOS Video Courses and Tutorials

Lynda − iOS Video Courses and Tutorials

Lynda provides free video courses and tutorials for iOS development. Every online course includes free videos and you can access all of courses if you become a member.

13. Udacity − Become an iOS Developer

Udacity comes with handy tutorials to get started with the basics of iOS programming and guides. Learn iOS developing with Udacity.

14. Designcode − Build an iOS App

Building an app has never been this simple. Sketch and Xcode makes the whole process approachable to both designers and developers. Learn free iOS development at Designcode.

15. ThePragmaticStudio − iOS 8 Development with Swift

ThePragmaticStudio − iOS 8 Development with Swift

Learn how to create full-featured iOS 8 apps from scratch using the new Swift programming language in this hands-on training course taught by a renowned iOS expert.

16. Edumobile Blog − iPhone Tutorial

Edumobile is a blog dedicated to tutorials and guides on mobile technology. They also provide complete software development learning programs.

17. iPhoneDevSDK

More of a forum than anything else, the iPhoneDevSDK is a great place to ask questions and read what others have to say. The main focus of the the forum is iOS app development and marketing.

18. Ray Wenderlich

A platform dedicated to learn iPhone tutorials and develop iOS application. It’s a blog  that aims to provide high quality programming tutorials for iOS developers and gamers.

19. Tutorialspoint – iOS Application Development

Tutorialspoint is a great place to learn iOS development. Their courses take you from the very beginning level and provide real coding experience and challenge you to do more with code.

20. Tuts+ − Learn iOS SDK Development From Scratch

Learn the basics and advanced level of iOS app development with Tuts+ 16 free quality posts. You would learn: understanding the iOS ecosystem, setting up development environment, test your app on cross device and much more.

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40 Best Free Content Marketing Tools for Marketers and Producers

Content marketing is Internet's big matter which relates to career of marketers even plays a vital role for companies to sustain on today's online competition. Companies produce products which are needed to apply multiple promoting campaigns to make the product more useful and popular to its target audience in order to boost up sales. Including all of the major campaigns, content marketing is one of the most important

components that basically marketers, or promoters apply to attract target customer from internet and make them biased to purchase a product. Content marketing needs lots of materials to create a perfect content idea, analyze topics, arrange resources, write highly indepth guide, and much more.

40 Best Free Content Marketing Tools for Marketers and Producers

This tutorial includes 40 best content marketing tools (Free and Paid) for marketers to promote products and make the task 10X easy.

Tools to Get Content Ideas


Hubspot's created free marketing platform comprising with the best content marketers and promoters on the planet. Find the best news, tips, tricks, information, and much more about content marketing from industry experts who contribute at

2. Reddit 

Reddit is a biggest platform consisting with 3000+ subreddits and millions of daily visitors to discover new websites, viral content, official breaking news, and much more.

Read: 4 Actionable Ways To Make Your Post Viral on Reddit!

3. Twitter

This microblogging site is best of the best of social networking websites to discover hottest news, trending topics across the web within seconds. Marketers can utilize this platform appropriately to get at news from their industry experts and competitors as well.

4. Stumbleupon

SU is another great platform to discover new websites that matter marketers businesses. There are 100+ new and unique categories organized with millions of unique content submitted by stumblers. You can find ideas of creating content here at SU

5. Digg

Digg is one of my favorite platforms to discover new content and at every moment. Diggers are quite active to submit the best news from the planet which can help marketers to discover new content ideas according to their businesses.

6. Quora

Quora is a popular social networking website where people interact with questing and answering. Identify trends from consistency asked questions to inform your content creation efforts.

7. Feedly

After shutting down Google Reader, Feedly has been the best option for RSS subscribers which is now a fastest growing platform having 7 million users in recent months.

8. Alltop

Here you can find different types of news, articles organized from different publication, and categorized by topics like Work, Health, Culture, Interests, Tech, People, Good, News, and Sports.


Browse curated online newspapers and newsletters from millions of sources across the web.


Flipboard magazine is a best platform to get most sharable content around the web.You can get all kinds of useful news, stories, articles which will help you to discover new content ideas.

11. Google Plus Communities

There are about 52 thousands Google+ communities with over 400 million active members get useful content about their industry from experts. Explore Google plus communities or get started with this newbie guide.

Read: How to Get Started With Google+ Community? - A Beginner Guide

Tools for Content Marketing & Distribution

12. Buffer

Buffer is used to schedule your posts across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for posting at the best times optimized for your account or at the times of your choosing.

13. SlideShare

An open free content marketing tool through presentation slides. Create a deck to draw attention to a resource or service on your website.

14. MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the best email marketing platforms used to market your content to your email list. It takes few minutes to setup an email campaign, exporting existing email from Feedburner and starting marketing your business.

15. Facebook Advertising

Advertising on Facebook can boost the visibility of your content in the newsfeed for greater that it would reach on its own organically. Boost likes to your Facebook pages, gain more customers and increase sales through advertising campaigns and always monitor ROI.

16. PRWeb

PRWeb is used to send SEO optimized press releases about your most valuable content to 30,000 journalists, 250,000 opt-in news subscribers and to the 3 million monthly visitors on

17. Bundlr

Create topic pages with photos, videos, tweets, articles and more to distribute with everyone in your network.

18. Storify

A great free tool allows you to curate content through collecting various social media elements on a chosen topic and present them all in one sleek format.

Tools for Content Creation


Explore the massive collections of infographics for inspiration, later enlist top-notch talent to create your own high-quality, customized infographic content pieces.

20. Google Keyword Planner

A free keyword research tool that can help marketers to find most valuable and highly targeted keywords. Check this article to get started with Google Keyword Planner

Read: Guide To Google Keyword Planner for CPC | PPC Advertising

21. Ubersuggest

Free keyword research tool that gives you a very healthy assortment of keyword suggestion.

22. Prezi

Elegant visual presentations that can be edited and shared in the cloud. Free version allows for public presentations smaller than 100MB.

23. Image Resizer

Use this free tool to resize your images and to bring the images you've created or curated to the right dimensions for publishing.

Related Article: 20 Free Online Photo Editor & Collage Maker Tools to Manipulate Photos

24. Place It

This tool lets you uploading images of your products or websites and insert them into high-quality photos.

25. Skitch

A free markup tool for Evernote. Easily add shapes, highlights and call outs to your photos to create super sharable content.

26. Embedded Tweets

Embed live tweets to your online content to add credibility to a topic and interactive aspect to your article or website.

27. Powtoon

An animated content creator tool to help you making custom animated videos - great for explainer videos. It has a paid version which offers more images to use, HD quality, and the ability to create animations longer than 5 minutes.

28. UberFlip

Optimize your PDF’s to add social widgets, audio and video elements to make the content both interactive and measurable.

29. Listly

Create custom lists and have visitors vote on items. Very easy way to create fun, engaging pieces of content that can easily be shared.

30. Issuu

A visually striking tool for creating online magazines and look books with both free and paid versions depending on your content needs and budget.

Tools for Content Management with Dashboards

31. Google Analytics

Track your website traffic, measure social media efforts, create customized reports, and much more. A free analytics powerhouse.

Must Read: How to Use Google Analytics Intelligence Events and Get More Out of It

32. Buzzsumo

Lets you analyze content performance across social mediums. You need to search keywords or topic and see which articles on the web are getting it right.

33. Buffer

Buffer is a great platform to syndicate your content through RSS and integrate with top social channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+

34. HootSuite

Hootsuite is a social management tool which is also a content syndication tool can help you to manage social networks to syndicate your content easily.

Tools for Content Organization

35. Trello

A free tool which lets you organize everything from media to ideas on neatly organized cards.

36. Evernote

Evernote is a multi-use organizational platform that's widely known as the way to remember everything from your business to personal life.

37. Google Calender

It's one the best free Google apps for business can help marketers in many ways regarding scheduling, managing, writing and more activities. Here's an indepth about Google Calender you should check now.

Read:  6 Ways to Use Google Calender on Desktop & Smart Phones


A freeware utility which works for you to create custom recipes that increase the productivity across all of your web application and platforms by making them work together.

39. Pinterest

Use Pinterest to organize your resources, the content from others and your favorite websites for content marketing inspiration.

40. Pocket

Save videos, articles and other helpful resources away to check out later. 
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Create Branded Affiliate Link in Blogger to Make Promotion Super Easy

Are you like me who thinks Blogger is not a suitable platform for affiliate promotion? Then this tutorial is for yours to crystal clear your conception and understanding about Blogger which is not a worthless platform at all. In affiliate promotion, one very important thing that today's affiliate promoters consider is to create a custom branded affiliate link which looks like "" or "". Here BRAND may be the brand name like bluehost, hostgator, dreamhost and lots of top affiliate services online. WordPress users can easily make this type of custom affiliate link but in Blogger there is not chance to create a branded custom affiliate like.

Thanks to one of my partners who provided me a good piece of code which can create custom URL redirection and very easily can be installed on any HTML document.

Create Branded Affiliate Link in Blogger to Make Promotion Super Easy

Today's tutorial I will show you all how to create a custom branded link in Blogger and promote affiliate products to boost sales. Before starting the tutorial you may want to visit our custom URL

Prepare Your Custom Page

First of all I recommend you to go through creating a new custom page in Blogger. If you're an old Blogger user like me then you must know how to create a static page. For better user experience I will show you how to create a branded page URL so that your affiliate promotion will be super easy and effective.

In Blogger when you come to create a custom page only drawback is it auto generates the page URL and it may hold some snazzy characters like "divtitleways" "tirbiedtitle" etc. which looks dull and unaccepted to any user for visiting.
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11 Awesome Ways to Use Google Search Preferences & Get More Out of It

How many of people in this universe use Google search? − do have any idea? Well let me explain, a recently published infographic by statista has shown "In December, 77 percent of the 1.52 billion search engine users worldwide conducted with Google search at least once a day. That means 1.17 billion Google users, as opposed to 293 million users of Chinese search giant Baidu and 292 million users of Yahoo's search. Microsoft's Bing also cover 267 million searches and Russian search boss Yandex cover 74 million searches each month."

By the above statistics it's quite clear that the domination of Google in search engines competition is too strong and far away to reach for other competitors. So if you're like me to get daily doze of tips, tricks, news, and information from Google search then don't you think you should use Google more productively, personally and securely. 

11 Awesome Ways to Use Google Search Preferences & Get More Out of It

Related Article: How to Get More Out of Google Searches ~ Infographic

Of course, right not? So today's of my article I will show you 11 awesome ways to use Google search preferences and get more out of Google search.

1. Change your location on Google

When you're searching on Google the search giant delivers most relevant results near to your location. Suppose you're based on Seattle, so when you search for coffee shops you will see ones that are nearby. Location can be easily updated and set to another.
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How I Ranked Up an Article So Fast on Search Engine Google

Ranking a post on search engines is a target for bloggers and content marketers, in many cases it's the core focus of affiliate marketers. But is it ever possible to rank a post on search engines quite so early? when the tyranny of penguin and panda is almost going overtime in Google reign. Yep, I have done something new with my blog 15 days earlier (ranking a post by 15 days on search engines) which was a pitfall of my site's SEO structure a bit though it helped one of my posts to come into search ranking competition so fast.

The idea of making my post ranked up quickly was like this: picking up a unique content, arranging some useful resources, focusing on page seo, trying magnetic headlines, sharing with top social bookmarking sites, building high quality backlinks, and waiting for ranking on targeted long tail keywords bla bla bla.

How I Ranked Up an Article So Fast on Search Engine Google
How I Ranked Up an Article So Fast on Search Engine Google
You can say it's just a normal thing that every pro and novice bloggers do, right? But there are lots of distractions I faced that you may be don't know. So by this article I will tell how did I make a post viral and brought it up search engine ranking by only 15 days after publishing the post.

For Traffic Report Please See Following Article: 

1. Picked up a Unique Topic

This is my habit to always knock unique content for my blog or guest blogging purposes. To make a post useful, reader friendly and seo optimized there is no alternative of publishing unique content which can attract your audience, reduce bounce rate and increase more views per visit. Finding out unique content is not any tough work but tricky and need more strategy to apply.
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10 Best Free Business Plan Templates and Themes for Startups

When you're thinking of creating any new business what exactly comes to your mind? I guess it's a business plan, right? So to create a business plan you need basic ideas at least to sketch your business model arranging all the materials including the foundation, capital investment, target consumers, consumers demand, pricing, bad debt loss, returning capital and more stuffs to set off a business whether notional or multinational.

There are lots of companies who provide free business plan templates and themes to create ideal business model no matter what type of business you run. These companies also offer free tutorials, guides, videos, tools, and services.

10 Best Free Business Plan Templates and Themes for Startups

Today's of this guide I have brought some of the best companies and service providers who provide free Business plan templates and themes in PDF or Word document.

1. Entrepreneur: Business Plans Forms & Templates

The Entrepreneur magazine provides a good lists of free Business plans forms and templates in PDF, DOC, PPT formats. These business plans are best suitable for local, multinational or any kind of businesses. It starts with the basic principles of creating a business plan, business plan model, business plan presentation, business plan (NDA) Non Disclosure Agreement - Premium, IT Business plan and more.
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