Verify PayPal Account with “US Payment Service” by Payoneer!!

PayPal is being the only one and leading online payment service provider about a decade now. The company has launched to make the online transaction solution between buyers and vendors super easy with any marketplace on internet. The only problem is that PayPal has made by appending a restriction in their service area removing some countries in their account lists including Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. countries.

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Download Max Keylogger : The Best Computer Keystroke Logging

Max AllIn One Keylogger is a computer monitoring software which allows you to record and monitor every single activity happens on your computer and have it deleted or delivered to your personal email address. With Max Keylogger software you will have full control on your log files under Application, Keystorke, Clipboard, Screenshot, Website which are updated every second on your running PC and recorded on Log Window so that you easily navigate them, delete specific item or delete all the files to save more spaces on your stores files.

You will find rarely few PC security software that run like Max Keylogger which gives you the security essentials across your executable files by knowing them and collecting every screenshot and every keystroke with just the click on a button.

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UnoTelly Review : The SmartDNS and VPN Service Provider

UnoTelly is a global smart DNS and VPN service provider which combines world’s most popular TV channels (over 350+ channels) with devices to help people watch live streaming, movies, videos, music online residing non supported regions. UnoTelly exactly does the work to change users IP to their hosted IP that are supported by Netflix, Pandora Box, Hulu, Spotify etc. featured channels are limited only to US.

So users who live outside the US can unlock these channels to their location with the help UnoTelly smart DNS and VPN service and enjoy live streaming on desktop, mobile, home and routers. UnoTelly almost a premium service which requires users to buy plans (Starter and Gold subscription plan for lifetime). 

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How to Get Payoneer Account Approved [Step by Step Guide with Pictures]

Payoneer is a world class payment services provider connecting over 200+ countries and top of the leading internet based companies make transaction super easy with the of help its virtual US Payment services which is deserved by every cardholder.

In today’s eCommerce business Payoneer has played a great role by making an interaction between companies, marketers and customers across the globe. The feature has made Payoneer more influential is providing Automatic Clearing House (ACH) for making deposits to Payoneer cardholders who reside outside US and doesn’t have US bank account.

Not only these are the prime benefits working with Payoneer but also you can get much more premium powerhouse of assists for making your internet based businesses deals upon great border of success.

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Beginner's Guide to Setup Google's FeedBurner for Blog & Get More out of It

So you want to get started your email marketing startup with Feedburner because you already have created a blog under your favorite niche and you decided to capture emails of your target audience. It's not the case for you but also for many people who are now ignoring Feedburner once they started with Feedburner on primary level of their blogging journey. The thing is that Feedburner is not any old blog content syndication service but some of its features are dull and gloomy as compared to advanced level email marketing as supposed to Aweber, Mailchimp, iContact, MailGet etc. services.

There are quite some drawbacks still suck Feedburner to deliver publishers the better user experience which meet their businesses. Due to having lots of bugs still hundreds of thousands of blog publishers give priority to Feedburner to capture emails and deliver blog content because of its free services and you could be one of them.

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Win a Free .Com Domain to Create Industry Leading Site

I think this is not the first time you're watching a blog or site is offering to win a .Com domain for free, moreover there are much more online companies offer to win a brand new website even hosting services and domains. Following this tradition I’ve come around with a free domain name under “Insurance” which is nowadays most lucrative .Com TLD(Top level domain) in the online market.

In this competition I will offer people to enter into a raffle draw with their Facebook account or Email addresses then users have to answer a question provided by Rafflecopter to win a free .Com domain under “Insurance”.

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8 Ways to Improve Your Blogging and Writing Skills

Writing is a skill that needs to be developed over time. No one on this planet earth was born with the 100% excellent writing skills. It was developed and as such it was learned. As a blogger, it is very beneficial to you writing your blogs in English so that your readers can easily understand your works from anywhere else of this world. To be able to develop a strong writing skill, it requires lot and lot of practice and determination. Anybody at all can be a good writer if only they are determined to be.

They are so many reasons why people would love or need to develop their writing skills, it could be that, they want to take an English class, may be they want to reply to emails and so on, or even may be they want to be a pro blogger someday.

Anyone one who agrees to the fact that he or she is a writer, checking his or her background would reveal that, they engage themselves reading journals, magazines, blogs, newspapers, and even books to improve upon their writing skills may be on a daily basis. And they might also engage themselves in days and days of practice in writing.

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100+ Best Free “Internet Marketing” Tools and Resources.

Internet marketing is a broad topic which means “targeting marketing campaign on internet” and makes businesses growing super fast online. In the last couple of years Internet marketing has been the best and No.1 strategy of expanding website and blog network domination on search engines and social networking sites. With the power of Internet marketing companies convey their products and services to the target consumer online and grab the maximum return on investment.

There are number of free and paid tools you can use to expedite Internet marketing campaigns. Some tools will offer with high end web analytics insights, some for social media analytics, keyword research, content research, social media management, and blog monetization etc. programs.

100+ Best Free “Internet Marketing” Tools and Resources.

So you want to start your internet marketing campaign, right? That’s why I have arranged 100 over free internet tools you can make your marketing campaigns more powerful!

Content Research

Google Scholar – Explore thousands of free science and heavy articles to study across Google scholar. Your research is unlimited to articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, online repositories, universities and other web sites.

Yahoo! Answers – Question and answering site can be a great source of content research for your blog. This site includes almost all kinds of categories that keep you updated with your industry.

Quora – Another popular Q & A site is considered more high quality platform to explore critical question’s answers from the industry expert and get instant feedback from the authors.

LinkedIn Discussions – Get the professional and industry leading stuffs aggregated at LinkedIn discussion community and explore your content ideas more precisely.

Google Product Forums – Every webmaster’s favorite place to explore the best answers with respect to search engine optimization, Google search ranking, social media marketing, Google’s Blogger help, Adsense help etc. etc. topics. – Another best website to get answers of any topical problem from industry experts. Similar to Yahoo! Answers

Soovle – A great little website tool to help you generate content ideas. All you need to do just enter a keyword phrase and soovle will let you know the keyword suggestions from up to 15 different websites.

Topix.Com – A helpful resource for bloggers or content writers to search for content ideas. Enter a search term and the topix engine will provide your results including news articles, forums, Q & A sites, blog posts etc.

Google News – A famous news site to explore the best news on the globe that include business, finance, culture, entertainment, education, technology, social media, gaming etc. categories.

Yahoo! News – Bigger news search engine as compared to Google News, Yahoo! News provides high quality news and information (written by Yahoo’s employed top contributors) articles that matter the industry.

Content Ideas Generation

Blog Topic Generator – Hubspot’s free tool to generate blog topics which aggregate right topic ideas by analyzing the keyword phrases are inputted and provide you the highly actionable blog topics that you and your audience might get appealing.

Content Idea Generator – Enter a keyword and have fun with bunch of relevant blog topic suggestions powered by Portent’s Content Idea Generator.

Feedly – Feedly is one of the most popular Google Reader alternatives and can be used to subscribe to the top blogs in your interest and get continuous quality articles from websites and blogs.

Blog Post Ideas and Headline Generator – ContentIdeator is free tool to generate blog post ideas and blog headlines. Just enter keyword phrase and hit on search button to grab the most efficient content ideas.

Content Idea Generator – Give 18 simple answers of questions about your product and services to content idea generator. Literally after a while you will be provided hundreds of great content ideas for blog posts, articles, tweets, white-papers, and e-books, videos, podcasts, press releases.

Keyword Research

Google Keyword Planner – A free keyword research and keyword suggestion tool by Google adwords. Use this tool to generate long tail keyword ideas, get information on keyword search volume, suggested big, keyword competition etc. parameters.

Übersuggest – Get long tail keyword ideas with Übersuggest the free keyword suggestion tool that makes good use of different keyword phrase suggested services.

Wikipedia – This giant encyclopedia can be used to research long tail keywords simply by exploring articles that meet your niche and highlight keywords from in-depth of the articles. Read this guide to learn how to do keyword research with Wikipedia

Google Auto Complete – This an advanced feature of Google search which provides instant suggestions of keywords you always type on search box.

Google Related Search – Every time you search on Google you will see related search patterns based on "Your typed keywords" (at the bottom of SERPs). Use these keywords as instant long tail keyword suggestions.

Google Trends – Explore the highest search terms on a recent perspective of Google search which reflects the volume of search keywords of specific trials: today, yesterday, last week, and last month.

Get broad lists of Keyword Research Guides

Image Research

Flickr – Explore billions of photos at Flickr free image sharing and downloading store.

Fotolia – Fotolia is a good resource of exploring digital photos from the web. As Fotolia doesn’t allow free image downloading but their images on the week provides free images of past week. – provides royalty free images from a store of 49K total images having over 74K registered accounts of late.

FreeRange Stock – Freerange Stock was formed with the goal of providing quality stock photos for commercial and non-commercial uses.

The Open Photo Project – The open photo project have royalty free images and stock photos you can use form their repository.

Wikimedia – Wikimedia Commons has a missive database of over 15 millions of freely usable media files, materials involving images, videos, and sounds – I personally use this resource to explore free digital photos at almost $0.00 price but photos will be provided at medium size rectangle (fixed format) and you have to credit them for each photo embedded on your blog.

Get broad lists of Image Research Guides

Blogging Tools

BuzzSumo – Enter a topic or URL on BuzzSumo search box and you will be provided rich information of content that performs well on social media. You can also explore content ideas with BuzzSumo.

Evernote – Collect your favorite notes, snippets, photos, webpages, and more at Evernote by tagging system which is a robust tool for blogging.

Google Calendar – Google calendar can help you to organize your writing and reading schedule by specific time with personalized and effective calendar setup. Read this article to get started with Google Calendar.

Dropbox – Dropbox is one of the best places to store and share things that include pdfs, Word Docs, design files, photos, and more.

Google Docs – You can consider writing in Google Docs for collaborating with others and tapping into the extra power of Google Docs. Read this article to get started with Google Docs

Toggle – Add a task, push the Start/Stop button, and check back in to see a full dashboard of stats on how you spend your time with Toggle.

Grammarly – A grammar checker tool works to check and correct grammar for articles which is most effective tool for every blogger.

Get broad lists of Blogging Tools and Tutorials

Social Sharing

Shareholic – Shareholic provides smart and simple sharing buttons to make your blog post shareable from any device users access your content.

Sharethis – Sharethis is another most popular social sharing widget provider and top alternative of

Addthis – A leading social media sharing, social analytics and content promotional tools provider.

Filament – Filament provides handy social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and more. – An alternative and popular social sharing buttons provider is which provides free sharing buttons in horizontal and vertical sharing formats

Sharexy – Useful tool which provides social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

Social Media Marketing

Buffer – Bufferapp is a robust social media marketing tool that can be used to share post with top social networking sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc.

Quill Engage – A free tool that connects with your Google Analytics account and sends you email weekly about your summary data including traffic growth and decline.

BulkBuffer – BulkBuffer is an extension for Buffer allows you to upload items to Buffer in bulk

Followerwonk – Followerwonk is a famous tool specially for managing Twitter accounts and it shows you detailed breakdowns of your followers and activity

ViralWoot – ViralWoot is beyond analytics as you can schedule pins, promote pins, and gain new followers all through ViralWoot.

Post Planner – Post Planner is a rising social media marketing tool which not only allows you to schedule updates in advance, but also gives you an entire list of status ideas

GitHub – GitHub is an open source project which is also a marketing tool to promote any project

PhotoSync – PhotoSync is a photo sharing machine where users can share any photo

KingSumo – Want to write magnetic blog headline then try KingSumo

Quintly – Quintly lets you access analytics for up to three Facebook pages

Tailwind – Tailwind helps with optimization and scheduling of pins

MyTopTweet – A quick, easy twitter analytics tool which shows you the top 10 tweets for any Twitter account.

Get broad lists of Social Media Marketing Tools

Content Marketing – Explore the massive collections of infographics for inspiration, later enlist top-notch talent to create your own high-quality infographics.

Image Resizer – Resize your images and bring the images to the right dimensions you've created or curated for publishing.

Place It – This tool lets you uploading images of your products or websites and inserts them into high-quality photos.

Skitch – Easily add shapes, highlights and call outs to your photos to create super sharable content with Skitch.

UberFlip – Optimize your PDF’s to add social widgets, audio and video elements to make the content both interactive and measurable.

IFTTT – A freeware utility which works to create custom recipes that increase the productivity

Beevolve – Beevolve offers free plans which let you create and send social media messages

HootSuite – Hootsuite is a social management tool which is also a content syndication tool

Pocket – Save your favorite stories at Pocket and get traffic from your tagged articles.

Reddit – Best place for content tagging and syndication with Reddit.

Stumbleupon – Share top stories with Stumbleupon and get quality traffic from this giant website research tool.

Get broad lists of Content Marketing Tools

Email Marketing

MailChimp – Though MailChimp offers paid plans as an ESP, but its free service contains some pretty useful features too.

Google’s Feedburner – Feedburner is a free tool to syndicate your content and let people subscribe in both email and RSS formats.

Sublime Text – Sublime Text is a proven text editor for code, markup and prose. You'll love the slick user interface, extraordinary features and amazing performance.

Litmus – Litmus offers some outstanding features on their paid plans, they also provide free email tools

Visual Website Optimizer – Offers a variety of paid and free testing tools and case studies for marketers

IsValid – A/B Testing Significance Calculator – Simply enter the data from your current test, and you’ll get color-coded charts explaining the changes and significance.


adAlysis – Using multiple spreadsheets to analyze your PPC Ads and Keywords. AdAnalysis will help you to automate your Ad testing and account management.

Adbeat – Learn online advanced advertising strategy with Adbeat.

AdComparator – An effective advertisement optimization software based on Taguchi Method.

AdWords Editor – AdWords Editor is a free, downloadable Google application for managing large AdWords accounts efficiently

Web Analytics

Google Analytics – No.1 website analytics tool powered by Google for analyzing website traffic and other social data.

Google Webmaster Tools – With Google analytics tools you can manage website submission, track search queries, links to your site, crawl errors, site health, etc. parameters.

Bing Webmaster Tools – Like as Google analytics tool Bing webmaster tools provide you actionable website traffic data and website health with a prominent analytics dashboard.

Yandex Webmaster Tool – Russian top search engine also provides free web analytics tools for website submission and management.

Baidu Webmaster Tools – Once you have registered at Baidu webmaser tools you will be provide highly organized analytics dashboard for website map submission, analyzing traffic data and for other management.

Social Analytics

Facebook Insights – Access Insights, click the Insights tab in the menu bar across the top of your Facebook page (the menu bar is visible only to admins of the page).

Twitter analytics – Twitter provides a 1 month overview of how your tweets performed in all the major engagement areas—retweets, mentions, favorites, and clicks

Pinterest analytics – Get the insights of your pinterest channel performance with respect to repins, likes, and total views etc. parameters.

LinkedIn analytics – Get your LinkedIn account’s performances reports on LinkedIn analytics tools

Google+ Insights – Insights at Google+ show you visibility, engagement, and audience overviews

Flipboard Insights – Flipboard recently launched their web version so that you can watch your Flipboard account performances from desktop easily.

Lead Generation – No month-to-month contract. Claims 20 million business email addresses. Price starting $49.95 to $149.95 per month after trial. – “On Site” lead generation storefronts for your business. Some services remain free after trial.

ReadyContacts – Contact lists, company lists, and existing data validation. Three service levels available after free trial

Hoovers – Offers insight into target industries and companies.

ZoomInfo – Small business pricing available for companies with fewer than 10 employees.

OneSource – Easily collect prospect of data from social networks aggregated with news about target companies.


Fraudlogix – Real-time, Affiliate Fraud Detection & Prevention. Stop Click Fraud today.

HasOffers – Track and manage your affiliate program with unlimited affiliates & in-depth reporting.

ImpactRadius – Impact Radius is the world’s most complete tracking platform to get metrics to slice and dice media performance.

Scrubkit – An automated and powerful analytical system

Skimlinks – Realize a new revenue stream with automated affiliate marketing

Blog Monetization

CPC Ad Networks – CPC is a form of advertising which is very common and most popular medium for bloggers to generate higher revenue with banner and text advertisements.

CPM Ad Networks – CPM advertising requires impressions to generate higher revenue no clicks are needed

CPA Ad Networks – Advertiser will only pay to Publisher for a certain action by a visitor delivered from a referred link

Inline Text Ads – Inline texts advertising is also popular for blogs have decent traffic per day

Popup Ads – Popup ads are same as Inline text ads but in this advertising format visitors don't need to put cursor on ad links but it automatically appears per refreshing pages.

Sell Direct Ad Spaces/Ad Links – Sell direct ad spaces to your target advertiser and make money easily.

Sponsored Reviews – Sponsored review is another best and alternative to advertisement to make quick earning online from your blog.

Affiliate Promotion – Affiliate marketing is the very oldest and most common method of making money from blogging.

Get broad lists of Blog Monetization Guides


These are quite few lists of internet marketing tools you can use to promote your products, content, personal or business blog online.

Some tools may ask to subscribe their pro plans but still you can utilize them with trial periods which you can make sure the best usage ever in your campaigns.
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