Increase Wordpress site page speed

How I Increased My WordPress Site Page Speed by 300%

CloudFlare is a complete WordPress security suite and free CDN services provider that can supercharge your website in only five minutes of configuration process no matter what platform you’re in. CloudFlare works in five...

How I Built Micro Niche Site Making $100/Month with Affiliate

Case Studies are shared record times ever on the web than generic blog posts or articles. Every content writer wants to make his/her blog post more promising and authoritative in the industry he/she is...
WordPress 301 redirect

How to Setup WordPress 301 Redirects with htaccess & Plugins

Does your site get lots of Not found pages (404 error status) in Google search console’s crawl errors section? Then you have to be ready to deal with your 404 error pages and bring...
google rich snippets

How to Use Rich Snippets in WordPress & Boost Search Traffic

Rich Snippets is a Google’s term to display enhanced search results (snippets) with information form microformats from pages enabled with structured data markup. Google launched Rich Snippets in May 12, 2009 when Rich snippets...
Migrate Blogger blog to WordPress

How to Migrate Blogger to WordPress Without Losing Traffic

Blogger has appeared in the industry as free blog creation and sharing services that is now almost a popular platform to users who fond of blogging. Blogger was launched in Aug 23, 1999; (16...
Remove category, link from search results

How to Noindex WordPress Categories, Tags and Archives

Categories and tags are integral part of a website that can help visitors to navigate through your entire site content and easily find the one they're searching for. A Category gives the address of...
robots txt optimization WordPress

How to Create Optimized Robots.txt for Your WordPress Site

A robots.txt is great part of your website SEO as it controls search engine robots crawling and directs to specific path of your website you want search robots to access your site. In absence...