Blogger Top 10 Advertising Spaces for Google Adsense

Advertising Spaces for Google Adsense
Today I'm so happy releasing such an advance guide of blogger available ad spaces for Google adsense ads and third party ad units. In custom blogger template you have vast flexibility to monetize your content and set different ad spaces to generate more revenue. Header, Sidebar, Above post content, Below post content and Above footer are the most common ad spaces but out of these there are still remaining ad spaces that may provide you highest CTR you don't know. Investing through all available ad spaces i have found 10 more ad spaces in a custom blogger template and you can use all these ad spaces on your blog without violating Adsense policy because all of them are valid ad spaces.

50 Awesome Inspiring HD Quality Wallpapers for Windows

Beautiful HD Wallpapers
Here is an awesome collection HD wallpapers that are available for free to download. Each image contains the download location URL. Either you can click on image and a new window will show you the image and right click your mouse and same image as > Your desktop or external Hard drive or you can directly save image from this page by using Right mouse and same image as > Your desktop.

Advanced Addthis Social Bookmarking Widget For Blogger

Addthis Social Bookmarking Widget
Addthis social media and content distributor is the only widget provider having 2 billion websites are integrated world wide. Now addthis team has brought several changes in their buttons including five different styles (smart layer, share, follow, welcome and trending content). But the good news is that addthis has launched Pro subscription with amazing features of content sharing and syndication. These advanced features will cost you only $12 per month but they have also free services available still now.

How to Use Google Instant to Grow Long Tail keywords

Grow Long Tail keywords
Long tail is the advanced SEO technique that is especially applied for niche based website or blog. Business and corporate websites naturally dominate on Short tail seo so better for small business marketers and bloggers to leverage Long tail seo although there is no highest search volume for long tail seo compared to short tail but long tail seo is the only seo that can easily attract your targeted audiences from search engines.

10 Tips of Reducing Page Load Time to Your Website

Improve Page Speed Using These Methods
It's since 3 years when Google first announced that it had begun factoring page speed into site's ranking algorithm. Now page speed algorithm is one of the most trending concerns to both webmasters and bloggers when it comes to search engine optimization. Yet, regardless of the algorithm weight page speed has on rankings, we do know that it has a significant impact on site conversions. Page speed plays a vital role of any website when it comes to proven loss in sales whether visitors have to wait for a page to load every second. So we do understand well how significant the page speed to proven any business, company blog, forums even social media on the web.

How My Adsense Account Approved For a Brand New Domain

Adsense Account Approved For a Brand New Domain
Today i'm going to share some facts of Google adsense, how to approve and how i got approved as "Adsense for Content" this weekend. As you know that adsense account approval right today is more than 5x tougher than 2/3 years past. Google has constricted the approval procedures where a publisher's site has to be approved primarily and after running adsense crawler on entire site. If adsense crawler finds anything violated content on your site then they report to Google and you get rejected. This is the advanced technology and Google Adsense wants every website in their program must be competitive, money earning and providing higher user experience to the audience so that Google can serve highest CPC ads and a publisher can earn more money than expectation.

Publish Blog Post to Facebook, Google+ Page Automatically

Publish Blog Post to Facebook, Google+ Page Automatically
Blog post syndication is very important terminology to every content creator. What just happens around the dimension of blog but content writer must try to circulate his all of the readers within the blog he is working day and night very hardly. There are a number of tools you can have free on internet to syndicate your blog post feed on different social networking sites i.e. facebook page, twitter, google+ page etc. platforms.

Replace Photoshop with Google Drive Image Editing App

Replace Photoshop with Google Drive's Image Editing App
Bloggers and content writers are intimately engaged in using Adobe photoshop image editing software, although there are tons of image editing softwares available on internet but Photoshop is the oldest and most familiar one all over the world. So why people are much engaged in photoshop, the reason is that photoshop is a common software with connecting 1.3 billion PCs world wide and people primarily start to grab image editing experience with the most easiest tool that is Photoshop.

How To Make Blogger Widgets Sticky That Scrolls With Page

Make Blogger Widgets Sticky
A sticky widget that remains on static section of your site and when a user scrolls down the page a certain point it floats on top (center, left or right any position you layout) and it continues floating until the user scrolls up the page to the widget's position. The sticky widget is run by jQuery that gives you the ability to make any element on your page always stay visible. There are three parts of this stick plugin 1. Include jQuery & Sticky 2. Call Sticky and 3. Enjoy.

How to Submit URL to Index Using Fetch as Google Tool

Submit URL to Index Using Fetch as Google Tool
The Fetch as Googlebot feature in Webmaster Tools now provides more better way to submit new and updated URLs to Google for indexing. After you fetch a URL as Googlebot, if the fetch is successful, you’ll see the option to submit that URL to Google's index. When you submit a URL in this way Googlebot will crawl the URL, usually within a day. Google then considers it for inclusion in their directory. Note that Google doesn’t guarantee that every URL submitted in this way will be indexed; they’ll still use their regular processes - the same ones they use on URLs discovered in any other way - to evaluate whether a URL belongs in Google's index.

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