Backlinks: Top 10 Free Backlink Sources for Every Webmaster

Building links to website is called the advanced step of online business which is a part and parcel of a website’s progress in terms of search engine ranking competition. Though there are lots of signals of search engine ranking but webmasters main headache is regarded to link building because search engines main priority is to rank up an article based on its backlink data first then would consider other factors to bring it on No. #1, #2, or #3 position for specific search keywords. We also know that backlinks are considered to be a vote to any website where it’s referred and search engines can easily consider the article as the best and valuable resource to be represented to users, so we can easily understand how important to get highly valued backlink to our internal pages if we want it to be ranked up on SERPs.

Backlinks: Top 10 Free Backlink Sources for Every Webmaster

So to make your job 10 times easy and faster I have come with a basket of top 10 free and best ever backlink resources where you can build high quality backlink to your website and make your webpages get ranked on Google and other search engines quickly. Let’s get started.

1. Submitting to Font Sharing Sites

A different SEO style of using font sharing sites to submit fonts (created by you or anyone else) and drive traffic to your personal website or blog as a credit linkback. Not only you get free unlimited traffic by using this method but also get solid dofollow backlink having higher pagerank, page authority and domain authority.

Amongst all of the font sharing sites I prefer which is a leading resource of webfonts and is ranked as the top free fonts provider on internet. Again it's easy to get a valuable dofollow backlink from this giant webfont resource.

Just follow up
  1. Go to and register a free account
  2. Now access your account dashboard and click on ”Mange profile”
  3. Now put your Name, Location and of course Website URL and save your profile
  4. You will be given a unique profile URL
Dofolllow backlink with DA 84 and PA 86

You can promote your profile to get people clicked on your website URL or you can submit any font that is not existing on repository so you can get huge huge people clicked on your link and have stream flow of traffic.

To submit a new font simply click on “Submit a font” link and fill up the form as like as below image

Submit a font

Finally hit on “Submit” button and your font will be reviewed while you will be sent an email once approved or no email be sent if disapproved.


Creating an account to and submitting unique font (created by you) you can get a pure do-follow backlink with Domain authority 84/100 and Page authority 86/100 [which is a top level DA and PA website on internet]. Also they have alexa traffic rank 925 on globe and 651 on USA so you can understand how much potential this resource website to get traffic to your personal brand.

2. Submitting to Audio Sharing Sites

The same SEO style like as submitting fonts to font sharing sites I described earlier. In this way all you have to do just submit an audio format to audio sharing site who provide free backlink to the author's website and that is dofollow indeed. is a great resource of music where you can download and share any audio file and get  backlink to your personal website by submitting your own music file.

Backlink from sutros music sharing site

The procedure is very easy as follows
  1. Sing up at and verify your email address
  2. Now login your account and dashboard and manage profile
  3. Put all the necessary information and of course with your Website URL
  4. Finally “Save” your profile.
You can upload any kind of music you like.


By submitting a music file to you can get a dofollow backlink with Domain authority 47/100 and Page authority 56/100.

3. Competitor's Broken Link Building

By this way you have to find out the best articles of your blog which you want your competitors to provide backlink to those resource pages. There are several signals you can use to locate the best resource based articles from your site and use target keywords to find your competitors exact match or partial match broken anchor texts.

One free tool ( you can use to find out your competitors on Google and Bing under the same keyword your article is ranked for. Once found the target competitor who is likely minded people and of course authority blogger or content writer then land on his domain and move on next procedure.

Now we will use to find out broken links of that site, which match any of the targeted resource articles of your blog. Once found any of the exact match or partial match broken link then we will reach the webmaster with email template to request him giving backlink to a similar high quality resource based article instead of poor and almost dead link URL.

Let's get started with a complete article here. A Definitive Guide to Competitor's Broken Link Building Tactics

4. Get Backlink from Image Sharing Sites

Image sharing site like which provides millions of free backlinks to authors websites who contribute to different photo communities and to their own photostreams. There are other resources you can leverage backlink also traffic.

Remember when sharing photos to photography sites try to maintain copyright issue and their privacy policy because there are lots of people who will use your image on the web so any conflict with copyright issue may cause you fall on trouble even lead your account to be banned instantly. So be proactive in this issue for your safe side.

Here are quite few lists of websites you can upload photos and instead get free backlinks and traffic.

5. Build .Edu and .Gov links

Referred link from .edu or .gov site is considered the best and higher trusted backlink to the eye of Google and other search engines. As we know backlinks are calculated as vote to any site/page where it's referred and thus search engines consider that site/page as highly valued resource page thus rank up for relevant organic search strings.

So getting a backlink from highly trusted domain like .edu or .gov can boost up your website DA, PA and PR so that you grow 10X faster in the race of search engine ranking competition than your competitors.

But it's too much hard to gain a backlink from .edu or .gov website unless you're any proven brand on internet. So if you're normal guy like me and run blog or website then it's almost very tough to gain backlink form educational or government website.

Thankfully there are quite few authentic ways any webmaster can apply to drive .edu or .gov backlink to his/her website or blog.

Here is a detail guide of how to build .Edu and .Gov backlink to your blog.

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6. Wikipedia Dead Link Building

Wikipedia backlink is highly trusted than any other backlink resource on internet. Google and other search engines give higher value to pages including Wikipedia backlink. Though Wikipedia provides "Nofollow" backlink but still it adds value to pages where it's referred.

This article explains with step by step guides to build Wikipedia backlink.

7. Use Plagiarism Checker Tool to Build Free Backlink

Plagiarism is such an activity which refers to copy another content (specially texts, codes, conversations, songs, videos, or even idea) and passing it off as your own content. Everyday over millions of real content are being copied, pasted, published and also being removed by Search Engine Bot (A survey says is currently removing over 5 million pages daily including broken, miss, adult, and copyrighted).

So this could be golden opportunity for authority bloggers to leverage content thief and drive traffic with dofollow backlink from their pages. There is a free tool called which provides services like content scanning, text scanning and providing automatic backlink to original author when any user just copy and paste any text from that website page

Here is a detail article about plagiarism and how to enable Tynt on your website to gain free backlink.

8. Directory Submission

Once directory submission was so popular to webmasters when the web was not so complicated specially two search giants Google and Bing did not put so many restrictions on search engine ranking factors which are now extremely critical. In May 2012 Google reported deindexed quite few hundreds of free directions from their search engine directory.

Although the top directories [Dmoz, Yahoo directory] are still withstand but directories adding nothing value to websites even to users are being removed from Google search. This is how Barry Schwartz has announced about this phenomenon also a detail guide being written on

Related Article: 500+ Hot List of Do Follow Forums: PR9 to PR4

 But still webmasters believe directory submission can put a bit value to their website basically the directories having higher PR, PA and DA and standing with very good reputation to Google and other search engines. Here are quite few directories you can consider to submit your website URL


9. Guest Blogging

In January 20, 2014 Mattcutts has announced on his blog that "If you're using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop. Why? Because over time it’s become a more and more spammy practice, and if you’re doing a lot of guest blogging then you’re hanging out with really bad company."

What this exactly means either you should stop writing guest blog or you should continue it? The words Mattcutts used here to tell people that only those approaches to execute guest blogging as spammy way suppose link building purpose then you should stop it for the sake of your site's benefit unless you want to get affected by penguin penalty and if you do it in safe side by producing high quality content in order to increase credibility and authority then you're supposed to continue it without no harm to your linked website or blog.

So choice is yours but I can say still lots of people use guest blogging approach to build high quality backlink and you could be one of them.

10. Google Plus Page

Google plus is the product of Google Inc. is a service where people share the hottest trends around the internet on the basis of community guideline.

Google Plus Page

You can get dofollow verified link from about section on Google plus profile.


These are 10 best and lucrative ways to build authority backlink to your website and so quickly get ranked for target keyword on search engines. All these methods and tested and verified by countless link builders and still proven to the industry even I have applied 8/10 methods from above lists and got 100% positive results in building backlinks.

Now it's your turn to apply these methods on your newly created weblog and drive traffic as well as high quality backlink to your internal pages also homepage so that your DA and PA will be ranked up increasingly.

Please let me know your experience about link building after executing any of the above methods.

Cheers :-)
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How to Create Facebook Call-to-Action Button to Generate Leads & Make Sales

Facebook provides a great free tool called “CTA” [Call-to-Action] which is more powerful to drive attention of your target audience and direct your audience into any page to generate leads and sales. The new Facebook page CTA button can help you to convert your existing Facebook page users into customers. This button has come with seven more different styles to allow you grab attention of your target audience. As Facebook is mobile responsive website so users who access your page from any device [i.e. iOS, Android] can see your CTA button and get engaged also.

How to Create Facebook Call-to-Action Button to Generate Leads & Make Sales

This guide shows you how to create a Facebook Call-to-Action button for your brand [website or blog] and let people engage your business online.

Relevant Article: How to Get Unlimited Facebook Likes with Fangate by Woobox

First of all Go to and Login your account
Click on Use Facebook as: dropdown button [next to Privacy shortcuts:] and choose your Fan page

Choose your page

Now you're on your Facebook fan page and you should see a new button says “Create Call-to-Action.” [A button to get people to take an action from your Page such as shop or sign up]

Create a new CTA button

Click on this link and a popup will allow to setup your custom CTA button with required elements.

Create a Call-to-Action Button 

Choose a Button:

Here you have to choose any of the following buttons:
  • Book Now [to book any ticket to join carnival or any party you host]
  • Contact Us [to contact the page admin]
  • Use App [let people download and use your own app]
  • Play Game [let people play any game]
  • Shop Now [let people shop from your referred URL]
  • Sign Up [let people sign up for newsletter of your blogs or site]
  • Watch Video [let people watch any video]
In case of my Fan page CTA button I have chosen “Contact Us” to let people contact me who can directly access my blog’s contact page. Instead you can choose any of your preferred button


Add the URL where users can get accessed to contact me.

Mobile Website:

This is the Mobile website URL of my site

Facebook CTA Button setup

When you’re done click on Next

iOS Destination

This option shows you how your button looks like on iPhone or iPad. You can either choose Website or iOS when users will click on button. Better keep it default and proceed to Next

iOS Destination

Android Destination

This option shows you how your button looks like on Android Device. You can either choose Website or Android when users will click on button. Better keep it default and proceed to Next

Android Destination

Call-to-Action Button is Ready to Use

Now your Call to Action button is installed and ready to use. Click on Next to get it worked

Call-to-Action Button is Ready to Use

Now hit the “Contact Us” button and from there choose “Go to link” to test your CTA button whether it’s working perfectly.

Call-to-Action Button is Ready to Use

You can check statistics of how many people have clicked on CTA button and contacted you right below “Post Reach” option under This Week segment.

You can edit your CTA button [by clicking on the CTA button and choosing Edit Call-to-Action button] or delete your CTA button [by clicking on the CTA button and choosing Delete Call-to-Action button]

Users can not see these two options [Edit Call-to-Action and Delete Call-to-Action] only they can see Go to Link button, so this is the power of Admin of your page.


Facebook offers lots of free premium services that a user can use to build up personal or business brand online. This Call to Action button is much more effective to drive traffic, unique visitors, subscribers, customers and most important loyal audience to your website or blog. Use this feature in positive way in order to boost your credibility to your audience.
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Create Free Business Email Address with Google Apps and Namecheap

Google apps is a premium Google service which basically works with businesses providing email address, online storage, shared calenders, video meetings and more. This platform is well known for providing custom email address which is driven by a domain address [i.e. Your company website address] with this format "". You will be given 30GB of storage with 24/7 support capability. Not only you create your business email address but also you can add users to your business so that they can access your services easily.

We will use Namecheap domain provider to perform our custom MX records setup, so if you don't have any domain address under Namecheap [who provides the cheapest and most affordable domain address of the planet] you can get one [Use coupon Code “RAINYDOMAIN” to get special discount] for your own business.

Create Free Business Email Address with Google Apps and Namecheap

Namecheap Offers Special Discount on Domain Purchase [Hot Offer]

Discounted COM, NET, ORG, BIZ Registrations and Transfers

The coupon code entitles you to register or transfer your .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info at the following discounted rates:
  • COM Registration $9.66 + $0.18 ICANN Fee
  • COM Transfer $8.84 + $0.18 ICANN Fee
  • NET Registration $11.32 + $0.18 ICANN Fee
  • NET Transfer $10.52 + $0.18 ICANN Fee
  • ORG Registration $10.21
  • ORG Transfer $9.41
  • INFO Registration and (or) Transfer $9.66
  • BIZ Registration $10.21BIZ Transfer $10.03
Hurry, though – this is a limited time offer and is also restricted to 30 uses per account!

Access Namecheap domain registration page
Use coupon code "RAINYDOMAIN" to get special discount on domain registration

Create Free Business Email Address with Google Apps and Namecheap

1. First of all go to Google apps for work official page and click on “Get started” button

2. Now provide your business name [i.e. Your website name may be], Number of employees [i.e. Quantity of people working under your business], Country/Region [i.e. Your location] and hit “Continue” button

Tell us about your business

3. On step two you have to insert your domain URL with “” format or you can purchase a new domain just at $8/year cost. Now click on “Continue” to proceed

Select a domain to use

4. To create your Google apps account you have to provide your Name, Username, Password, Recovery email address [Email address is used to recover your Google apps account if forget password or username], Phone number, Security verification and click on “Continue” to setup your Google apps account

Create Google apps

Verify Domain

5. Now you have to verify your domain address using two separate options [Meta tags, or file upload], in case of my Blogger site verification I have used Meta tags but if you use WordPress then you can upload a file containing Meta tags on public_html folder using FileZilla client or Cpanel file upload option

Verify Domain

Let's verify domain ownership

6. So to verify your domain click on “Verify Domain” button then hit on “Get started” and choose two of the following domain verification method. When you will add Meta tag value on your blog or site you must embed it after <head> tag or before </head> tag

Add meta tag to your website

7. After adding Meta tag value simply check the box says “I have added the meta tag to my homepage” and click on “Verify” button. A popup will say your domain is verified so click on “Continue” to proceed

Domain is verified

Create accounts for your team

8. On this step you have to add users here so they can start using apps and services. To add users who are in your circle or Gmail  groups you can add them by clicking on “Add users” link and choose your options to add new users or to skip this step simply click on “Next”

Create accounts for your team

Set up email

9. This is the very important part of our work since you have to setup Gmail with new MX (mail exchange) records under Domain control panel. Not very hard to organize but will take fewer than 2/3 minutes to setup.

10. To continue click on “Set up Gmail” and a popup will say “Let’s get your email up and running” while you have to click again on “Set up email”

Set up Gmail

Set up email

Domain setup

11. Google apps require you to set up six different options to verify your domain MX records so that all your emails can be directed to your business email connected with a Gmail account under your custom domain address.

12. As we will perform custom MX record setup with so make sure you have registered domain address under If you don’t have any domain address yet then I think you’re missing the cheapest domain service with all available features from Namecheap.

Look what Namecheap provides you:
  • Namecheap runs at $10.69/yr for .com domains [including WHOIS Guard support]
  • Free secured DNS service
  • Personalized custom email address upto 5 emails
  • Auto domain renewal service
  • Live support with 24/7 hours
  • Namecheap is proactive in account security which is absent in many domain register companies
  • And lots of new features, you can check this post for Namecheap special offers
So I think you have namecheap account now login your account and click on “Manage Domains”. Now click on your domain address and navigate to “All Host Records”

13. Here we have to create new custom MX records so scroll down the page a little and check “User (Mail Server’s Host Name Required)” and click on “Save changes”

14. Here all the custom MX records property will go under “Host Name”, “Mail Server Hostname”, “MX Pref” and “TTL”. Before inputting these blank boxes we have to switch “Admin Console” tab of browser to get Custom MX records.

Custom MX records.

15. Now tick first three tabs and with fourth tab which provides MX records values you have to just copy values under “Mailserver Host Name” and put the five values sequentially under “MAILSERVER HOST NAME”

Custom MX records in Namecheap

16. Fill the first column’s blank boxes with “@” character. Then fill “MX PREF” with property values. And “TTL” with “3,600” which is for second.

17. Finally click on “Save changes” and you’re successfully updated Custom MX records in Domain Cpanel.

18. Again switch to “Admin Console” tag of Google apps and tick other two tabs. Later click on “Verify” button and you will see an instant feedback from Google apps that you have successfully created MX records under your domain address.

Domain setup

Email just go awesome

Mail setup will take at least 24 hours to be completely verified and you will get notification message once done.

Note: This Google apps service is for 30 days trial period only so if you want a lifetime service then you have to purchase their subscription plans. There are different types of plans Google apps provide according to usability of apps service.
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A Definitive Guide to Competitor's Broken Link Building Tactics

Broken Link building has changed today's style of link building across the blogsphere. Webmasters top priority is to beat competitors on SERPs that's why they do need backlink from higher Domain authority, Page authority and Page rank pages. But getting a link from higher DA, PA and PR site is not any simple job! It's bit crucial and sometimes need hard toil and time [even more than 3X time] of posting, sharing and reading.

Whatever it needs to build high quality backlink webmasters never care time even money in order to achieve their goal, right? So if it's possible to get high quality backlink [link from higher DA, PA and PR site] from authoritative site even for free then why we will spend money for quality link building?

A Definitive Guide to Competitor's Broken Link Building Tactics

Broken link building is the solution for getting high quality backlink quickly from competitors pages by replacing a broken link remaining the competitor's page and requesting for inserting yours. The idea of broken link building has come from Wikipedia dead link building that is also an authoritative backlink resource.
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22 Must Have Growth Hacking Tools for Every Marketer

Growth hacking is today's advanced technology of marketing which is more powerful, effective and actionable to expedite marketing strategies in driving traffic, generating leads, and increasing sales than any other manual web marketing process. The tools growth hackers are using quite advanced and premium which work in different ways: Analysis, Optimization, Surveys, A/B Testing, Traffic Generation, Engagement and more.

In today's advanced era of marketing Growth hacking is the most talked-about terms in the startup and marketing worlds. Some watches it as revolutionary steps to marketing world which accelerates startups in growth hacking, while others consider it as a fair word for marketing.

22 Must Have Growth Hacking Tools for Every Marketer

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  2. How to Enable Custom Alerts in Google Analytics Intelligence Events
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  4. 40 Best Free Content Marketing Tools for Marketers and Producers 
  5. 30+ Must Have Social Media Marketing Tools for Every Marketer
Growth hacking is a marketing strategy which differs in many ways from traditional marketing while traditional marketers have a broad focus ranging from building out a marketing team to defining an overall marketing strategy, growth hackers focus on one thing and one thing only: growth.
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45 Best Free SEO Tools for On-Page and Off-Page Optimization

There are bundles of free and paid tools available online to optimize your site for search engine ranking, curate content for marketing and promotion, feature your businesses on social networks and let your stuffs go viral within minutes. Content marketing and Social media marketing are related to Internet business but Search engine optimization is beyond dispute; more strong, more reliable and create fundamentals for a powerful business online that exits lifetime. In order to divert our marketing style and make marketing 10x powerful and faster we need help of different tools that operate online for handling SEO(search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), SMM(social media marketing) and CM(content marketing).

45 Best Free SEO Tools for On-Page and Off-Page Optimization

With today's guide I will meet you up with quite some important tools for Search engine optimization, Link building, Content marketing, Competitors analysis and so so. Let's have a quick glance of your favorite tools
Similar Article: 50 Most Useful SEO Tools for Webmasters, Website Owners and Bloggers!

Competitors Analysis

The following tools can be extremely helpful to analyze your competitors ranking, keywords, backlinks, CTR, CPC and much more. Listed on the basis of popularity and usability.
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8 Best PPC Advertising Networks to Monetize Your Blog [2015 Edition]

Monetizing a blog with ad publishing network is the first level of earning which may take quite few months for any blogger to get started with various advertising methods PPC/CPC or CPM. Amongst all the categories of ad publishing—earning depends on Content, Traffic, Page CTR, Ad RPM, Bounce Rate etc. parameters. Some websites may generate more clicks with lower RPM rate and some fewer clicks but huge RPM rate. So these two different conditions define which ad network is perfectly suited for these two sites. Suppose the first website which generates more clicks than fewer RPM rate can perform well with advertising network who pays on PPC formula again for second website CPM ad network will perform ultimate to maximize revenue skyrocket.

8 Best PPC Advertising Networks to Monetize Your Blog [2015 Edition]

So you can understand that website performance can help you to decide which ad network is best for your blog or site. I have seen may webmasters pull thousands of bucks with CPM ad networks out of Google Adsense[King of ad publisher] who pays on PPC formula.

Today's guide I will show you my 8 favorite lists of PPC and CPM advertising networks to monetize your newly launched blog.

Google Adsense

Adsense dominates over millions of advertisers all over the world using AdWords to list their products and services while Google adopt various processes to deliver these ads online. Amongst all of the Google's treasury to distribute ads majority are handled by Adsense [though Google ads appear on Search, Custom Search, Gmail, News, Blogs and other different places belong to Google products]
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