July 2013


In Google Webmaster everyday there are lots of technical problems occur across the site owners regarding contents like Sitelinks, Robots.txt, Crawl Errors, Removing URLs, Sitemap Submissions, Malware, Sitemap Health, Traffic Source, Search Query etc. But today the most common problem is the crawl error and some of us still on confusion either, does crawl error mean the error which lists errors that prevent Googlebot from accessing a site at all? or  lists errors Googlebot encountered when trying to crawl specific URLs.

You can search for specific URLs or errors. But in Google Webmaster the error is basically shown the error which Googlebot encounters during indexing your sitemap and this error is for that specific url or nothing.

In addition to listing any URLs the webmaster tool had difficulty crawling hence they list the type of problem and where possible list the page or pages on which they found the error. The most important URLs are listed definitely first.

If you want to remove the specific Crawl Error and make your sitemap fresh to look at and for better indexing and search result showing to Google we’d learn today how to remove Crawl Errors for ever and fix the problem manually in Google Webmaster Tools.

The Entire Procedure

1. Go to
2. Now go to your Site Dashboard
3. Over here you could see the specific Crawl Errors of your site
4. Go to Crawl > Crawl Errors

Crawl Errors

5. Here you could see  Top 1,000 pages with errors
6. Click on a link(Every link in this list has error otherwise didn’t be shown)
7. A pop up window will appear having details of the page error
8. Copy the link and open another window having this path Google Index > Remove URLs

Remove URL

9. Click on Create a New Removal Request button and a box will open
10. Now simply paste the copied error page url and click on Continue
11. Again click on Submit Request

Submit Request

12. Now a message will come which will say the URL has been added for removal
13. You could see also the result will be awaiting for moderation and will exist on pending
14. Thus you could apply for multiple times to remove the crawl error pages you have on dialog box

Note: After 3/4 days Googlebot will completely remove the url (you requested) from both search result and crawl pages

What Is Mark As Fixed?

Mark As Fixed is a kind of tool which next to download button on the crawl error page. Many of the webmasters want to  about Mark As Fixed tool’s functionality, and how it removes the URL or tell Search engine bot to take any action about the error page.

Actually the thing is that on the Crawl Errors page, you can mark an error for a specific URL as fixed. This tells Google that you no longer want this type of critical issue to appear, and remove the URL from the list. However, until or unless you resolve the underlying issue, the marked crawl error will reappear the next time Googlebot crawls that URL again. So better if you remove the url manually for your better page rank and crawling by Google bot.

Including all major search engines is definitely a giant and most popular search engine and websites submitted to Google using Google search console tool. Once you submit your sitemap the robots will index pages instantly that’s pretty good.

Today in this tutorial you will learn how to submit Blogger sitemap using Google search console.

Add Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools

Use following instructions to submit your sitemap to Google search console

First of all go to blogger and log-in your account

Now go to Google Webmaster Tools

You’ll be logged in automatically and could see your blogs

Choose any of your blog and click on the link

Go Site

Now you’ll be directed to the dashboard

Now click on Sitemaps and a popup overlayed box will return therefore you’ve to insert your sitemap url (Atom or RSS) inside that box

Submit Sitemap

Now click on Submit Sitemap button and later refresh the page

Finally you could see your submitted sitemaps details overview

Thus you’re successfully done

Build Sitemap Pages in XML Format

Generally for google sitemap submissions the sitemap contains the following link

For 500 Pages


For 1000 Pages


For 1500 Pages


Explanation: Here 1, 501, 1001 refers the initialization of your sitemap query and 500 refers the last indexed value of your sitemap file. If your blog contains less than 500 posts then you’ve to submit the first link otherwise you’ve to submit first and second link for having up-to 1000 posts and the total three links for containing up-to 1500 posts.

Why Google Indexes Only 26 Pages Instead Of Total Pages?

For google its becoming very competitive to manage their robotic indexes faultlessly for millions of URLs daily through WebmasterTools. There are lots of objections coming from blogger users and it is why google indexes only 26 pages instead of their whole pages.

As a blogger user you might notice on the overview of your site dashboard only 26 pages are indexed whether your site may contain more than 26 pages and it occurs even today google is incapable to index total pages of your blog unless you submit a complete sitemap link of Atom.xml or Rss.xml although google enriches their robotic auto-crawling and indexing super faster. It happens due to number of posts uploaded daily, your post may contain media files, audio files, executable files, games, apps, video content etc.

This problem related across blogger blog only and the instant solution is to submit a complete sitemap file of your site. Blogger is very ancient and highly un-optimized platform in the comparison between wordpress and google uses Atom feed in xml formats to backup your blog posts in stead of highly enriched Rss feed format.

This will dangerously effect your crawl rate and not capable to index all your pages and you’ll get rare traffic rather your hard work.
Only one solution is to get rid of this trouble and this is

Submit your full length sitemap with google webmaster tool having Atom.xml or Rss.xml format discussed in step #2


Now you learned why google indexes only 26 pages instead of all pages and how to solve this problem. We highly recommend you submitting sitemaps with starting rss.xml because this format is well rich than atom.xml also represents rich media data to search engines.

Rss feed is almost rich format than old Atom feed but still Google webmaster tools supports Atom feed url. If you submit atom feed no problem. Once you submit sitemap you need not update it until you exceed the limit of 500 highest length.

I have discussed prior about submit submission to Google. Today you will learn how to submit Blogger sitemap to bing and automatically index to Yahoo, MSN other partner search engines of As like Google search console Bing also supports sitemap submission through bing webmaster tools and you’ve to login with your microsoft live or hotmail account. Generally Bing Webmaster Tool is a project of Microsoft and recently yahoo joined with this project to index website maps in their directory so users get facilitated through one submission across Bing.

And MSN sitemap submission also to the same way. It’s the great enterprise of Microsoft and webmasters become facilitated to drive ultimate free webtraffic from these major sources of traffic like Bing,MSN and Yahoo.

Submit Blogger Sitemap To Bing

First of all go to Bing Webmaster Tools and log-in with your live,hotmail account

Within moments you’ll be redirected to the page and click on Add a site

Now write your site URL, a sitemap URL, and keep All Day(Default) for third option for Most Web-traffic Time

Add Site

Note: A sitemap URL should contain the following RSS or Atom feed format

For 500 Pages


For 1000 Pages


For 1500 Pages



Now you could understand for containing how much pages you have to submit which sitemap. Generally 1, 501, 1001 are the initialization value of your sitemap feed url and 500 refers to the last indexed value of your sitemap file. Normally for every search engine robots have the ultimate capacity of indexing up-to 500 pages at a time.

If you want to submit a sitemap.xml file then you couldn’t submit exceeding 500 pages at a time indeed, even search engine spiders crawl and index 500 pages.

Now bing webmaster tool will ask you to verify your site ownership and there are three steps to verify, we strongly recommend you to choose second one. You will be provided a meta tag just add the code right after opening the <head> section of your default webpage. You will get an example also there, of meta implantation

Right after head tag

Finally hit on Verify button and a congrats message will approach and therefore you’ll be redirected to the dashboard automatically. If it takes further delay then click on Continue to manually access to the dashboard

Add Cname Record

Now your account dashboard will appear and you could see a static overview of your site. Your pages will remain on pending

After 24 hours you could see your Indexed and Crawled Pages as well as Crawl Errors, Appeared In Search, Clicks From Search like follows

Site Activity

Note: You submitted a sitemap for up-to 500 pages while your blog exceed 500 pages then you need to submit another sitemap manually

Benefits  Of Bing Sitemap Submission

Once you submit your sitemap to bing webmaster tool then you could get some benefits as follows

1. Your sitemap will be automatically indexed to Yahoo
2. Your sitemap will also be indexed to MSN
3. You could get traffic from multiple places amongst Bing,MSN, and Yahoo

Note: As of March 3, 2011 Yahoo Site Explorer changed their web sitemap submission process with Bing Webmaster Tool. So you need not submit sitemap to Yahoo only Bing sitemap submission is enough to index pages with Yahoo Robots.

How To Submit Sitemap To Ask Successfully?

Unless other search engines offer user to log in a specific webmaster account then submit website and website map but for the process is totally different and very easy to anyone. neglected their website map submission from webmaster tool about a couple of years ago and today they offer webmasters to submit their sitemap by simple ping service. Look the following link

For Web hosted Sitemap Submission

For Blogger Sitemap Submission

Need Help?

We hope you got the idea about how to submit sitemap to Bing and automatically indexed to Yahoo, MSN and how to ping your sitemap to We expect this works for you and on-time. If you face any problem further don’t forget to leave your comment your feedback is always appreciated.