September 2013


Blogger is now getting ultimate popularity where over 400 millions active users are blogging, publishing, and competing to sustain in their blog journey on a better position and make money by hassle free way. When blogger launched it was too limited with some basic features for users when about 250,000 active readers were continuously read blogger blogs. Why blogger too lagged behind at the beginning?

The only answer is it didn’t support many major features like custom domain support of .com, .net, .org etc, its themes were always hierarchical unlike WordPress and other CMSs, it didn’t support to install custom plugins, widgets by third parties.

Currently blogger offers two publishing options for users: one is ( and hosting on your own custom domain ( or Both these domains will be running by blogger’s self hosting provider with no cost but if you want to redirect custom domain then you’ve to spend money for it. With blogger you’re free to change your publishing option at anytime, and your content will always remain unaltered regardless of which of these options you take on.

Before you jumped with your blog on a custom domain, you need to have already purchased a custom domain ( from another provider, as you can’t purchase a custom domain from blogger no longer, don’t worry there are many companies from whom you can buy a domain name, usually at a reasonable cost of yearly prices. From numerous domain providers companies we strongly recommend NameCheap over even.

How To Redirect Blogger With Custom Domain By NameCheap

First of all go to Blogger > Settings > Basic

Now click on Add a custom domain

Add custom domain

Now insert your valid registered domain with this format

Domain Settings

Now click on Save and you will get an error message like

You have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12

Note: Don’t worry it just says to you that you didn’t verify your currently registered domain and CNAME records as well as DNSs with Blogger yet. We just need the following two informations highlighted for CNAMEs

Domain Setting Error

Now go to and login your account

On the right top corner, just put your cursor on My Account and a dropdowns will show your account details

Click on Manage Domains

Now you could see a list your registered domains

Now click on your desired domain name(which you want to redirect with blogger)

Click your domain

Then you will see your domain dashboard, choose All Host Records under Host Management

Click All Hosts

Now you could see your domain under IP ADDRESS/URL and below the domain a default redirect by namecheap

Simply remove the address below your domain and write down

Choose RECORD TYPE as CNAME(Alias) below URL Redirect

Both the two TTLs will remain 1800 as default so you need not take any action there

CName Setting With Name Cheap

Now under SUB-DOMAIN SETTINGS enter the first line of your Second CNAME record and it should be like this qmsiuqwoqxhj with 12 digits maximum

On the next box input the second line of your Second CNAME record and it should be like this

Then set the TTL as 1800

Finally click on Save Changes and you successfully updated your Host Record Information with valid values by Blogger’s CNAME Records

Connect The Domain

Now switch to your blogger account tab and click on Save button

Now you could see your custom domain being redirected already with your sub-domain of

Now click on Edit next to your custom domain


Check the box of Redirect to

Finally click on Save button

Setting Finalization

And you successfully updated and redirected your domain with your registered custom domain by NameCheap

That’s all and you’re done completely

Note: It may take up to a couple of hours for Blogger to verify settings created for your domain. And you could see results on Google Search Term, Social Bookmarkings, and other Outbound Links which will be also redirected with your custom Domain

Good News For Bloggers

As you successfully updated and redirected your custom domain of with so you might think that all your posts and pages which contained links(inbound links specially) with blogspot domain will be broken or missed.

Don’t worry blogger team with Google Association is very clever and they’re as strong as they work and so all you links will be redirected to custom domain and it saved your time, toil and gave you chances to plan newly with your custom domain for future about how you will set your network to grow strongly online with this gravest competition with newcomers and exists.