October 2013


Google Forms is a complete giveaway from Google Drive which helps you plan events, send surveys, give students a quiz, or collect other information in an easy, streamlined way. Google Form is fully developed on HTML basics where it features like as PHP forms and it’s an open source project for HTML practitioners. It’s an importable survey form builder so you can easily create, edit and publish forms on your custom pages.

Google drive gives you a big storage of 15GB data and you have a chance of building multiple apps with their services as it’s a freeware web-based offer suite powered by Google Inc. During couple of past months Google drive has extended some dynamic features in their form building tool which lets users to make perfect and accurate forms in which field it will be availed.

Whatever quite great information we found now let’s move on next our tutorial about how to create a basic contact form using Google drive and finally implement that form on blogger. Pretty cool, right not? So let’s go ahead and build a contact form for your company website or blog within just some few steps.

New Features of Google Forms?

  • Grid Question Type: Now you can quickly gather responses for a group of similar questions in a new, compact grid format. This format allows you to label a few columns and as many rows you like. The result of each row appears in systematic way onto spreadsheet column with its own summary chart
  • Improved Result Summary Chart: You can polish up your results summary charts, with clearly formatting of statistics and better formatting of chart for each question type.
  • Bi-Directional Language Support: The form editor now supports a feature like right-to-left(RTL) text input, which works in such way that when you enter RTL text in the form editor, it will automatically switch the directionality of the form editor and rendered forms (similar to Gmail and other Google Apps). This means your text and questions will flip directionality, making it easier for RTL users to create and use forms
  • Supports Premium Themes: Now Google docs form build is more developed with a bunch of several stylish themes which let users to build their forms more dynamic even they can customize the design using an HTML editor.
  • Source Code Re-Placeable: The source code is possible to place on any html template thus importing the entire html form with css stylesheet.

Create A Contact Form Using Google Drive

1. Go to Google Docs
2. Click on Create button choose Form

Create Form

3. Now on the form builder you’ll be asked to choose a theme
4. Choose it Default and hit Ok

Choose Theme

5. There you should find an existing item
6. Remove it and click Add item
7. Choose a text item and give it a new name, for example we gave it as Email


8. Now take a few more text items and give names as Email, Country, Subject, Website respectively
9. Finally take a Paragraph text and give it name as Message Note: There are quite a list of items, but for test drive we chose text item only, another thing you may also set “required to fill” by checking Required question box
10. Thus you can add other more items (exactly what items you want to add with your form) to make a custom wise contact form
11. Now come to the confirmation page option there are 3 more options, just check them all and hit Send form button

Send Form

12. Now on popup hit Embed > Copy iframe tag and save it on a text document


13. Finally hit done and your contact form is built successfully

Copy Code

How To Embed Google Docs Form On Blogger

1. Once you copied your contact form iframe tag it should be in following format

<iframe src="" width="760" height="500" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0">Loading...</iframe>

2. You just copy the yellow highlighted code(not here in your iframe tag) and reload it opening a new tab of your browser
3. You could see your contact form with default style sheet. Now right click on your mouse and hit “View Page Source
4. Now find out <form>….</form> tag and copy the entire code including <form>…</form>
5. Again save it on a text document
6. Now go to Blogger > Pages
7. Choose a new blank page and give a title like as Contact Us, Contact Form etc.

blank Page

8. On post editor switch to HTML mode and paste the entire <form>..</form> code (that you copied earlier) on it
9. Don’t publish it yet, create another blank page accessing your blogger account with new tab and give a title as “Confirmation
10. Now write some appealing text to build a confirmation page also can add some hyperlinks to notify readers someways
11. Finally publish this page and copy its link URL
12. Now switch back to your Contact Form tab (which on html mode) and add the following script above <form tag

<script type="text/javascript">
var submitted=false;
</script><iframe id="closed_iframe" name="closed_iframe" onload="if(submitted){window.location='CONFIRMATION PAGE URL';}" style="display: none;"></iframe>

13. Simply replace CONFIRMATION PAGE URL with your confirmation page URL that you copied earlier

One thing you need to do yet:

14. Your <form tag includes onsubmit and target attributes likewise

target="_self" onsubmit=""

15. Simply replace them with below code

onsubmit="submitted=true;" target="closed_iframe"

16. Finally publish post and check it and you should find it working accurately

Change Email Notification Location

1. On your Google Drive form manager click “Choose response destination

Responsive Destination

2. Give the spreadsheet a new name(Sheet1, Sheet2 etc.) and hit save
3. Thus you can check your email notifications going to spread sheet destination


As we started writing on Google docs and this one is going to be a test drive also you may call it an experimental post. Whatever we planned our next posts on these sequences and we’re trying to clarify every tech tutorial with complete comprehensible mode so that newbies will fail a zero tolerance of problems and that will be our first priority in this field.

Stay connected and leave comments once found error. Your queries will help us to tech you the best in highest authenticated ways. Cheers!

Google Adsense is the only one advertising network which retain their success yet and on the real time including over 2billions accounts on the web. Its the only total dominating contextual advertising medium where millions of people advertise their sales and services daily by Google Adwords. Today there are many antagonists are available to Google Adsense but their position still strong popular to the clients and customers. Today i decided to publish some extremely popular alternatives of Google Adsense.

I made a list of 10 ultimate Google Adsense alternatives and wish it will much better with you all. Let’s start with the first Adsense alternative “Adbrite”



Unlike advertising networks which obtain unstoppable popularity online and amongst them the network adopts the relatively highest position within several years is Which is one of the best alternatives of Google Adsense and providing methods (CPC, PPC, CPM Pay-per-call for mobile ads) via websites and blogs.

Chitika (pronounced CHIH-tih-ka) was founded in “May-2003” and is the industry’s leading impulse merchandising company. They help web publishers generate revenue using innovative publisher-side advertising and merchandising solutions and services.

Chitika is a great affiliate network as well. I will keep Chitika on second position after Adbrite as an ultimate popular alternative of  Google Adsense according to its re-view.



Bidvertiser is an excellent alternative to Google Adsense and offers some intriguing ad formats including what they(Both Publishers & Advertisers) refer to as free design, development, sales and services online. Bidvertiser’s rules and regulations all the same as Adbrite and Adsense.

They check you out only when you reach $100.00 through standard mail. You just get paid only after every visitor that clicks on an ad, and an extra revenue if the click turns into conversion. They ensure you enabling to make money as much as possible from your advertising spaces.

Bidvertiser also adopts CPC, PPC, CPM process to give out money. Read more about publishers overview on Bidvertiser publishers


Infolinks - Innovative Ads Powered by Intent copy

A relatively newcomer to the online advertising and publishing platform, “Infolinks” which specializes on In-Text Advertizing only. The function is, it indexes your pages, looking for keywords and phrases that are not currently links and converts them into advertizing links.

They automatically ignore any particular link built by author to show ads.When a user places their mouse over a link a box opens up dynamically and showing the ad. If they click on the link you get paid. It is very simple and works ever very effectively.

They pay you up while reaching $50.00 at least and via “PayPal” only, if you want to get the standard check then you’ve to wait till reaching your earnings up-to $400.00. We recommend publishers(website,blogsite owners) to user this network as a most popular alternative of Google Adsense and Adbrite. Check for more information



Google Adsense got a new antagonist in webpage contextual advertising media and its a real online advertising network and according to reviews someone claim its the ultimate alternative of Google Adsense. contributes Yahoo and Bing contextual advertisements so it varies and provides the highest relative ads according to site’s content.They provide three types of contextual ads such as

Content Ads: These are very standard sized contextual ad although you can choose variety of sizes from their layouts. Someone claims this type of ad that they have implemented on their niche sites currently utilizes their posts and it pays even more than Adsense.
Search Targeting Ads: These are also as like as Content Ads but a slight difference is, we obviously might see every search engines show contextual ads aside of their search query while a user search for something and Search Targeting Ads of Media.Net is all the same it directly shows visitor’s search query on a particular space as their aim is to attract readers and drive traffic online by publishing

Web Bar: Its an another striking advertising contextual method which shows a bar on the bottom of an webpage containing some links with banner also social media sharing widget permitted by this way.

Mobile Ads: Mobile contextual advertising is very common to us and extends out their boundary of popularity in internet advertising network by innovative idea of simple mobile ads. Its totally an optimized advertising system for the publishers to maximize their earnings to multiple.

  • Payout: $100.00
  • Payment Options: Wire Transfer, Paypal

BuySell Ads

Automated Guaranteed Advertising Software - BuySellAds copy

Its a great platform for both advertisers and publishers. Amongst all advertising networks i found this network very complicated in their terms and conditions although this network ushers an ultimate boundary line for internet marketers extending out these features.

Account Approval: As a client (Advertiser or Publisher) your site must have to be well reputated, must have a better webpage rank on both Alexa and Google, must contain regular multiple web traffic or readers, must be Dmoz listed. If everything is attained then your account will be approved either for publishing their products to promote or direct advertising methods while your readers could advertise on your site by them.

Exact Out Commission: One of the unexpected feature adopts and this is you must have to give them a certain commission in PPC, CPM method. Visit their site here BuySellAds.Com

  • Payouts: $50.00
  • Payment Options: PayPal (only)


Clicksor is a typically inline contextual advertising network which requires very simple requirement from publishers and advertisers. Its a Canada-based adverting network and focused on the average size publishers, and target web traffic across to UK, US, Australia and other countries included pacific zone.

Contextual advertisers return the ads based upon the result it gets from the meta tags or keywords from the webpage. You can see some of the features of this network

  • In-Text Ads: It works as like as kontera, infolinks and by this while a reader put the mouse on a certain link (powered by Clicksor) a pop-up box will hover with some informations thus attract the visitor and in each click they will pay you by CPM, or CPC method
  • Text Ads Banners: Also they permit different sizes of contextual ads alike Leaderboard (728 x 90) Banner (468 x 60) Wide Skyscraper  (160 x 600) Skyscraper (120 x 600) Large Rectangle (336 x 280) Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) Square (250 x 250) Vertical Banner (120 x 240) Small Rectangle (180 x 150) Button (125 x 125)
  • Graphical Banner: All the same featured ads banner like text ads banners and the size is about to Leaderboard (728 x 90)
  • Pop-Unders: Unlike other sections of clicksor works under some specific way but  Pop-Unders are more user friendly version of usual ad version of pop-up. Its such type of feature of advertising while in a new window will remain minimized and a reader/visitor would not be disturbed and can finish whatever they are doing at that moment, they will notice the pop-under after they close their current browser. It also tempts a user to click the banner and thus you gather money more.
  • Interstitial Ads: This feature also recommended by users as it shows a full page ad units in front of your page. Someone recommend to ignore this layout but this advertisement will force a visitor to click their ads and thus your earning will grow multiple.
  • Clicksor Search: As like as Google custom search engine clicksor provide a little but effective search box while the visitors could search either web or your content based inputting several keywords
  • Payout: $50.00
  • Payment Options: Check, Paypal


I tried my best to cover the best Google Adsense alternatives in the market. We know Google Adsense is the most popular advertising and publishing network and some of us fail to obtain an Adsense account so we hunt for the best alternatives of Google Adsense. And today’s post i consecrated for those who didn’t manage Adsense account yet after their long period in blogging.