Top 8 Things to Do Before Applying for Google Adsense!

Google Adsense is the world's largest online Ad Publishing network with more than 2 million publishers are earning nearly $7 billion from AdSense last year. Adsense uses CTR(Click Through Rate) method to increase and decrease Pay Per Click rates at a reasonable gradient for a specific site. It can pay you up to $5 per click but according to GEO location and CTR formula Google's verdict works out. In addition Google restricts the approval process and brings some new requirements that's why even a single missing will cause to your account to be disapproved and it will repeat once Google's doesn't get further required amendments.

Top 8 Things to Do Before Applying for Google Adsense!

Today's of our regular guide we'd disclose some known and unknown facts that Google considers to have for a content based website to be approved with Google Adsense for Content. Let's go ahead and invent why your application gets disapproved for over multiple times you consecutively applied and how to amend your application and make fully Adsense approval

#1: Start Your Website With Top a Level Domain

Google adsense team requires each publisher to have at least a top level domain (.com, .net, .org) to get approved as Adsense for Content directly applying from Adsense's official page. Since you want to make money using Google adsense so you must have to build a platform (website, blog, forum or any html document where you will put adsense ads and grow revenue). We suggest you to buy a top level domain with cheapest price from a renowned domain provider company NameCheap. Currently NameCheap offers 1 year domain registration (Total $10.87 with ICANN Fee) far cheaper than GoDaddy's (Total $18.34 with ICANN Fee and other additional costs). 

#2: Make a Website With Valuable Content & Good Looking

You need to create a website with most useful and proper imported content that clarifies your site's objective to readers and more people will be attracted to your content. As we know content is the king of any blog or site when it comes to readers satisfaction and brings more than subscriptions, shares and highest views in terms. Google loves content that can help people and holds an optimum group of keywords search on different search engines and directories.

#3: Write Consistent Posts With Proper Length of Words

Consistency which refers the posts that full-fill your site content, keywords and descriptions properly that satisfies readers and helps pages to get ranked well on search engines. To make people biased to your regular content you must write consistent and high quality posts. Your posts should include 500+ words in length with proper formats (introduction, body, conclusion and maintain headlines) and try to write at least 50 posts before applying Google Adsense. There is not exact deem that how many posts Google likes to approve any site, in this case you can go through minimalism of publishing posts (may be randomwise or series).

#4: Make Sure Your Site Includes No Miss Links, Adult Content and Copyrights

These three dangerous things (Broken Links, Adult and Copyrights) that Google marks itself and rescinds accounts without even the notification before action. Here are three victims on individual description sundry

Broken Links: Before applying to Google adsense i recommend using a free broken link checker (that is an award winner tool) and i personally use to remove miss links. 

Adult/Porn: Also make sure you blog includes no porn or adult content (even be careful using post keywords that should not be porn quality). Since porn keywords are being searched a great portion of entire search engines but you must not be lured there because internet provides a giant portion of best uses so you've to pay hid to there. 

Copyrights: Another thing that Google strongly hates that is Copyrights. If your site includes content that refers to hacking, cracking issues you must remove them or use robots.txt file to stop Search Engine robots indexing those copyrights pages but the most reliable way to remove those contents. Even you must not link other website pages(as external link) that includes Copyrights since Google Adsense robots will check each link and very carefully the external links even it will go to that page and check either that page includes copyrights, so be serious and trusty otherwise Google will never accept you in their Adsense program

#5: Incorporate Simple and SEO Optimized Site Design

Designs are the beauty, the creativity of professionals and the resource of pleasures that can't be overstated. While readers look at a blog, the first thing they judge is how it "feels" from a design and UX perspective. Sites that use default templates, running through sample themes can't be more useful representing your content lest it receives less trust, a lower time-on-page, fewer pages per visit and a lower likelihood of being shared. The facts and features of stunning design that clearly indicates quality work will experience the reverse - and reap amazing benefits.

If you're looking for a designer to help upgrade the quality of your blog, there's a few resources I recommend:
  • Dribbble - great for finding high quality professional designers
  • Forrst - another excellent design profile community
  • Behance - featuring galleries from a wide range of visual professionals
  • Sortfolio - an awesome tool to ID designers by region, skill and budget
  • 99 Designs - a controversial site that provides designs on spec via contests (I have mixed feelings on this one, but many people find it useful, particularly for budget-conscious projects)
NB: Also make sure the Page Speed of your site, since site speed is now a ranking factor and it also helps you getting better response from Google Adsense while your application will be on trial.

#6: Keep About Page, Contact Page, and Privacy Policy Page

Three most important things that is still needed to incorporate in your site. Let's overlook them individually

About Page: An about page that can express your quality, idea, thoughts, behaves, character, eduction overall your activities across your blog or website that you manage. Write an about article of your blog that can exhibit your all sides within one point so people could easily understand you and the theme of your blog. You must signify not only you skill, start it with your idea, thoughts, behaves, character, education which will clarify about yourself to your readers and these things are needed before to build up a readership with other people.Google importantly needs to have an About page of any site before it will go for approval issue. 

Contact Page: Google will accept sites that must have a global communication method(i.e. contact form), in case Google needs to contact you about any issue of your account. If you don't have a contact form you can read following tutorials to a contact form for your blog

Privacy Policy: Google have changed the Terms and Conditions of their Adsense program, and one of the requirements that every Adsense publisher should have is a "Privacy Policy" page that clarifies some important issues that Google needs to know.

Your privacy policy should include the following information:
  • Third party vendors (including Google) use cookies to serve different ads based on a user's previous visits to your website.
  • Google's use of DoubleClick cookie enables it and its partners to serve relevant ads on your users clicks to visit on your site/other sites on internet.
  • Users may opt out of the use of the DoubleClick cookie for interest-based advertising by visiting Ads Settings. (Alternatively, you can direct users to opt out of a third-party vendor's use of cookies for interest based advertising by visiting
The privacy policy needs to include this information supplied by Google here.  You can find a free privacy policy generator that I have used right here.

#7: Daily Page Views Is One of The Major Factors

Page views impact on your site when it comes to Google application verification issue even Google considers an optimum page views before approving your application. At the very beginning your site may not include a reasonable page views so you need to wait for some months (4/5 months) until all of your pages getting indexed by search engines, directories and you start getting more page views. You can run some SEO techniques to get more and unique visits. Read the following tutorials i think it will help you to drive traffic on your starting website or blog. 

#8: Verify Authorship to Google Plus

This stuff is needed if you want to emphasize on your application to be approved by Google Adsense. Google still considers approving a website if it has a well known author on internet(no author rank needed). Google needs to verify the original site owner before approving any account. You site must be verified with Contributor To and Contact Information section of your Google profile page. In addition your profile picture and profile name will display with your links in Google search results. 

The Last Words:

I think above information will help you to get Google adsense account approved easily with applying directly form Google Adsense official site as Adsense for Content. I think following stuffs will help you to get approved at first hand and you will start making money from Google Adsense.

If you still getting rejected from Google adsense don't worry we've two different methods to successfully approving your Adsense account. Read them alternatively

#Bonus: Alternatives of Google Adsense

Once you dislike Google adsense or getting rejected time after time don't be upset on internet there are other different and best alternative ways to make money and these alternatives of Google Adsense will help you to make your dream comes true
Wish you all Good Luck...!


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    1. Glad to know that my work helped you, Do let me know if you have any query..

  2. My blog is just 1 month old i was about to apply for Adsense but your article stopped me from doing so....maybe i should wait 3-4 months before applying.

    And also you mentioned Top Level Domains as .com, .net and .org.
    What are the chances for .IN domain name?

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  4. good article but i am not approved for this site

  5. I am trying to get a website with a web app as the content, not a blog or articles. Are there different tips for non blog websites? Thanks -Eric

  6. great.....this website helps me a lot ....i will also ap[ply for the ads......tell me that can i apply for the google ads if my site has 50 posts and all are more than1000 words

    1. You should have traffic more than 100 unique visits per day also a better looking site design, but i can say 50 posts are enough to get approved by Google adsense. Your domain age must be at least 3 months. If everything is okey then go for it and i'm sure you will be approved.

  7. Thank you for all this information.... It's good and valuable information and I was wondering if it's possible that you view my blog at: to tell me what I need to improve to get accepted since I've been rejected twice... Also, if I applied using a website and got rejected, does that mean I can't reapply with the same site?

  8. If i ask you to check my website for Adsense then what would be your answer. Will i get it?

  9. Hello admin thanks for this guide about approval adsense. I'm a new one in blogging. After 2 month I applying adsense but I do not get. Now i will try my best before applying next. So this guide is really informative for me. thanks again



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