February 2014


SEO Link building is the common factor that every webmaster gives value in order to build a mighty backlink depository around the web, social media and search engines. Definitely search engines give value articles to rank in search results those get huge visits, social media share and overall commenting. Keeping purposes of ranking pages in search results some of the bloggers or webmasters adopt illegal SEO link building(Black Hat SEO) that search engines do not allow according their webmasters guidelines.

Today’s part of this guide I will discuss some illegal and harmful SEO link building strategies that all other search engines including Google reject and take actions if they find any notification from users.

Link Exchange With Lower Quality and PR Sites

One of the major issues that leads sites being ranked down by Google on search engine results pages. The common is that most of the bloggers try to get instant visits from their relative sites on any particular topic.

On any specific topic (if it’s most popular on internet) there are lots of articles we find on search engines (when we search using keywords) but the interesting thing is that the same writing style we find on various websites of the same content but not all the content shared on social networks.

Definitely the man who published it first will get the maximum share and comments others will get fewer and the last one will get even fewer. So those people will adopt link exchange formula even with the lower quality and PR sites. Finally their sites being either trapped or spammed by search engines due to this adoption.

There are 3 cases to link exchange with websites or blogs.

  • If your site has no PR, your link exchange site has PR but low quality content and infringed link building so this cases will harm your site
  • Your site has PR but lower page visits and your link exchange site has no PR but huge page visits with may be infringed link building so your site may be harmed
  • If your site has quality content, good PR and applied all white hat SEO and same to your link exchanged site then both the link exchangers will remain safe according to Google and other Search engine

Include Hidden Texts, Links With Guest Posts

Almost all of the bloggers and content writers are habited in writing guest blog in order to make their personal blog or site popular. But there are lots of ethics in writing guest blog that any of the rules you break will impact your site that is connected with your post.

Suppose, you added hidden text or link with somehow using very small character like comma, hyphen, dashes, underscores or even with icons or images that you didn’t inform the publisher. If the publisher doesn’t check it and publish accordingly the users may click on that hidden link they will certainly move on your directed page. Instantly robots will check this link also the PR passing page, if the directed page is your site then definitely you made your site harmed with infringed link building.

So don’t use such kind of produce in writing guest blog also inform the author that you’ve done this. If the author approve that is another case but normally every guest blog writer gets a general backlink of their personal blog that is secured

Adopting Wrong Ways to Article, Email Marketing

Article, email marketers are accustomed to preparing custom templates that can easily attract people to click and proceed on any page. You might have thousands of ready made templates on internet to market your products using email or article marketing.

Normally for email marketing strategy users may not click on that link that you sent, since almost 30% internet connected PCs are being hacked with clinking links from emails so to convince people through email you have to be thoroughly honest. And playing wrong with email marketing for your site will seriously hamper your site ranking to search engines and almost the same for article marketing.

Integrate sitelinks with Gadgets to spread out widely

Coders are very well known to play with advanced scripts to operate the web and other technologies that deal with programming. We are also familiar with widgets, plugins that are built in specific frameworks or even by an author (who is a coder).

We have seen that most of the premium widgets or plugins (for wordpress and other CMSs) that author launch and offer to buy also with 7 or 10 days free trial uses. The trial pack may include an auto generated backlink when users will install the widget on their site they will see the backlink but could not remove even if they remove it the widget will not work or break the function.

So such kind of procedure for link building will hamper the original site that is being linked

Spam Commenting

One of the most important terms of SEO which almost all of the internet users are aware. First thing is that some bloggers have considered spam commenting as the biggest part of their link building as they’re seeing that with spam commenting they’re getting instant views with also some comments.

But these things seriously affect your site content, it will degrade your site quality also will force Google to take manual actions on your site like affecting content with algorithm updates or entirely deleting your site from search directories of Google. There are certainly white hat rules in commenting, also you can add links but should be topic and discussion related not much only one.

I suggest you to take commenting on WordPress sites where every commenter gets auto generated link from their site and you can’t add any more extra link. By this way you will forget to spam commenting and you could safe your site and your work.

Posting spam on Forums

Forums are the places where the people gather with problems and answers to solve those problems. To join a forum you have to register also they will give you some rules, if you break any of them your account will be banned for a certain period.

Doing spam their will not only lose your account but also hamper your site that is connected. So be serious before joining any forum, give value to people’s problems and give solutions then use links if you think relevant enough to solve user’s problem.

Violate to Q & A Sites

All the same like forum sites but Q & A sites like Yahoo answers, Stackoverflow, Google product forums etc. To join any of these platforms you can use your Google, Yahoo, Twitter or Facebook account, so you can login from anywhere of internet. If you violet any question your account may not be deleted but your site will be affected with infringed link building. So be serious before performing these platforms

Violate to Squeeze Pages

Squeeze pages like templated pages that are prepared to market any product and these pages will pass traffic also PR. Squeeze pages are most popular on internet and some of the people use this formula to promote their products, affiliates or publisher ads but giving lower value to content.

These kind of squeeze pages will hamper sites that are connected without using no follow. Se be serious before launching squeeze page campaigns to promote anything, before doing so remember the word for search engines.

Finally How About Your Link Building?

We have learnt a few about wrong and strictly harmful link building strategies that almost all of the spammers and newbies execute to quickly be popular on search engines. If you’re with their group then this is the proper time to leave spam link building strategies that will no longer help to you but will seriously hamper you site indeed.

Adopt white hat SEO techniques avoid Black hat, give value to writing great content and people’s technical problems that search engines love and expect from every webmaster.

If you think that we’ve missed to add any other topic then please mention your one with our comments, thanks for reading and don’t forget to share.

Google sites based on JotSpot wiki Software is a new service of Google that lets you create and edit websites without learning HTML, CSS or JavaScript. It’s a free website builder to create any categorical website for personal, business or blogging purposes. With Google’s free collections of themes, templates and tons of widgets have made Google sites more flexible to managing site and publishing content.

Newbies may find this platform a little bit crucial since all of its control units remaining on static pages which is not much familiar with other website building platforms. Anyway today I will show you how easily and quickly you can create you personal wiki style website for free within less than 5 minutes.

Creating Site on Google Sites

Go to

Now choose your preferred wiki template → Click browse → Search for wiki

Wiki templates for google sites

You should see a collaboration of different wiki styles

Pick on and hit save

Now provide a Title of your site that can cover your site content

Also provide and unique site URL → Enter Captcha → Hit Create

Site Management

Here you’re on main page of your site and any kind of edition you’ve to do from here. Below are given some instructions to manage your site for content

To change site layout:

Click on More actions → Site layout

Edit site layout

Now you have chances to edit site width, header, navigations, menu bar etc.

Layout settings google sites

To change page settings:

Click on More actions → Page settings

Page settings

You have four types of options to change page format

Write Content on Google sites

To add new page:

Simply click on New page button (top right)

Now provide your page name → also pick a custom URL → set page location on home page → Hit create

Now on the blank space add your page content

Also you can add different widgets → simply click insert (top left) → choose more widgets → prefer your widgets from largest collections

Add Widget on Google Sites

Finally save your page and you’re done

Google Sites offers 10 GB of extra storage – you can add file
attachments to web pages or embed rich content from other Google
applications like YouTube videos, Google Docs, Presentations, iGoogle
gadgets and Picasa Photo slideshows.

Here’s a video from the product manager of Google Sites explaining the individual features:

Websites created inside Google Sites can be private or you can
publish them in the public domain so everyone else can edit your pages.
And like other Wikis, Google Sites maintain a log of all changes made
by users.

Google Sites have templates so you can give a more consistent look to all your website pages. You can also use Google Sites to create custom Facebook Pages.

Need More Help?

Google sites is a JotSpot wiki based software which you can use to create wiki websites for personal, business or study purposes. This site is very easy to create and you need not optimize any single piece of content since it’s auto optimized by Google and visible to all search engines even you need not submit any sitemap to Google.

If you find tutorial helpful please share it on Google, Facebook or Twitter.

Facebook custom tab is very effective application of facebook developers to integrate more fans, followers into our facebook fan pages. Facebook released custom page tab service so we can add our different stories, photos, videos, slides etc. stuffs within our custom page.

Some big brands of world already served their custom tab page to attract more people on internet i.e Coca Cola(already exceeded 79M likes) have custom tab of FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour of 2014 photos, Nokia has a Welcome Tab that highlights some of their recent phones, Apple’s App Store page has a Featured Tab where they have put a list of their top-selling apps and games.

So like these big brands we’re the regular Facebook users can also create custom tab for our Facebook pages. To make such kind of highly developed pages you need to hire skilled designers or programmers?

Well this answer is not true always if you want to create a regular HTML website it’s too little required your CSS and basic HTML skill. The following guide will help you to create a regular html webpage and
how to embed it to facebook fan page as custom tab page with the support of Page Tab app of Facebook Developers.

Building Custom Tabs (Apps) for Facebook Pages

Facebook Developers provide apps for different projects to work on Website, iOS, Android, Windows app, Page Tab, Xbox, Playstation, and App on Facebook. Including all these apps Page Tab works to embed custom page to facebook fan page. Facebook custom tab is just like a regular web pages that are embedded inside Facebook using the IFRAME tag.

In facebook custom tab page you can add different rich media content like audio MP3s, Google Maps, YouTube videos, presentations, Google Calender, jQuery Carousels, photo slideshows, etc. – can be easily added to your Facebook Pages.

Before we add our pages to facebook fan page(with Page Tab app) we need to create a website page with HTML and CSS also need a hosting space and domain provider. Make sure your domain provider provides both http:// and secured domain https:// of domain format because Facebook works with secured domain https://

If you don’t have hosting space also secured domain provider then here is a solution of Google Sites, which can serve pages over secure (https) and regular (http) connections. I also prefer using Google Sites to host pages because they are totally free, and you get a WYSIWYG editor to create pages and Google Sites can be integrated with Google Analytics so you can easily track visits to your Facebook pages.

We have got theory enough, now go to our main work to create custom app for our facebook page with 5 consecutive processes.

#1 Create a Site on Google Sites

Go to Google Sites

Give a Name of your site and choose a unique URL

Select the theme of your site “Blank Slate

Provide Captcha and hit Create

#2 Create a Custom Page on Google Sites

Compose a new page in Google Sites and add some content to this page using the built-in WYSIWYG editor.

Click on More Actions menu bar → Edit site layout

Click Edit site layout

Disable Sidebar, Header, Navigation menu, Footer and expand the page upto 100%

Now close the page and it’s done

Again click on More Actions menu → Page Settings

Uncheck all the four options under Page Settings → Hit Save

If you are an experienced coder or designer, switch to the HTML view and add HTML code directly to your page. Google sites provides tons of free widgets to make your site dynamic. You may insert images, maps, videos, spreadsheets, gadgets, tables and everything else just like a regular HTML page.

#3 Create Facebook App

Open the Facebook Developers page at

If you have already created facebook app Id then click on Apps → Create a new app

Now give your app a name → Skip other fields → Create app

Provide Captcha → You’re on your app account dashboard

#4 Add Google Sites Page on Facebook Page Tab

From the left navigation menu click on Settings

Now that page click on +Add platform

Now choose Page Tab

Choose Page Tab

On the page tab setting do following:

  • Page Tab Name: Give a name about your page content. This name which will appear on your facebook tab page
  • Page Tab URL: The URL of Google sites page you created earlier but the URL will start with http:// format
  • Secure Page Tab URL: Now add the same URL with https:// format
  • Upload Image: Upload a (111 x 74)px size image

Page Tab Settings

Finally save setting and this part is done!

#5 Embed Custom Tab To Facebook Fan Page

Now we need to add this custom Page Tab to our Facebook Page. That’s easy. Copy the App ID of your Facebook App that you just created and replace XZY in the following URL with that App ID. Open the modified URL in your browser and you should see an option to add the app to your Facebook Pages.

Add Page Tab 

That’s it. You can add more apps /tabs to your Facebook Page using the same technique and it is also possible to alter the order of these tabs in the header.

Tab is Added

If you ever need to update the content of a Facebook tab, just update the corresponding Google Sites page and your Facebook tab will update automatically because internally, you are just serving the same Google Sites Page to your Facebook Fans.

Need More Help?

If you need any help regarding this tutorial in any single point you didn’t understand and couldn’t execute the tutorial properly, then don’t forget to ask me. Feel free to consult anything, we feel proud to handle any user’s problem.

Google has certainly topped the most famous decades in past 2/3 years since the regular releases of search algorithm updates, new restriction to Google plus Communities, Google comments, Google+ authorship markup etc. have given users super experiences with the search giant. On Google+, users have the ability to manipulate their circles to control the group of people and brands they receive information and content from, but there’s no guarantee those brands or users will circle you to receive your updates.

This is where Google+ Communities came in, Google’s version of a group or forum, built to bring people together around particular topics. Launched in December, the types of Communities available to the Google+ audience seem endless — ranging from science, animals, development and more. Communities are the places where users can share posts on specific topics (regarding questions, comments or content) with the members those who joiner earlier.

Today of our regular guide we’d discuss with the very beginning of Google communities, how to start? and who can join, share and explore all around Google plus.

How To Start?

Login to your Google+ account, later you’ll see an icon on left rail for “Communities.” The tab which works to bring you to Communities homepage, and will show you a collection of biggest communities on Google plus. You can choose to enter a community from here or search for (using the search bar at the top-right of the page) a topic that may not be represented on main screen

Say you’re interested in Music that’s why you do want to join communities on music where you can post your favorite stories and share with your community members. Public community pages allow you to access and explore the content, you must join the community before you can comment or post while some of the public pages will allow you to join immediately, but some are leveraged on moderation.

Private communities are much more constricted and work differently from public communities. When a user creates a private community he/she can decide whether a private group will appear in Google+ search results. If you’re interested joining in a private community you must ask the community’s moderator to join before taking any actions(viewing posts, commenting, interacting with content)

Posting to Communities

Publicly Share Posts on Community

Sharing content to a community is more like sharing to your circles on Google+ while you can post to your respective community right from your community’s page and a largest group of people could see it also share on other social media. When you find a story and you decided to share it with your community, but you’re not Google+ right that time use +1 button  from the story’s and select your respective community

Google+ doesn’t allow users to share any post with multiple communities, you have chances to pick one out of your joined community lists and tell them through out. Also you’re not permitted to share a post with your Google+ circles or public feed if you posted it on a public community. Since one post will be shown twice if you feed publicly and share with a public community but private communities will never disclose your post out of the community members.

Chose Categies to Post

Also you can choose categories to share your exact post, say in Android community users naturally post to “Fix my phone!!!,” “Hacking discussion,” “Development” and, for new community members to introduce themselves, “Hello, world.” You should determine which category is the best fit for your post.

Leverage Notifications

Discussions are made by members also moderator within a community are being notified by every member who are joined in but you may not be notified every time a new post has been shared or may be you want. Another way to fix the problem as well as control the notification panel simply toggling on or off the bell icon on your community’s page.

Leverage Notifications

Once notifications are on, you will be getting several notifications by email, on your connected mobile device and by the Google toolbar when a new post appears. For public communities, notifications are off by default whether in private communities the membership is moderated also communities that you created, notifications are on by default.

Create Your Own Community

Create a Community

So you’ve gone through the whole communities under Google+ and you couldn’t find the exact community you hoped to join but you can create your own community for your previous college’s friends. Google+ gives you the opportunity to create your own community, and it’s a breeze to do. When you’re on the main communities page, you’ll see a blue button on the top-right that says “Create a Community

Choose whether you’re going to create either public or private community. On its FAQ page, Google notes that users cannot change a community page from private to public, or vice versa, once it has been created, so choose correctly.

If you liked to create a public community page, choose what you want to name the community (it’s not required to have a unique name) then decide if you will allow anyone to join, or if you want to moderate membership. For private community page, you can decide whether you wanna hide the community from search or allow people to find the page and ask to join

One the page is successfully created, there are a few things yet to complete. You should choose a tagline, pick an attractive photo that describes the community, simplify your about section and then add a few more discussion categories. Now you need to invite people to join your community and share things that they like about the content of your community.

Tip: To get more members joined in your community you should launch it publicly also allow people free to join without any permission.

Ethics For Community Members

Much like Reddit, Stumble who are now a great source and network for content delivery and conversation, Google+ Communities are for users who are more interested in vibrant conversations round topics they’re all about self promotion.

Quality community members are those who share relevant content and +1’s posts. Users who tend to promote their products or spam the community will more likely be removed by a moderator, so be careful how you approach your communities.


Hopefully you learnt enough how to effectively navigate your way through Google+ Communities or even create your own. If i didn’t mention any important part, let us know in the comments below.