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Stock photography sites have always been the first priority of Blog publishers, Copybloggers and Content writers to deserve images and use on their post content so that it can’t be harmed with any copyrighted issue by search engines. Stock photography sites have numerous authors (Graphic designers) who create and design attractive photographs and submit to the site he/she was hired by or worked as amateur. Every stock photography site use license to release images, normally for stock photos they use Creative commons public license so that images that are downloaded can be used on the web, presentation or any commercial, non-commercial purpose without any copyright issue.

All the famous stock photography sites use different plans and pricing to get accessed and download images unlimited free but the pricing for every month or year is too high to reach for normal level bloggers like me. So here is an awesome chance to get royalty free stock photos from free stock photography sites who provide quality stock photos and amazingly free of cost.
Here is 12 list of stock photography sites to download images for free and use anywhere you wish without crediting to authors even site. Before moving to the list let’s see what license these sites provide for images they offer.

License and Terms of Use of All the Images.

Above all the images we’re about to mention here by this article are licensed under Creative commons public license some offers standard license, also commons and site owned license. All these mean that you can use materials from their is site without any permission and not necessarily attributing to original authors even the website as well. When you download a photo from their site you’re agreed with their license and terms of use also you have to use images where they do permit.
Unethical and illegal use of their material is seriously abandoned and forbidden by site authority. I have tried my best to depict you the license different stock photography sites use and how you can also use their resources without getting banned or issued to copyrights. — Standard License — Standard License
When it comes to free stock photos my first choice is which is a powerhouse of stock photos and royalty free images. When you download a free image or purchase image from you automatically receive their Standard License which allows you to use the image as an illustration for almost any business, personal, educational or charitable purpose. The image is yours to use anywhere in the world as many times as you need and for as long as you want. You can learn more from their terms and conditions page

Flickr — Creative Commons

Flickr — Creative Commons
The biggest image hosting, sharing and downloading site ever you need to use that is Flickr (powered by Yahoo). Flickr images come directly from graphic designers and licensed under Creative Commons. You can explore their directories of over billions of images and download at different sizes you want. You can use their stock photos in any purposes like to adore web content, publishing blogs, presentation on slideshare or anywhere you wish.
Looks like fotolia is the brilliant and most popular stock photography site on internet who have billions of stock images, amazingly designed by graphic designers of their own authors. Fotolia delivers millions of images to internet big brands websites, blogs, journals, news sites, and portals by means of subscription rate. Users can purchase any image by subscribing their different plans and pricing.

It’s really impossible to get a free photo from fotolia but still the company can provide you free images on week basis. They publish some images for every week to download free and without having to subscribe their plans. Check out their this week’s free photos or you can download any of their comp images for free but these images will include their watermark logo at center of each image. provides royalty free images from store of 49K total images and have over 74K registered accounts (members) currently. The images provided by Stock Vault is original and from their own authors. You can use any materials from their site regarding their Terms of Use but you must have to use the images for legal purpose. All images are proudly copyrighted to website and materials shall remain the exclusive property right and control of and under You can use their photos on permitted websites they notify and can’t use on non-permitted websites. Check their Terms of Use

FreeRange Stock

FreeRange Stock
Freerange Stock was formed with the goal to provide quality stock photos for commercial and non-commercial use. It’s an advertising revenue supported photographic community − photographers get paid when users click on the ads that appear next to their submissions.

Images provided directly (in-house) by Freerange Stock originate one of two ways. They are either digitally photographed on Canon DSLR cameras or they are a high resolution (4000 dpi) Nikon scan of an original 35mm slide.

Images are almost free licensed to their website and you can use images anywhere you want those are solely yours.

The Open Photo Project

The Open Photo Project
The project is created by michael jastremski in 1998 and is targeted towards artists, developers, students, and teachers.They have royalty free images and stock photos you can use form their repository. Images are uploaded from their authors and copyrighted to the site owner.

Morgue File

Morgue File
Morgue file contains free high resolution digital stock photos and reference images for either corporate or public use. The purpose of this site is to provide free image reference materials for illustrators, comic book artist, designers, teachers and all creative pursuits. Images from morgue file can be used both commercial and non-commercial purposes. You can use photos on your site, blogs without attributing to original author. Check their License and Terms

Wikimedia — Commons

Wikimedia — Commons
Wikimedia Commons has a missive data base of over 15 millions of freely usable media files, materials involving images, videos, and sounds. You can search by numerous criteria including topic, location, sources and types. You can Copy, use and modify these files as yo wish just need to follow their terms of use and license.


StockFreeImages is a free stock photography site of over 1,086,328 Photos, 38,681 Photographers and 728,182 Registered users(current statistics). All images and media files provided by are copyrighted to the site and original authors.

This site contains both Images that gig a visible watermark(Watermarked Images) and Images that do not contain a visible watermark(Non-Watermarked Images). StockFreeImages allows you to search for, view, and use Watermarked Images only as permitted.
FreeImages provides you an agreement to download images for any purpose but under their restricted rules and licensing. The materials you use from their site is original and fully copyrighted to their site and authors. Their images are totally free of cost you browse thousands of free images which require you only to register their site and start exploring images you want.
FreeStockPhotos is the resources of royalty free images of 14,974 photos of the best sources for free stock photos and clip art. All images on this site are completely free to download and use. No payment or registration is required, although you must abide by the Image License and Usage Terms listed on the photo download page.
An UK based image resource site which has a collection of stock images of over 13,500 and 85 total image categories(all provide exclusive images). If you become their facebook fan you will have 1000+ bonus images. All images restricted and copyrighted to and you can use their stock photos without attributing to original author.

How About This Depict?

As Google seriously marks each content materials whether copyrighted issue or not and for images they almost try to find out original sources by spreading out different signals and for each found copyright image they take spam actions. Now it’s too much hard to publish always original photos with blog content for bloggers like me and others if we don’t have our own graphic designers to create images.

So millions of thanks to these free stock photography sites who can provide us free stock photos and give license for free to use. You don’t need to attribute to original authors even to the source site but using the images on permitted resources will by handled by your own risk.

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Codes are poetry, it’s fun and more actionable to design web, applications and gadgets. We are all very much familiar with web development coding like HTML, CSS and a little bit JavaScript. These are all the fundamentals of web design and perfectly suited for novices. But for Geeks HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Ruby, Python are the best choices to play and discover the desired elements. Learning programming online is all what i can say one of the best practices of internet. It’s not any kind of tutorial that we can cover by a week or month but it’s an entire course which requires months or even years to finish. Learning programming is one big test of patience but it’s more elegant, beautiful and interesting when you’re deep in the lessons. You will jump up the advanced lessons when you complete the basics sequentially. There are lots of resources available online to learn programming code and there are most famous one as well.

Today by this tutorial i will show you all the resources where you can start your programming learning journey and with varieties of lessons you want to begin.



Codecademy is the leading online programming code examiner and guru where you can learn the fundamentals of HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby and much more other languages. They’re almost famous website to teach you code interactively and their helpful interface which instructs courses nicely. While visiting their front page you will discover something innovative ideas of learning and testing programming right away. Try out with a course you prefer to learn which Codecademy offers those are Web Fundamentals, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Ruby and APIs.

Each lesson is labelled under different programs you want to practice also explains necessary code and instruction. While trying out with any code you’ve freedom to go through any piece of code and don’t worry if you mistake the software will show you errors also hints you to solve the problem.

Girl Develop It

Girl Develop It

Dedicated for women? No it’s for all students who want to learn program. The programs are basically geared towards females who want to code, Girl Develop It is an international nonprofit organization who provides mentorship and instruction over programming codes. The theme for this website is “We are committed to making sure women of all ages, races, education levels, income, and upbringing can build confidence in their skill set to develop web and mobile applications,” You can register at this site for free and get involved in any course you want to learn and start developing your programming skill.


Stanford University has organized Udacity which is a community of industry professionals and dedicated to teaching students code for free. They offer many famous courses such as Introduction to Computer Science — available online for free. Udacity is so famous because of their video tutorials on “how to codes” and more advanced courses specially for those who don’t like to read more, the interesting news is that the tutorials are organized and maintained by industry veterans such as Google employees.

They have categorized different courses where you can pick up one or more to get yourself fed. They will arrange quizzes where you can participate and gain points for every correct answers you make. Thus you can strengthen your programming skill and theories on code.

Code Avengers

Code Avengers
Code Avengers is highly developed and organized for learning programs such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript courses. Each of the courses is so carefully designed that you get yourself truly entertained and love while getting involved in their lessons. After finishing any lesson you can proven and call yourself a graduate on that code.

Code School

Code School
While you have finished your courses on Codecademy or Code Avengers, you’re almost ready to get further expanded your talent by enrolling in Code school who are the next quality programmers and a site where you should take on. Code School offers more in-depth courses to train and turn you into an expert with the industry base. Overall, the courses are categorized into 4 main paths, and they are: Ruby, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, iOS
You can aggressively start learning and completing your advanced level of programming at Code School with their free designed courses. It might be so challenging and bit harder to get geared with their advanced courses specially for amateurs. Maximum of their courses serve you free but certain criterias will require you to upgrade your account to get full access over entire courses.


To acquire your programming knowledge on next level then you must try out Treehouse (community of industry leading programmers). Treehouse courses are more project-oriented than language-oriented, so they are perfect for novice programmer with a planned purpose, such as building a website, or an application.

In this site every course is divided into different stages or modules, and after completing every first stage learners will be invited to pay a monthly subscription fee of $25 to access all courses with 650+ videos. They care every student so far seriously that you won’t prefer to leave them before finishing any course.

Computer Clubhouse

Computer Clubhouse

For newly breed program learners it could be glittering chance to hold a course on CC (Computer Clubhouse) developed, managed and co-founded by Resnick who works to “help young people from low-income communities learn to express themselves creatively with new technologies,”
By joining this site you can start learning the fundamentals of HTML, JavaScript, CSS also take on advanced courses if you perform better or having any degree from any resources listed above.

Coder Dojo

Coder Dojo
Another leading website which can teach you courses like “how to codes” and much more advanced courses like HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Python etc. To sharpen your programming knowledge Coder Dojo is the best platform you should try out. They offer you to join free and start with any course you prefer. Your aggressiveness on learning codes only can help you to be successful quicker.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is the fastest growing online educational mentors who have millions of registered accounts on their website, subscribers on YouTube and students from different parts of the world learn different courses from their video based tutorials. Although Khan Academy’s courses are not structured or oriented particularly for codes but they have varieties in course outlines and the concept of their teaching method is almost excellent.
Khan Academy gets millions of dollars donated in their fund every year and is the only established network who provide students free education and for ever as per their notice. It’s a great platform specially for novice and amateurs who particularly interested in learning drawing, animation and user interaction with code. I suggest you to visit their website and at least put your eye on any tutorial you will discover something i guarantee.

Girl Who Code

Girl Who Code
Another best code learning site is geared specifically toward 13- to 17-year-old girls, pairs instruction and mentorship to “educate, inspire and equip” students to pursue their engineering and tech dreams. Coders who complete their courses from this site can develop application and gadgets much easily. As their courses are advanced designed, probably more women taking courses there but it’s an open education board for all students.

Black Girls Code

Black Girls Code

Through workshops for young girls of color, Black Girls Code aims to help address the “dearth of African-American women in science, technology, engineering and math professions,” founder Kimberly Bryant writes, and build “a new generation of coders, coders who will become builders of technological innovation and of their own futures.”

How About This Gig?

While you’re addicted with any programming site I don’t tell you to try out all the patterns i disclosed here but your objective is to complete a course and attain your position from Novice level to Geek level. All the examples are truly proven in their industry and millions of people have enrolled courses with them.

I suggest you to go with one to complete your basic level just HTML,CSS, JavaScript then turn to advanced level HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Python, Ruby etc. and much more languages you pretend to hold on.

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To the blog publishers Buysellads is the first priority of making money selling direct ad spaces to targeted advertisers at higher cost. The money is paid by ad impression rate which was set prior to buying any ad space from a site. Today most of the advertisers are targeting CPM ad networks to promote their brands and products thus retargeting and ad publishing networks are slightly losing customers whereas blog publishers have golden opportunity to make directly deposited money from advertisers apart of staggering money transactions by Google adsense and other adsense alternatives.

Buysellads is dominating the CPM ad networking kingdom over big blogs, news sites, journals, services websites and small blog publishers. They have few competitors like Tribal fusion, iSocket,, Google’s Double Click etc. networks. But still Buysellads is on top of the popularity to bloggers and website owners as their higher security of transaction process, accurate ad impression measurement by automated software, and reasonable ad cost by publishers.

Anyway today by this guide I will show some relevant alternatives of Buysellads who can serve your blog like as real Buysellads also help to grow income by your small traffic blog.

Double Click for Publisher


Google doublelclick for publishers
Google doublelclick for publishers

Wow it is good to know Double Click for Publisher (DFP) for small and big businesses is one of the inventory ideas to sell your blog ad spaces to advertisers. You specify ad spaces on your site may be on header, sidebar, above fold, below footer with actionable banner ads. Your ads will be powered by DFP which can be purchased by advertisers from your site front page and you boost maximum revenue like Google adsense. You can create different ad campaigns for selling ads and add them in additional delivery and targeting options such as geography, day and time, or custom targeting criteria you define.

Your ads may not be sold but don’t worry enable Google AdSense to ensure you always have an opportunity to earn the most money from your content.

Publicity Clerks


Online Advertising Marketplace PublicityClerks
Online Advertising Marketplace PublicityClerks

Looks like is too much crucial to reach for small blog publishers, can be one top alternative and easily approvable Cost per impression ad network. The company is online since 2012 and have proven their strong network and services across the blog communities, publishers and advertisers. They communicate each publisher with targeted advertiser for niches advertising and their transaction process is almost secured. You can signup for publicity clerks today and with no harassment they will approve your application if they meet minimum approval criteria.


Why Buy Blog Advertising Blogads
Why Buy Blog Advertising Blogads

BlogAds is generally optimized for blog advertising. They are one of the best alternatives to buysellads and a direct advertising network that lets you sell ad spaces on your website or blog. Many famous blogs use them like,, So you can have best bet of making better money with

Project Wonderful

Project Wonderful makes advertising awesome!
Project Wonderful makes advertising awesome!

Project wonderful is another best alternative to Buysellads. They serve users with different features like live bidding. Live bidding means advertisers can bid on your ad spaces continuously and you can sell to him who offers you more money and thus you can earn more money. You can sell your ad spaces for different bids for different locations.

This is great to know that Project wonderful accepts subdomains like or and they charge 25% commissions on your income


AdSella Ad Space Marketplace
AdSella Ad Space Marketplace

Another good alternative to A complete advertising network that allows you to sell ad spaces for any budget you specify. Adsella cuts off 20% only on your income as commission rate.


Daybeam - Buy and Sell Ads
Daybeam – Buy and Sell Ads

Still considered one of the best and independent ad serving network which helps to directly sell ad spaces from your blog. They only take 15% commission from your ads being sold. For better performance first sell ad spaces at very low cost then expand your budget.

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I have published many of Google chrome extensions early of the days some were focusing on productivity, some on kids, but you might have heard Google has a giant collections of chrome extensions in their webstore. There are different applications perform different works along with Google chrome browser. Some of them enhance your lifestyle by providing your shopping experiences with eBay, Amazon, Google wallet, giving you out health tips, diet tips, fitness tips and some are to listen you religious tunes from scriptures like Holy Quran, Bible etc.

All these apps are really beautiful and far important to change your daily habits and providing you new age of experiences with internet. Today I will share with you all top 26 best Google chrome extensions to enhance your lifestyle and provide you a great rules of internet UI and UX.

1. Love Calculator

Love Calculator
Love Calculator uses advanced 21st century computational technology to determine in mere seconds your level of compatability with another person. In short, it lets you find out whether that special someone LOVES YOU, too!

2. Horoscopes

Horoscopes is an extremely in depth horoscope that will provide you with great insight into the future and about yourself. Published and daily forecasted Horoscopes. Astrology at it’s finest!

3. What do your dreams mean

What do your dreams mean
What do your dreams mean?” application allows you to find meaning of your dreams in 6 most popular dream books of:

4. Diet Diary

Diet Diary
MedHelp Diet Diary calorie counter is the ideal weight loss app to help you shed those unwanted pounds for good! Track your food, exercise, weight, water consumption and more to see at any given time whether you are on track to lose weight, gain weight or stay the same, so that you can make the right choices to reach your goal.

5. BodBot – Personal Trainer and Nutriti…

BodBot – Personal Trainer and Nutriti...
BodBot will personalize your exercise and nutrition to you. It will tailor to your goal, schedule, available equipment, exercise history, and it will adapt based on your progress.

6. Gojee Food

Gojee Food
Gojee hand curates food recipes and drink cocktails from the world’s best food writers. Put in the ingredients you have at home,  and we’ll recommend mouth-watering recipes from the world’s best food writers.

7. Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer is your online personal assistant teaching you the correct form, posture and methodology of exercises and workout routines.

8. Google Finance

Google Finance
Create customized financial charts on Google Finance for all the stocks and indexes on your watch list, and share them with colleagues or friends. Capture sector performance in a single glance.

Over 10 Million people use to organize all the things they want to do. makes it easy to remember all your personal and work tasks, anywhere you go.

10. Evernote

Evernote is the modern workspace that helps you be your most productive self. You’re on the path to something big — Evernote is where you do the work to achieve it.

11. Picadilo

Picadilo brings you the latest version of their advanced online photo editor. Picadilo Photo Editor runs directly in your browser is 100% free and 100% functional.

12. Pixect

Take pictures online using webcam and add amazing fun effects. Dozens of real-time effects and multiple capture modes give user great flexibility. Now you can apply Pixect digital effects to photos from your computer.

13. Daum Equation Editor

Daum Equation Editor
This is “Daum Comunications corp.”‘s first chrome web app.  You can quickly edit and make a beautiful formula just to click!

14. Pixeffect – Photo Effects

Pixeffect - Photo Effects
Pixeffect makes photo effect and filtering fun and easy ! You can choose one of many photo effects and filters, and apply them on any photo you would like, from your Facebook photos, Picasa albums, upload photo from computer or take photo from your webcam – it’s fast, smooth and easy !

15. Quran

This app enables you to read, listen & discover the Holy Qur’an, in an easy to use interface.

16. Bible

Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese, Farsi / Persian, Dutch, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Thai. and many more. Download text and audio Bibles for offline reading and listening anytime, anywhere.

17. Islam Guide

Islam Guide
Islamic Guide Google chrome app the lets you know how to preserve the daily life according to the guides of Islam, how to be a holy muslim and get addicted to the almighty Allah.

18. Ganesha 3D

Ganesha 3D
Interactive 3D Ganesha Virtual Temple! As with our earlier Krishna temple, we are very happy to present a virtual Ganesha temple. The detailed interactive 3D audio-visuals bring the sacred space to life in a serene lake temple, surrounded by misty mountains.

19. eBay Deals

eBay Deals
Never miss a deal with the eBay Deals application. Use your keyboard to browse through all of eBay’s Daily Deals and store the ones you’re interested in for further viewing.

20. Bags & Shoes

Bags & Shoes
Find the best combinations of bags and shoes for women. Vote on the best pairs and share them with your friends.

21. Consmr

Use Consumr to discover the best products from Baby to Beauty to Grocery products. Browse thousands of user ratings and reviews and know which products to buy, and which not to buy.

22. Hipmunk

You really want to sort by Price, however, Hipmunk can do that. Click the sort buttons at the top of the search results to instantly resort them.  Hipmunk’s default sort for hotels is called Ecstasy, which takes into account price, amenities and reviews.

23. Be a Local!

Be a Local!
Check out your neighborhood by map for all sorts of fun and helpful local information!

24. Knok | Family Travel

Knok | Family Travel
Enriching memories.  But let’s face it, traveling with children creates a unique set of challenges, and we all need a little help and guidance to work through those challenges

25. TouristEye Planner

TouristEye Planner
Very user friendly, you can drag and drop the cities and places. Full map to plan your city itineraries. Add new places that aren’t in our database. TouristEye is a collaborative travel guide.

26. Earth map

Earth map
Whether on your computer or on the go, see the world the same way you’re used to seeing it, in 3D.

Editor’s Desk

These are all the most popular Google chrome extensions (based on ratings) that change your every day internet user experience and almost your lifestyle.

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Social media management tools are heaven-sent, especially when you are managing multiple social media accounts and platforms. The same goes for Pinterest. If you are using Pinterest for your business, you not only have to deal with posting to the image-based site but also juggle cross-posting to other social media, engaging with followers, and tracking your posts to name among other things.
Pinterest is almost the best social bookmarking platform which helps user to pin any useful content indeed images and overall 70% pins on pinterest are repins. Pinterest helps to grow many businesses online and that’s why you need to know what is pinterest, what sort of tools you can use to dominate on pinterest and more. Today by this tutorial we’d share 10 most useful tools for pinterest users.


With the help of Pinterest tools, these tasks can be simplified. In fact, there are specific tools that cater for specific functions such as those that help you generate content or even track how many times people pin from your website.

LoveList App

LoveList App
This iOS app makes it easier to post your products on Pinterest. All you have to do is scan your product’s barcode with the app and it allows you to pin a picture of it on Pinterest. You can even use it to create a wishlist dedicated board for your followers.


Want an easy way of coming up with content for your Pinterest? Pinstamatic is the answer. Besides photos, you can also generate screenshots, audio, quotes, announcements, and maps into pins. Click on the top icons at Pinstamatic site to choose the content that you want to generate.


Previously known as Pinfluencer, Piqora provides analytics for both your website and Pinterest. It not only tracks your pins and board’s reach, Piqora also helps manage promotions and contests on Pinterest. Additionally, Piqora will track your Instagram and Tumblr as well, especially when you cross post your content on those platforms.


ViralTag not only offers analysis and the easy scheduling of pins. It allows you to manage multiple accounts and analysis from other platforms.


Pinvolve makes cross posting across various social media a breeze. It primarily post your pins onto your Facebook page and lets you share content from Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram content from your Facebook page.

Pinterest’s Goodies

Pinterest’s Goodies
Pinterest calls them Goodies. Actually, they are the Pinterest apps for both iOS and Android. Which are helpful when you are pinning on the go. Included among its Goodies is the Pin It bookmarklet, which lets you pin things you see around the web just by clicking it.


This handy website takes a screenshot of a website when you enter the URL at its home page. Snapito renders the screenshot into a full-sized PNG file but you can choose to save your image in GIF or JPEG.

Pinterest Widgets

Pinterest Widgets
Pinterest has its own tools too. Although they are very basic, they are still useful. There’s a total of 5 widgets you can download for your site. Access them all from this link.

  • Pin It Button allows people to pin stuff from your website.
  • Follow Button invites people to follow you on Pinterest from your domain.
  • Pin Widget lets you embed the pin of your choice on your website.
  • Profile Widget displays 30 of your latest pins on your site.
  • Board Widget displays 30 of your favorite board’s latest pins.


ViralWoot, previously known as Pinwoot, helps you gain more followers for your Pinterest. It does this by referring your account to users in exchange for “Seeds”. “Seeds” are sort of like ViralWoot’s currency which you can earn by following and repinning others.


PinAlerts is an interesting tool that tells you if someone has pinned something from your website and who that someone is. The service informs you of this through email as Pinterest only tells you what others have repinned from your account.

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It’s since many days i’m not sharing any personal stuff with you all as i did this past but miscellaneous contents have moved me away. But today i’ve come with bundles of SEO tools, strategies i personally use for onpage SEO of this blog. You all know during past 4/5 months there are lots of queries are established on the web who give me thousands of views every month. Eventually my blog posts get huge views from other search engines like Aol, Yahoo, Ask, Msn, Baidu. My CTR and CPC is getting improved day by day as i actually do organic SEO for this blog.

Everyday for blogging purposes i use some specific tools who help me enough to onpage optimize my posts and get boost of traffic within 2/3 days of publishing. I use only free tools but very effective and actionable tools they are.

Today i will meet you all what types of tools i use for onpage SEO of this blog and how my posts get quick search visibility after 2/3 days of publishing.

Meta Description, Title and Permalink Optimization

Three most vital components work about 50 percent to rank a post on search engines are Meta Title, Meta Permalink and Meta Description. Meta Title is what you can say the root of your blog post, Met permalink is the second most important component and Meta description is almost the third one.
Normally before publishing a post i check it’s Title length whether it exceeds the maximum limit that is 70 characters. Then i check meta permalink either it breaks on Google search results pages, finally meta description whether it crosses 140 characters. To instantly check these i use a tool that is which gives me instant solution of my post title, description and permalink.

For Keyword Research

For some specific posts i need to do keyword research in order that my post can attract the largest frequency of keywords on search engines and easily do better on SERPs. Keyword research is not any kind of easy work but you have to a bit intelligent to pick the perfect one and combine with the blog post. For a single post title you can pick maximum 3 individual keywords but it’s too crucial to combine then between post title.

Keywords that are correctly combined, human understandable, simply written with optimized keywords are strongly recommended for search engine ranking by SEO experts, on the other hand wrong placement of keywords, mixed with vowels and prepositions, not easily understandable and complex titles do not work well in search engine ranking.

So you have to be more careful in picking right keywords and almost no need to do keyword research for every post if you’re not an expert but write your own way very simple and almost human readable and understandable blog post title. Below two free tools i use for keyword research and keyword density checker

Google Keyword Planner: Which gives me the the estimation for my targeted keywords, suggestion big and monthly search volume.

Keyword Density Checker: I check the keyword density for my posts whether more keywords comparing to post body. That is almost a bad alarm according to search engines and black hat seo technique.

For Snippet Optimization and Page Speed

Google Structured Data Testing Tool: I use this tool to check how this page will appear on Google custom search. Especially this tool estimates information for meta description, title, image, post author, hAtom feed (source: Microformat), robots, author name etc. Whether everything is okey you will not see any warning otherwise a red colored text will provide you specific warning for hAtom feed consolidation.

Google Page Speed Insights: On a mattcutts report last year he mentioned that Google counts page speed as a ranking factor also stated that this algorithm update will not change search results much but will decrease rank for such content pages having huge junks. After getting this news i strongly focus on page speed and for every single post i monitor page speed on Google Page Speed Insights.

Image Resources

For every post i need handful of unique images so that my posts become attractive. Choosing right image for your post is an another strategy and almost crucial task. Also there are copyrights issue so you can’t use images from any source without giving them credits.

If you create your  own image that is a good sign that Google will evaluate your page image and rank on Google images. Also you can register your images under Creative Commons so that any blogger or content writer use this image will have to give you credit.

To get unlimited free images for my blog posts i use following image resources sites.

Flickr: They have a giant storage of billions of images are almost original and published by experts and graphic designers. If you use their resources don’t forget to give credit to original author.

Google Images: They have billions of image resources but remember while using images from Google images you have to give credits to original author must otherwise it will be serious copyright issue that even Google monitors itself.

Bing Images: Bing tracks images likewise Google and they giant storage of free images while you can use the resources for your blog post.

For Image Compression

After getting targeted image i need to resize it for lower compression so that it will not lower my page speed and will provide better UI and UX to readers. Below are two different tools i use to optimize images for my blog post.

Image Resizer: You may notice that for every post i am to use two different sized images one is 220px X 160px (for front page) and 600 X 350 or similar size for main page. I do this by a simple tool that is Image Resizer. By using this tool i can create any sized of image with actual ratio. I export image in png format for clearance of image sometime jpg for lower image size.

Photoshop CS5: That is my main image optimization tool which helps my in any sort of image optimization, compression and resizing. It is more flexible and easy to use.

For Image Hosting

Below are three image hosting services i use to store my blog post images so that they can be shared by multiple websites, blogs, social bookmarking sites and social networking sites.

Picasa: They are integrated with blogger image uploader so i don’t need to upload manually on picasaweb. My images come to Google image searches next 2/3 days of publishing post.

Flickr: Almost a great source of image hosting who offer about 1 terabyte of image storage and you can get your images shared by millions of visitors on internet.

Imgur: You all know this awesome image hosting service, once you share an image on Imgur it will get exploded by thousands of unique views and shares. Your images can be shared by reddit and you will see giant flow traffic to your personal blog or site.

For Post Sharing

For post sharing i use following internet based social networking sites.

Facebook: When i publish a post it gets auto published on Facebook profile page, Facebook brand page also Facebook groups.

Twitter: My posts get auto published on twitter profile page and they give me handful of unique traffic.

Google Plus Page: My posts get auto published on Google plus page

Google Plus Community: I have joined 100+ Google plus communities around my niche, so that i can share any post with targeted community.

Should know that according to Moz’s 2013 Google search engine ranking factors survey, Google counts .30 of Google +1’s in order to rank a post and that is almost on second position after Page Author (PA).

Linkedin: My posts also get featured on Linkedin groups

For Post Feed

My blog gets a number of daily blog readers who love to read tech tutorials from my blog. When i publish any post lots of people read content through mail. To maintain email lists and deliver content i use Google Feedburner that is a free service.

For Tagging and Bookmarking

Frankly speaking about 40% of my blog’s entire traffic come from tagging and social bookmarking. I use following social bookmarking sites to get tagged my images, posts and socially bookmarked by thousands readers online.

Stumbleupon: They contribute me 60% of my entire social bookmarking and tagging traffic.

Pinterest: They provide my around 5% of social bookmarking traffic.

Reddit: They provide 10% of traffic

Delicious: The provide 5% of traffic

Tumblr: Great resource and provide me 5% of traffic

Slashdot: Provide my 5% of entire social bookmarking traffic

Fark: Provide my 5% of traffic

Digg: Provide me 5% of traffic

— To Wrap Up

These are the SEO tools i use to optimize posts for organic search visits, onpage SEO, cost per click and click through rate improvement. I think after reading this post you have learned new things and will reinvest SEO strategies on your blog posts whether you have made SEO mistakes these days.

The tools mentioned above are almost free and need your strategy to utilize them properly. I don’t spend any money for SEO but i feel i’m better than hiring any SEO professional. You can be also an SEO professional if you perform well with above SEO tools.

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Google chrome is the widest internet browser having a biggest collection of extensions and addons to flexible your internet browsing experience proudly powered by Google Inc. Google chrome is more powerful than any webkit browser like Firefox and others, since they have their own resources of web extensions, tools and big word is that all kinds of Google services are available to one click setup by Google Chrome.

Google’s Chrome Web Store is chock-full of cool add-ons for your browser. But, with Chrome gaining popularity, the Chrome Web Store too has become like Apple’s App Store: Bloated and hard to navigate. So to save you the trouble, we’ve found some extensions guaranteed to keep you focused and productive during working hours.

Here today we’d share top 16 Chrome extensions to magnify your internet browsing power and give more flexibility in your internet productivity.

1. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus
Adblock is the most popular Google Chrome extension out there. The extension removes the annoyance of banner advertisements from your web experience. That may seem like a slight difference, but visiting some sites that tend to be bogged down with such ads can really improve your experience. AdBlock also works with other webkits like Safari, Opera and Firefox if you don have Chrome.

2. Pocket

Pocket is perhaps the simplest, most easy to use extension on the market. And consequently, it’s also one of the hardest to live without once you’ve had a taste. When you come across a page that, for whatever reason, you’d like to save for later, just click the icon, and your casual, at-your-leisure reading list awaits.

3. The Camelizer

The Camelizer
They track the price of products over time. I have used it on many occasions to check if something is a good deal or not. It works with amazon, newegg, and bestbuy. I also use it to verify the kinja deals.

4. Subscriptions Grid For YouTube

Subscriptions Grid For YouTube
Takes Youtube’s broken-assed subs list, and makes it much more manageable. Being able to actually see my subscribed videos, in chronological order, with more than just five on screen at once, is pretty nice

5. MightyText

Send and receive SMS and MMS from your browser (and integrated within Gmail) using your phone. It basically eliminates the need for me to constantly check my phone throughout the day.

6. Google Voice

Google Voice
It’s great handling voice mail and texts from the a quick drop down.

7. Delicious Bookmark Extension

Delicious Bookmark Extension
The Delicious Bookmark Extension makes sharing links quick and easy. No longer will you have to copy and paste a link into an email, spawning a chain that may earn you the resentment of your colleagues.

8. Chrome remote desktop

Chrome remote desktop
Chrome Remote Desktop allows users to remotely access another computer through Chrome browser or a Chromebook.  Computers can be made available on an short-term basis for scenarios such as ad hoc remote support, or on a more long-term basis for remote access to your applications and files.  All connections are fully secured.

9. Chrome to Mobile

Chrome to Mobile
Send web pages from Chrome on your computer to Chrome on your Android phone or tablet, or your iPhone or iPad.  Ever find yourself reading a page or looking at a map on your desktop and wanting a fast way to get that same page on your phone or tablet?

10. Google Mail Checker

Google Mail Checker
Google Mail Checker is a no-brainer for anyone who sends and receives email on a daily basis. The extension shows you how many unread messages are there in your inbox without your having to click/tab over and check.

11. Hover Zoom

Hover Zoom
Browse images galleries with ease: move the mouse cursor over thumbnails to view images in their full size without loading a new page. Pictures are automatically resized if they don’t fit the window.

12. Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus Screenshot
Nimbus Screenshot is a great tool for Windows users everywhere. The extension lets you take quick and easy screengrabs (Mac users have an Apple command for this). Like Chrome Remote Desktop, Nimbus can be a great tool for communicating with colleagues or showing someone exactly what you’re looking at, when words just don’t cut it.

13. Website Blocker (Beta)

Website Blocker (Beta)
Website Blocker is great if you’re the type of person who gets easily distracted by Facebook or Twitter. As the name suggests, this extension allows you to block access to certain domains for a given period of time (from (9am to 5pm, for example).

14. Search by Image (by Google)

Search by Image (by Google)
Search by Image helps you identity things you see online. It is literally Google Images in reverse. It’s especially useful for identifying a location or unfamiliar landmark

15. Search by Image (by Google)

Search by Image (by Google)
Quickly preview, archive, mark as read or delete emails!. Keeps you signed in! (even if you sign out of your Gmail page). Enjoy beautiful pictures from Flickr while you wait for your Google Mail accounts to load.

16. Pushbullet

Pushbullet automatically shows you all of your Android phone’s notifications right on your computer. This means you can see who’s calling or read text messages even if your phone is on silent or in another room.