October 2014


You all love to design your own stuffs i mean logos, icons, images, vectors etc. Basically those who are very much engaged in design they always think for creativity and new techniques about designing materials. In most cases designers are hired to design logos for their brands. And in exchange designers are to pay high amount for their work. But if you can create your own brands’ logo then how much money can be saved? It may be huge if you have multiple brands.

Essentially there are lots of companies who offer users to create to their free logo but they require to purchase subscription if you want to extend your plan and create multiple logos. Today I have come across such company websites who offer you to create, design free logos also can upgrade your plan for more services.

Zillion Design

Zillion Design
Zillion Design is a free logo maker website which allows you to create logo with text, icons and vector styles. You don’t need any specific knowledge to use their service. You can literally design your logo in minutes. There are plenty of options to choose from including choices in colors, fonts, and symbols categorized by industry.

This is how the website works:

  • First, choose an industry or profession and browse through the designs.
  • Once you see a logo design you like, add your company’s name and any other text in the logo generator tool.
  • Choose from a great selection of fonts and position the text just right.
  • Then change the color according to your taste.
  • If you like, you can add more shapes and designs, and voila! You’ve got a brand new logo design.

LogoType Maker

LogoType Maker
If you run business blogs then you can use this site to create corporate website’s logo easily for free. They’re online logo creator tool for startups and companies. You can create your text logo, choose a shape, customize and download and print. They feature their services with Unlimited Logo Edits, 200+ Custom Fonts, Customize Logo Shape, Additional ClipART library, Custom Size and much more.

Logo Yes

Logo Yes
Another better logo design and creator website. The fast and easy service is provided by Logo yes. Getting a great logo design doesn’t have to be an expensive or tedious process. Building a logo with LogoYes is affordable, quick and easy.

Logo Maker

Logo Maker
Logo maker is another most favorite logo design and creating website. You can easily create your corporate logo for free. You can create your business blog’s logo in less than 10 minutes. It works with three basic farms:

  • Just choose your favorite icon, font, and colors.
  • Create the perfect logo in minutes.
  • Up to six logos free.
  • High-res files: $49.

Try Logo maker now.

Logo Garden

Logo Garden
Start with an amazing logo with logo garden free. There are over 1,019,595 entrepreneurs have launched
their business with LogoGarden. They’re very much outstanding in their field having supports with blogs and tutorials guides.

Logo Genie

Logo Genie
Logo Genie provides you with a free, online logo design system to create low budget logos. The free logo design engine allows you to create logos without going through a design company. They offer regular basic plans for upgrading your logo producing and downloading.

Free Logo Service

Free Logo Service
Make a logo and design it for free with free logo service.  They’re trusted and used by more than 100,000 satisfied customers. They have award winning professional logo designers. With three simple process you can create your dream logo for your blog. You can customize a free logo design & pay $39.95 for unlimited use.

Flaming Text

Flaming Text
Flaming text is a quality free logo maker and designing website. They’re another competitive web design service provider. You can create your own website logo with their service and upgrade plans if you want to create unlimited logos.

Design Mantic

Design Mantic
A complete logo design solutions delivered within minutes. Designing a logo has  never been an easier task but with Design mantic you can make your task easy. You can create your fast, easy and creative logo, you have unlimited choice with HTML5 logo creator.

What’s Up?

I think these collections will help you to create a better logo for your company website or blog. Logo design makes it simple to work with design community as this is the prior step to open your creativity. I recommend you to go through your own design knowledge to create your blog’s logo, if you fail then contact these professional design providers.

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To the web designers what necessarily is most important is freebies no doubt. Design elements are the first priority to them before starting any new design. Choosing the correct icons, buttons and other elements is most important that makes your design look trending, fresh and smooth. Web design resources are everywhere but choosing one among the loads online can be a bit overwhelming. In my previous guide I have discussed best free resources for web designers but now these are most useful stuffs you need to download and use in web development purposes.

There are massive number of design resources remaining on the web but i have preferred top 15 design resources for making your design more powerful and robust.

You The Designer

You The Designer
Best shop for web designers which offer lots of freebies you need ever. It does offer a wide variety of stock graphics such as icons, Photoshop brushes, UI kits ranging from various themes like drawing, grunge, and minimalist. They do offer Vector packs, Photoshop brushes, UI kits, Ribbons and labels, Icons etc.


Salleedesign is a good place where you can get all the things you need to revamp your website and designing skill. You can have such useful stuffs like Good quality graphics, Skeumorphic icons, Glyphs, Stock photos and much more. Access the site now.

Aaron Ovadia

Aaron Ovadia
Web designers look for stock images so that they can make their design more creative and powerful. Aaron Ovadiaa’s website offers stock PSDs. Unlike other stock images site which offer PNGs , this one offers something you could open in Photoshop. Overall this is a good place you can have more design materials to avail.


Another best free design resource site for web designers. Designmodo is one of the design related websites. It does offer free icons, templates, image-kits and a lot more to come. So if you are looking for a quasi-one-stop-shop, this one is a good suggestion. Over here you can have Icons, Templates, Image kits

Freebies Booth

Freebies Booth
Very useful resource for web designers as Freebies booth offers free templates, Trendy forms, High quality icons, Website templates and Buttons.

One Extra Pixel

One Extra Pixel
It’s a design based freebie website which does offer Backgrounds, Icons, UI kits, Glyphs, Website templates and so on free to download.


Arbent is a web design freebie resource site which you will find helpful as they do offer Icons, Texture Pack, Photoshop Brushes free to download. One unique resource for web designers.

Design Freebie

Design Freebie
Another best one-stop-shop in the house. Design Kindle will surely enlighten you design creativity with widest array of resources with offering Icons, UI kits, Stock graphics, Vector packs, Textures, Templates etc.


Niice normally operates as a design search engine, pulling in search results from Behance, Dribble and Designspiration. You may be needed various design resources then Niice can help you to find the best you need. Try niice with this example search “black and white script lettering.”

Cloud Comp

Cloud Comp
Cloud Comp is a lightweight tool powered by Cloud App which allows designers share app and website mockups with clients.

Intuitive Color Picker

Intuitive Color Picker
It’s the color picker tool which can suggest you with your favorite colors in both Hex and RGB color codes. Move your cursor and it will show different color pallet. Move up and down to adjust the brightness and scroll to change saturation.


Simple designer resource which a drag and drop tool lets you generate realistic product screenshots in seconds.

Web Tool Kit for Me

Web Tool Kit for Me
The site which offers freebies regarding Cheat sheets, Patterns, Brushes, Textures, Fonts, Vector packs etc.  Its beautiful icons attract better clients, well, at least, artistically speaking.

Sweet 16s

Sweet 16s
A complete icon resource which offers free icons to download with vectors, graphics and more.  It exactly offers icons for mobile browsers and at times, desktop ones. Icons are 16 x 16 pixels.


Pixeden offers premium free and web resources for designers. This site is very much useful which offers freebies like Icons, UI kits, Email templates, Graphics, Vectors and more. Very much giant resource for web designers.

WordPress themes are much easy to robust design with beautiful templates. There are thousands of PSD templates the resources sites offer almost premium and free to download. PSD templates can be easily design and convertible into HTML format so that any WordPress user can use this. Today i have come across some beautiful designed PSD resources of templates you can use on your WordPress site. These are fully scalable, vectored PSD templates that are perfectly sized for the latest collections of PSD templates. The resources are covered from Elegantthemes who are the big resources of premium WordPress themes and templates.

6 Free ThinkPad PSD Templates

This Lenovo ThinkPad pack offers 8 beautifully designed templates to show off your website designs. The minimal design of these devices lets your work do the talking, and they are all available to download for free! Using these templates, you can quickly create photo-realistic mock-ups of your work at any size.

These Templates are released as Open Source under the GPL (GNU General Public License) 2.0. Enjoy them and use them for whatever you’d like!
Free ThinkPad PSD Templates

Free ThinkPad PSD Templates 2

Free ThinkPad PSD Templates 3

Free ThinkPad PSD Templates 4

Free ThinkPad PSD Templates 5

8 FREE Nexus 7 PSD Mockup Template

These Templates are released as Open Source under the GPL (GNU General Public License) 2.0.
FREE Nexus 7 PSD Mockup Template

FREE Nexus 7 PSD Mockup Template 2

FREE Nexus 7 PSD Mockup Template 3

FREE Nexus 7 PSD Mockup Template 4

FREE Nexus 7 PSD Mockup Template 5

FREE Nexus 7 PSD Mockup Template 6

FREE Nexus 7 PSD Mockup Template 7

FREE Nexus 7 PSD Mockup Template 8

6 Free MacBook Air PSD Templates

These minimal laptop devices have been stripped down to their bare essentials to make your work the center of attention. Using these templates, you can quickly create photo-realistic mock-ups of your work at any size.
6 Free MacBook Air PSD Templates

These freebies are originally resources from elegantthemes and they offered these psd templates to design websites who basically use wordpress and some of their themes support these templates. If you purchase any theme from theme then you will know how to superior your theme design with these templates.

Icons are an important part of any interface design and something that often goes unrewarded. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not important. A good user experience is created by paying careful attention to every detail, including icons. So with the increase of popularity in line-icons as of late, we thought we should bring you a collection of free line-icon packs for your next project.

The new sets have been created at a new size and line-weight, and 1000+ new icons have been added as well! The download package includes the vectored .AI and .SVG files, as well as 32px and 64px .PNGs. As always, these icons are completely free to use, and have been released under the GPL.



This is very much useful list of free vector style line icons you will prefer well to do when monetizing content, design and more you want.

Download 100 Free Line-Style Icons

Download 100 Free Line-Style Icons
The new set has been re-created at a new size and line-weight, and 50 new icons have been added as well! The download package includes the vectored .AI and .SVG files, as well as 32px and 64px .PNGs.

100 Free iOS7 Vector Icons

100 Free iOS7 Vector Icons

Download 1500 more icons from the Streamline Icons Pack, the biggest iOS7 Icon Pack provided as vector files (.AI, .EPS), Photoshop Custom Shapes, PNG and webfonts.

iOS 7 Tab Bar Icons

iOS 7 Tab Bar Icons

Tab Bar Icons iOS 7 Vol3

Tab Bar Icons iOS 7 Vol3

Tab Bar Icons iOS 7 Vol2

Tab Bar Icons iOS 7 Vol2

Tab Bar Icons iOS 7

Tab Bar Icons iOS 7

Dripicons (Free Iconset) – PSD, Illustrator, Webfont


Line-style icons

Line-style icons

Budicon Tester

Budicon Tester

Eco Ico

Eco Ico

Simple Icon PSD

Simple Icon PSD

Line Set

Line Set

Line-Icon Set [PSD]

Line-Icon Set [PSD]

Line Vector Glyphs

Line Vector Glyphs

44 Shades of Free Icons

44 Shades of Free Icons

Linecons Free – Vector Icons Pack

Linecons Free – Vector Icons Pack

Rectangular Icons PSD

Rectangular Icons PSD

iOS 7 line icons

iOS 7 line icons

840 Hand crafted Beautiful line icons

840 Hand crafted Beautiful line icons

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Bootstrap is a powerful theme framework which works with WordPress CMS and most useful and popular specially for corporate based websites. Bootstrap is a responsive grid based framework to design and develop website easily. It is the most popular front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. The researchers prove that “Big B” as Bootstrap is sometimes called is one of the most successful trends that came into industry lately.

This article is the second part of our previous Bootstrap themes and templates collections. But these are the advanced bootstrap collections of HTML 5 with higher compatibilities in web design. There are some themes are also compatible with the version below 3. Here, you will find the multi-niche templates such as responsive, portfolio, business, e-commerce, simple, landing pages, coming soon templates, gallery blogs and much more.

Below is the best list of 35 best themes that are fully featured. The main features that most of the themes have: the dropdown menu, custom slider based on J-query, portfolio section and footer widget section. I think you will enjoy this tutorial.

SiteName – Free Flat Bootstrap Responsive web template

SiteName – Free Flat Bootstrap Responsive web template
SiteName is a free Flat Bootstrap Responsive web design template. Use this template for any type of website. It is built in a Fancy style however it can be used  as per the user requirements.

Ama – Free Bootstrap Responsive template

Ama – Free Bootstrap Responsive template
Another best free bootstrap HTML5 theme.

Stylish Fashion Band – Free Bootstrap Template

Stylish Fashion Band – Free Bootstrap Template
A bootstrap theme dedicated to stylish fashion band. A free bootstrap template responsive website designs built with Bootstrap framework are suitable for Fashion website.


Also known as Blacktie HTML5 bootstrap theme

Corlate – Free Responsive Bootstrap HTML Template

Corlate – Free Responsive Bootstrap HTML Template
Corlate is a free responsive Bootstrap template. It is new modern design and easy for you starting a new company website, new start-up project

Flat template – Free Responsive Bootstrap Template

Flat template – Free Responsive Bootstrap Template
Flat template is another best free responsive Bootstrap HTML5 template ever. This clean yet elegant design template has been developed using Twitter Bootstrap 3 framework.

Umbrella – Free Flat Bootstrap Responsive template

Bootstrap theme is highly responsive designed and compatible with any website

Brushed Twitter Bootstrap Template

Brushed Twitter Bootstrap Template
Brushed is Free One Page Responsive HTML Template based on Twitter Bootstrap Framework. It is optimized for Retina Displays ( iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and MacBook Pro Retina).

Temptation – A tempting dark theme

Temptation - A tempting dark theme
Temptation is an awesome theme that is perfect for entertainment blogs. Yet another great theme by Product features include: Fully Responsive, Retina Ready, Built with Bootstrap 3.0, Nivo Slider, Full Width Layout

E Commerce Responsive Bootstrap Template V1.3

E Commerce Responsive Bootstrap Template V1.3
Simple starter layout for an e-commerce template. This template has a large product image, and several smaller images that scale responsively.


Freelancer theme which includes features like

  • Flat Icons by
  • Build with the Flatly Theme by Bootswatch. Try it with other Bootswatch skins!
  • LESS files included for deeper customization.
  • Collapsing navigation bar on scroll.

InkZine – Refreshing and Colorful

InkZine - Refreshing and Colorful
InkZine is an amazing bootstrap theme made by It’s refreshing and colorful features are great for entertainment and colorful feature.


This template is a fully functional, premium quality Bootstrap theme. It includes the following features:

  • Easing scroll function for smooth navigation – uses jQuery easing plugin.
  • Custom built jQuery navbar that collapses on scroll with scrollspy for active class handling.
  • Professional Photography by Gratisography
  • Font Awesome Icon Font
  • Google Web Fonts Integration
  • Custom Google Map style by Snazzy Maps

SB Admin

SB Admin is a free admin theme for Bootstrap 3. This Bootstrap admin template is 100% free and open source, use it for any purpose. Private or commercial. We recommend customizing the admin template beyond the default Bootstrap theme. The SB Admin theme features several third-party plugins that have seperate documentation.

Xeon – Responsive Onepage Site Template

Xeon – Responsive Onepage Site Template
Xeon is the best onepage site template available completely powered by Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 and prefect for any small business company.

Responsive Business Portfolio Template: Agency

Responsive Business Portfolio Template: Agency
Agency is a responsive HTML5 business portfolio template built using Twitter Bootstrap. The template follows a clean, eye catching and minimal approach to showcase contents.

Studio – One Page Theme

Studio – One Page Theme
Studio is a simple one page them, ideal for personal or agency site, comes with an elegant and minimal design. Uses Font Awesome 4.0.3, parallax effect, off-canvas menu & other handsome features.

‘Moderna’ Bootstrap 3 WordPress theme for corporate business

‘Moderna’ Bootstrap 3 WordPress theme for corporate business
‘Moderna’ Bootstrap 3 WordPress theme for corporate business. This theme is WordPress version of existing freebie ‘Moderna HTML template‘.

Mobile App-Free Bootstrap Theme

Mobile App-Free Bootstrap Theme

Marco – One Page Theme

Marco – One Page Theme
Marco is a stylish one page theme. Ideal for freelancers or agencies willing to show their work. Uses FontAwesome 4.0.3 & Animation.css.

Mamba – One page Bootstrap template

Mamba – One page Bootstrap template
Mamba is a simple & flat one page Bootstrap template, suitable for creative to build their profile. Coming with minimal navigation menu, Wow effect, Smoothscroll and pure css lighbox on portfolio images.

Magister – One Page of Magic

Magister - One Page of Magic
This is one page template that have toggle menus on the left sidebar. You can use for free for your projects and websites.

Legend: Free Responsive One Page Template – Built on Twitter Bootstrap

Legend: Free Responsive One Page Template – Built on Twitter Bootstrap
This is our second free responsive bootstrap template. Legend is multi-purpose responsive one page template built on Twitter Bootstrap.

Landing Page

Landing Page
Professional Photography by Death to the Stock Photo (free, high quality photos delivered to you every month, premium plan available for more photos)

illusion – Premium Multipurpose Bootstrap HTML Template

illusion – Premium Multipurpose Bootstrap HTML Template
Meet our new illusion premium responsive Bootstrap HTML template. It was developed according the latest technologies and can be perfectly fit for any corporate, e-commerce, business, agency, private or promotional website.

Free bootstrap coming soon template with countdwon

Free bootstrap coming soon template with countdwon
Bootstraptaste freebie today is a twitter bootstrap 3 coming soon template called ‘WeBuild’. Simple, flat and minimal design with jQuery countdown and polygonal background.

Counter – Coming Soon Page Bootstrap

Counter – Coming Soon Page Bootstrap
Counter is a simple coming soon theme. Uses Revolution Slider to showcase images at the background.  The countdown is powered by a custom Javascript. Modify that script to set the proper date.

Flatty – App Landing Page

Flatty – App Landing Page
Flatty is a flat landing page designed to show your next app, site or product. With a fresh style & minimal design, you can now show your product with style.

Flat Theme – Free Responsive Multipurpose Site Template

Flat Theme – Free Responsive Multipurpose Site Template
Flat Theme is the best free responsive site template ever. This clean yet elegant design template has been developed using Twitter Bootstrap 3 framework.This template is perfect for any business, corporate or small company site.

Dashboard Sidebar Bootstrap Template

Dashboard Sidebar Bootstrap Template
This is a template for a admin, control panel or dashboard. This template has a collapsible sidebar menu, and a table that can be used as a data grid.

Business Plate Free Business Template

Business Plate Free Business Template
This is business layout themes that offers the best navigation, custom slider on the homepage, responsive layout design and portfolio services section.

Bootstrap App Free Business Template

Bootstrap App Free Business Template
This theme comes with the portfolio layout that is best for your business website. You can also use for multi-purposes.

Boots Shop Free Ecommerce Template

Boots Shop Free Ecommerce Template
It’s the e-commerce theme for your on-line store. comes with all the features that you need to have a professional design. Shopping cart and more.

From Editor’s Desk

These are all the best free Bootstrap fremework HTML5 themes and templates. If you find this collection helpful then please share this tutorial with your favorite social networking sites. Also suggest us with helpful bootstrap resources and tutorials. Thanks for reading.

Google custom search engine is a Google’s product which is used on average many websites(small site or big) to increase user experience, provide visitors to quickly search tutorials, generate revenue associating with Google adsense, reduce bounce rate and give an smart outlook to site’s front page. It’s easy to create a simple custom search engine but it’s a bit difficult to create and manage a productive custom search engine which benefits your site in many ways.

Google custom search engine is a complete handy product which you can make a powerful search engine for your site. Exploring site’s content, promoting products through ads, showing highly targeted refinements, showing images, reducing bounce rate, providing higher user experience and making money through ads, all these things are maintained by one Google custom search engine—just you need to know how?

Till now i have discussed the benefits of a productive Google custom search engine, but now i’m going to bring you all a complete tutorial of creating a highly useful and productive Google custom search engine that values your brand. Let’s begin.

Creating Google Custom Search Engine — Primary Part

To get started with Google custom search engine first you need to create a simple custom search engine. Earlier today I posted how to create Google custom search engine, now I will demonstrate the detail guide to Google custom search engine.

Creating Google custom search engine is easy, just read this tutorial to create your own Google custom search engine.

Setting up, Editing and Managing Google Custom Search Engine — Advanced Part

You have created Google custom search engine, Well. Now Go to this page and Access to your custom search engine.

This part covers the advancement of Google custom search engine, major are Setup, Look and feel, Search features, Statistics and logs, Business etc.


The setup part of Google custom search engine consists of five important elements where one or two are optionals and except them majority are needed to setup manually. No problem I will show you everything and make it easy to understand and configure CSE setup very easily.

01. Basics

In your custom search engine basics setup page you will see Search engine name, Search engine description, Search engine keywords etc. more parameters. Where the search engine name defines normally the name you given to your search engine while creation. Search engine description defines simply the description of your search engine and keywords describe the content or subject matter of your custom search engine.

Keep Image search, Input search to Switched on

Keep other things default and hit the tab says “Make money”

02. Make Money

With Google custom search engine you can make money when users click on ads they see in your search results connected with your Google adsense account. I would surely publish another tutorial about making money with Google custom search engine up next, so please stay tuned.

03. Admin

You can give rights to access your custom search engine account by adding email address. If you want to make another user as admin then hit the Add button and input his/her email address and click on “OK”

A notification message will be sent to him/her and the has to verify the link before accessing your account.

User you have added will be able to add sites, refinements, create promotions, but won’t be able to add another user and access Make money tab. Learn more.

04. Indexing

Google custom search engine will show you the basic status of currently indexed pages. Below defined the other three terms to index URLs

Specific URLs: Where you can add specific URL of your site, one per line. Your site must be verified with Google webmaster tools. If you want to request for removal any URL then use minus value “-” before any URL such that


Google custom search engine may take long time to index your current updates or remove pages that are expired or manually removed by you. In such case Specific URLs can help to keep updated your Custom search engine.

05. Advanced

Your custom search engine consists of “Annotations” and “Context”. Annotation specify which are included or excluded in your custom search engine, and Context specifies a complete search engine from “Look and feel” to “how annotations should be used”

  • CSE Context: With CSE Cotext you can upload, download and view your CSE definition context file in XML format.
  • CSE Annotations: With CSE Annotations you can upload, download or view your CSE annotations in XML or TSV format. Learn more

Note: These threes are option setups you don’t need to take action. Anyway if you want to learn something more about Annotations and Context then access to the reference support pages mentioned above.

Your Custom search engine Setup part is almost content and hope you have understood till now, then proceed to “Look and feel”

Look and feel

Look and feel consists of four different & important options for your custom search engine. Below are demonstrated about them elaborately

01. Layout

Layout is simply the style you want your Custom search results to be appeared when a user hit the search button. There are seven more styles to show search results. Different people choose different styles but the most popular styles are Overlay, Full width, Two column, Two page and Google hosted. Read below about all the styles

Overlay: It displays the results like a popup box, normally we see after landing on any page.

Two Page: It shows the search box on one page and results on another page. You will be provided two different codes, when codes of search box will go on your site’s front or any specific page you want to show search box, and codes of search results will be embedded on any specific page you want.

First you have to create a single blank page typing URL like or Blogger)

Then click on Save & Get Code. You will see a button says “Search Results Details”, just hit that button and type your URL of search results page you create earlier. Also type a query parameter like “q” or any character you want.

Then you will be provided two codes (Search box and Search results). Search box code will go on sidebar or anywhere you want and Search results code will be embedded on HTML textare of that page you created earlier for showing search results.

Now you’re connected Google custom search engine with “Two page”

Full width: It displays both search box and search results in one column.

Two column: It displays the search box in one area and search results in another area

Compact: It displays search box and search results in compact form

Results only: Your search box will be remaining on one page and results on a single page, like as “Two page” mode

Google hosted: Your search box will be on your webpage and search results will appear on a Google hosted page. You can open the search results by “New window” or “Same window”. We strongly recommend you choosing “New window” since it will keep your page window fixed without destroying users attention over your page content.
Look and feel
Now choose the one Layout you wish and hit Save button

Image Search: There three different styles for image search. You can choose anyone and hit Save buton
Image Search
Finally hit the button says “Themes” and configure following, that is interesting setup.

Note: You can check the functions of every different layout, since there is a default Custom search box on right side of that page. After selecting any layout it changes automatically, simply type any keyword(related your site search) and hit search box. You will see the demo by search results appearing.

02. Themes

Out there seven different and colorful themes for Google custom search engine. It can be applied on search box and search results materials E.g. search title, description, url, numbering, tab, refinements, promotions etc. parameters.

By choosing any theme you will see the Live demo on right side of that page, you may check by typing any keyword and hitting the search button.
We highly recommend you to choose the theme for custom search engine that can perfect suite and blend with your website template for better user experience.

03. Customize

Customize option lets you to select different colors for search button, search results materials E.g. search title, description, url, numbering, tab, refinements, promotions etc. parameters.
We again recommend you to choose colors that suite and blend with your website theme.

Note: When customizing your search engine you will see Demo right below the setting options.

04. Thumbnails

Default setup for every custom search engine, once you hit the Image search “On” then it will be automatically setup.
If you don’t want to show images with your search results then keep if “Off”

Search Features

Search features are another most important part of Google custom search engine. By defining this option correctly can boost your search results productivity more and getting higher engagement by users. Lets’ see how better you play with this option

01. Promotions

Promotions are the specific link that can be shown above search results for specific keywords. You may be aware that when you search for any results on Google typing any keyword you see something called “Ads by Google” and under this text there are several Titles, description and Links. These are the ads maintained and delivered by Google adwords. And this shows only when a user type those keywords where Adwords advertisers are bidding and competing.
Likewise this you will create your self promotions by Google custom search engine. You can create multiple promotions defining specific keywords likewise Adwords advertisers, Interesting? Let’s see how can do it.

Enable promotions: Hit the button and switch to “On”
Enable promotions inside Autocomplete: Also hit the button and switch to “On”

Now you will see there is nothing promotion added to your Custom search engine, to add a new click on the button says “Add”

Now every box with star mark must be filled in order to complete this process. I will define everything just read below

Promotion trigger queries: Here type your targeted search strings by whom your promotional ads will appear on search results. You can triggering queries, comma seperated, max 100 queries, max 500 characters

Regular expression: Tick this box so promotional ads can be shown for mixed keywords like

Make money and Money money freelancing

Your ads will appear for both the keyword and a single keyword Make money freelancing which covers both Make money and Money money freelancing

Promotional title: Type your promotional title, max 160 characters

Promotional URL: Type promotion link e.g., max 2000 characters. It should start with http:// or https://.

Promotional description: Type promotion description, max 200 characters

Thumbnail image URL: Promotion thumbnail image URL, support GIF, JPEG, or PNG. Images will be resized to fit in a 60X60 box

Promotion start date: Select any date when your promotional ads will appear on search results

Promotion end date: Select any date when your promotional ads will close on search results

Finally hit “OK” and you’re done!
You can lead multiple promotions.

02. Refinements

Refinements are the label or keywords which can be appeared after “All results” in search results page

To add a single refinement hit the button says “Add”, now type any refinement name, e.g., lectures, pets, dogs
You can also enable “Facet Refinement”, If enabled, it will be considered for getting top 3 refinements to be shown in facet OneBox on results page.

03. Autocomplete

Autocomplete is just like Google instant which works when we type any keyword on Google search box.

To enable atucomplete feature with your Google custom search engine simply hit “ON” and add your autocomplete suggestion terms by hitting “Add” button

04. Synonyms & Advanced

These are optional setup and don’t necessarily take action as a regular user.

Statistics and Logs

Statistics and Logs shows you how many searches are requested by users by today, week, month or year. Where blue drags show “Web search queries” and red drags show “Image search queries”
Statistics and Logs


If you host certain business or organization which is recognized as exempt from taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Outside of the U.S., this is available to charitable organizations as defined under country-specific regulations or requirements.

Then you may enable this feature to stop showing Google ads in your search results, or disable this feature if Google is not able to confirm your organization status.

Get Code For Custom Search Engine

Once you successfully created your custom search engine, then click on Setup and hit on “Get code” button. Then copy code and paste on your webpage.
Get code

— Help Desk

I think you have understood the whole tutorial and create a productive Google custom search engine which can enhance your site’s user experience and help users to navigate content so quickly. I think every blog should have Google custom search engine as there are lots of positiveness of this product specially reducing bounce rate of any site.

Apart this they have resource pages like Help center, Help forum, Support, Blog, Documentation etc. more resources for getting instant support. I think this tutorial has covered maximum points so you don’t need to hang over those platforms.

Google Custom Search Engine(formerly known as Google Co-op) is a most powerful scripted web search engine which was written in C++ and created by Sergey Brin alongside with Larry Page. It allows web masters and developers to feature specialized information in web searches, re-filter and categorize queries, and create customized search engines based on Google Searches. This service now currently beta tested, with bugs, enhancements and feedback from developers being recorded at “Google CSE Enhancement Page”.

This tutorial specially focused on how to create a custom search engine and install on blogspot platform although this service is available on over 50 platforms but as we’re talking with blogger so we will move on blogspot users.

Why Use Custom Search Engine?

Google Custom search engine(GCSE) is widely used and most attractive search engine which is compatible with any website, forum or blog and crawl your entire site’s pages within very faster time as like as Search Engine Google.Google released this custom search engine on October 24, 2006 when it was in beta but within the coming years GCSE was being organized with highest performance, attractive design with preferable themes(available), fastest search term deliverability across the website, also it is very easy to build for individuals and compatible with any layout. Check out more below

  1. It has zero tolerance to be trapped while loading pages to deliver output
  2. 100% customizable and user friendly
  3. It can work on all CMS based platforms(Like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal) and any HTML websites
  4. GCSE now has official Help Center, Forums, Support, Blog, Documentations,APIs & Terms of services to serve the users 100% at anytime.
  5. If you have approved Adsense account then you have the chances to make money with CSE depend upon web-search or site-search.

Build Your Own Custom Search Engine Widget

1. Go to
2. Click on Add button and a popup will appear
3. Simply add your site URL below Sites to Search 
Create Search Engine
4. Now you could see a Congratulations message
5. Simply click on Get Code next to Add it to your  site
Get Code
6. Now click on that code and it will be selected automatically

How To Embed CSE On Blogger?

  1. Go to Blogger > Layout
  2. Click on Add a Gadget 
  3. Now choose HTML/JavaScript from the popup
  4. Simply paste the copied code here and hit save button
  5. All You’re done successfully!

Add Custom Search Engine to WordPress

1. Login to your WP admin panel
2. Navigate to Appearance −> Widget
Navigate to appearance > widget
3.  Drop a Text widget on sidbar
4.  Now paste the copied code and hit save
Add custom search engine to wp sites
5. Check your site’s front page and you should see the widget in action

What To Do Next:

Once you created search engine successfully put the script on sidebar or attach it on your menubar for better placement of your blog. Read other tutorials related to Custom Search Engine as we’ve arranged a series with additional monetization with dynamic script and connection the search term into two pages. Any problem regarding this tutorial you ask me i’d answer you. Do safe blogging 🙂

To every business Google Maps is very popular place to easily reach out over millions of people world wide very quickly through Google Web and Local Searches. Today Google Maps is a complete work space for service providers where they can easily meet their businesses over thousands of customers(at local time) with real life online business experiences. To inbound marketers Google Maps is also an active way to easily drive traffic up their targeted pages. Most of the people today search for businesses online than anywhere else, so it’s important that you make sure your local business listing.

Google Local listing is more valued than a paid online business advertising program where you can register for multiple businesses at a time with only one Google account and all other accessories are totally free in Google Maps for a business accreditation. Google Maps users also can connect Google Pages with their accounts so that it will make customers more flexible to communicate the vendors quickly and simplify transactions.

To make sure enlisting your local businesses also how to get approved with Google Places for Business today we’d show you all a demonstration with detailed guide of Google Business and how to participate for free. All you need just a verified Google Account(Gmail account) and your registered business that you want to enlist and advertise with Google Maps. So Let’s Begin

Google Places for Business?

Google places(prior known as Google Maps) is a web mapping service application and technology powered by Google Inc. It provides map-based services, including the Google Maps website, Google Ride Finder, Google Transit, and Maps embedded on third-party websites via the Google Maps APIs.

Google Maps is a free web business enlisting service via Google Places for Business. It allows people to find for exact business that they’re needed from local searches on Google maps. It also allows users to integrate their businesses with Google Pages so that people can connect the vendors on both Google Maps and Plus Pages. In Google Maps your businesses may be enlisted by “Search Engine Google” otherwise you have to add manually. Google allows you adding multiple businesses at once but you have to verify your businesses individually with registered Pin that Google will send your business location. Google also offers each business to enlist their search directories for free as well as locally targeted advertising through AdWords Program.

Now you can easily setup your local business listing which is an easy way to maintain an online presence even if you don’t have a website. You can visit Google Places anytime to edit your information or see how many people have seen and clicked on your listing.

You can make your listing really shine with photos, videos, custom categories, brands you sell and how to find parking, and coupons to encourage customers to make a first-time or repeat purchase.

Today we’d show you all a trial of enlisting a business with Google Places for free so that you can do it for yourself and enlist your registered businesses (Even if it’s multiple in quantity)

What You All Need To Enlist Businesses With Google Places?

To setup your local business with Google places you will be needed the following stuffs.

  • A verified Google account (i.e. Specially your Gmail account)
  • Your Business Name
  • A short description about your business
  • Operating hours of your business
  • Address of your Business
  • A contact information (Phone number, Website URL, Email address)
  • A logo or image of your company that entirely represents your business (i.e. some of the people use a picture of their office, store or restaurant)
  • A coupon or special offer you want to advertise (Google also lets you add a coupon for FREE if you want)

In your listing you can add any type of information you think relevant also can attract people to engage in your business. Follow these steps to include your business with Google Places

#01 Setup Your Account

1. To setup a new account with Google Places go to Google Places Official Site
2. Now you need to login with your Google Account (Remember: Your Google account will be used as Google Places account because Google offers “One account all of Google”)
Search for a Business
3. Now on the tab find for your business (i.e. Simply input a keyword and hit search box)
4. Some several businesses will appear and you might find your local business there (If it was enlisted earlier)
5. Once you didn’t enlist your business and hit “No these are not my businesses
No these are not my businesses

#02 Enter Your Business Details

Google Places identifies several local businesses for your automatically online but if you didn’t enlist your business with Google Places earlier you will not see it anymore so you need to manually add it. To add a new business you will certainly need some informations we mentioned earlier.

Now completely fill out the necessary information

1. Your Business name (Give a name of your local business)
2. Country/Region (Mention your country or territory)
3. Street address (The address which will drive the consumers directly to your business)
4. State (Where your business located)
5. Zip code (Your local zip code number)
6. Phone number (You business main phone number)
7. Category (Pick any category on your business, so that people could find you with simple search on Google Maps)

Enter your business details

#02.a Service area businesses on Google

If you serve customers at their locations, you can simply designate yourself as a service area business in your listing editor. Beneath your business details select the checkbox of  “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location

You may also designate to serve customers at your business address simply checking “I also serve customers at my business address

Service area businesses on Google

1. Now signify the length of serving area from your business to customers either mentioning city/zip code or length in miles or kilometers

2. You can checkout more about service area businesses on Google support

3. Finally hit Submit

#03 Verify by Postcard

Using Google Places for business which will help you to get your targeted business found on Google easily. It also allows you to connect with your customers and let them know the latest information about your business. Google offers each business to enlist their search directories for free as well as locally-targeted advertising through AdWords program. So you will get the opportunity to give your customers deals or discounts through Offers program.

That’s why it’s strictly mentioned by Google to verify each business by Postcard that will appear in 1-2 weeks at your mentioned street address

Verify by Post Card

1. Now click on Verify by Postcard
Send Post Card

2. Here you  need to provide an Optional contact name and hit Send postcard
3. Now you could see following Notification

We will now add your business to Google

Your business will appear as unverified until you use your PIN (don’t delay — it’s only good for 30 days).

4. Hit Continue

#04 Fill In Your Business Profile

Your local business yet not complicated as you see it’s 50% done so you need to modify it more. To make it 100% completed you simply do following steps

  • Business Photo: You need to add your business photo first → Click on Add Photo → Upload photo from your hard drive → Hit save
  • Operating Hours: Now you need to provide the operating hours of your business → Click on Edit (Next to hours) → Pick your weekdays and signify the exact time you could serve your customers and hit save

Operating Hours

  • Business Description: The most important factor before to get your business approved by Google is to provide a quality description that can fully assign your business and help people to understand your services of business. To activate description for your business click on edit (next to description)  → Now provide a short description about your business and hit save

Business Description

Now you can see your profile is 87% complete and only one thing is to verify your business with Google Places. To make it verified please read below

#05 Google Business Verification [Final Step]

Google will not enlist your business on Maps Program until you verify your business. You have to verify your  business from your business profile dashboard where you will see a blue tape says

Google has sent your PIN to you. Request another pin Enter Pin

Google Business Verification Pin
It may take up-to 4/5 business days to appear the pin your given business location. Once you get your pin you can add it manually clicking Enter Pin from your Google Places Account

1. You will be certainly represented the following page

Google Business Verification

2. Now enter your 5 digits of your pin and hit Submit


Now you successfully added your local business on Google Maps with Google Places for Business program.

Note: Please try to choose standards of a local business that should be because “Your edits may be reviewed for quality before being published live on Google Maps” Learn more.

Now you can add multiple businesses with Google Places as it allows marketers to give consumers a good user experience in addition it costs $0.00 to enlist a business ever for free. Now you can establish a good online presence of your businesses with Google places being valued by customers and other clients.Good luck!

WordPress preserves as the mighty content management system providing over 80 million active WordPress powered sites, and still counting by days. There are over 33,910 plugins, 759,578,352 downloads from the WordPress plugin directories. In spite of having thousands of plugins in the directory its’ still too hard to find out the best plugin which covers all sides in the target areas. Nevertheless there are some mighty authors recommendations people search for the most popular plugins and top rated ones.

Here today by this article I will share top 32 best WordPress SEO Plugins which covers all the side you will be needed right now and in future. I have fragmented this article into 6 different parts for easing your understanding and sorting out the right one.

General SEO Plugins

01. WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast
Joost de Valk has created “WordPress SEO by Yoast” which is perhaps the most popular SEO plugin to date. The plugin is highly developed and technically quite a good platform for SEO. It allows you to enable strong onpage SEO setup through Title/Description optimization, creating XML sitemaps, submitting sitemaps to Google and Bing webmaster tools, RSS optimization, editing your .htaccess and robots.txt file directly, social media integration, multi site compatibility etc. Try Yoast now.

02. All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack
Looks like the same as Yoast All in One SEO Pack is a favorite SEO plugin to users which proves better SEO compatibility according to search engines. The plugin covers all the seo terms like automatic sitemap generation, sitemap submission, Google analytics integration, social media integration, etc. The offer pro version for $39 to get more extended features.

03. Jetpack by

Jetpack by
Jetpack is WordPress SEO plugin previously available only for users but now it’s fully functioned with self hosted WP sites. The plugin is developed normally to operate off page search engine optimization, widgets management, setting up social accounts, email subscription, mobile theme compatibility, creative formats for image galleries and much more. Try Jetpack now.

04. Scribe SEO

Scribe SEO
Developed by Copyblogger Media , Scribe makes it easy to indepth research across your site’s queries and helping writers and content producers to identify the maximum opportunities to attract audiences, target keywords, local search and social media traffic and leads. Overall the plugin helps you to create better content as there is a great feature of instant keyword suggestion, keyword analyzer, content score directly from your post editor.

05. HeadSpace2

Another best WordPress SEO plugin allows you to setup meta title/description, verify Google Webmaster Tools, add Analytics code, and is available in 21 languages. There may be one drawback in this plugin is that it doesn’t seem to have custom post-type support.

06. Google Analytics by Yoast

Google Analytics by Yoast
Yoast develops another popular seo plugin is “Google analytics” which can be integrated automatically with any WordPress site. The plugin allows you to track your blog easily and always stays up to date with the newest features in Google Analytics.

07. Simple URLs

An SEO plugin that can track outbound links and control them completely right within the WordPress backend. If you add Disallow: /go/ into your robots.txt file it will stop any authority from passing through the link itself. This is more effective plugin to keep track of these outbound links. Try Simple URLs.

Sitemap Plugins

01. Google XML Sitemap

Google XML Sitemap
A favorite and secured XML sitemaps generator for WordPress users. This plugin generates special sitemap which will help search engines to better index your blog. t’s simple to setup and supports custom post-types and taxonomies.

02. WordPress SEO by Yoast

This plugin is unstoppable in WordPress SEO and provides the whole features you’re ever needed. Yoast offers free version of this plugin but you can upgrade to pro version for getting the extended version of their plugin. It does have a video add-on for $89.

03. Google XML Sitemap for Videos

An easy way to setup video sitemap for WordPress sites with Google webmaster tools. It automatically creates a sitemap for any page that embeds or links to a video. The sitemap generator tells Google, Bing and other search engines about web pages, images and video content on your site.

04. Google XML Sitemap for Images

Amit Agarwal has developed Google XML Sitemap for videos and images, both these plugins are quite helpful to tell Google, Bing and other search engines about web pages, images and video content on your site that they may otherwise not discover.

Content Optimization Plugins

01. Broken Link Checker

This plugin will check your posts, comments and other content for broken links and missing images, and notify you if any are found.

02. SEO Content Control

The SEO Content Control plugin is great tool specially for identifying weak content on your site. There is options panel shows you an obvious of all the pages you have written may be meta description mistakes. It lets you create unique excerpts for your archive and category pages that are different than the single posts. Although this plugin has not been updated for over 2 years but sill WP users prefer to use this plugin.

03. Redirection

Redirection is a WordPress plugin to manage 301 redirections, keep track of 404 errors, and generally tidy up any loose ends your site may have. It can be helpful whether you’re migrating pages from any old website, or are changing the directory of your WordPress installation.

04. WordPress SEO by Yoast

The plugin covers all the features and specially content optimization is the core one. With Yoast you have option of setting a “focus keyword” in the content editor, and the plugin analyzes the content for your focus keyword and lets you know how many times your keyword has appeared in your copy, headlines, URL, images, etc.

Link Tools, Reports and Fixations

01. Broken Link Checker

This plugin will check your posts, comments and other content for broken links and missing images, and notify you if any are found.

02. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache
Very useful plugin which makes your site go super fast, improves the user experience of your site by increasing server performance, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration.

03. Majestic SEO Dashboard Widget

Another great backlink data checker, analyzer and explorer of our total backlinks, referring domains, dofollow, nofollow backlinks and much more.

04. SEO Rank Reporter

SEO Rank Reporter
Track your Google rank through your WordPress dashboard. Rankings are updated every three days. You will also be able to visualize your traffic flow in response to ranking changes and receive emails notifying you of major rank changes.

05. Google Analyticator

The plugin integrates Google analytics data straight into the dashboard. This shows you the top referrers, pages, incoming organic keywords etc.

Web Security, 404’s, Internal Linking, Canonicals, and More

01. BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security
Helps to keep your site totally protected from getting affected malware, phishing etc. attacks. They scatter security web across your site through .htaccess Website Security Protection (Firewalls), Login Security & Monitoring, DB Backup, HTTP Error Logging, Security Logging and much more.

02. Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security
An effective WordPress security plugin which starts by checking if your site is already infected. They do a deep server-side scan of your source code comparing it to the Official WordPress repository for core, themes and plugins. Then Wordfence secures your site and makes it up to 50 times faster. Get more features, access now.

03. Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin

A handy little plugin which adds the correct canonical tags to your archive and search results pages that most general SEO plugins don’t include.

04. Simple 301 Redirects

A useful WordPress plugin which is a lifesaver for any user specially who doesn’t know how to edit .htaccess file. You can create 301 redirects for posts. It’s so easy to maintain new and old URLs.

05. Search and Replace

Search and Replace allows you to search and replace strings in the WP database tables.

06. WP Maintenance Mode

WP Maintenance Mode
Many WordPress sites we have seen are closed for maintenance due to internal setup, any seo fixation or content optimization. But here is an awesome plugin which help you to handle out this task easily by adding a maintenance page to your blog that lets visitors know your blog is down for maintenance, or add a coming soon page for a new website.

07. Yoast Breadcrumbs

With Yoast WP SEO Plugin, you can easily add breadcrumbs to your theme. There is an automatic integration option, but if your theme doesn’t support that option, you can integrate the code manually into your theme files.

Social Sharing Plugins

01. ShareThis

Sharethis is one of the most favorite social sharing plugins for WordPress users and easily integrate social sharing buttons into your posts and pages. You can track your sharing metrics once you have a sharethis account.

02. Share Buttons by AddToAny

Share Buttons by AddToAny
This is useful and offers all in one social sharing services. The plugin helps people to share, bookmark, and email your posts and pages using any service, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Reddit and over 100 more sharing and social bookmarking platforms.

03. Sociable

The plugin is great with a lot of customization options. You can choose your own icons if you don’t like the default setup, and it’s very easy to integrate into any part of your theme.

04. Social Media Counters

Pretty basic plugin that adds sharing icons to the bottom of your posts. There aren’t to many customization’s you can do with this plugin, but it gets the job done.

05. Social Media Feather

Social Media Feather
WordPress Social Media Feather is a super lightweight free social media WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and painlessly add social sharing and following features to all your posts, pages and custom post types.


I think i have covered almost all of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins you’re ever needed. I think this list is better enough to complete you site’s SEO and preserve full dominance on search engines. Do let me know if you have found any extra more suggestions on new popular plugins or drop us comments about your experience.

If you have found this article helpful don’t forget to share this with your favorite social media or social networking sites.

If you’re a web designer then you must know how importance the designing tools as per your busy schedule almost half your entire job can be performed by online web designing tools. You might be knowing Firebug, Browsershots, these are browser extensions to develope a site’s forntend design but more efficient are those tools who are client side based like Invision, Webflow etc. But I’m not going to elongate words much more because there is delicious staffs awaiting up next. Yes today i will share some awesome resources for web designers and developers. I hope you will find them almost helpful, let’s move on.

01. Google Web Designer Tool

Google Web Designer Tool
Google launched Web designer tool which is more than a powerful design software to create beautiful, engaging HTML5 content. With GWDT you can interact animatiosns and elements to bring creativity upon your project. It’s ready to use software available for Mac, Win 7+, and Linux OS. It’s such advanced tool that you can add more effects while designing pages. With pre-programmed web components you can include iFrame, maps, tap area, image gallery, and YouTube. Plus you can add 3D mode animation effect on specific content.

02. Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework
Genesis Framework is third part developed toolkit for WordPress users basically to run the whole site under a security suite so that there is less impact of getting hijacked or hacked. Genesis is a versatile web software which is created and developed by Briangardner and his team associated with There are hundreds of paid and few free responsive and dynamic themes available for Genesis framework. With one click installation process through WordPress, Genesis is great popular content management system regarded by world class bloggers and marketers like Darren Rowse, Chris Brogan, Mark Jaquith.

03. Invision

Invision provides the better design experiences for Web and Mobile. They are the design mockup prototyping tool that brings your designs more robust and productive. You can quickly transform your designs into beautiful, fully interactive prototypes complete with gestures, transitions & animations for web, iOS & Android. You can send a link to open designs in a browser or on a mobile device, or present them in real-time using your LiveShare presentation tool that revolutionises the design meeting.

04. Foundation

The fastest web coding platform which can speed up your HTML writing skill for device specific content. With new command line tool which spins up projects fast and added Libsass, speeding up your SCSS changes by 5X. They lighter and responsive designed templates have brought up to speed. They overhauled with all the new and more detailed code examples also they support forum and expert training so you can get started building even faster.

05. CSS3 Click Chart

CSS3 Click Chart
The CSS3 Click Chart is more likely a handy reference tool for CSS3 attributions. We all are familiar with text shadow which is made in CSS3 and this site can help you to make sure advanced practicing on text shadow. You can learn more effective things like word wrap, rgba colors, border radius, box sizing, rotate, reflections, transform and much more CSS3 patterns form this site.

06. CodeKit

CodeKit is a nifty piece of software that helps to build the HTML, CSS and JavsScript for your site.  It’s an app for Mac that allows frontend designers using SASS or LESS an easier lift. CodeKit automatically compiles your LESS, SASS, HTML, Markdown, Coffeescript and others, allowing you to develop a site more productively.

07. Patternizer

Generate beautiful CSS3 stripes with patternizer and save the background on your computer to use in we designing. You can customize everything regarding colors, with, opacity, gab etc. You can choose either stripe or library patterns.

08. Font Awesome

Font Awesome
Gitub presents font awesome which is more robust platform to use scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized — size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done with the power of CSS. With over 479 Icons collections, Font Awesome is a pictographic language of web-related actions. No need of any extra JavaScript the powerful Font awesome provides Infinite scalability, CSS control, Perfect on Retina Displays, Desktop friendly, Screen reader compatibility features.

09. Basecamp

Basecamp is a program designed by web designers for people in different roles with different responsibilities. Companies have taken this service into account for last 10 years they switched to Basecamp since it’s famously useability, easy to maintain and work. Basecamp supports top 4 browsers Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE 9+ both for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad and Mobile devices.

10. Webflow

Want to create responsive websites visually? without writing any code and for free! then try Webflow. A tool which provides we design services and a great resource for designers who aren’t quite comfortable with coding on an entire site.

11. LayerVault

A simple version control for designers. With layervault you can securely store work and sync files, edit to your work on demand, present your branding, share works in progress and exchange feedback. They’re being featured by top brands like IGP, Twitter, NBC etc. companies.

12. Google Fonts

Google Fonts
Google fonts is more useful resource for web designers. They provide free web typography and a giant free resource of beauty web fonts. You might be getting more closure look of beautiful Google fonts collections.

13. Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC
Prior known as Adobe Kuler but now it’s Adobe color code picker is more efficient tool for web designers. You can start with both Hex and Rgb colors. They have different shapes to pick to color code easily.

14. Skeleton

Skeleton is a collection of CSS files that can help you to sharpen your CSS skill with applicable all design actions. This is the only tool which ensures that your site works perfect on all devices.

15. HTML5 Boilerplate

HTML5 Boilerplate
HTML5 Boilerplate is an effective tool which provides you a helping hand to get everything you may require as a frontend web developer. It can help you to build fast, robust, and adaptable web apps or sites.

16. Isotope

Isotope is a free packed source file which includes everything you need to use in styling your website. Isotope works on a container element with a group of similar child items. You can initialize Isotope in HTML, without writing any JavaScript. Simply add js-isotope to the class of the container element. For non-commercial, personal, or open source projects and applications, you may use Isotope under the terms of the GPL v3 License.

17. Style Tiles

Style Tiles
Style Tiles provides design deliverable consisting of fonts, colors and interface elements that communicate the essence of a visual brand for the web. They form a common visual language between the designers and stakeholders and gives a catalyst for discussion around the preference and goals of the client. They offer to download templates in PSD with available useful examples for working.

18. Responsively Wireframed

Responsively Wireframed
The product can be used both for HTML and CSS experiment to design responsive layouts across your new projects. You can use the buttons top-right to toggle between desktop and mobile layouts. Using simple layout wireframes, this illustrates how a series of pages could work across the different devices.

19. XRay

The smart handy feature of XRay which allows you to integrate a page to view box model information about specific elements on the page. Drag the bookmarklet onto your favorite bar, when viewing a page you’d like to interrogate, you have to click the bookmark and then click on the element you want to view data about. Later a popup displays the element’s position within the DOM, basic style info. IDs and Classes.

20. Adobe Brackets

Adobe Brackets
A open source editor for web designers built on top of the web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The simple tool works to clutter your workspace with floating panels, toolbars, icons. The project was created and maintained by Adobe and launched under MIT License.

21. FitText.js

Created by web design agency Paravel, FitTex is a jquery plugin for inflating web type. FitText makes font-sizes flexible. You can download the script from Github

22. Google Page Speed Insight

Google Page Speed Insight
For every web designer page speed is a prime factor specially for user experience and search engine optimization. Google gives priority to those sites are too fast when loading and much lighter in kilobytes for getting full cached in search results pages. Google page speed insights can help you to determine how improvement needs to your designed themes and templates. They will provide you solution and point out every error they detect.

23. Structured Data Testing Tool

Structured Data Testing Tool
Designing website which appeals to window with whole information that should be required is greatly important. Google’s Rich Snippet tool is powered by GWT allows you to preview and customize your site’s frontend specially on search results pages. The markup validator helps to include data for reviews with stars and you can check all these data on Rich Snippet tool.

24. Responsiveness Checker

Responsiveness Checker
You’re a web designer and when you come to build up responsiveness for your designed templates then it needs to check on how they perform on various devices. Here is a tool can help you to check web responsiveness on different devices like Tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mobile etc. Simply type the demo URL and hit Go button

25. CSS Compressor

CSS Compressor
Use this online CSS Compressor to copress CSS (CSS 1, CSS 2, CSS 2.1 & CSS 3) to reduce CSS code size and make your website load faster. You can select from 4 levels of compression, depending on how legible you want the compressed CSS to be versus degree of compression.

26. JavaScript Compressor

JavaScript Compressor
A free tool can help you to compress JavaSript code to reduce page load and help browser to render resources super fast. you can compress and obfuscate Javascript code with this free tool.

27. W3 Markup Validator

W3 Markup Validator
The markup validator checks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML etc.

If you get the collection helpful don’t forget to share these with your favorite social networking sites also design communities, forums and your blog readers.

Google’s Blogger is the funniest platform to do much more things we don’t even expect. This is the only versatile blog publishing software you can use the way you want, more flexible, easy to maintain, monetize content, widgets, design and schedule the right time to publish. Developing a widget for blogger is easy but it’s too hard to create awesomeness when you feel different. You might be familiar with drop down lists, easily we can create for navigation menu bar supported CSS and regular HTML code, but creating drop down category or label in blogger is bit different although there are still much resources for fixing this issue.

I have come across a beautiful way to create and design drop down label list in blogger that is almost WP style and responsive for different devices (tablet, mobile, ipad etc.). I have used a code written by and applied some styling on it. You may see the live demo on sidebar there but now you also can apply it on your own blog.

This dropdown widget is much more efficient to engage readers with more categories, also easy to navigate any category no need to search manually. Helpful for your readers to navigate content and helpful for your site to get bounce rate reduction.

Let’s see how you can install this beauty widget on your blogger blog.
1. Go to and login your account
2. Now choose your target blog and go to “Layout” section
3. From sidebar hit “Add a Gadget” and choose “Labels”
Choose label in blogger
4. Keep the configuration setting of label almost same, no change needed and save it under or above your desired widget
Keep the configuration setting of label almost same
5. Now save “Pageelement” and go to “Template” section
6. Restore your template in case you made any mistake for safe side of getting instant backup
7. Click on HTML and search for below line

b:widget id='Label1' locked='false' title='Labels' type='Label'

Search for default label widget in blogger
Hint: You will get this line after =’sidebar or =’sidebar-wrapper

9. Found it?
10. Now carefully see this <b:widget ends with terminating tag </b:widget> like this

<b:widget id='Label1' locked='false' title='Labels' type='Label'>...</b:widget>

Hint: If the code line is not closed then hit the line number straight to <b:widget and it will be wrap up with terminating tag </b:widget> and you will see a right angle arrow after the line number you hitted.

11. Now copy following code and replace with above code for default blogger label widget

<b:widget id='Label1' locked='false' title=' Labels' type='Label'>
<b:includable id='main'>
<b:if cond='data:title'>
< h2><data:title/>< /h2>
<div class='widget-content'>
<select class='dd-focus' onchange='location=this.options[this.selectedIndex].value;'>
<option value='background-'> Select a Category</option>
<b:loop values='data:labels' var='label'>
<option expr:value='data:label.url'><>  (<data:label.count/>) </option>


Replace code for drop down label widget blogger
Make sure following changes before saving template:

  1. To add a different title instead of blogger’s typical “Lebels” then replace this text Labels
  2. Change these tags h2 /h2 if your headline tags different i.e. h3, or h4
  3. Add your blog URL replacing background-
  4. If you don’t want to show label count for individual label then simply remove this code (<data:label.count/>)
  5. If you want to display a different text to select a label from dropdown then add your text replacing Select a Category

12. Don’t save your template yet! search for </b:skin
13. Now copy following CSS code and add before </b:skin tag

input.dd-focus:focus, select.dd-focus:focus, textarea.dd-focus:focus, button.dd-focus:focus {
box-shadow: 0px 0px 3px 2px background- #FE890C;
outline: 0px none;
.dd-focus {
width: 100%;
textarea.dd-focus, select.dd-focus {
background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% #FFF;
border: 1px solid #DDD;
margin: 0px 0px 12px;
padding: 8px;
button.dd-focus, input.dd-focus, select.dd-focus, textarea.dd-focus  {
margin: 0px;
font-size: 14px;
font-family: background- open sans;
vertical-align: middle;

Make sure following changes:

  1. To change box focus color replace this hex color code background- #FE890C
  2. To add a different font family for dropdown lists simply change background- open sans
  3. Also change font size to 14px
  4. You can even change border color of the flat list as #DDD

14. Finally save your template and you’re almost done!

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Before the web design superiority there had too little resources for designers having to build up awesomeness across the design field entirely. Google fonts has come into industry and alleviated millions of designers headache across web typography, typekit and @font-face. This is so flexible, smart, easy, free and open source that you can design body text, titles, headlines so fast that you haven’t made that before. Google font is the primary choice to pick up any font suggestion instantly before to put correct type face format for any theme, template. You can choice the perfect one from 600 more stylish font collections.

These fonts can be used both commercially and non-commercially for web development. Having vast portfolios of Google fonts it’s too crucial to choose the perfect one for your next designed sites.
Google fonts is quite easy to implement on any platform i.e. Blogger, WordPress, Drupal etc. Only you need to install the font family style sheet in a CSS link, or embed the javascript code close to <head> tag then apply font style on your website. For self hosted websites like WordPress you can host the font family on your server and use the CSS code.

As there are over 600 font families in Google fonts so it’s much crucial to find out the perfect font for your website, here I have accrued 33 best and favorited font families according to popularity and  my own choice. I hope they will help you to match your site typography easily.

01. Actor


02. Asap


03. Belleza


04. Bree Serif

Bree Serif

05. Coda


06. Cuprum


07. Dosis


08. Droid Serif

Droid Serif

09. Fauna One

Fauna One

10. Forum


11. Istok Web

Istok Web

12. Lato


13. Lora


14. Merriweather


15. Montaga


16. Open Sans

Open Sans

17. Oswald


18. Overlock


19. Oxygen


20. Philosopher


21. PT Sans

PT Sans

22. Raleway


23. Roboto


24. Roboto Slab

Roboto Slab

25. Rokkitt


26. Ropa Sans

Ropa Sans

27. Share


28. Slabo 13px

Slabo 13px

29. Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro

30. Ubuntu

Varela Round

31. Varela Round


32. Vollkorn


33. Yanone Kaffeesatz

Yanone Kaffeesatz

How to Use Google Font

Once you have found your preferred font families from Google fonts stock you need to install it on your site. Below is given the instructions how you can use Google fonts on your site:

Add following css code right after <head> tag

<link href=’’ rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’/>

Now to apply the design on typeface use following code

h1 {
font-family: ‘Metrophobic’, Arial, serif;
font-weight: 400;

If you want to know more about Google fonts integration then there is a getting started guide which is very much simple to understand the basic essentials.

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Are you an Android app developer? Have you worked with many companies to develop different apps? Are you suck in getting better UI while developing your app? Then i think you did not try out any of the tools we’re going to reveal you right now. Google developer tools many of the them are extremely poor in providing better UI and almost tedious. But still there are some companies who provide better android application development tools and almost you might be getting some of them are quite free as their TOC.

Genymotion, Fluid UI, Acorn, and Ubertesters are most popular from them. They all provide different services but very much effective while you will develop an app you will seriously feel the necessary. Let’s meet the services of these different companies and learn what others feel about them around the industry.

The faster Android emulator: Genymotion

The faster Android emulator: Genymotion

Are you familiar with default Android Emulator while developing an app, what do you  see while performing it just it’s extremely slow and tedious or nothing beauty with UI. But thanks to Genymotion they have fixed this bad issue of android development and provided a free service(for personal uses). Genymotion is an emulator using x86 architecture virtualization, making it much more efficient! Taking advantage of OpenGL hardware acceleration, it allows you to test your applications with amazing 3D performance. They have produced Genymobile and already trusted by 1.5 million developers. It’s even easier to use and has lots more functionalities. Download Genymotion right now…

Fluid UI to Prototype Their Mobile Apps

Fluid UI to Prototype Their Mobile Apps
When you can design your own app then why you’re reading? Just install Fluid UI and design your first app for your favorite android mobile. Having 163k designers from 189 countries trust Fluid UI and amongst them world class designers suggest using this tool as the best alternative of android development. This is a clear web-based mobile storyboarding and prototyping tool which allows you to fastest arrange native-looking mock-ups.

They allow two different services paid and free where paid version starts at around $10/month and unlocks the ability to share clickable prototypes and PDFs of your creations with others.

You can choose from over 2000 Android iOS and Windows Phone widgets or upload your own images to get that pixel perfect look. Then preview your mockup directly in your browser or install the Android or iOS apps to test directly on your device. Join Fluid UI and develop your app right now

iOS and Android App Icon size generator

iOS and Android App Icon size generator
While developing an app you feel necessary to use icon, splash screens and other default Android graphics. will be your helper right then by auto-magically generating all of your needed files (including landscape and portrait versions) from a single image. They can generate sizes for iPhone, Android, IOS, Facebook, web touch icons, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Bada and WebOS app icons. This is beautiful tool to app development of android.

Acorn 4 from Flying Meat Software

Acorn 4 from Flying Meat Software
You don’t need this tool if you don’t use Mac to develop android app.

In android development we need stars, arrows, bezier curves, boolean operations, and text tools which are all powered by one vector tool of Acorn. Acorn 4 is the best and most affordable image editors comparing to others who will cost you $ hundreds but you will get Acorn only by $50 and no extra service charge you own it forever. Complete mobile beta testing solution Complete mobile beta testing solution
The one team which comes with minimalism, smart, flexibility, universal and real time to serve users utmost around the industry.  See while you’re developing an app for android you probably may face following issues

  • Mobile application has usability bugs
  • It uses location based services
  • You work on a team that has many developers where you need to manage app versions

Now you will need some kind of app testing and distribution service where… can help you out. The features that Ubertesters provide are awesome and hence have stood out from the crowd and become the industry competitor very soon.

They have a feature like TestFlight which is their handy in-app “feedback widget.” Once you integrate the app a pair of floating buttons appear inside the app which then tapped on and reveal controls for performing a variety of tasks including: Annotating screen shots, writing bug reports and running tests from INSIDE your running mobile app. Check it now

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Google Drive is the most useful free cloud storage where you can do many things around your necessity. Google Drive is considered the most secured, reliable and easy storage device comparing to other alternatives i.e. Dropbox, Skydrive, iCloud, Amazon S3 etc. But within few years Google has revealed lots of extra ordinary supports for Drive users and still now developers working around to make the service more flexible with offering hundreds of most popular apps for Chrome users.

Today with this guide I will show you all how exactly you can make G.D fast, easy and a powerful cloud storage for gaming, kidding and developing your internet user experiences. There are 11 different and popular stuffs you can do with Google drive.

Let’s see they can help you…better.

01. Pixlr Express

An awesome image editing tool which lets you to create new effect, adjustment, overlay, types, stickers, crop and much more editing initials like as photoshop. The app is able to connect to your Google drive cloud via Google chrome or directly browsing more apps on Google drive. Once you connected this app you’re ready to use this, simply click on Create button then hit Pixlr Express. May be adobe flash required to install otherwise you can’t function with it.
Pixlr Express
While you’re on Pixlr Express you have options to drop an image on it via Browse, Open URL, Webcam, College etc. After adding image you can add more effects, add borders, stickers, text types and much more. Click apply button when you want to add an effect and hit save button to save your edited image.

You almost find your image on Google drive and then you can download on your computer hard drive. Get the app from Google chrome

02. Create Forms at Google Drive

If any body wants to create a contact form for his website or blog for free then i suggest him to create a form at Google drive which is more than a contact form you want having multiple input options and heavily secured data sending capabilities.
Create Forms at Google Drive
Once you create a new form on G.D you have to share with public otherwise none can view your form on the web.

Then you have to adjust form fields and pick stunning form styles. Finally create a spread sheet to get messages sent from visitors or clients.

03. Diagram

A great tool which lets you to draw different diaphragms using general icon shapes for circle, cone, rectangle, cylinder etc. and using text & images, flowcart and other image resources you can browse directly from the tool. Diagram
To add a simple text click on Text & images and drop a simple text layout, you can add paragraph style, bullet style, headline and much more.

Once you successfully created a flow chart you can save this document going to File > Save. You almost find it on your Google drive cloud. You can get the app with Google chrome here

04. More Flexibility of Keyboard Shortcuts

Google drive can easily be controllable with your desktop keyboard shortcuts. You can access any path in Google drive using only keyboard shortcuts. They have ultimate flexibility to upload, download and share files using keyboard shortcuts and more faster than mouse.

Shortcuts Descriptions
S Star or unstar current highlighted item
X Select or de-select current highlighted item
. Share current highlighted item
J or K Navigate to previous or next item in the list without selecting it
Up Arrow or Down Arrow Select previous or next item in the list
Shift + Up Arrow or Down Arrow Select multiple previous or next items
Shift + A Select all items
Shift + N De-select all items
Shift + T Create a new text document
Shift + P Create a new presentation
Shift + S Create a new spreadsheat
Shift + D Create a new drawing
Shift + F Create a new folder
Ctrl + Alt + G Opens Revision History in files

05. Connect Your Google Drive Files on Gmail

That’s almost beauty when we can use our uploaded files in Gmail from Google drive and quickly send any data within seconds. Unlike typical file attachment in Gmail uploading files from Drive is 100% secured, faster, zero tolerance of malware affects and distorts.
Connect Your Google Drive Files on Gmail

  • You can use files from Google drive using in Gmail by clicking on button says “Insert Files using Drive”
  • Click on that icon and you will see an overlay
  • Now choose your target file and hit upload
  • Now send this file to your recipient.

06. Google Script in Google Drive

Google script is one of the powerful tools to create application for such projects not even easily to create app manually. You can create a RSS feed for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and more social bookmarking services where you share amazing stuffs daily.
Google Script in Google Drive
While working with Google script we need to manually login the script and do function but connecting a simple Script app to Drive when we can create application anytime and save our application on Drive cloud is awesome! isn’t that?

You can search for a chrome extension to use Script on Drive or directly search for Script from Drive app lists.

07. Ujam Song

Ujam is a great song editing tool by which you can add different songs from your computer modify songs with Folk, R&BSoul, Dance, Latin, Country, Pop etc. styles and save your song on Google drive.
Ujam Song
First you have to upload a file (.mp3, .flv, .mov etc. files) to Ujam then apply different styles to make the song dynamic. You can add starting and ending voice, also vibration, tunes to make it perfect for listening.

Add the app from Google chrome or from your Google drive cloud.

08. Pixel Editor

Pixel Editor
Like as Pixel express—Pixel editor helps to modify images using varieties of tools which are all similar to photoshop tools also keyboard shortcuts commands. This is so powerful tool that you can upload images from anywhere of the web also save the file on Drive. There are available chrome extensions for this app also you can use it by Google drive app connect.

09. Save Images, .Zip, Code, Website on Google Drive

This is so incredible that you can upload images, .zip files, codes, even your website data files on Google drive and share with public.

1. Once you want to host your files on Drive simply go Create -> Folder
Create a new folder
2. Now click the Advanced -> Change -> Public the Web -> Save
Save folder
3. Now access the folder and upload image, .zip file or code file like .js, .php, .css
4. Click on that file and hit share button on left top
5. Copy the URL of file and make a correct to let viewers reach that file
6. Use following URL format File ID of 28 Characters

10. We Video—To Create Dynamic Videos

An awesome video editing software which lets you to upload videos, modify with actionable tools, add themes, and much more.
We Video—To Create Dynamic Videos
You can upload videos using the default upload option -> Then add themes -> Add sound track -> Publish.

Your changes will be active right after publishing the video.

Set a title for your video and hit publish

When you have published the video you will watch this via Google drive also We Video mode

Note: You can upgrade your account to Pro in order to upload long video clips and multiple files once.

11. Easily Share Photos On Google+

Easily Share Photos On Google+
We all plus users share many things with our circles, communities even images, videos, animations etc. Now you can share any file uploaded on Google drive cloud with any person on Google+ community. All you need to do just click on From Google Drive to upload a photo then chose any content you want to share.