December 2014


Web design is a world class study that over millions of people engaging their brain to bring forth and contribute new, stunning and marvelous design to the industry which has great acceptance. Web design has number of parts of which a designer needs to complete sequentially otherwise any obstacle may damage your work, time and money. Designers are needed to be over serious in whatever they do in design field. Mastering the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript start the journey of web design then gradually upgrade your level by mastering advanced web technologies HTML5, CSS3, PHP, jQuery and lots of advanced core of programming codes.

Today’s of our regular guide I will disclose some of the weapons and canons of web design and development. Don’t be worried these are all some essential eBooks which are almost free and full of talent and ready to teach you lessons to strident your web development skill or startup your web design journey (either you’re a beginner)

Getting Real

Getting Real
Getting Real is a free eBook for web designers which explain how to build websites from beginning to the advanced level within a few periods. The Book incluedes totoal 16 chapters, no complexity in written format, visually expressed which can be easily understood. A smarter, faster, and easier way to build a successful web application.

Web design book of trends

Web design book of trends
Web Design Book of Trends is a free eBook only for those who are serious in design trends with carefully picked examples, amazing enough make their own examples. Including 11 trends that make today’s avant-grade and tomorrow’s leaders explained, and much more.

Web UI Design Best Practices

Web UI Design Best Practices
Provided by the same author which of course an essential eBook basically mastering spanning visual design, interface design, and UX design. Visually explained with appropriate documentations with UI design from 33 companies including LivingSocial, Spotify, Apple, Skullcandy, and more.

The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web

The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web
A very handy featured web documentation provides readable manual and reference on modern typography. For too long typographic style and its accompanying attention to detail have been overlooked by website designers, particularly in body copy.

Learning Web Design, 4th Edition

Learning Web Design, 4th Edition
O’Reilly Media has distributed quite a few important eBooks for web design starters. The Book explains very clearly to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Graphics. The fourth edition includes few advanced lessons by means of you can easily master the latest web techniques HTML5, and CSS3. Each chapter provides you exercises to help you to learn various techniques.

Taking Your Talent to the Web

Taking Your Talent to the Web
Jeffrey Zeldman has written his first web design eBook in 2001 for print designers whose clients want websites, print art directories and much more. The edition is updated and includes bunch of new web design techniques so that any newbie can easily learn basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Free Web Design eBook

Free Web Design eBook
Are you tired of mastering design techniques while designing your old personal blog or site then you must try this eBook. It’s simply explained basic Web design technologies in addition visually explained content and documentation will expedite your learing speed faster.

How To Be Creative

How To Be Creative
Huge MacLeod has published a useful web design eBook named “How To Be Creative” which is really a creative  web design weapon providing 26 tried and true tips for begin truly creative. Each point illustrated by a cartoon drawn by the author himself.

HTML5 Quick Learning Guide

HTML5 Quick Learning Guide
HTML5 is the advanced technology of web design which more complex coding that ordinary and basic HTML code. But fortunately HTML5 Quick Learning Guide has come with handy features with lots of great resources for getting comprehensive information on HTML5.

Web Designers Success Guide

Web Designers Success Guide
A definitive guide which helps you to get started with your own freelance web design business. In this book there are given design tips, step by step instructions on how to achieve knowledge on web development.

Web Design and Mobile Trends for 2013 eBook: download it for free!

Web Design and Mobile Trends for 2013 eBook: download it for free!
Definitive guide for web design and mobile trends where you can learn the basics of Web design techniques, get ideas of web design, application, and addictive lots of practices for gaining practical knowledge.

Free Website Design E-book

Free Website Design E-book
Get started with the fundamentals of web design, web application and bunch of design practices added here in this eBook. The primary target of this eBook is to provide essential information the novice even pro designers may need.

The Nature of Code

The Nature of Code

Daniel Shiffman knows how important to learn a book before starting any design code for beginners. That’s why he has released his own written free eBook named “The Nature of Code”. This book includes all the very important terminologies of web design, web development, and web coding.

UX Design for Startups

UX Design for Startups
A must read eBook for any startup or grown up company that wishes to keep starting up with spirit and conquer the world with stunning UX design. 127 of total pages with real life based advice.

Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook 2

Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook 2
The book which is written in 165 pages you can find the essentials of web development, web design tips and tricks. Gyppsy the author of this book has updated this edition and added some super useful information in this book to ease learning every lesson.

Everyday millions of people access to Facebook and it’s different products (Facebook apps, Facebook pages, Facebook groups and more) indeed to share activities in favor and participate in conversions with their friends, followers and members of the same group. Facebook groups are the innovative creation which amazingly help millions of people of the world to get in touch, share every single moment with group members, share loves and sorrows and much more. Facebook introduces a new Facebook groups app that expedites sharing faster and more easily with all the groups in their life. The app is built in keeping these simulations in mind

  1. Students form Donda’s House, an arts nonprofit in Chicago, who use groups to stay in touch during and after a 12-week music program
  2. A class of dental students in Brazil who use a group to post notes and reminders about upcoming tests and due dates
  3. Nine best friends spread out across Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and England who use a group to keep connected

So much more facts work behind creating a productive app that helps all classes people from it’s standpoint

How it Works?

The functionality of new Facebook groups app is quite simple just takes a few steps to get it on your device and continue conversing with connected groups. When you open the app on your device you will see all your Facebook groups in one place and the groups you use most frequently will remain at the top of the page which helps you to quickly move between each group.
Facebook Groups TabWhen you want to start a new group just tap on “Create” and pick any of the categories suppose; Family, Close Friends, Class, Teammates and more.

The new Facebook groups app also track notifications which you can easily control and see any activities from your groups members

There is an interesting option added “Discover” tab, by which you will see random groups suggested to you based on pages you have liked or groups where your friends are in and groups according to geo targeted or the area where you live.
Facebook Discover TabYou can easily join any of the groups from suggestions on simply hit on “Not Interested” to disappear the group from “Discover”

You can search more groups using default search box, request your friends to join grops you have joined or your own groups, share photos, texts, images or videos instantly with your groups members and easily can leave any group.

Anyway you can use Facebook Groups yet in the main Facebook app and on desktop although Facebook team will continue to make those experiences even more faster and better over time.

Apple has revealed their best downloaded and most popular apps of 2014 for devices iPhone and iPad. Following are the best of 2014 iTunes Awards list earlier this month which shows apps like Elevate – Brain Training and games like Threes! taken the top honors in the US. The best apps from Apple is divided in variations of downloads and voting. Top paid, free and top grossing are nominated as the most favorite collections in the year 2014. Users have shown how favorite the gaming apps been downloaded and dominated all the lists.

Only top free apps list seeing the essential apps like YouTube and Facebook rather than games.Now it’s time to see what more favorite apps have taken place into the lists according to usability and quality of apps. Let’s dive into the article.

Top 10 paid iPhone/iPad apps

Heads Up! − Heads Up! is a paid gaming app available for iPhone and Android. It’s such a game The New York Times called a “Sensation” and Cosmopolitan said “will be the best dollar you’ve spent.” The best ever gaming app in this year. Current price $0.99

Minecraft – Pocket Edition − Second most popular gaming app for iOS and Android devices. Play the biggest update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition so far! It’s the overhaul of a generation. Download it now and see for yourself! Current price $6.99

Afterlight − is the perfect image editing app for quick and straight forward editing. It’s simple designed, paired with powerful and snappy tools which will give you the look you want in seconds. It costs $0.99, version released: 2.6.

Plague Inc. − is a gaming app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. A unique mix of high strategy and terrifyingly simulation. Currently available version 1.10.1 which is updated on Dec 18, 2014. Price: $0.99

Sleep Cycle alarm clock − An intelligent alarm clock that analyzes your sleep and wakes you in the lightest sleep phase – the natural way to wake up feeling rested and relaxed. Version: 4.6.1 & Price: $0.99

Facetune − is photo and video manipulation app which is powerful, featured and quicker on iPhone and iPad. It offers a limited sale with discount. Current version 2.5.3 and price $0.99

Cut the Rope 2 − SWEET! Om Nom’s shenanigans continue in Cut the Rope 2! With new characters, fresh gameplay elements and tricky missions, candy collecting has never been so fun! Price: $2.99

Bloons TD 5 − Five-star tower defense with unrivaled depth and replayability. Latest update includes four awesome new maps for the holidays! Version available 2.13 and Price: $0.99

A Dark Room − #1 Game overall in the US, UK, Australia, Singapore and Canada. Ranked as one of the top 10 games in 17 countries worldwide. Version: 2.2 and Price: $0.99

7 Minute Workout Challenge − The  “7 Minute Workout” is a research-backed workout program that has become an international hit! Available version: 1.4 and Price: $1.99

Top 10 free iPhone/iPad apps

Facebook Messenger − One of the top free social networking apps designed for both iPhone and iPad.  Messenger is just like texting, but you don’t have to pay for every message. Version: 17

Snapchat − Enjoy fast and fun mobile conversation! Snap a photo or a video, add a caption, and send it to a friend. It’s a free app currently available version 8.1.1

YouTube − Get the official YouTube app for iPhone and iPad. Catch up with your favorite channels, enjoy the world’s largest music collection, and share easily with friends. Watch the latest videos and playlists on the couch or on the go.

Facebook − Keeping up with friends is faster than ever. See what friends are up to, Share updates, photos and videos, Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts and much more you can do with Facebook apps.

Instagram − Instagram app which is used over 300 million users who love it and enjoy to use it. Download the free version at iTunes for iPhone or iPad.

Pandora Radio − is a free iPhone and iPad app which helps you to listen music of one of your favorite artists, songs, genres or composers and let it to do the rest. It’s easy to create personalized stations that play only music you’ll love.

Google Maps − The Google Maps is the world class Google searvice helps to find out any location local or broad easily. By installing this app on your device(iPhone or iPad) makes navigating your world faster and easier.

Flipagram − Flipagram is the easiest way to share all the great stories trapped on your phone, create funny short videos with your photos, video clips.

Spotify Music − Spotify Music is a popular way to listen music on iPhone or iPad. Make and share playlists. Build your biggest, best ever music collection.

2048 − Swipe to move all tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one.These are all the best paid and free iPhone/iPad apps of the year of 2014 revealed by Apple itself.

You may have already used any of the above apps but not all so I suggest to go through all the apps to make your iPhone/iPad device more productive.If I missed any of the favorite one please do let me know through a simple comment below

Google Calender is a handy application being used millions of desktop users, smart phones, and android devices. The Google calender released as a beta version in July 2009 (after 3 years of it’s initialization). To use this service users are required a Google Account in order to use the software. The Google calender is very easy to manage, you can create your own events,create multiple calenders, design your events, share your scheduling with friends in Gmail contacts or Gmail groups, embed your calender on webpages, share your calender RSS feeds, invite guests to your events, edit/remove events and calenders and lots of features available.

Today by this tutorial I have gone through all the c side so that they can understand it easily. I hope you will enjoy the post.

01 – Google Calender for Mobile

You can easily sync Google Calender with your iPhone, iPad or Android devices. You can sync your personal Google accounts, apps that you use through work or school. Google provides different versions of their applications for different mobile devices. Below are a list of mobiles that Google supports to provide apps
To sync Google calender with a mobile device head over support forum

Google Calendar app for Android:

Google Calender app is downloadable for different versions of Android 4.1, 4.0 and 2.3

Google Calender for Other Devices:

BlackBerryCalendar Sync Tool for the BlackBerry syncs all data between your Google Calendar and your BlackBerry calendar in both directions.

G1Calendar on Android (G1) works seamlessly without any special plugins or setup.

Windows Mobile Devices – The Calendar on Windows Mobile devices can just as easily sync with Google Calendar.

02 – Create an Event

It’s easy to create an event with your Google Calender. There are two separate ways to create events with Google Calender (1) Opening Google Calender and hitting on an empty day or time on your calender (2) Click on create button on your calender. For your ease I go for second procedure

  1. Open Google Calender on your computer
  2. Now click on Create button at the left corner
  3. Enter the name of your event.
  4. Edit the date or time of your event. You may need to uncheck the box for All day to add a start time.
  5. You may have multiple calenders, so you can choose which calender to add your event to by clicking the Calender drop-down menu.
  6. You can enable video call so that from your device capture them moment of your event hours.
  7. Change event color
  8. Set notifications either with popup or email and for 30 minutes(default) but can change the length(time) of highlights of event
  9. Change show me as type: Available or Busy
  10. Visibility: With calender default, Public or Private
  11. Finally hit save and you’re setup successfully

Create an Event

Now you will find your just now added event with even color, put the cursor and it will show a summary of your event type.
summary of your event type.

Invite guests to your event:

Google Calendar lets you create invitations for special events, send those invitations to friends, and keep track of responses and comments all in one place.

To invite someone to your event, just follow these steps:
1. Click on the event (or create a new event) and select Edit event details (alternatively, you can click on the event’s name to open the event details page).
2. In the Guests section on the right, enter the email address of each of your guests and click Add.
Guests section
3. Now you can permit your guests to do following; Modify event, invite others, see guest list. You can keep this default and you can let your guests to modify event.
4. Click Save.5. In the Send invitations? pop-up window that appears, click Send if you’d like to notify your guests of the event; if you do not want to notify your guests, click Don’t send.

Send invitations to guest

03 – Create or Edit a Calender

Google Calender helps you organizing different parts of your life managing multiple calenders. While you have too much busy schedules often difficult to memorize so using different Google calenders can solve this problem ever. You can have as many secondary calenders as you’d like. So, add a calendar for your family, your Little League team, your book club, your band, or whatever group or activity you wish.

Create a new calendar

To create a new calender simply click on drop-down from My calender (left bottom the current month) and choose create new calender

create new calender
Now type your calender name, give a smart description they features your urgency, set location

Create a new calender
To make this calender public and shareable then tick on Make this calender public you can make shareable by clicking Share only my free/busy information

make this calender public and shareable
Now type person name or email address and lists will popup, choose as many people as you wish to share your calender events, you can also give them permissions to access your calender.
Finally click on Create Calender button and you will find your calender right below My calenders

You can create as many calenders as you wish by this procedure.

Embed Calender on Website:

You can easily embed your calender on website or blog:

Under My calendars on the left hand side of your Calendar page, find the calendar name you wish to embed on website
Click the drop-down arrow next to the calendar name and click Calendar settings.

Calendar settings.
Scroll down the page a little and you will see “Embed This Calender” option, copy the iframe code and paste on HTML section on your blog using HTML/JavaScript functionality on Blogger and WordPress.

Embed This Calender
You can also “Customize the color, size, and other options” by clicking the above button of iframe code

Calender Address:

You can get the calender address since there are three different options to get calender address XML, ICAL, and HTML. To get your Calender RSS feeds click on XML -> hover notification and click on the link to see the feed details of your calender. To get the calender on Outlook then select ICAL format. HTML format will show you how calender looks like when installing on webpages.

Calender Address

Delete Calender:

To delete any specific calender simply repeat above procedure and scroll down the page at bottom and find “Delete calender” and click on Permanently delete this calender, tick the box choose Delete for everyone

Delete Calender

04 – Import events from iCalendar or CSV files

To import events from iCalendar or CSV files, just follow these steps:

Click the down-arrow next to Other calendars
Select “Import calendar”

Import calendar
Click Choose file and find the file that contains your events, then click Open.

Import Calender
Select the Google Calendar where you’d like to import events, then click Import.

05 – Share Your Calender

To share any of your calender choose your calender from My calenders lists, click on drop down and select “Share this calender”

Share this calender
Now type person’s name or email address and hit save
Click on invite when allowing you to send the user invitation message to share with him/her

Invite peopleYou’re done!

06 – Agenda

Agenda shows all the very important days, specially public holidays, national or international days, your selected event days, etc. in a nut shell. It’s more effective option in Google Calender to focus on all the whole weeks events altogether.

The Roundup:

Google calender is most useful application which can help users to utilize proper timing of daily life. Scheduling every single period is too hard when call to mind but it’s easy handling over Google calender which is one click synchronization on your smart devices and very simple to control. You can share your busy schedules with your friends in Gmail contacts or Gmail groups. Be careful when giving permissions your guests to manage your events either way you can disable this option.

A roundup of complete available programs to monetize your blog for making maximum hits from content. All of you’re quite known about Adsense which is a renowned ad publisher network specially organized for niche based websites for 100% monetize-ability and paying 5x more than any ordinary ad network. After Google Adsense the bloggers second most choice is Affiliate promotion which is sometimes the first choice for bloggers like Darren Rowse, Harsh Agrawal, Illeane Smith and more people have chosen Affiliate promotion as the top unbeatable way to make money online.

Of course out of these two favorite ways there are several ways a blogger can make money online. Here is what I have decided to show you how many ways you can monetize your blog to pull maximum income from internet through blogging.

Method – 1. Monetize with CPC Ad Networks

CPC(cost-per-click) is a form of advertising which is very common and most popular medium for bloggers to generate higher revenue with banner and text advertisements. When talking about CPC it comes to our mind about Google Adsense, right? Generally Adsense is the only ad network which works fine for niche based websites and 100% monetizeable with blogs than regular HTML websites. Today it’s bit difficult to get approved by Google Adsense but if you seriously create a blog that adds value to content, having a professional design, properly fit for SEO, no bad effect on content creation and distribution, original and authoritative blog posts and trust worthy written articles can be the anatomy of a successful blog which will get approved by Google Adsense by Max. 3-4 months after initialization (no matter how unique traffic it generates).

Monetize with CPC Ad Networks
If you think Adsense is still unreachable for your blog then you may try some of the best Adsense alternatives below

Method – 2. Monetize with CPM Ad Networks

After CPC advertising method bloggers most favorite ad network is CPM advertising since it requires impressions to generate higher revenue no clicks are needed. Somebody still doesn’t understand what is CPM advertising and How it really works without having any click from visitors?

Let’s explain; CPM is known ad Cost per Milli or Cost per 1000 Impressions so this means you will only be credited money for 1000 impressions completed because the equation says

Your site generates 500 unique visitors per day, 700+ page views and 1500 ad impressions

If the advertiser pays $0.15 per 1000 impressions then your earning per day

CPM Earning = (Total impressions/1000 ) * Rate of 1000 impressions
= (1500/1000) * 0.15
= $0.225

Note: To accurate your CPM calculation use this CPM calculator [powered by]

If your ad impressions go up then earnings will definitely rise and it doesn’t require how much clicks you get for that ad space or you will not be credited extra penny for clicks. It may happen, per 1000 impressions can generate 1000 clicks or even 0 click, the advertiser will not pay you any extra more for clicks he will only pay for impressions.

CPM method is sometime better for Advertisers but not always suppose if a certain advertiser gets only few clicks spending huge for 1000 impressions then definitely it creates loss for his ad campaign but probably publishers may get more money according to his/her ad impressions.

Below are some of the best CPM ad networks to start working with even slow traffic sites.

Method – 3. Monetize with CPA Ad Networks

CPA is quite a different medium of advertising comparing to CPC and CPM method it’s because in this form of advertising an Advertiser will only pay to Publisher for a certain action by a visitor delivered from a referred link. This is less risky ad campaign for Advertisers and more effective, profitable amongst all the advertising methods.

Probably publishers have less chance to make higher income unless or until his/her visitors access those referred links and take actions like filling any form, signing up for email lists, taking any survey, purchasing any product, or any specific task defined be the certain advertiser.

To accurately count CPA formula use CPA calculator [powered by]

CPA is best suitable for websites having 100K+ unique visitors per month and majority are organic. Here are top 10 CPA ad networks to get started making money from your blog or site.

Method – 4. Monetize with Inline Text Ads

Inline texts advertising is also popular for blogs which feature specific niche based content and have decent traffic per day. In this form of advertising you need to install specific codes(provided by the advertising site) close to </body> tag and wait until the ad-code gets blended with your site content. Then after few minutes visit your blog and see some of your keywords are highlighted with underline, dashed or even bold characters and while placing cursor on that link a popup ad appears.
Monetize with Inline Text Ads
When a visitor clicks on that ad you will be credited money according to CPC formula. For US, UK, Canada traffic you can generate more money then visitors from Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Method – 5. Monetize with Popup Ads

Popup ads are not recommended for blog sites because it hampers readers to read content attentively by appearing a popup ad always with refreshing the page. Nevertheless still lots of people use this form of advertising to monetize their site to make money. Popup ads are close to same as Inline text ads but in this case visitors don’t need to put cursor on ad links but it automatically appears per refreshing pages.
Monetize with Popup Ads

Method – 6. Sell Direct Ad Spaces/Ad Links

To sell direct ad spaces what a blog needs to have least qualities do you know? Yeah it requires a strong empire on the web regarding niche type, content type, visitors type, content quality, blog authority, domain age, domain authority on search engines, social channels conditions(Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Google+ followers, Email subscribers even Pinterest followers), daily traffic ratio, monthly unique traffic, monthly page impressions, monthly page views etc.

Why i talked all these things? Look all the above conditions prove the authority of your blog and thus you can get offers from many advertisers to sell direct ad spaces to your site. Different advertisers have different targets, right? Someone looks for social channels conditions to estimate their target reach, some unique traffic, some traffic type etc. so you don’t know what are their targets so you have to target all for maximum attention by advertisers.
Sell Direct Ad Spaces/Ad Links
If your site proves above conditions you will easily get approved by Buysellads, Tribal fusion, Isocket etc. top networks who help to sell ads to particular advertisers.

Method – 7. Make Money with Sponsored Reviews

When your blog is popular at the field having targeted audience then many companies will contact you to feature their products on your site that relate your content and audience type. You can help people to reach you by simply placing a contact form on your site or directly providing them your mail address so that it will be preferable to directly contact your sponsored advertisers.

Look, at the beginning of your site none of the people will come to pay you for writing reviews about their products. So what you can do? Write some free reviews on products that you already use i.e. softwares, premium services, keyword research tool like Long tail pro, or any paid service. Your review must feature the product’s pros and cons with appropriate information, suggest people whatever you feel about that product, how it benefits you and add your recommendations at the end of your article.

After writing the review add a link on your site’s sidebar also add five star badge so that it can attract visitors and advertisers to read indepth.

The advertisers will only be attracted when they will see your free reviews perform well across the audience, I mean getting positive and convertible responses from your audience and your visitors are also willing to purchase the same product you use. If you don’t use any product yet then you can try trial copy of any service.

Method – 8. Promote Third party Products/Affiliate Promotion

Affiliate marketing is the very oldest and most common method of making money for companies and promoters before initializing the internet business when it was done manually. But today with the power of internet affiliate marketing has become the most profitable way to grow income for millions of websites. Many people have considered affiliate promotion as the only way of earning or main source of earning from a site. Affiliate promotion is specifically done by placing banner ads on sidebar or anywhere best suitable places on a site and it worths better than reviews because people can easily land on the affiliate page without having to write the sneaky articles that consumes time.

Method – 9. Sell Your Own Services

If you have your own service targeted for specific companies, advertisers, or people then what are you waiting for? sell your services throughout websites. You may need support of programmers to write program that integrate your services with website page so you have to pay that programmer but don’t be miser since you will earn a lot when you start serving huge people online.

Method – 10. Use Your Social Channels to Make Extra Money

Make Money With Facebook: If your facebook page has over 50K, 100K likes then you can make money by promoting affiliate products, or you can have advertisers to promote their products through your facebook page.

Make Money With Twitter: If your twitter profile has huge followers like 20K, 30K, 50K or more then you can sign up for Buysellads and they will help you to make money by tweeting for different companies when you will get paid per tweet.

Make Money With YouTube: If you YouTube channel have 10K, 15K, 30K or more subscribers then you can have chance to get offer from different companies to create videos on products and share with your channel.

Likewise there are tons of ways of making money through social channels.

Method – 11. Make Money with Link Sharing Sites

This is pretty old technique to make money by sharing links. You may know about this company can help you to make instant money by sharing shorten links on your site when you will be paid a little per views. If you can deliver US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia traffic then you can earn better per view but for Asian traffic you will have to wait up to 2000+ views to reach $1.00 which is great time consuming but you will earn real money and the minimum payout is only $5.00 which is possible to reach by 1 day hard working.
Make Money with Link Sharing Sites

What Method You Apply to Make Money Online?

These are all the most common and widely used ways by millions of bloggers online to make money unless we miss any stuff. I think these 11 methods are enough for any blog publisher to generate decent income from his/her blog.

Now it’s your time to share what formulas you apply to make money online from your blog, your thoughtful and true sharing can help others to monetize their blogs too.

Adobe photoshop is a creative tool used to design photography, textures, animations, templates, video and audio and much more. To be a pro user of Photoshop is a hard job but is not impossible if you take patient and study hard with photoshop tutorials then it will be light weight to master the functions of photoshop tools and to be an expert user. There are tons of articles, video tutorials available online to learn the basics and advanced techniques of Adobe Photoshop. It’s really authentic to begin with video tutorials for a beginners because of instant learning and application the tips on Photoshop rather than text tutorials. But if you prefer with texts no problem it’s matter better understanding for you.

Today’s tutorial i have arranged some advanced and interesting video tutorials for learning Adobe tutorials from the base and master the advanced techniques to go beyond epic on Photoshop. Most of the tutorials from Photoshop Guru and others from different sources on YouTube.

Previewing shadows and reflections

The tutorial shows how to use 3D effect in photoshop CS6 one of the best enhancements in program’s ability to preview shadow and reflections before rendering the scene, particularly those cast onto the ground plane.

Previewing shadows and reflections

Using the new three-part Blur Gallery

Mercury Graphics Engine powered the Blur Gallery tool allows you to apply and combine various kinds of blur which is to create depth-of-field effects in post. This is a versatile photoshop designing filter allowing to customize specific points or blur and focus.
Using the new three-part Blur Gallery

Using Content-Aware Move and Extend

The Content-Aware Move tool is an interesting tool to learn how to select part of an image and move it using Photoshop CS6 tool.
Using Content-Aware Move and Extend

Cloning techniques for Photoshop Touch

By using close stamp tool in Photoshop Touch its’ possible to duplicate elements for a surrealistic effect that is shown by Russell Brown.
Cloning techniques for Photoshop Touch

3D Text with Repousse

Rufus Deuchler a worldwide design evangelist at Adobe, introduces you to easily extrude text in Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended to create fully fledged 3D obects. This article is extended for skilled users.
3D Text with Repousse

3D Controls at Your Fingertips in Photoshop CS6 Extended

Vastly simplified user interface to intuitively create and animate 3D artwork with context and on-canvas controls to manipulate cages for 3D extrusions.
3D Controls at Your Fingertips in Photoshop CS6 Extended

New Content Aware Technologies in Photoshop CS6 Beta

Join Bryan O’Neil Hughes, the Senior Product Manager of Photoshop as he talks about the new content aware technology that you will find in the new Photoshop CS6 Beta.
New Content Aware Technologies in Photoshop

Exporting – Saving your photos as JPEGs

In this photoshop tutorials series you will learn how to save a photo in JPEG format and how to export them in the most productive forma t easily.
Exporting - Saving your photos as JPEGs

Lightroom 4 – Share Images Online

Learn to use the Web module to publish to the popular online photo sharing sites with Photoshop Lightroom
Lightroom 4 - Share Images Online

Adobe Photoshop Touch – Camera Fill for Creating Textures

Russell Brown uses the Camera Fill feature to create beautiful textured backgrounds and layers. Learn to create custom patterns and textures using your tablet camera and Photoshop Touch.
Adobe Photoshop Touch - Camera Fill for Creating Textures

Get perfect color throughout your movie

With Adobe Premiere Elements 10 you can automatically boost color tone and vibrance without affecting skin tones.
Get perfect color throughout your movie

Mixing Audio

Premiere Elements gives you your own recording studio to play and export the file in rich format using Premier Elements CS4. You will also learn how to mix sound tracks and sound effects.
Mixing Audio

Creating Image Galleries with Adobe Bridge

Quickly review, arrange, and output images to PDF and the web.
Creating Image Galleries with Adobe Bridge

GS-02: Straightening a crooked image

Crop and straighten an image in one fluid step by using the Ruler tool in Photoshop CS5.
GS-02: Straightening a crooked image

Compositing Using the New Photoshop CS5 Edge Detection Features

One of the new challenges using Photoshop is to create quality photos with appropriate color, effect and background, here this tutorial of Photoshop CS5 helps you to remove the background from someone with wispy hair.
Compositing Using the New Photoshop CS5 Edge Detection Features

Basics: 11 Working with Photoshop

Matt Kloskowski shows you how to move from your images from Lightroom to Photoshop for fine-tuning.
Basics: 11 Working with Photoshop

Non-destructive transformations

Make your transformations non-destructive in Photoshop by converting layers to Smart Objects prior to making changes.
Non-destructive transformations

Create Flash Galleries with Lightroom 2

Colin Smith shows you how to create feature rich Flash galleries without knowing anything about actionscript or even Flash for that matter.
Create Flash Galleries with Lightroom 2

White on White Masking In Photoshop

This Adobe Photoshop CS4 tutorial shows how to use the maskig tools on really complex problems such that making a polar bear standing in a field of ice and snow.
White on White Masking In Photoshop

Create Indesign text wraps with Photoshop

RC shares a tutorial about embedding Quick Time Virtual reality movies into a Dreamweaver page.
Create Indesign text wraps with Photoshop

How To Create Snow In Photoshop

This video tutorial will help you to learn how to create and add snow to an image. Using the brush tool to create custom brushes, filters, and blending options.
How To Create Snow In Photoshop

Creative Light Effects: Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to create awesome light effects. Using textures, the Gradient Tool, downloadable Grunge brushes and other basic Photoshop tools.
Creative Light Effects

Pixel Explosion Effect | Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a pixel dispersion effect or pixel explosion effect. The main tools used are mask layers and the paint brush tool.
Pixel Explosion Effect

Adobe Photoshop CS6 [Drawing Effect] [Tutorial]

This Photoshop tutorial shows you how to create a drawing effect using Photoshop also known as sketch effect.
Adobe Photoshop CS6 [Drawing Effect] [Tutorial]

Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to create a colorful abstract lighting image. Using, adjustment layers, blending modes, downloadable Photoshop brushes & other basic tools.
Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

Create An Easy 3D Effect

This tutorial covers how to create an easy 3D effect using the Red, Green and Blue channels located in the Layer Styles interface.
Create An Easy 3D Effect

How to Quickly Select Images – Cut Out Detailed Images in Photoshop CS5

This video covers details on how to effectively select/cut out parts of an image in Photoshop without using the pen tool.
How to Quickly Select Images

Photoshop CC – Dispersion Effect Smoke CS7

This Photoshop CC tutorial shows you how to create a dispersion effect using Photoshop
Photoshop CC - Dispersion Effect Smoke CS7

How To Create a Collage Effect with PS CS6

Learn how to create an awesome collage using Photoshop. This tutorial is suitable for beginning levels.
How To Create a Collage Effect with PS CS6

Photoshop Tutorial of Glowing Text Effect

In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to create a glowing text effect in Photoshop. It’s very easy to create this effect.
Photoshop Tutorial of Glowing Text Effect

How to Change Eye Color

This effective adobe photoshop tutorial shows you how to change eye color easily.
How to Change Eye Color
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Programming is called poetry which is essential part of nearly every industry known to man, the way it helps organize and maintain large systems is not possible to compare to anything else, and so more and more people begin their journey. You can learn coding both from interactive platforms, and also from books – whichever you find most appropriate and easy to learn from. But, sometimes that’s not good enough, and we want to practice new things.

Coding is more about creativity, your ability to come up with new and interesting ideas; but sometimes, due to the large amount of time spent tackling common problems, we forget about creativity.

Learning better coding is still hopes for many people who specially want to be code savvy in future. But it’s now possible to learn the advanced code since there are lots of websites provide tutorials on codes and surprisingly they’re all free at cost although some of them require to upgrade pro but you can continue with basic


You can get to earn real money since this is supported by a community of nearly millions of coders who encounter lot of challenging stuffs everyday. To some of the beginning programmers and enthusiasts topcoder may be difficult place to get started.

It may possible to participate in both daily, weekly coding challenges; both are extremely difficult, and require great thinking to complete.


Either you’re technically developed in programming then HackerEarth can provide you SaaS application to do automated assessment. It also assists companies to source smart talent by serving as a developer aggregation and selection platform.


Coderbyte is a Kickstarter funded project (although, it existed before the campaign itself), and is aimed at complete beginners and intermediate programmers alike. It was launched in 2012, by Daniel Borowski, and has since grown into a self-maintained community of programmers who like to tackle programming problems in their spare time.

Project Euler

Project Euler is another favorite coding challenge website in the world which has been the home of coding with hundred thousand users world wide. You get one extra challenge added per week, but I’m quite sure it’s going to take some time before you tack the 450+ problems that there are to solve already.

The platform is built not to be hard, rather; involve critical thinking and problem solving, in order to help you growing and learning about language you’re using.
Project Euler
You can learn more about Project Euler on: Wikipedia, Reddit, Stack Overflow and Google Code.

Daily Programmer

Daily Programmer is one of the most popular coding sites of many personal favorites. It’s a wonderful discussion board to be a part of, if you do want to learn more about programming and problem solving.
Daily Programmer

Codility Train

You get several pre-customized and pre-thought challenges that you can submit in many programming languages. They’re all sorted by their appropriate difficulty, and there is like 40-50 challenges to go through.
Codility Train


SPOJ is a community consisting of many thousands of coding challenges that you can tackle all around the day long. It endorse the input of almost every programming language you can imagine, and there is a great community behind it that is consistently available for help on the community forums.


CodeChef was created by Directi as a way to challenge and engage the developer community and provide a platform for practice, competition and improvement. It’s powered by a large set of problems to work with, and you can also gain access to the source codes that others used to solve the given coding challenges.


If you are a developer then you should join CodeEval a better site specially to show programming skills to employers and other developers. You can ger participated and get joined with competitors for several different areas, but mostly for building a product / app – and in return get money prizes.


HackerRank is a great place to start with programming challenges related to artificial intelligence, which is kind of cool and gives advanced programmers something to play around with.


Talentbuddy is a friendly place where you can exercise your problem solving skills in an enjoyable interview oriented way. I think you might find social aspect of the site a little bit annoying, but overall it has got some really great lessons to learn.


Codewars has got pretty nice approach to coding challenges and take their craft quite seriously. Here is a ten minutes introductory video of what Codewars has to offer.


These are all the sites to learn code challenges as a beginner. If you really enjoyed the article don’t forget to share this with your favorite social networking sites