February 2015


Are you like me who thinks Blogger is not a suitable platform for affiliate promotion? Then this tutorial is for yours to crystal clear your conception and understanding about Blogger which is not a worthless platform at all. In affiliate promotion, one very important thing that today’s affiliate promoters consider is to create a custom branded affiliate link which looks like “” or “”.

Here BRAND may be the brand name like bluehost, hostgator, dreamhost and lots of top affiliate services online. WordPress users can easily make this type of custom affiliate link but in Blogger there is not chance to create a branded custom affiliate like. Thanks to one of my partners who provided me a good piece of code which can create custom URL redirection and very easily can be installed on any HTML document.

Today’s tutorial I will show you all how to create a custom branded link in Blogger and promote affiliate products to boost sales. Before starting the tutorial you may want to visit our custom URL

Prepare Your Custom Page

First of all I recommend you to go through creating a new custom page in Blogger. If you’re an old Blogger user like me then you must know how to create a static page. For better user experience I will show you how to create a branded page URL so that your affiliate promotion will be super easy and effective.

In Blogger when you come to create a custom page only drawback is it auto generates the page URL and it may hold some snazzy characters like “divtitleways” “tirbiedtitle” etc. which looks dull and unaccepted to any user for visiting.

But here is an smart to generate branded link like which looks better then this does not make any sense to users about the theme of page.

In order to generate branded link just do following

  1. Go to Blogger −> Pages −> New Page
  2. Now type your page title with lowercase without any blank space i.e. semrush, hostgator and save your page.
  3. Now put your cursor on  “View” of that page and check whether the link is OK
  4. If link is OK, then click on “Edit” of that page and go ahead for next step

Put Necessary Codes, Links, and  Title of The Page

You’re on the “Compose” mode of your page so from there simply click on “HTML” and replace your existing code with below code

<div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on">
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
window.location.href="YOUR AFFILIATE LINK";
<p><a href='' id='mycredit'>Affiliate Link</a></p> </div>

Here change with your domain URL
Change YOUR AFFILIATE LINK with your affiliate link of any product you want to promote
Keep default

How The Script Works

When you send any user on this page the JS will locate either existing with id=’mycredit’. If not found then it will make a custom URL redirection and will send the visitor to YOUR AFFILIATE LINK this URL which  is your affiliate link

I have used a single CSS code body{display:none!important} which means when a visitor will access this page he will see nothing just a white blank sheet, just to hide your blog template before letting user to access the target URL.

Now type a title of your page (it’s needed because you may want to arrange more custom pages so to understand which page includes which affiliate link)

In case of my custom page I have added HostGator 468 x 60 Affiliate Banner that points to a specific affiliate banner URL which will also help me to know where I have added this affilate link.

When all the things are set simply hit on “Update” and you’re done!

Note: If jQuery is already installed on your site you may ignore adding this piece:

Create Custom URL Redirection in Blogger

Now this is the final part of creating a branded custom URL

Go to Settings −> Searh preferences −> Custom Redirects
Now click on Edit −> New Redirect

Now type this on first empty box /recommended/semrush or /semrush or /out/semrush [Any kind of style you approach to create a custom URL]
Then on next box type /p/semrush.html or /p/hostgator.html which means your page URL without domain URL
Branded custom URL in Blogger

Your page URL may be and we will just pick /p/semrush.html

Finally click on Save and “Save Changes

Custom Robots Tags

We need to make a simple change to “Custom Robots Tags” which is remaining under “Post settings” in order to keep SEO better fit and avoid any Google penalty

Click on “Custom Robots Tags”
This should remain “default”, just uncheck “default” also uncheck “all” and check “noindex” instead.
Custom Robots Tags
You might have checked “noodp” which is for “No Open Directory Project” this won’t create any trouble so you may keep it default
Finally hit “Done” and you’re now safe

Note: Do these operations with your own risk because Blogger is such a platform if any mistake in settings happen under Search Preferences then all the settings will become “Reset” which is a damn poorest feature of Blogger itself.

Finally visit your custom URL and you will see couple of redirects and finally on the affiliate page.

How many of people in this universe use Google search? − do have any idea? Well let me explain, a recently published infographic by statista has shown “In December, 77 percent of the 1.52 billion search engine users worldwide conducted with Google search at least once a day. That means 1.17 billion Google users, as opposed to 293 million users of Chinese search giant Baidu and 292 million users of Yahoo’s search. Microsoft’s Bing also cover 267 million searches and Russian search boss Yandex cover 74 million searches each month.”

By the above statistics it’s quite clear that the domination of Google in search engines competition is too strong and far away to reach for other competitors. So if you’re like me to get daily doze of tips, tricks, news, and information from Google search then don’t you think you should use Google more productively, personally and securely.

Of course, right not? So today’s of my article I will show you 11 awesome ways to use Google search preferences and get more out of Google search.

1. Change your location on Google

When you’re searching on Google the search giant delivers most relevant results near to your location. Suppose you’re based on Seattle, so when you search for coffee shops you will see ones that are nearby. Location can be easily updated and set to another.

Change your location on Computer

  1. Do a search on Google
  2. Now click on Search tools
  3. There you can choose country as any country or your default country, time as any time, past hour, past 24 hours, all results or reading level (basic, intermediate or advanced) then click on your default location. On small empty box says “Enter location” type your desired location and click on “Set”, that’s it.

Change your location on Computer

Change your location on Phone browser

First of all make sure your phone is sharing your location with Google, if aren’t sharing location your phone’s location with Google, you may see a message says “Location unavailable.”


  1. Open the Settings app .
  2. Touch Location.
  3. Make sure “Location” is switched to ON.


  1. Open the Settings app .
  2. Touch Privacy > Location Services.
  3. Make sure “Location Services” is switched to ON.

Change/Update Location on Phone

You have successfully enabled “Location” on Google search with your mobile device, now to update or change location use the method described above.

2. SafeSearch filters

The SafeSearch mode actually works to filter explicit content like porn, nudity, sex, etc. out from your search results. To enable SafeSearch Filters please do following

  1. Do a search on Google
  2. Now click on gear icon (right top – just below your profile image)
  3. Now check the button says “Filter explicit results”
  4. Save the settings and you’re done.

Turn on safe search

Lock SafeSearch

Lock SafeSearch mode poses extra security upon your SafeSearch, suppose if anyone using your computer he/she might want to switch off SafeSearch mode but if Lock SafeSearch mode is enabled then that person is unable to do it. To lock SafeSearch mode please do following

I think you’re still on “Search Settings” page so from there click on Lock SafeSearch link

  1. Now you have to sign in your account and you’ll be redirected to SafeSearch Filtering page
  2. Simply click on “Lock SafeSearch” button and the crawler will start locking safesearch across all Google Domains

Lock SafeSearch
When done! back to Search settings and you have successfully locked SafeSearch on your computer

Note: If you want to unlock SafeSearch then click on “Unlock SafeSearch” −> Sign in your account −> Click on “Unlock SafeSearch” −> Crawler will unlock all the domains to unlock −> You’re done!

3. Google Instant Predictions

This feature normally works to show Instant results which is default as “maximum 10 results” on each page for individual search query. The setting is default as “Always show Instant results” but you can make this personalized by choosing “Never show Instant results.” Then  you have to choose “Results per page” which allows you to setup “maximum 100 results” per page though this will seriously slowdown your computer.

In case of choosing custom search results it’s recommended to choose “maximum 20 – 30 results” per page which won’t reduce your browsing speed more significantly.
Google Instant Predictions
Finally click “Save” and you’re done

4. Private results

Private results help you to find more relevant content for you, including content and connections that only you can see. Suppose your Google+ profile page may appear on search results, or other peoples/brands Google+ page may appear those you’re following. So to hide these private results and allow Google to show industry based results you can disable this option under Private results.

Choose “Do not use private results” under “Private results” and save the settings.
Private results

5. Where results open

This option allows you to open each search result’s link with new window of your browser. Simply check “Open each selected result in a new browser window.” and save your settings.
Where results open

6. Search history

Search history is a collaboration of all your search archives including Web search, Images Search, News, Shopping, Videos, Maps, Blogs, Books, Visual Search, Travel, Finance etc. This covers an activity of “Total Google searches” through out the whole period on your computer or mobile device. You can find out any search result of any certain date by using “Google Search History”

On Google Search Settings page you will see “Search history” at the bottom of the page. There is a link says “search history” simply click on it and sing in your account.

Now you will see something appearance like this:
Search history
The first demography shows “Hourly search activity” which is how many searches are done per hour. Second one is “Daily search activity” which also shows the search volume per day. Next one is “Activity,” this is important as by clicking on any date you will get the search results of that specific date. There are two arrow symbols (left arrow, right arrow) allows to change calender.

There is another important option “Show more trends” which covers Top clicks, Top queries and Top sites are being searched over and over time.

Anyway there are some certain things you can do with “Search History” such as:

Remove Items:

To remove any item simply check the box and click on Remove items, or you can remove all the items by checking one single box above the date and hit on Remove items. You can also navigate to Older and Newest search queries.
Remove Items:

Remove Items by Specific time

To remove items by hour click on gear box  and choose “Remove Items”
Now choose Remove items as: the past hours, past day, past week, past 4 weeks or the beginning of time and click Remove button
Remove Items by Specific time

Download Your Archive with Google Drive

Create an archive of your search history data. This archive will only be accessible to you. When your archive is ready to download from Google Drive you will be mailed automatically by Google.

Note: This is recommended that you do not download your archive on public computers and ensure your archive is always under your control; your archive contains sensitive data.

To download your search archive click on gear box and choose “Download”
Now click on “Create Archive” and Google will email you when the archive is ready to download.
Download a copy of your data

7. Languages

By configuring this option you can make Google search more and more personalized. Since Google supports 152 more languages to deliver search results and you can change language to your default country language so that yo don’t have to struggle with English language if you’re weak in it.

To setup new language with Google simply do following

  1. Do a simple search on Google
  2. Click on gear button and choose Languages
  3. Now click on show more and check your country language
  4. Finally click save and you’re done!


8. Advanced Search

The advanced search option allows you to perform more advanced curative search across Google domains. To  perform Advanced search simply do following:

Do a simple search on Google
Now click on gear icon and choose “Advanced Search”

Find pages with…

All these words: Type your search query here with one sentence i.e. Social media
This exact word or phrase: Put exact words in quotes i.e. “facebook”
Any of these words: You may leave this default
None of these words: Type minus ( – ) before any word you don’t want result for.
Numbers ranging from: Type accurate measurement according to your search queries i.e. for facebook I have chosen the year 2005 to 2015 for search results. If your search string is material related then use weight i.e. 10kg to 25 kg, or if it’s money related then use $100 to $200 or £300 to £500 signs. for getting more accurate results.
Find pages with...

Then narrow your results by…

Here you can make changes to:
Language: Any language
Region: Any region
Last update: Anytime
Site or domain: Search one site (like ) or limit your results to a domain like .edu, .org or .gov
Then narrow your results by...
Leave other settings default and then hit “Advanced Search”

9. “Ok Google” and voice search

You can use your voice on the Google app or Chrome to do things like search, get directions, and create reminders. For example, say “Ok Google” do I need an umbrella tomorrow” to see if there’s rain in the weather forecast. To know how to do voice search read this article at Google support

10. Add an image to Google

To include a picture in Google search results first of all you have to add your image to a website along with descriptive text for your image. As Google bot can crawl images that are optimized for SEO with appropriate file format .jpg, .png, .gif etc. with filename, have alt tag enabled. After publishing your article Google bot crawls your page as a raw HTML document including all the resources text, images, quotes, tags, headings, videos and so on.

These images can be found later on Google Images. You can manually upload images to Google images hosting site called Picasaweb or there are several attempts to get your images found on Google images

  1. Upload images to any blogger site that is also synced with Picasaweb
  2. Create a Google+ page and upload images
  3. Create a website under Google sites and upload images

To get more information please read this article at Google support

11. Remove an image from Google

To remove an image from Google search results page simple remove your images from your website’s or blog’s page. If you want to remove images that violate your personal brand or property and that are not controlled by you so you can complaint Google or file a DMCA about this issue.

Read elaborate guide from Google support center.


I have tried my best to represent you a basic guide with primary, intermediate and advanced features of Google search preferences. I think now you can make your Google search more productive and  personalized. Help this post to grow up by sharing with your other friends

When you’re thinking of creating any new business what exactly comes to your mind? I guess it’s a business plan, right? So to create a business plan you need basic ideas at least to sketch your business model arranging all the materials including the foundation, capital investment, target consumers, consumers demand, pricing, bad debt loss, returning capital and more stuffs to set off a business whether notional or multinational.

There are lots of companies who provide free business plan templates and themes to create ideal business model no matter what type of business you run. These companies also offer free tutorials, guides, videos, tools, and services.

Today’s of this guide I have brought some of the best companies and service providers who provide free Business plan templates and themes in PDF or Word document.

1. Entrepreneur: Business Plans Forms & Templates

The Entrepreneur magazine provides a good lists of free Business plans forms and templates in PDF, DOC, PPT formats. These business plans are best suitable for local, multinational or any kind of businesses. It starts with the basic principles of creating a business plan, business plan model, business plan presentation, business plan (NDA) Non Disclosure Agreement – Premium, IT Business plan and more.

2. Bplans: Business Plans Template

Bplans: Business Plans Template is widely known as the authority in business plans. They provide free Word business plan template which is a 100% free product and only for Bplans members. The TOC(Table of Contents) of Bplans templates are layout with complete instructions such as executive summary, company summary, products and services, market analysis, strategy, management summary and financial planning. In addition Bplans has a gallery of over 500 sample plans for every type of business. You can choose category that is closest to your own business or industry, and view a plan you like most.

3. The 100 Startup

Looking for free business plan templates and resources then you should head over at The 100 Startup which is the enterprise of New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestsetter. It’s a One-Page Business Plan, asks you several questions where you can get up and running through answering. These free plans of templates cover quite worthy information about your business overview to finances, marketing, goals and challenges. They also offer a $23 worth preferred bookseller, the complete The $100 Startup is packed with 300 pages of action.

4. OPRAH: One-Page Business Plan

OPRAH: One-Page Business Plan
This site provides an One-Page business plan which can great worth your existing business model or creating any new one. They provide business plans on different courses like O Courses, Rob Bell, Brene Brown, Oprah & Deepak etc. The Oprah business plans templates are applicable on any type of business model no matter what type of venture you have. They provide free videos, magazine, books and more stuffs to get you ready to set up your business.

5. Office: Free Business Templates and Themes

Office: Free Business Templates and Themes
Microsoft Office provides free resources of Business plans templates and themes to get you up and running with any business model you wanna get started. Templates at Office make you sense to create lists, 12-month calender, household organization, credit card payoff calculation, online sales, student paper and more.

6. PlanWare: Free Business Plan Template

This is an all in one tool to create business plan more easily by a comprehensive Word-based documentary presented with a detail framework for building your own business plan model. They provide not only free business plan templates but also business plan softwares, guides, tools, papers, freewares and other items.  Templates are very effective presented with simple text, tables and charts, in addition with manual with section-by-section assistance.

7. SBA: Create a Business Plan

SBA: Create a Business Plan
This is a free business plan creator by the U.S Small Business Administration (SBA) who use online business plan template to create you up free business plans providing step by step guides to help you build your own business plan. After creating your account you will have to fill a form providing your company name, owner name and contact information. Then upload your company logo, before moving to plan sections: Executive Summary, Company Description, Market Research, Product/Service Line, Marketing and Sales, and Financial Projections. You can save your work on a Word document and work on your file anytime you want which allows you to create a business plan at your own pace and direction.

8. Office Depot: Create Free Business Plan

Office Depot: Create Free Business Plan
This company sells office supplies and furniture though they have a business resource center to provide everything to create a new business as a startup. They provide free business tools including downloadable RTF business plan templates for manufacturers, service providers and retailers.

9. vFinance: Venture Capital Resource

vFinance: Venture Capital Resource
vFinance is a globalized finance service firm that helps entrepreneurs find venture capitalists and angel investors offering a free business plan template which you can download as a Word or Zip file. You have to select your industry with specific, email, title, occupation, state, country, postal code and other credentials to download the template. In addition you will get $75 toward three months of professional posting of your plan for potential investors to view.

10. Rocket Lawyer: Business Plan Template

Rocket Lawyer: Business Plan Template
Rocket Lawyer is basically a funding based business plan template provider which help you to create a blueprint not only for your business, but for investors as well. It works with three simple models: Building your document, Saving, printing & sharing, Signing it & making it legal.


These are quite few resources to download free business plan templates and themes for your upcoming venture. When you go through all the lists you might have found them quite useful but be serious in migrating any pricing according to your business level if its’ needed then only shift otherwise go through the recommended free plans since they can worth you better than you expect.

Today’s global era social media marketing has turned a biggest influence across the marketers who exactly think for online businesses where interactions are made by online customers those are ready to pay for purchase. A general survey by pros have shown how surprisingly people decide to purchase products online being referred by social media comparing to search engines. Pinterest holds a giant coverage of online female customers comparing to Facebook and Twitter even it exceeds search giant Google in many terms.[Check this Infographic]

Marketers are quite smart have understood their target audience and customers on social networks so they invest more to capture a mighty presence on different social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. To promote their products they need lots of tools in order to monitor ROI which is not only every marketer’s target but also the core focus of every business.

Today’s of this guide I have picked up some of the best free social media marketing tools which can help any kind of marketer to easily promote their products and monitor statistics online. Let’s check those common and uncommon social media marketing gurus.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics
The #1 website analytics and social media marketing tool is Google Analytics which is very intelligent tool in terms of social media, referral, organic and direct traffic being counted accurately and gives marketers more consent focus on their marketing level. Users can go through free version but it offers pro version with more highly productive features.

2. Buffer

After GA my second most choice in social media marketing is Buffer which is not only a social analytics but also a powerful content distributor which can be applied on top social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc.

3. Quill Engage

Instead of using Google Analytics here are some top social marketers like Ian Clery suggests using Quill Engage which is a free tool that connects with your Google Analytics account and emails you a weekly summary of your data. It tells you all about your site’s traffic growth or decline, where your traffic came from the past week, and which post got the most traffic and much more.

4. BulkBuffer

Syed Balkhi (One of the top internet marketers and influencers basically known as WP Ninja) suggests marketers choosing BulkBuffer an extension for Buffer allows you to upload items to Buffer in bulk. It perfectly works if you’re looking to share content from a large source or plan your sharing schedule for the week

5. Followerwonk

Moz’s product Followerwonk which is a famous tool specially for managing Twitter accounts, here Followerwonk shows you detailed breakdowns of your followers and activity. Click on the Analytics tab, enter a Twitter username (either yours or someone else’s), and view information on followers and following.

6. Post Planner

Post Planner is a rising social media marketing tool which not only allows you to schedule updates in advance, but also gives you an entire list of status ideas, access to the most viral posts on Facebook and insights on trending content.

7. ViralWoot

Pinterest has created ViralWoot which is much more beyond analytics as you can schedule pins, promote pins, and gain new followers all through ViralWoot.

8. Bundle Post

Bunlde Post is such an effective tool which lets you curate content tweets also to build several days’ worth of personally curated social shares in very little time, which frees you up to focus more on engagement.

9. Iconosquare

Instagram management tool, Iconosquare which includes a user-friendly analytics for Instagram that shows an effective views of posts, likes, comments, and followers, as well as breakdown for the last seven days or last month.

10. Collecto

Another place for Instagram stats, collecto offers an overview of the main engagement stats for your account in addition a quick view of your most liked, commented and popular photos of all the time.

11. SumAll

The analytics SumAll comes with huge number of assorted, connected apps where you can append your major social channels – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and more.

12. GitHub

GitHub is an open source project which is also a marketing tool to promote any project you have done on programming language. Any project you upload on GitHub can be viewed to all users on internet as well as they can interact with your work, contribute to you, share your project and leave comments.

13. PhotoSync

PhotoSync is a photo sharing machine where users can share any photo because it’s an app that lets you quickly share photos between your computer and mobile device.

14. KingSumo

Want to write magnetic blog headline then try KingSumo which can generate automatic headlines for your posts. It’s a WP plugin which gives you option to create additional test headlines for your blog posts right in the editor.

15. Tagboard

Consider Tagboard for hashtag management as on each day there are thousands of hottest hashtags are nominated as most popular in the industry by hashtags analyzer websites where Tagboard is almost unique. Tagboard is a hashtag-based search engine that lets you see mentions and related content across most social platforms.

16. Quintly

Grab a fee plan on Quintly which lets you access analytics for up to three Facebook pages, offerings stats on the main engagement metrics (likes, comments, shares) plus stats on follower growth.

17. Cyfe

The powerful features of Cyfe let you create a custom dashboard filled with stats from dozens of marketing tools. The social media tools of Cyfe let you sync with all major networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and more.

18. Tailwind

Tailwind helps with optimization and scheduling of pins, and it gives you some keen insights into both your Pinterest profile and the Pinterest popularity of your website.

19. Beevolve

Beevolve offers free plans which let you create and send social media messages with direct tracking on the dollars and cents ROI. You just tell Beevolve how must it cost to create your content and how much you expect to receive per visitor, that’s it now let Beevolve does all the rest.

20. Keyhole

To get the ideas of hashtags in all major social networks like Twitter, Google+ you can use Keyhole which offers a wealthy statistics that can help you sort the popularity and success of a branded hashtag.

21. MyTopTweet

A quick, easy twitter analytics tool which shows you the top 10 tweets for any Twitter user you wish. The Top 10 is ranked according to number of retweets.

22. HowSociable

HowSociable is a search engine by which you will receive a social score for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

23. Twitter Counter

The tool shows you how your Twitter account is growing through getting followers, visibility, tweet engagements and much more. It’s a free service that tracks changes in your follower count and predicts future growth over time.

24. Mention

Mention is one of the best tools specially to monitor your your brand’s presence across the web. It includes mentions of your brand or keywords you want to monitor on social networks, forums, blogs and more.

25. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is an online content research tool which is an effective way to research, analyze and identify what’s happening around your industry in real time.

26. Circloscope

It’s a coolest social media marketing tool which can help you to manage circles in Google+. The tool helps you in two many ways: filtering content in your news stream and notifying target audience of new content.

27. SproutSocial

SproutSocial is a software company which is also an efficient management and engagement platform for social businesses. With SproutSocial you can find opportunities to engage and join social conversions. In addition publish messages to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. A robust analytics tool helps to measure performance and analyze all your social efforts. The tool offers free trial service but you can upgrade pro plans at any time.

28. Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is an effective tool to view your Facebook engagements (likes, shares, views, comments) of pages you manage with your Facebook account. In addition you can set up a list of Pages to Watch by clicking on Facebook Insights tab.

To access Insights, click the Insights tab in the menu bar across the top of your Facebook page (the menu bar is visible only to admins of the page).

29. Twitter analytics

Twitter analytics
Twitter provides a 28 days overview of how your tweets are getting engaged with your followers and how have performed in your areas by retweets, mentions, favorites and clicks.

30. Pinterest analytics

Pinterest analytics
Use this free pinterest analytics tool which is a best resource for Pinterest users to manage their pins, share pins with other social networks and gain more followers so quickly. The dashboard shows growth in impressions and followers, audience stats, and website engagement.

31. LinkedIn analytics

LinkedIn analytics
See how your professional channel LinkedIn profile has gained more views, more connections and engagement so quickly through LinkedIn analytics tool.

32. Google+ Insights

Google+ Insights
With Google+ Insights you can simply view information like post visibility, engagement, audience overview, follower requests and much more.


There are enormous social media marketing tools available online who provide personalized dashboard, easy sharing mode, content syndication through feed, connected with top social networks in the planet so that a user can share any kind of stuff with their top favorite social channels so faster than any manual process. The above mentioned tools are quite free and able to provide you almost all the features you can do your social media marketing more effectively.

If you think I have missed any good service then please do let me know through simple commenting.

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful website analytics and marketing tools which covers almost all of the essential insights(traffic data, bounce rate, landing page redirection, page exit and much more.) of a site helping webmasters to know how productively they can use it to market their businesses so early. Google Analytics uses one effective segment “Intelligence Events” which tracks the important events of a site around a month and report them if any unnatural behavior is found.

Today of this tutorial I will go through an indepth guide of using Google Analytics Intelligence Events to track more prominent content of a site and how to make other content same as productive and sharable.

What are Google Analytics Intelligence Events?

Google Analytics provides “Intelligence Events” which lets users know any remarkable event taken place on a site like “huge spike” in traffic, “sudden drop” in traffic across any specific Geo location or individual post. Suppose your site normally gets 2000+/- visitors on daily basis but on any sudden date it crossed 5000+ visitors or down by 500 visitors (though any regular site doesn’t lose huge traffic unless being attacked by panda or penguin algorithm) So this unnatural behavior in traffic, session, pageviews or any metric of your site has been tracked by Intelligence Events in Google Analytics. To see your site’s “Intelligence Events” on Google Analytics simply navigate Google Analytics > Reporting > Intelligence Events
Intelligence Events

How GA Intelligence Events Work?

The functions of Google Analytics Intelligence Events are automatic which work to enable different alerts: Automatic web alerts, AdWords alerts, and Custom alerts. What exactly makes this function works I don’t dig deep about it yet but I’m sure it works to monitor your website’s traffic to detect significant statistical variations, and generates alerts when those variations occur.

I have shown you an example earlier that if any unnatural event occurs across your site like sudden rise/drop in traffic, huge engagement on mobile devices, sales go up on a certain page or more events are tracked down and noted on “Overview” section under Intelligence Events.

Here is a video transcript to let you know about “Intelligence Events” in Google Analytics


How to Benefit from Intelligence Events?

Now you at least know about Intelligence Events in Google Analytics but the interesting thing is that you can leverage your site’s traffic sources and produce more similar content to drive huge traffic by using this segment.

Before running you with my way I will show you some overview of my site’s “Intelligence Events” so that you can understand how positively you can use it and benefit by leveraging your site’s content.

To proceed first of all I logged in my Google Analytics account and navigated to Intelligence Events > Daily Events
Alert Importance
Automatic events
Here I see three alerts are enabled and the “Alert Importance” is set to medium. I noticed a huge spike in traffic data(almost 5000+ visitors on a certain date) so this forced me to investigate more about this traffic source and content that driven me more traffic.

I switched to “Overview” mode and there all I see the Intelligence Events about a month occurred to my site. I see several metrics Avg. Session Duration, % New Sessions, Pageviews and their change by a certain period.
Overview Automatic alerts
Details in Traffic
Amongst all events one event attracted me which has 221% of change and on Feb 15, 2015. I thought this might be incurred driving me huge traffic that’s why to learn more I clicked on Details.

Therefore I see a great instance of my post’s overview
Intelligence Events
To get more information I clicked on “Go to Report” and saw following report. I’m sure this is the post which driven me huge traffic about 3,658 Pageviews on a certain period but I’m unhappy that the Exits are about 3,190 which is 87.21% that means less 13% visitors engaged with my other content.
Huge traffic spikePageviews of post

Dig Deep into Hunting Traffic Sources.

I have in doubt in referral traffic which is rising more and more these days so I navigated to Acquisition > All Traffic > Referrals

I have noticed one source( provided my significant traffic by a certain period. To learn more about this traffic source I clicked on this domain and saw following instances.
Referral traffic
Though this source provided me 1,306 new users so I thought is this the highest top referral to my post on that day except other referrals and direct traffic.

As we know today on global era mobile users are rapidly growing comparing to desktop users so more people are participating on social media, blogs, websites, social bookmarking sites and other platforms through mobile device as it’s extremely easy to access internet, easily search on Google and share with social plugins rather than typically desktop computer which needs multiple irritating steps to land on internet.

This post explains how importance of using responsive web design and rapidly mobile users are growing.

I don’t know when and how people have shared my content on through mobile device and this blessed me thousands of views and new traffic. According to the way I produced similar content and got positive results though they didn’t provide me huge spike but significant enough.

Why its Necessary to Produce Sharable Content?

We all know huge spike in traffic or views does not provide any bigger positive results across our site but sure it can help you to rank a specific post on search engines so faster. This is the way many webmasters and bloggers try to apply since it can help any post to rank well for specific keywords and come to the competition so early.

There is no specific content called sharable since all the posts are sharable if social sharing buttons are added on a post page can help people easily share any content on social networking sites. But we use the term “Sharable Content” only to mean that a content more likely sharable that any ordinary one which is less likely sharable.

In case of my post I wrong “Top 12 Programming Languages for Beginners in 2015” and shared with a Google plus community called “Programming” and I have seen how rapidly people shared my content with their other social networks including which finally gave me highest spike in traffic.

I have tried to apply the same formula on other posts but they didn’t output me same result although I have got better shares that are enough to rank later on search engines.

This is the way I have got the ideas of producing sharable content and my works provided me effective results that are well enough for my site to rank in future.

I think you have understood the theme of this article very well and now will try to apply the formula on your other posts that are more likely sharable and will come into search ranking more faster.

Learning web design is an interesting thing basically when we’re learning on the web with step by step guides starting with primary courses HTML and CSS. There are number of web design learning websites available online who provide free and paid courses on webdesign, development and other major courses that can help you to build advanced level web based projects, applications for mobile, windows, mac and website.

Web design is not any complex subject it’s quite fun, easy to understand also apply practically to produce creativity. You can start with any of your favorite course whether basic HTML, CSS or advanced level programming codes HTML4, HTML5, CSS3, PHP or JavaScript. All you need to measure your standard on code then take steps to go ahead and learn awesomeness.

Today I have come across quite few lists of best free webdesign learning courses who are basically free learning guides, worth in learning web design basics HTML and CSS. Let’s have a deep dive into the tutorial.

1. Alison


Already 4 million users have joined at Alison is a complete web design agency from Ireland working online since 2007 was created and lead by Mike Feerick. Alison provides you 600+ free courses in different fields. The overall mission of Alison is to bring students talent into the real world, support with all kinds of facilities, and evolve their creativity, confidence and competence for work. It’s better worth to join at Alison.

2. The Odin Project

If you want to learn web development then you’ve come to the right place. The Odin Project comes with best free resources out there and groups them into the courses. They have also created projects for students who are exactly geared to perform. You can learn web development basics and advanced courses from this website which is running in beta.

3. Home and Learn

Provides you free useful courses about web design, web development, programming languages and more courses. Begin with the basics of web design as they have prepared beginner’s guide then bring your steps ahead with learning more and more advanced things.

4. Educational Portal

Educational Portal specializes courses that are badly needed for every beginner’s in web design and development. They have covered few useful courses taken at famous Universities in this world.

5. Free Courses @Tuts+

Free Courses @Tuts+
We know all Tuts+ is the leader in distributing courses of web design, photoshop, code, 3D, business etc. but very few of these courses are offered free except the tutorials are almost free. Tuts+ covers  top contributors who write articles on regular basis for web design, photoshop, how to code, photo manipulation, game development, computer and more. You can have free tutorials on web design that can feed you up better also they’re arranged by top notch professionals in web design field.

6. Lynda

Lynda is an awesome place for every professional to learn whatever they want since the platform is designed to provide free unlimited courses on web design and development, photography, business, education, 3D + animation, video, audio + music and more. Lynda’s courses are mainly video based also a collection of countless free tutorials to strident your design knowledge and build up powerful web design projects.

7. CodeSchool

Codeschool is a place for novices and professionals who provide unlimited free courses on web design, development and other professional courses. All you need to do just opening a free account and get started with your favorite course.

8. CodeCademy

If you want to get free web design courses at beginner’s level then CodeCademy is best alongside your learning. It provides you free high quality tutorials to learn code interactively, for free.

9. Dash GeneralAssembly

Dash GeneralAssembly
Dash is a platform of learning fee courses on web design and development. You can get started with design basics HTML, CSS, and JavaScript through fun projects you can do in your browser.

10. Code Avengers

Code Avengers is a powerful platform for learning basically programming codes, web design, development, and more. Thankfully this site offers web design basics for free.

11. Aquent Gymnasium

Aquent provides free courses on all levels which is an online school to teach students free courses. Aquent’s courses include: coding for designers, responsive web design, jQuery building blocks, ux fundamentals etc.

12. Skillshare

Another great resource for web design who provides free beginner’s guide on fundamentals and few cores of advanced level courses. Enroll in online classes and complete projects that unlock your creativity.

13. Don’t Fear the Internet

A handy free resource for web design students to learn basics in web design almost free of cost. Courses are designed mainly video based and interactive.

14. Appendto Developer Learning Center

Appedto provides free online web development courses for beginners mainly the basics in web design and development.

15. Channel9

A fantastic place to learn HTML5 & CSS3 fundamentals also the basics in web design are quite free. Offering you free video courses and tutorials

16. P2PU

Embark on a set of Challenges that will help you understand how basic HTML elements work, and guide you through using the tools to create your first webpage from scratch.

17. Saylor

A useful resource for web design students and enthusiasts to take free courses at Saylor.

18. Sayhowe

Learn to Code HTML & CSS has one goal — to teach people how to build beautiful and intuitive websites by way of clear and organized lessons.

19. Kdmc Berkeley

Kdmc Berkeley
While this resource is provided by a very credible source, its intended audience is not hardcore developers but career journalists and communication professionals.

20. Web Development for Beginners

Learn how to be a professional web designer by learning useful web development guides which are completely free of cost.

21. HTML & CSSboook

HTML & CSSboook
Dive into the web design basics HTML and CSS world to keep you updated with every notch of web design fundamental.

22. Geek Champ

Geek Champ is an web design company provides free tutorials and courses to get started with advanced web design technologies HTML5. Their tutorials will walk you through the basics in HTML5 and aims to help developers to get started building HTML5 apps quickly.

23. Dive Into HTML5 by Mark Pilgrim

Mark Pilgrim’s reference book, Dive Into HTML5, is a guide to the new elements unique to HTML5.

24. Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft Virtual Academy
Microsoft Virtual Academy provides free courses and tutorials to get started with basic web design. Mainly the courses are designed to build web, mobile application and develop apps for free.

25. Webvanta

A beautiful place to learn HTML and CSS more creatively since their courses are designed for free and with visual content. Not only you take course on HTML and CSS but also JavaScript, jQuery, Mobile web design and more.

26. W3Schools

W3Schools is a favorite place for many code learners, web designers to learn variants of new codes, and practice on it. You can learn all free basics in web design.


A free resource to learn programming codes like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP etc. codes. This place is normally for advanced web coders and practitioner.

28. IBM developerWorks

IBM is an open source project of learning programming languages with tutorials they distribute for free. Students who take courses at IBM are capable to create any kind of software advanced or beginner level no matter.

29. CodeProject

CodeProject have put together a series of articles from the community to lead you, step-by-step, into the wonderful world of HTML and CSS. This site offers quite few useful courses and tutorials that are efficient for every newbie and professional.

30. WebDesignAcedemy

Another good resource for learning web design and development from the base. It’s well place for newbie to learn advanced and beginner level web design technologies.

31. Mozila Developer Network (MDN)

Mozilla’s free web developer guides can help you to learn programming codes like HTML5, CSS3 and other languages.

32. HTML5 Please

HTML5 Please
An established platform and free resource which is ready to teach programming codes like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and more languages. Their step by step guides can help you to learn each lesson more cordially.

33. LearnStreet

With LearnStreet you can go deeper into JavaScript, Ruby and Python. Various courses consisting of videos and exercises are good resource of information for students and great tool for educators teaching coding.

34. Instructables

Instructables is a resource site to learn programming codes like HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript etc. All of their posts are distributed with PDF version so you can download your lesson to learn later through readers.


These are quite few lists of web design courses that can help you to start with the basics of web design and fundamentals. All of the courses are free but very effective and help you out of your web design learning difficulties.

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Hacking is somewhat a practice of modifying the features of a system in order that accomplishing specific goal out of the creator’s original purpose. Person who is consistently engaged in hacking activities and have chosen hacking as the lifestyle and trend is called a hacker. Amongst all types of hacking Computer hacking is the top popular to the hackers nowadays, specially the field of computer security is vulnerable, but other forms of hacking are still existing such as mobile phone hacking, WiFi hacking, brain hacking, website hacking, accounts hacking etc. though these are not limited and non-famous to hackers.

Today in this hacking universe the most cruel and unfair hackers are called black-hat hackers from the media which originally have changed the form of hacking also damaged the reputation of all hackers since the mass attention is now given to it. This hacking pattern is seriously against the legal acts and government policies of all countries.

Anyway the goal of this article is to introduce people some of most essential resources to learn hacking as a beginner to be an ethical hacker. I have added quite few forums, hacker manifesto, and how to guides in a nutshell.

Hacking Tutorials, Resources for Beginners

Here are quite few lists of sites beginners can learn hacking, programming and much more stuffs to be an ethical hacker and evolve his career.


Cybrary is called the group of most experienced and highly skilled professionals in the planet of hacking. It’s such a place where students can begin learning hacking for free as they do believe in free courses distributed on IT and Cyber Security training that can make a person to succeed and evolve his/her career.

At Cybrary a student can do free courses on: Systems Administration; Network Administration; Cyber Security etc. These free IT training classes include everything from industry certifications such as Certified Ethical Hacker, CISSP and CCNA to advanced niche skill sets like advanced penetration testing and cloud administration.

Hacking Tutorial

Hacking Tutorial
It’s a free resource website for those people who want to learn hacking on different objects like windows shutdown, hacking android smartphones, WiFi hacking and much more. Articles are quite small(short version) but include very useful information with visual content that help you to gather knowledge on hacking specific object. As well as they provide news, widgets, tools, freebies on hacking.


It’s such a bigger hacking forum which mainly focuses to teach people on various topics: Hacking and Security, Programming Languages, Hardware, OS and Networking and more. Get your questions answered by top contributors and highly experienced members in your discussion forum.

Hackers HandBook

Hackers HandBook
A complete resources of tutorials on some of the most popular hacking objects like Protection, WiFI hacking, Hacking accounts, computers, websites, mobile and misc tutorials. The most important thing is that you will be provided almost free versions of these tutorials with very sensitive cases. They not only provide free courses but also have Blog and Forum to make sure better understanding by fragmentation of your specific topic of learning.


HackLand is a free resource website providing interactive courses on hacking that demonstrates many of the major features of the language. Simply provide exercises to get started with your favorite tutorials.

Ethical Hacking Tutorial

EHT provides free courses on hacking such as 3G hacks, Networking hacks, Malware, Antivirus, Anonymity, Adware etc. Articles are visual with rich media content(images, videos, audio etc.) to ensure better understanding of every single topic.


Penetration testing is a type of security testing used to test the insecure areas of the system or application. The goal of this testing is to find all security vulnerabilities that are present in the system being tested.

Hack a Day

Hack a Day
Hack a Day is one of the top resources of hacking related tutorials but they provide quite collaborative guides to master different topics that you’re strongly needed. Hack a Day offers amazing libraries of information for anyone looking for specific categories like cellphones, GPS or digital cameras. Over the years, Hack A Day has transformed the site into a fairly popular blog.

Hack This Site

Hack This Site
Hack This Site is a free, safe and legal training ground for hackers to test and expand their hacking skills. More than just a useful resource where students can learn new tips and tricks on hacking.

Cryptography Related Tutorials

Cryptography which was prior known as encryption but it is the conversion of information from a readable state of apparent nonsense. If you want to be a hacker then you must know encryption since there are old encryption techniques that do not work in modern computing world.

Modern encryption is heavily based upon mathematical theory and computer science practice; cryptographic algorithms are designed around computational hardness assumptions. Anyway in hacking world cryptography is an important are that many programmers, software engineers do not understand it well even. Below are some of the sites you can learn cryptography easily.

  1. Learn Cryptography
  2. Free Online Courses
  3. Learning About Cryptography
  4. Applied Cryptography and Encryption
  5. Cryptool Portal
  6. Introduction to Cryptography
  7. An Overview of Cryptography
  8. Cryptography Tutorials

Websites For Security Related Tutorials And News

Hackers also need to know security while they can hack so they should also know how to secure. There are lots of free resources, free tips and tricks available for experimenting through these websites for improving yourself to be advanced hacker.

In recent years, many people are aspiring to learn how to hack. With growing interest in this area, a lot of different types of hacking practices are evolving. With popularity of social networks many people have inclined towards vulnerability in various social networks like facebook, twitter, and myspace etc.

Below are quite few lists of sites you can use to learn security and related news.

  1. Astala Vista
  2. Packet Storm
  3. Black Hat
  4. Meta Sploit
  5. Sec Tools
  6. 2600 News
  7. DEF CON – Hacking conference
  8. Breath The Security
  9. Hacking Tutorial
  10. Evil Zone
  11. Hack a Day
  12. Hitb
  13. Hack This Site
  14. Pentestmag
  15. Security Tube
  16. SSLLabs

Useful Videos & Play Lists

Videos are the actionable way to learn instant hacking, effectively execute and get better knowledge from practical experience from experts and professionals. Below are some resources where you can get useful videos and play lists on hacking.

  1. Cryptgraphy Course from Top Universities by Stanford
  2. Open Security Training– Youtube Playlist of More than 90 hours
  3. OWASP AppSec USA 2011
  4. Defcon: What happens when you steal a hackers computer
  5. Defcon: Nmap: Scanning the Internet
  6. Public Key Cryptography

Hackers And Cyber Security Professionals Forums:

Forums are the great place to scrutinize any problem with highly experienced professionals and top contributors. There are hundreds of remarkable forums you can use to learn hacking, security issues and encryption.

  1. Stackoverflow For Security Professinals
  2. DarkSat
  3. Security Info Watch
  4. Cnet Forum for Security, Spyware and Viruses
  5. Hack Forums

Vulnerability Databases and Resources:

Vulnerability databases are the point a security professional has to start the day to fix bugs and errors across any project. If any new vulnerability is available is generally through public vulnerability databases. Below are quite few lists where you can learn vulnerability databases.

  1. Exploitdb
  2. Security Vulns
  3. Security Focus
  4. Osvdb
  5. Secunia
  6. Zerodayinitiative
  7. NVD Govt
  8. Vupen
  9. Cvedetails
  10. Mitre

Tools And Programs For Hacking/Security

Hackers are needed various tools by which they can make hacking easier, and faster. Below are  quite few tools you can use to do hacking.

  1. Burp Suite: Burp Suite has several features that can help the penetration tester or ethical hacker.
  2. Metasploit: The Metasploit Project, or better known as simply ” is a hugely popular pentesting or hacking tool that is used by cybersecurity professionals and ethical hackers.
  3. Angry IP Scanner: Angry IP Scanner, also known as ‘ipscan’ is a freely available (open-source and cross-platform) hacking network scanner that is both fast and easy to use.
  4. Kali Linux: Although not really a ‘hacking tool’ we receive a lot of traffic on this popular Linux Distro.
  5. Snort: Snort is an awesome hacking and network tool that can be configured in one of three modes
  6. Cain & Abel: Cain &Abel is a password recovery tool that is mostly used for Microsoft Operating Systems.
  7. THC Hydra: Although often considered as yet another password cracker, THC Hydra is hugely popular and has a very active and experienced development team.
  8. Ettercap: Ettercap has a huge following and is widely used by cybersecurity professionals.
  9. John The Ripper: John the Ripper is a popular password cracking pentesting tool that is most commonly used to perform dictionary attacks.
  10. Wapiti: Wapiti has a very loyal following. As a pentesting tool (or framework) Wapiti is able to scan and detect hundreds of possible vulnerabilities.


I have tried hard to compile quite few lists of sites that a beginner, even pro hacker needs to learn from the standpoint. If you think the collaboration is quite worth then please don’t leave speechless share the words with social networks also with your friends and aspiring buddies who want to learn hacking.