March 2015


Google apps is a premium Google service which basically works with businesses providing email address, online storage, shared calenders, video meetings and more. This platform is well known for providing custom email address which is driven by a domain address [i.e. Your company website address] with this format “”.

You will be given 30GB of storage with 24/7 support capability. Not only you create your business email address but also you can add users to your business so that they can access your services easily.

We will use Namecheap domain provider to perform our custom MX records setup.

Namecheap Offers Special Discount on Domain Purchase [Hot Offer]

Discounted COM, NET, ORG, BIZ Registrations and Transfers. The coupon code entitles you to register or transfer your .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info at the following discounted rates:

  • COM Registration $9.66 + $0.18 ICANN Fee
  • COM Transfer $8.84 + $0.18 ICANN Fee
  • NET Registration $11.32 + $0.18 ICANN Fee
  • NET Transfer $10.52 + $0.18 ICANN Fee
  • ORG Registration $10.21
  • ORG Transfer $9.41
  • INFO Registration and (or) Transfer $9.66
  • BIZ Registration $10.21BIZ Transfer $10.03

Hurry, though – this is a limited time offer and is also restricted to 30 uses per account!

Create Free Business Email Address with Google Apps

1. First of all go to Google apps for work official page and click on “Get started” button

2. Now provide your business name [i.e. Your website name may be], Number of employees [i.e. Quantity of people working under your business], Country/Region [i.e. Your location] and hit “Continue” button
Tell us about your business
3. On step two you have to insert your domain URL with “” format or you can purchase a new domain just at $8/year cost. Now click on “Continue” to proceed
Select a domain to use
4. To create your Google apps account you have to provide your Name, Username, Password, Recovery email address [Email address is used to recover your Google apps account if forget password or username], Phone number, Security verification and click on “Continue” to setup your Google apps account
Create Google apps

Verify Domain

5. Now you have to verify your domain address using two separate options [Meta tags, or file upload], in case of my Blogger site verification I have used Meta tags but if you use WordPress then you can upload a file containing Meta tags on public_html folder using FileZilla client or Cpanel file upload option
Verify Domain
Let's verify domain ownership
6. So to verify your domain click on “Verify Domain” button then hit on “Get started” and choose two of the following domain verification method. When you will add Meta tag value on your blog or site you must embed it after <head> tag or before </head> tag
Add meta tag to your website
7. After adding Meta tag value simply check the box says “I have added the meta tag to my homepage” and click on “Verify” button. A popup will say your domain is verified so click on “Continue” to proceed
Domain is verified

Create accounts for your team

8. On this step you have to add users here so they can start using apps and services. To add users who are in your circle or Gmail  groups you can add them by clicking on “Add users” link and choose your options to add new users or to skip this step simply click on “Next”
Create accounts for your team

Set up email

9. This is the very important part of our work since you have to setup Gmail with new MX (mail exchange) records under Domain control panel. Not very hard to organize but will take fewer than 2/3 minutes to setup.

10. To continue click on “Set up Gmail” and a popup will say “Let’s get your email up and running” while you have to click again on “Set up email”
Set up Gmail
Set up email

Domain setup

11. Google apps require you to set up six different options to verify your domain MX records so that all your emails can be directed to your business email connected with a Gmail account under your custom domain address.

12. As we will perform custom MX record setup with so make sure you have registered domain address under If you don’t have any domain address yet then I think you’re missing the cheapest domain service with all available features from Namecheap.
Look what Namecheap provides you:

  • Namecheap runs at $10.69/yr for .com domains [including WHOIS Guard support]
  • Free secured DNS service
  • Personalized custom email address upto 5 emails
  • Auto domain renewal service
  • Live support with 24/7 hours
  • Namecheap is proactive in account security which is absent in many domain register companies
  • And lots of new features, you can check this post for Namecheap special offers

So I think you have namecheap account now login your account and click on “Manage Domains”. Now click on your domain address and navigate to “All Host Records”

13. Here we have to create new custom MX records so scroll down the page a little and check “User (Mail Server’s Host Name Required)” and click on “Save changes”

14. Here all the custom MX records property will go under “Host Name”, “Mail Server Hostname”, “MX Pref” and “TTL”. Before inputting these blank boxes we have to switch “Admin Console” tab of browser to get Custom MX records.
Custom MX records.
15. Now tick first three tabs and with fourth tab which provides MX records values you have to just copy values under “Mailserver Host Name” and put the five values sequentially under “MAILSERVER HOST NAME”
Custom MX records in Namecheap
16. Fill the first column’s blank boxes with “@” character. Then fill “MX PREF” with property values. And “TTL” with “3,600” which is for second.

17. Finally click on “Save changes” and you’re successfully updated Custom MX records in Domain Cpanel.

18. Again switch to “Admin Console” tag of Google apps and tick other two tabs. Later click on “Verify” button and you will see an instant feedback from Google apps that you have successfully created MX records under your domain address.
Domain setup
Email just go awesome
Mail setup will take at least 24 hours to be completely verified and you will get notification message once done.

Note: This Google apps service is for 30 days trial period only so if you want a lifetime service then you have to purchase their subscription plans. There are different types of plans Google apps provide according to usability of apps service.

There are bundles of free and paid tools available online to optimize your site for search engine ranking, curate content for marketing and promotion, feature your businesses on social networks and let your stuffs go viral within minutes. Content marketing and Social media marketing are related to Internet business but Search engine optimization is beyond dispute; more strong, more reliable and create fundamentals for a powerful business online that exits lifetime. In order to divert our marketing style and make marketing 10x powerful and faster we need help of different tools that operate online for handling SEO(search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), SMM(social media marketing) and CM(content marketing).

With today’s guide I will meet you up with quite some important tools for Search engine optimization, Link building, Content marketing, Competitors analysis and so so. Let’s have a quick glance of your favorite tools

Competitors Analysis

The following tools can be extremely helpful to analyze your competitors ranking, keywords, backlinks, CTR, CPC and much more. Listed on the basis of popularity and usability.


Open Site ExplorerThis tool creates unique comparing between sites including search metrics, backlinks, keywords, suggested big, monthly search volume and more. You can get information about your competitors top keywords, traffic data, traffic location, and more secrets on how your competitors are ranking for specific search terms. Check out SEMRush premium tool for free.

Open Site Explorer

Open Site ExplorerThe Open Site Explore is an advanced SEO analysis tool by Moz to competitive analysis. With this tool you can compare your website with up to 5 sites. It lets you analyze Inbound links, top pages, linking domains, anchor text, domain authority, page authority, mozrank, moztrust, page mozrank, page moztrust, internal/external links and more more.


AhrefsCheck your competitors backlinks, referring domains, unique referring IPs, unique referring domains, location of backlinks and much more.


Majestic SEO

Majestic SEOMajestic SEO performs as like as Ahrefs in finding out competitors backlinks, referring domains and backlinks with dofollow/nofollow, Indexed URLs, educational and government referring domains etc. You can compare headline stats for up to 5 different domains with tool. If you go through free version then you have limited access to backlinks data and other spaces in addition with limited daily search volume (up to 2 searches per day from a unique IP).

Web SEO Analytics

Web SEO AnalyticsA great tool to compare your competitors who rank the same keywords on search engines. This tool provides a comparison with up to 10 links including title optimization, page links, pagerank, domain score, alexa rank, domain authority, page authority,  domain traffic and much more.

Internet Marketing Ninjas

Side-by-Side SEO Comparison Tool by Internet Marketing NinjasThis free tool from Internet Marketing Ninjas compare the On-Page SEO analysis with up to 5 full URLs. It compares the page size, title tag, meta description, meta keywords, headlines (H1, H2), keyword usage and density etc.

Site Comparison

Site ComparisonSite Comparison from SEO Mastering compares two pages using multiple SEO aspects. It compares content, keywords, links, bold and italic texts, meta tags, titles, headlines and keyword phrases as well.


WebMeUpOpening a free account at WebMeUp lets you take a look at the backlink profile of your site with competitors. Though it doesn’t have largest database of backlink profiles that Ahrefs or Majestic SEO do but it provides different competitors analysis data that worth you checking out.

Link Analysis

Analyze your website backlinks, internal links, referring domains, unique referring IPs, backlinks with dofollow/nofollow and so on. Listed based on popularity and usability.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster ToolsGWT external backlinks tracker provides you the Referring Sites report shows number of visits from other sites to your site. In order to access your site’s data simply navigate to Google Webmaster Tools -> Search Traffic -> Links to Your Site. You can also find Google Index reports, Crawl status and more.

Bing Webmaster Tools | Link Explorer

Bing Webmaster Tools | Link ExplorerSimilar to GWT but they have started few handy tools to analyze your inbound links, You can find all the useful tools under Diagnostics & Data section in your Bind webmaster tools account.


Open Site Explorer

Open Site ExplorerMoz’s Open Site Explorer which is an intelligent tool providing your competitors Linking pages, Top pages, Linking domains, Anchor text distribution, Full list of link metrics etc.


Backlink Watch

Backlink WatchThis is a free tool which shows backlinks and anchor text using in backlinks of any website.



Buzzstream Buzzstream is a useful project management tool for cataloging link building opportunities & tracking progress with contacts.



OpenLinkProfilerThis tool analyzes your total active backlinks, unique active backlinks, links to homepage, nofollow links, link influence score, industry, and much more.


Link Diagnosis

Link DiagnosisThis free tool provides useful interfaces that make you analyze backlinks of your site. It’s a free quick anchor text analyzer which is able to export data in excel functionality. Ability to drill down into links to specific pages.

Advanced Link Manager

Advanced Link ManagerThis tool is created by the team who created link diagnose is a popular keyword rank and link analysis tool. It’s ability to track link-building progress over time. A quick tool with anchor text analysis availability.

Keyword Research

The following tools are quite popular and most useful to analyze keywords that fit your businesses websites and blogs. Listed on popularity and usability.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword PlannerA recommended tool for every internet marketer, webmaster and blogger to target long tail seo and establish content on search engines so early. With GKP you can get ad group ideas and specific keyword ideas including keyword competition, suggested bid, monthly search volume, and much more. To know more check this review of Google Keyword Planner

Google Auto Suggest

Google Auto SuggestThis tool is run by Keywordtooldominator which actually takes keyword suggestions from Google data and simplify every keyword representing different several keywords.


Hit Tail

Hit TailLiked by internet marketers, bloggers as to be the best SEO tool to analyze long tail keywords which are best suited for your niche. HitTail provides specific code which you need to add on your website and HitTail does rest of all the tasks regaring auto generation long tail keywords according to your content which can be easily super fast ranked on Google and other search engines. Read a review on HitTail


WordTrackerWith WordTracker long tail keyword research tool you can easily find profitable long tail keywords along with important details regarding Searches, Keyword competition, IAAT (Keyword in anchor and text) and KEI (Keyword effectiveness index).


ÜbersuggestThis free tool works fine when other tools are sleepy in finding out targeted long tail keywords. You can consider this tool as the best alternative of Google auto complete and this free tool adds different characters after your inputted keywords.

Broken Link Checker

Following free tools can help you to scan your whole website’s pages and find out the broken links, bad hosts, dead links, 301 redirects and much more to amend your websites internal linking data.

BrokenLinkCheck.comAn award winning broken link checker tool which analyzes bad host or bad links of your site and checks your websites or blogs with simple scanning the web internal pages later shows the screen of that page where the dead link is located with highlighted tag lines.

W3 Validator and Link Checker

W3 Validator and Link CheckerW3 Link Checker is a free broken link chekcer tool for web pages or full website. This tool provides you different search parameters like Summary, URL redirects, broken links, HTML/CSS validity and more.

Dead Link Checker

Dead Link CheckerDeadLinkChecker is another useful 404 error page checker tool which allows you to full scan or check links on whole website.


Dr. LinkChecker

Dr. LinkCheckerA free online broken link checker tool providing you information of Redirected links, External links, Broken links, Blacklisted URLs etc.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is also a big part of SEO that’s why I have added following free tools to handle your content marketing work more easy and swift than any manual process. Get started with the most efficient free content marketing tools


BufferBuffer is a free tool used to schedule your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus



PRWebWith PRWeb you can send SEO optimized press releses about your most valuable conent to 30,000 journalists, 250,000 opt-in news subsribers and to the 3 million monthly visitors on

Inbound.orgHubspot’s created free marketing platform comprising with the best content marketers and promoters on the planet. You can find the best news, tips, tricks, information, and much more about content marketing from industry experts.


TwitterThis microblogging site is most popular to market your content with target audience who follow you on Twitter.



StumbleuponShare your content on SU and get visible by millions of stumblers online.




PinterestUse Pinterest to organize your resources, the content from others and your favorite websites for content marketing inspiration.



PocketSave videos, articles and other helpful resources away to check out later.



IFTTTA freeware utility which works to create custom recipes that increase the productivity across all of your web applications.



Content Curation

The following tools are free to use for content curation across many popular platforms. These tools are quite free and provide lifetime support.


PinterestPinterest is used to pin stuffs that are related to your business and target audience online. This is a free tool to curate your content. Pinterest for Business takes curated pinning to the next level, making it easy to collate your favorite pins, market your business quickly.


ContentGemsGet your content curated with ContentGems, and monitoring services that screens 200K+ RSS feeds for news sites, blogs, social media accounts and other services.



FeedlyCurate your blog’s content with Feedly and let millions of people subscribe with a popular content syndication tool.



FlipboardSubmit the most favorite content to Flipboard and get them shared with millions of Flipboard users within seconds. Another good thins is Flipboard provides comparatively lower bounce rate.



StorifyStorify makes it easy for marketers to curate content from around the web, pulling from social media updates, news articles, blogs and other sources

Social Media  Marketing

The following tools can help you to handle your social media marketing work more creative, powerful and easy. These are very basic free tools for social media marketing.

Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsThe #1 website analytics and social media marketing tool is Google Analytics which is very intelligent tool in terms of social media, referral, organic and direct traffic.



BufferBuffer provides dashboard account to analyze your social media marketing statistics for content you love to share.



BulkBufferBulkBuffer is an extension for Buffer allows you to upload items to Buffer in bulk. It perfectly works if you’re looking to share content from a large source.



FollowerwonkThis is a Moz product which is a famous tool specially for managing twitter account. This tool shows you detailed breakdowns of your followers and activity.


Post Planner

Post PlannerA rising social media marketing tool which allows you to schedule updates in advance in addition with providing an entire lists of status ideas.



ViralWootCreated by Pinterest where ViralWoot provides you more indepth analytics as you can schedule posts, promote pins, and gain new followers all through VW.



These are quite few lists of Free tools for Search engine optimization and internet marketing. All of these tools provide free services at least of trial period; though they offer very limited features but effectively you can still use these tools to optimize content, search engines, on-page, off-page, internal/external links and do more.

If you think I have missed any important tool don’t forget to let your suggestions being disclosed right here simply by leaving a comment.

Monetizing a blog with ad publishing network is the first level of earning which may take quite few months for any blogger to get started with various advertising methods PPC/CPC or CPM. Amongst all the categories of ad publishing—earning depends on Content, Traffic, Page CTR, Ad RPM, Bounce Rate etc. parameters. Some websites may generate more clicks with lower RPM rate and some fewer clicks but huge RPM rate.

So these two different conditions define which ad network is perfectly suited for these two sites. Suppose the first website which generates more clicks than fewer RPM rate can perform well with advertising network who pays on PPC formula again for second website CPM ad network will perform ultimate to maximize revenue skyrocket.

So you can understand that website performance can help you to decide which ad network is best for your blog or site. I have seen may webmasters pull thousands of bucks with CPM ad networks out of Google Adsense[King of ad publisher] who pays on PPC formula.

Today’s guide I will show you my 8 favorite lists of PPC and CPM advertising networks to monetize your newly launched blog.

Google Adsense

Make Money Online Through Website Monetization - Google AdSense – Google

Adsense dominates over millions of advertisers all over the world using AdWords to list their products and services while Google adopt various processes to deliver these ads online. Amongst all of the Google’s treasury to distribute ads majority are handled by Adsense [though Google ads appear on Search, Custom Search, Gmail, News, Blogs and other different places belong to Google products] Adsense is solely a PPC [Pay-per-click] or CPC [Cost-per-click] ad network which mainly focuses on websites to distribute ads based on content. There are lots of technologies Adsense uses to provide highly targeting, engaging and quality ads that perfectly suite a site’s content and audience so that more feasibility of clicks.

Adsense uses crawler which is widely known as Adsense Crawler more similar to Google Crawler though there are prime differences between Adsense and Google Crawler are (1) Adsense crawler crawls headlines, texts, links to focus on keywords to deliver more relevant ads whereas
(2) Google crawler indexes all resources of a site to visible on search engines in terms of targeted search queries.

To get Adsense account approved is a bit tough these days when Google Adsense measures lots of things before including any website in their network. Here are some useful guides help you to get started with Google Adsense - Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads

A Yahoo and Bing enterprise is widely famous as working with contextual ads powered by which measures ad impressions of a site and pay money on RPM [Revenue per thousand impression] method. Reasons there are many websites are benefited from’s ads are “people are less likely to click on Ads though the impression rate remains higher so webmasters utilize this effort to monetize their blogs with CPM ads [i.e.] rather CPC ads [i.e. Adsense]”


BidVertiser - Pay Per Click Advertising On Sites Of Your Choice.

Not so famous as the previous twos but yet works better with slow traffic site having quality traffic, reduced bounce rate and quality content. Bidvertiser provides both text, image, animated, flash ads though they won’t provide highly targeted and quality ads because of limited advertisers comparing to Adsense or but you can still pull up maximum earning with websites not approved with Adsense. The minimum payout of Bidvertiser is $100 and they pay through Paypal, Check.


Chitika - Online Advertising Network 2015-12-13 21-09-46

Over 300K publisher websites are already listed on Chitika’s ad inventory which provide highly targeted ads relevant to website content, target audience and traffic. You will have to start with primary membership with Chitika but don’t worry once your earnings exceed their minimum limit you will be upgraded to secondary membership providing with high quality ads with more CPC rate.

Vibrant Media

Home - Vibrant Media

Another well-known CPC ad network at this time providing quality ads from a big lists of their brand advertisers. The CPC rates of VM are among the highest in the industry, but the catch is that they just don’t let any website join in the fun. You have to prove your site as a premium publisher with quality content, traffic, and audience. Sites including content like adult, gambling, drugs, profanity, hate speech, violence will never be approved through VM so they have quite few restrictions upon publishers you will get on Terms of use.


Infolinks - Innovative Ads Powered by Intent 2015-12-13 21-10-33

Infolinks is a CPC based ad network which was on top of the choice to blog publishers but today their CPC rate is recorded as the lowest comparing other ad networks is the reason many blog publishers avoid these ads. If you have blog having thousands of articles and not so more internal links then you can maximize earnings with Infolinks ads but blogs have huge internal links should avoid Infolinks in order to boost CTR.

The minimum payout of Infolinks is $50 via Paypal.


Cost per click advertising network works fine with blog publishers because of higher page CTR, RPM rates and more revenue per click. Amongst all the ad networks listed above I recommend you going through Google Adsense first then and sequentially other networks mainly depend upon your blog site quality.

If you’re approved with Google Adsense then monetize this ad network otherwise try out Do let me know how you liked this article.

Looking for some quality tutorials to learn iOS development? Then I think you have appeared on the best place where to get all the lists of best free iOS development tutorials and guides as a beginner. iOS development is today’s one the top paid professions amongst other programmers and developers iOS programmers have highest demand at the Job field.

If you’re a code expert, have better experience on C program, Java and C++ then this is the right time to get started with iOS development since there are lots of online courses and tutorials with effective visual guides and videos can help you to learn iOS programming from scratch and begin app development which will be stored on iTunes.

1. Apple Developer − iOS Developer Library

Start developing your own iOS apps today with Apple develop which comes with countless freeware utilities and resources to get started creating apps that can be run on iPad, iPhone and iOS touch. Apple developer provides you four shot modules as an ideal introduction to building your first app. The key elements of developing a great app including App Store, Xcode and Download. To develop iOS apps, you need:

  • A Mac computer running OS X 10.9.4 or later
  • Xcode (latest version)
  • iOS SDK

2. Code School − Try iOS

Code School − Try iOS
Learn how to create an iOS app with free tutorials from Code School. The app development courses are divided into number of levels (up to level 6) including videos and visual guides. To get started with Code School you need basic coding experience.

3. AppCoda − iOS Programming Course

AppCoda provides you the best tutorials to learn iOS programming. This free iOS programming course is target for beginners without possessing any programming experience. What you just need is a strong passion to build your own app.

4. udemy − Learn iOS Programming

This iOS course is aimed to provide a through and clear understanding of the iOS programming. Start with basic Hello world for iOS and cover the most important topics which will provide you a firm base to build your iOS Apps.

5. CODE with Chris − Learning iOS Programming

CODE with Chris − Learning iOS Programming
Chris is a programmer who provides free courses to learn and develop iOS application. If you’re newbie to iOS programming then you can get started with Beginner’s guide to iPhone Development

6. BLOC − Learn iOS Programming

Start by setting up your development environment using Xcode 6, Git, and GitHub. GitHub will serve as an online portfolio of your coursework. Next, explore fundamental programming topics such as variables, loops, arrays, and objects, using both Objective-C and Swift.

7. Oreilly Media − Learning iOS Programming, 3rd Edition

Get a rapid introduction to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch programming. With this easy-to-follow guide, you’ll learn how to develop your first marketable iOS application, from opening Xcode to submitting your product to the App Store.

8. TeamTreeHouse − Learn iOS Development & Swift

Get up with learning iOS development and Swift, a complete course designed by highly experienced iOS developers and free video programs will help to expedite your learning 10X faster than other courses.

9. Design then Code − Building iOS Apps From Scratch

Design then Code − Building iOS Apps From Scratch
Before taking a crack at any Design Then Code project tutorials you’ll need some knowledge of Xcode, Objective-C, Cocoa and UIKit. This tutorial guide is created by Mike Rundle with more effective visual, codes and examples which create perfect environment to learn how to code.

10. YouTube − iOS Programming

This video tutorial helps you to learn the basics of iOS programming. It’s familiar with Apple’s programming interface, Xcode and learn the basics of creating an iOS application.

11. IT eBooks − Learning iOS Programming, 3rd Edition

Get a rapid introduction to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch programming. With this easy-to-follow guide, you’ll learn how to develop your first marketable iOS application, from opening Xcode to submitting your product to the App Store.

12. Lynda − iOS Video Courses and Tutorials

Lynda − iOS Video Courses and Tutorials
Lynda provides free video courses and tutorials for iOS development. Every online course includes free videos and you can access all of courses if you become a member.

13. Udacity − Become an iOS Developer

Udacity comes with handy tutorials to get started with the basics of iOS programming and guides. Learn iOS developing with Udacity.

14. Designcode − Build an iOS App

Building an app has never been this simple. Sketch and Xcode makes the whole process approachable to both designers and developers. Learn free iOS development at Designcode.

15. ThePragmaticStudio − iOS 8 Development with Swift

ThePragmaticStudio − iOS 8 Development with Swift
Learn how to create full-featured iOS 8 apps from scratch using the new Swift programming language in this hands-on training course taught by a renowned iOS expert.

16. Edumobile Blog − iPhone Tutorial

Edumobile is a blog dedicated to tutorials and guides on mobile technology. They also provide complete software development learning programs.

17. iPhoneDevSDK

More of a forum than anything else, the iPhoneDevSDK is a great place to ask questions and read what others have to say. The main focus of the the forum is iOS app development and marketing.

18. Ray Wenderlich

A platform dedicated to learn iPhone tutorials and develop iOS application. It’s a blog  that aims to provide high quality programming tutorials for iOS developers and gamers.

19. Tutorialspoint – iOS Application Development

Tutorialspoint is a great place to learn iOS development. Their courses take you from the very beginning level and provide real coding experience and challenge you to do more with code.

20. Tuts+ − Learn iOS SDK Development From Scratch

Learn the basics and advanced level of iOS app development with Tuts+ 16 free quality posts. You would learn: understanding the iOS ecosystem, setting up development environment, test your app on cross device and much more.