June 2015


We all love digital downloads online, since we want to save our time to get all things done within moments and spend rest of the time with our normal activities. But do you know there are still a portion of people who cover their stuffs in very simple manner and love to produce creativity alongside their career and sell those creativity to make a happier and self restrained living online.

Yes, you can be one of them if you really believe in trust and success. So today, you can even start making money online once you’re one of those people have already created digital product but never thought to sell to your target customers.

Here I have arranged the carts for you to show and sell your products on right place to boost up sales and make stream flow of money overnight. Let’s see, what are those carts?

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The service which is the internet payment processing giant covering 165 million people across the world providing 12.5 million payments for their customers each day. PayPal is not only a leading online payment processor but also a reliable and only solution for online shopping.

PayPal Business & Merchant Solutions
PayPal Business & Merchant Solutions

PayPal gives people the highest flexibility to pay using their PayPal account balance, bank accounts, PayPal Credit and credit cards. It’s a complete global payments platform available to people in 203 markets, allowing customers to get paid in more than 100 currencies, fund withdrawal ability to their bank account in 57 currencies.

The above statistics measure how strong PayPal’s reign in online payment processing and how people from rest of world trust PayPal in their daily online transactions. The conversion rate of PayPal in online payment processing is almost higher than any other services.

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  • PayPal charges 2.5% + $0.30 per Sale
  • Get paid in Bank accounts, Check, PayPal Debit MasterCard
  • Accept payments from PayPal and Credit Card
  • No risk of account cancellation issue but you need to be a verified user to work with them


It’s not any specific bank since they don’t provide banking solution but it’s a giant store of digital products, software, eBooks, and services. They’re an a world class affiliate company covering 1.5 million affiliate marketers, on approximation 100K of whom are designated as ‘active’ at any given time.

ClickBank - A Global Internet Retailer
ClickBank – A Global Internet Retailer

The last estimated revenue reports from the company claimed to have paid affiliates and vendors over $1.8 billion, with 35,000 transactions processed per day and generated over $350 million in annul revenue.

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  • Charges an one-time fee of $50 for each product
  • For each sale they charge 7.5% + $1
  • Get paid in Check, Direct deposit to US bank account [Partnered with Payoneer]
  • Accept payments from Credit Card and PayPal


A great solution for merchants who sell digital downloads (tangible or intangible goods) in automatic and secured way with E-junkie.

E-junkie - Sell Digital Downloads with our Simple Shopping
E-junkie – Sell Digital Downloads with our Simple Shopping

The way it works as simple as creating an account, setting up cart or buy now buttons to website, driving customers into sales page, customers input their payment details, payments are verified and processed in secured way, and orders are completed with both the satisfaction of buyer and seller.

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  • Pricing starts at $5/month for managing up to 10 products and 50MB of storage
  • Accept payments from PayPal, Google Checkout, TrialPay, 2Checkout, and


Gumroad is a faster growing platform allowing merchants to sell digital goods directly to their audience. This website is best known for their flexible online payment processing since a buyer requires only Credit Card or PayPal account to buy any digital product with fewer clicks without having to provide any physical address.


Despite having rich online store and targeted audience to buy products directly from their site they provide inbuilt widgets embeddable on web-pages to direct customers on sales page. The static product page and overlay options work good to drive more conversion rate.

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  • Gumroad charges 5% + $0.25 per sale
  • Accept payments through Cards and PayPal
  • Getting paid in PayPal (Outside US resident) and ACH Bank wire transfer (US resident) [Accepts Payoneer’s US Payment service]


Sellfy is a great place for users who don’t have websites to sell products online but can make a living online by selling digital goods directly to their audience.

Sell digital products, sell downloads on Sellfy - eBooks, music, video, fonts, software and more
Sell digital products, sell downloads on Sellfy – eBooks, music, video, fonts, software and more

Sellfly provides mostly content in eBooks, web development, web design, creativity, software, music, and other kind of digital downloads.

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  • Sellfy charges 5% per sale
  • Accepts payments from PayPal and Credit Card
  • Get paid in PayPal, Stripe, Paymill


Payloadz is a place to sell digital downloads to target audience easily. Some useful features include expiring links, shopping carts, coupons, affiliate management and more.

Sell Downloads - PayLoadz
Sell Downloads – PayLoadz

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  • Pay $15/month in addition with transaction fee 4.9% + $0.49
  • Pay 20% fee per sale
  • Accept payments from PayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon Payments, 2CO, and TrialPay.


With Selz you can sell any kind of digital product that matter your business. You don’t need to have any website to get started with Selz but your online account credentials are quite enough.

Ecommerce online store, monetize your website or blog - Selz
Ecommerce online store, monetize your website or blog – Selz

Sell products directly to your audience.


  • Pay 2% per transaction in addition with 2.9% + $0.25 per sale
  • Get paid in your Bank account or PayPal.

Blue Snap

Blue Snap is another fastest growing payment gateway, and global ecommerce services which already raises $50 million for its global payment, reported techcrunch. The flexible integration option of BlueSnap has made it effortlessly easy to integrate checkout pages and shopping carts which drive more conversion rate.

Global Payment Gateway and Best Ecommerce Solutions - BlueSnap
Global Payment Gateway and Best Ecommerce Solutions – BlueSnap

BlueSnap services reach out shoppers in 180 countries localized checkout experience, 110 of total payment types, 60 currencies and 29 of operating languages.

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The above listings can be enough to choose the right place in selling your digital products online. I have made this listing based on popularity online but if you consider lower pricing rate then you have to avert the list in your way.