5 Different Types of Medical Scrubs Available on the Market

When most people think about medical scrubs, they picture the blue or green scrubs that nurses wear on TV. While this is accurate, nursing scrubs are not the only kind of scrubs available. Lab coats, surgical scrubs, and veterinary scrubs are also included in this list.

1. Female Nursing Scrubs

This is one of the most common nursing uniforms. They usually come in feminine styles, with the waist cinched in to emphasize the female figure. Although they are meant for work purposes, it can get monotonous to wear the same old nursing uniforms. Many hospitals allow a change up in color and even allow their nurses to wear scrubs with patterns on special occasions and holidays. Koi scrubs and mobb scrubs have plenty of different materials and styles to choose from. You can also get uniforms with pockets, which is a popular request from hospitals.

2. Male Nursing Scrubs

Made for men, these uniforms are form-fitting with a masculine shape. Their colors are also more neutral. While most women enjoy nursing uniforms that are bright in color, men prefer more toned down colors that will not draw attention to themselves. It is also more comfortable if a male nurse gets a uniform that fits the male form. They are able to comfortably run around in the uniforms on a busy day.

3. Surgical Scrubs

It is not just nurses who wear scrubs. Surgeons do too when they are going for surgery. Surgeons are in most close contact with patients, and their uniforms are made from light material because they are usually disposed of after. This is because of all the fluids they come into contact with during surgeries. Surgical scrubs are usually made to be free and are easily removable in case a surgeon needs to change during surgery. However, they should not be too loose that they interfere with any surgical process.

4. Veterinary Scrubs

Veterinary doctors work with animals, and their uniforms get hairs, and other animal residue stuck on them. The material they are made from is heavy duty, but still easy to clean off. These uniforms are made from materials that do not absorb odors to cater to the strong smells that some animals may carry especially if they are not washed regularly.

5. Lab Coats

Lab coats are considered medical scrubs that doctors and lab technicians wear over their normal clothes when they are taking tests or conducting consultations for their patients. Most lab coats are white in color and have long sleeves. They are not meant to be heavy duty, but because they are white in color, they should be made from a material that is easy to wash.

These different types of scrubs can be made of any material, design, and pattern based on the preference of the hospital. More helpful information can be found at Daily Scrubs.