6 Interesting Facts about Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery entails procedures that shape and mold the body to make it look better than it was before. There are various types of, plastic surgeries including facelifts and rhinoplasty. More regular people are getting plastic surgeries, unlike in the past when celebrities only did it. Here are facts you need to know about plastic surgery.

1. More men are undergoing cosmetic surgery

The number of male patients has increased over the years because men are placing more importance on their looks. However, the types of plastic surgeries men do are different from those done by women. Research shows that men are more interested in treatment for protruding ears, eyelid surgery, liposuction, and treatment of male breasts.

2. People use plastic surgery to look like celebs

Thousands of people undergo various types of plastic surgeries to shape their features to enhance their self-esteem and feel good about their appearance. Most people want to look like their favorite celebs. People are also spending money to look like their childhood dolls.

3. Cosmetic surgery was initially done on the deceased

Cosmetic surgery was not always a procedure used for enhancing looks and making them attractive. It was originally done on the dead. For instance, in Egypt, people believed that people’s faces look the same in the afterlife after their burial. That explains why their bodies were tampered with after their death to make their prominent features stand out. They used techniques such as inserting bones and bandages into their cheeks and stomachs so that they could be easily recognized by everyone they met in the afterlife.

4. Cosmetic surgery was considered a sin

Plastic surgery was not anywhere close to where it is today back in the middle ages. In fact, most people viewed the procedure a sin that is why people didn’t want to undergo it. The idea of a plastic surgeon altering your looks by spilling their blood was frowned upon because it was perceived as changing God’s perfect creation. People also viewed the procedure as black magic because at that time the existence of witches was a common belief.

5. Social media has caused a rise in cosmetic surgery

Men and women upload their photos on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. Other people admire photos posted by their friends on social media, and they want to look like them. That explains why surgery is increasingly becoming common because people want to look like their friends on social media. Social media makes people more aware of their looks.

6. There are cosmetic surgery fashion shows

Plastic surgeons have come up with shows to showcase their works. Their previous patients walk the runway with their before and after photos showing on the screens. The screens also indicate the procedures carried out on each model by the plastic surgeon. The shows are also a way of advertising the services offered by the plastic surgeon.