6 Ways of Dealing with Medical Malpractice in the ER

Medical malpractice cases are becoming more rampant as the years go by in emergency rooms. You find that these medical malpractice injuries are becoming more hectic and more fast-paced. You find that most medical institutions are in the business of rushing medical care and decisions in an effort to try and handle all the medical demands and cases.

Most people rely a lot on emergency rooms to help treat their ailments. Unfortunately, you also find that most of these medical facilities now offer unconducive environments which are rife with mistakes, and medical malpractice and negligence.

This article has tried to point out some vital facts about some of the ways that you can deal with these medical malpractices when visiting the emergency rooms. Let’s get to it then.

1. More than half of medical malpractice allegations usually involve emergency rooms

Interestingly, studies have found that up to 50% of all the medical malpractice cases and claims revolve around mistakes which have been made in the emergency rooms. But this actually makes more sense being that medical professionals now;

  • Make a quicker diagnosis of patient symptoms which leads them to take decisive action based on these rushed decisions
  • The medical professionals, in most instances, lack access to their patient’s full medical histories, even as they make their diagnoses
  • Medical professionals handle many different patients on a daily basis in the emergency rooms. And this can also increase their chances of making these medical mistakes.


2. Most of the emergency room mistakes are usually caused by human error

As stated in the first point, you could easily conclude that most of the medical mistakes that happen in the emergency rooms are caused by human error. In fact, studies have often found that up to about 60% of all the medical errors in the emergency rooms are as a result of some type of human error. Factors like;

  • Misreading diagnostic tests
  • Failing to recognize the symptoms of a patient
  • Failing to promptly respond to the ailing patients
  • Administering the wrong medication or other forms of treatment

All of these factors are all clear indications that most of these medical errors are human-made.

3. Misdiagnoses are the most common medical errors that occur in emergency rooms

The misdiagnoses of patients occur a lot in the emergency rooms which in turn lead to the prescription of wrong drugs of treatments. And this is where everything starts to go wrong in these medical institutions. Most of the emergency rooms face a lot of pressure to respond to patients ASAP, act without fully knowing the patient’s full medical history, provide care to multiple patients at a time, etc. And it is these factors that attribute to these human errors at the emergency rooms.

4. Patients need more medical intervention when they see that something isn’t right in the ER

In as much as most of the medical errors and mistakes occur in the emergency rooms, the patients and other visitors can also stem down these issues by stepping up and asking their medical providers what exactly they are doing. Ask your doctor what the medicine is for, why they need to take samples of your blood, what they have found, what the next step is, etc. Engaging your doctor can also save you sometimes. And most of the time at that.

5. Hospital conditions can also increase the risks of ER mistakes

In some instances, you will find that it is the hospital itself that is the culprit when it comes to these ER mistakes. Maybe it’s the hospital’s procedures and protocols or even the hospital’s setting itself. Factors such as understaffing, failure to verify the hospital staff, lack of safety protocols, etc. Can also cause these medical errors in the hospital ERs.

6. Contact a good law firm for superior representation if you fall victim to a medical malpractice

You should ensure you contact and use a reputable law firm to represent you in a medical malpractice case and also help you towards getting the compensation which you deserve from the case.