Top 5 Woods Used to Create Wine Boxes

Wine bottle box wood comes from a variety of trees. The box colors range from light shades to deep rich tones. Some of the wood is produced at tree farms and managed forests, while others are put together from recycled materials. Here are the top five kinds of wood used to make wine bottle boxes.

1. Oak

When it comes to wine bottle box wood, oak is probably one of the most popular because of its availability and variety. The species can thrive in many environments and soils. Oak comes in a broad range of colors too. The lightest shades are sand and tan. The middle ground colors are beige and brown, and the darkest hues are a brownish-red. Over time, this type of wood will become darker because of exposure to sunlight and air.

2. Pine

Pine comes from evergreen trees, and many of the boards are knotty. It is a characteristic of the wood along with its lighter color. Some pine boards are almost white, and the grain and knots are deep brown, which makes for an attractive, contrasting pattern. The colors move up to brownish-yellows. The boxes will slightly change color over time.

3. Cherry

Cherry wood is known for its reddish hues, but it can be found in light pink tones too. Any exposure to light can change the colors dramatically. If you want to preserve the color of your cherry wine bottle box wood, keep it out of direct and indirect sunlight. Oxygen may still affect the wood grain coloring over time.

4. Walnut

The wood from walnut trees is uniquely dark and prized. The material is very strong and can withstand some tumbles. The orchards and crops take time to mature, so once the trees have outlived their usefulness on the farm, they go to lumber mills. Generally, the wood is one of the more expensive types because of the time and effort put into the trees, and it is not readily available, such as oak and pine. The wood is rich and dramatic, and the colors range from a lighter milk chocolate brown to black. Wine boxes made from this wood can be cared for with oils and wood cleaners. This will keep the grain and depth sharp.

5. Mahogany

This wood is another prized material because of colors, even patterns, and strength. Mahogany is brownish-red, and the grain is often evenly spaced throughout the boards. Woodworkers like to create with it because it is easy to work with, and the finished products are always beautiful and valuable. A wine box made from mahogany should be kept out of sunlight and at a constant temperature. A garage or mini-storage may get too hot or cold and cause the wood to crack over time.

The Top 4 Benefits of Choosing Professional College Movers

Moving to your new college student housing, whether it is a dorm room or an off-campus apartment, is not as easy as it seems. It is a time consuming endeavor that’s difficult and worrisome because you’re packing your entire life, leaving your comfort zone, and then transferring to a different place to start a new life chapter. Choosing to hire professional college movers should help ease your burdens, so you can focus on being more excited about your new college adventure. Here are some benefits of choosing to hire professionals for your move to college:

1. Saves Time

Depending on your agreement, these professionals can help you with everything from packing, bubble-wrapping, sealing, and transferring of stuff from home right into your new college abode. This leaves you with more time to explore your new campus. You can even give your parents a tour, while the pros worry about getting you moved in. It may be worthwhile to visit Matco Calgary Movers for more information.

2. Conserve Resources

You can skip the trip to your local supply shop because the professionals have got you covered. They will provide you with bubble-wrap, tape, and cardboard boxes. In fact, some of these pro college movers use stackable bins, which you can reuse in your college room. College dorm rooms are notorious for having limited space, and these stacking bins come in handy for vertical storage that doesn’t disrupt nor add clutter to your inadequate floor plan.

3. Make Settling In a Breeze

With pro college movers doing the heavy-lifting, you don’t have to worry about aching joints and muscles. What’s even worse is throwing your back and injuring your spine. And that’s the last thing you need when you’re starting a new school year! Professional movers have been trained to deal with the heavy load of big items and boxes. Why risk getting a debilitating injury when reasonably priced services are available? Pay someone else to do the difficult job for you.

4. Cast Away the Stress

Dragging all your belongings across campus or into a housing unit that has many flights of stairs is daunting. Professional school movers are more than willing to assist you, so you can unburden yourself from all the stress and worries. They deal with all logistical nightmares of moving your precious belongings from one place to another. And they do this quickly because they are adept and skilled in handling these situations.

If you’re now ready to move into your new college housing facility, get a quick and free quote from your nearest professional dorm or college movers. They are pretty transparent and straightforward, so you can find a package that fits your budget. Asking for professional help is the smartest thing to do when faced with this big life-transforming event of transitioning from high school to college life.

5 Reasons to Call a Plumber

Contrary to what many people believe, plumbers can help you with more than just installing or unclogging toilets. An experienced plumber is able to help homeowners solve most water-related problems, even if a service isn’t explicitly advertised. Here are five situations where you’ll definitely need to call a plumber:

1. Pipe Bursts

Burst pipes are a homeowner’s nightmare. They usually occur in the winter, when sub-freezing temperatures cause water flowing through pipes to freeze and expand, eventually leading to ruptures along the length of the pipe. You’ll want to hire plumbing services the second a pipe bursts to avoid serious water damage.

2. Persistent Leaks

Any leak that lasts for more than a few hours is a sign that you need immediate help from professional plumbing services. Even tiny leaks can damage your home if left unchecked, and a leak might also be a sign of a serious problem with some aspect of your plumbing system. You might think you can just seal a crack or hole yourself, but this isn’t usually a viable long-term solution. For more information, please visit Drain Rescue to find additional resources.

3. No Hot Water

If water in your home won’t get hot or takes forever to heat up, there’s a good chance that your water heater has failed. In these cases, it’s absolutely essential that you leave repairs to a licensed professional. Home water heaters run on either gas or electrical systems, and attempting to repair either without the proper knowledge can cause both personal injury as well as damage to your house.

4. A Lingering Sewage Smell

If you smell sewage or sulfur anywhere in your home–the latter smells a lot like rotten eggs–there might be a broken sewage pipe or vent somewhere beneath your house. Aside from the disgusting smell, broken vents or pipes can also impact the surrounding ecosystem or damage your home’s foundation. If you catch even a whiff of a similar smell, call a plumber right away.

5. Discoloured Water

Coloured water flowing from your faucet, shower or toilet is usually a sign of one of several plumbing issues. Blue-green water, for example, is often a sign of copper pipe corrosion, while brownish water might mean there’s an issue with your water heater. As a rule of thumb, treat water that’s any colour other than clear as a red flag. In many cases, these problems can be solved by replacing old pipes, which any licensed plumber can do quickly and easily.