Case Study


Case Studies are shared record times ever on the web than generic blog posts or articles. Every content writer wants to make his/her blog post more promising and authoritative in the industry he/she is working about. To create a case-study you must have your own resources of working and you must copyright all the materials you used in your presentations.

Today I have organized a case study on one of my projects I created 4 months ago. My project was to create a micro niche site with exact match domain and ranked it higher for the targeted keywords in Google search engine.

Now I will represent the whole things I planned, executed and achieved in very shorter time frame.

Let’s get started…

What is an Exact Match Domain (EMD)?

Exact Match Domain is a specific domain name that exactly matches a search keyword tends to rank higher for that keyword on search engines more rapidly than Partial Match or any other Domain name. In the competition of search engine ranking, marketers and website owners apply all the possible SEM (Search Engine Marketing) practices to promote their brands and generate sales. Exact Match Domain is the oldest but still an effective SEM practice to rank a website higher for specific search term to promote products and services in a specific industry.

Getting Ideas of Exact Match Domain (EMD) for Micro Niche

Micro niche website is the latest trend of online marketers to create industry based website or blog and drive very potential traffic that can be easily converted by means of various marketing approaches and add up extra income to their existing earning sources. Exact Match Domain can be used to create micro niche site on exactly matched search keywords that include optimum monthly search volume and bring up possible organic search traffic that converts the best.

In this case study of building micro niche site with Exact Match Domain I have chosen a specific industry to work with, an exact match domain to influence my website’s search ranking, and published very useful content that add up enough value to both visitors and search engines.

Micro niche site with exact match domain
Micro niche site with exact match domain

I will walk you through all the procedures I adopted to build a micro niche site with an exact match domain, ranked for the specific keyword, driven very potential traffic and generated sales for the products I promoted.

Finding out the Right Products to Promote

I had a great passion to build my sites on WordPress and promote products in WordPress industry. Keeping this idea in mind I started buying few WordPress related products (Themes, Plugins, CDN services etc.) from trusted brands online and used them on many of my sites and examined the quality of each product I bought and compared them with other products I also used.

From rest of the products I used I found that they’re all great in usefulness, quality and performances.

I have chosen one product that is almost a powerful product in WordPress themes industry named “Divi Theme” a drag and drop WordPress page builder theme created and developed by Elegant Themes.

Divi Theme is a super useful WordPress page builder theme that allows users to create any page in minutes without having any web development skill or any programming knowledge.

I have used this theme to create and develop my other WordPress sites with much less effort so I decided this theme can be a perfect solution for any WordPress newbie to startup their online business even though they’re not savvy enough in WordPress and don’t have web design and development skills.

My idea about Divi Theme was exactly to promote it via a micro niche site but I was confused enough about the domain name I should choose.

I googled about “Exact Match Domain” phrase and read many tutorials to understand all the dos, and don’ts playing with EMD.

Many SEO gurus reflected negatively with the perspectives on exact match websites regarding Google penalties in major cases, though few people reflected positively on behalf of Exact match websites emphasizing on creating quality content, avoiding black hat seo practices, designing professional look website with simple navigation and reducing keyword density that shouldn’t exceed 1.25% that is optimum for all keywords.

So I was confident enough about the site I wanted to build on Exact Match Domain name and create a micro niche site to promote the product definitely with highly valued content.

My next step was to search for long tail keywords that will help my site to rank better and faster.

Long Tail Keyword Research

To get ideas about Long tail keywords I head over Google Keyword Planner and typed “Divi theme” in the search box and hit “Get ideas” button

Rather choosing random wise keywords on “Keyword ideas” section I prioritized on “Ad group ideas” section to find more relevant exact match terms

I focused on four relevant keywords on the prime keyword “Divi Theme”

  • Divi theme (18,000 monthly searches)
  • Divi demo (880 monthly searches)
  • Divi theme demo (880 monthly searches)
  • Divi themes (880 monthly searches)
Ad group keyword Divi Theme
Ad group keyword Divi Theme

From the above search keywords “Divi theme” has the highest monthly search volume than other terms but this term looks very complex to create an identical micro niche site so I avoided this term and focused on another similar keyword “Divi theme demo”

Whilst I can’t create a micro niche site on term “Divi Theme” but it’s quite possible to create a niche site on “Divi Theme demo” since a user can easily understand the subject matter about the site and would be interested to visit the site to search for content he/she needs.

Again if I can rank for “Divi theme demo” on Google search results it’s highly potential to also rank on the prime keyword “Divi theme” so that I can gain more organic search traffic and expedite promotions to make more money.

Now my next step is to build a website on WordPress and definitely I will choose Divi theme to build this website as well.

Building Website with WordPress & Divi Theme

All of my WordPress sites are hosted on and the reason I chosen this service they’re simply indomitable providing better hosting for WordPress in addition they provide all the essential supports to run online businesses without any hassle.

I have installed WordPress on following the processes I have written on this tutorial so you can follow it if you need to know “How to install WordPress on” as a beginner.

After installing WordPress on I logged in my site felt I have a lot of tasks left to create a professional look, real and valuable resource site on the product Divi Theme.

I installed required plugins like Yoast SEO, iThemes Security, BackupBuddy, Breadcrumb NavXT, Monarch plugins etc.

Then I installed Divi Theme, Divi builder and other associated plugins from Elegant Themes to boost performances of Divi theme on my site.

When my site is ready for SEO, design, and navigation optimizations I starting writing content in the industry I chose and wrote about 50 articles mostly on tutorials basis.

I have also written a complete product review article on “Divi Theme” so that if users need to get the entire features to know about Divi Theme they will read the product review article rather going through the specific tutorials.

It took me about 10 days to prepare the whole site before it’s ready to publish on the web. After creating the site I reviewed the entire site to find out the possible flaws that can interrupt in providing better user experiences and search engine ranking.

To my point of view I found nothing error after reviewing the whole site about 10 times in many respects like content optimization, search engine optimization, design layout, navigation optimization and landing page optimization etc. processes.

Finally I submitted the site to Google and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex, and Baidu search engines.

Building Some Manual Authority Backlinks

I don’t prefer building links manually I swear, rather I focus on creating better content that can drive me highly valuable and authority links that flow link juice.  But, in many cases I hire experts to do building quality links if I think I can get work done with the most possible safe way that won’t harm my organic search ranking.

Fiverr is a great place to search for highly experienced and professional gigs who can make your work done only for $5 (really very cheap value) but you can get quality work done if you hire the right gig based on your order.

My aim was to drive authority links (PR7, PR8, PR9) to my Root domain so that my website can rank higher on the targeted keywords so quickly.

I hired this gig on Fiverr and the gig created 20 high authority profile links on some top sites: Mozilla, Apple, Amazon, Mit, Drupal, CNN, Microsoft and other authority sites on the web.

After getting my prepared links I did not submit them to Google and other search engines immediately but I stayed few days until I receive natural backlinks from other sites. After a week later I submitted few links to Google, Bing, Yahoo! and entire links got submitted during a whole month.

The reason I did not submit them instantly that search engines may consider those links as spammy links and my site might be negatively affected on organic search ranking.

Results of 15 Days Work Done

Now it’s time to disclose what I have achieved in 15 days of work as you may be excited to know about it. My tasks were bounded to building a new micro niche site on a specific industry that I better know so that I can create an authority over that project and make people understand the theme of my site all about.

Now I will display statistics about my site’s organic search ranking, search keywords, keyword value, and traffic and income reports.

Organic Search Ranking

I was really pleased with the achievements of my site regarding organic search ranking positions in Google SERPs.

My site is ranked #3 on Google search results pages for the term “Divi Theme Demo”

google search results for EMD
google search results for EMD

And for the prime keyword “Divi Theme” it is ranked #9 (which is gradually increasing in period)

google search results for PMD
google search results for PMD

There are so many authority sites are ranked on 1st, 2nd, 3rd…. positions on Google search results for the term “Divi Theme” which is very competitive keyword so I think it’s quite difficult to rank them down so early. But if I work continuously on my site basically in building high quality content then I will definitely get better ranking in coming months.

Organic Search Keywords

The organic search keywords report looks much promising to me as my site is receiving traffic for the search terms I wanted it to rank and I have noticed that search ranking for prime keyword “Divi theme” is gradually increasing which is a strong positive sign of gaining more organic traffic in future than I receive today.

So I’m really happy with this search analytics report.

Google organic search anlaytics
Google organic search anlaytics

Keywords Value (CPC)

Normally a 3/4 months old site can’t claim highly estimated traffic value but if your site is focused on a specific industry (valuable industry) then you can have better valued traffic cost. My industry was WordPress themes industry so I was confident enough that the traffic value of my site will be much potential.

The CPC value of few keywords are suggested below

Keyword value (CPC)
Keyword value (CPC)

Income Report

Sharing income report from website has been a tradition to most bloggers who are professional and well-known to their industry. It’s really wonderful experience to share your own website income report to visitors who can be inspired enough from your achievements and can apply the same formula you used to gain success in your race.

Here I want to share a small version of income report of my site I built 3 months ago basically having a great passion to start micro niche site on Exact match domain and earned few money in a period of 45 days after starting my promotional campaigns.

The following chart displays that I have made 4 sales (worth $178.00 USD) from 1800+ visitors and 839 unique visits. Total conversion rate looks very pessimistic (0.110%) but I hope the rate will increase in period. I’m now a level 1 seller and making money on Pay-Per-Sale commission with Elegant Themes affiliate program.

Elegant Themes Sales Statistics
Elegant Themes Sales Statistics

The Summary

I tried to share a case study about a small project I created 3 months ago on micro niche site with exact match domain and ranked higher for the targeted keywords in Google search results within very shorter period. Now I will summarize everything I done to create my project.

My objective was to understand the difficulties of organic search ranking for a site in specific industry.

I chose WordPress themes industry to create my project and preferred Divi Theme as my target product to promote.

I chose WordPress to create my site and hosted it on (Shared hosting plan)

The entire site was designed with Divi Theme and optimized for SEO

About 50+ articles were written on Divi theme and each article was individually optimized for SEO

After completing all the primary tasks the entire site was submitted to Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other top search engines

In a period of 45 days my site was ranked higher on Google search engine for the targeted keywords

My site received better organic search traffic in shorter period also received few sales that are quite optimistic

My point of view on working with “Exact Match Domain” is very positive and I recommend people to work safely if you prefer EMD to build your micro niche site.