Google adsense is the internet’s No.1 ad-publishing network with about 10 years of shared success has become a core part of Google’s advertising business. The AdSense community has grown to include more than 2 million publishers, and last year alone, publishers earned more than $7 billion from AdSense.

AdSense is a community that thrives because of all the content creators they are so fortunate to partner with. But these days Adsense is becoming more crucial when it comes to account approval issue as “Adsense for Content”. But here is a Good news for Adsense publishers to get account back in approved by YouTube video monetization program. Yes! Google is still giving away a full approved account as content for monetization using Google’s video sharing site YouTube.

Once you have a number of existing videos, getting views per day so you can make some little cash with these videos using Google Adsense association program and amazingly you’d be confirmed within less than 1 hour, interesting! right not? So today’s tutorial we’d show you all how to get approved with Google adsense using YouTube monetization program.

Make Your YouTube Account Monetizable

There are some certain countries (listed on YouTube account monetization program) not allowed to monetize YouTube videos publicly to participate in Google Adsense program. YouTube videos can create an extra boundary to earn some little cash with your existence Adsense account simply throughout videos monetization program.

If your country is not allowed to monetize videos then do with following instructions and get your account monetizable

Go to YouTube → Switch your account

Open any of your existence video with a new tab

Now you show see Channel Setting option

Channel Settings

Simply click on button and you’d be redirected to Account Information page

Now change your country to another that is accepted by YouTube monetization program

Change country

Note: This change will not hamper your YouTube account but we need to assure our country throughout Google Adsense and it’s badly needed

Finally save your account and it’s now fully allowed to monetize videos with YouTube

Apply For Google Adsense To Make Money With Monetized Videos

Now we’d enable monetization for our existence videos and apply for Google Adsense to make money with monetization program

Very Important Notes: You must not upload adult, porn or copyrighted quality videos since these types of content are not allowed by Google Adsense program so they will not accept your account even with YouTube videos monetization program(which is the highly probable way to get adsense account approved).

Your videos should be tutorial based and for the sake of human welfare, no matter how about the views even its zero in quantity but the quality is the objective.

Go to this page and hit Enable My Account

Enable My Account

Now you should see a dialog with Enable Your Account for Monetization, simply check all the three options and click I Accept

Click I Accept

Finally hit on Monetize button to let YouTube right placement of ads (overlay videos and TrueVideo in stream ads)


Now you should see a dialog says Monetization settings updated

Go back to your Video Manager and you should see a green $ icon which means your videos are fully monetized

Videos are monetized

YouTube also sent you an e-Mail to your inbox with confirmation message

How To Associate Videos with Google Adsense?

Now we’d associate our videos with Google adsense program. Simply go through following instructions

Go to Channel Settings → Monetization


There are six more options to operate with monetization program, hit on 5th one(How will i be paid?) and there is a link says associate an Adsense account. Click on this link and proceed

associate an Adsense account

Now you’d see Proclamation of Monetization to link your existence Google adsense account or create a new one. Simply click Next to proceed

On the first option of Google adsense application says Select your Google Account you can proceed either with you existence Google Account or create a new account.

As part of demo we’d go through an existence Google account but if you like to create a new account then you have to create a simple Google account adopting the way we use to create a Gmail account. So click Yes Proceed to Google Account Sign In

Proceed to Google Account

Now the option for Tell us about your content simply click Continue

Tell us about your content

Now for the most important part Submit your Adsense application you’ve to provide your correct information to let Google adsense contact you later and adopting this address Google will send you Pin.

So fill the form with your correct information and finally hit Submit my Application

Submit my Application

You’d be redirected to your YouTube page and it will say Adsense account is on review to pending the confirmation

Anyway on the basis of your Country/Territory Google may take delay to approve your account, i.e for the US it may take up to 1 hour to approve adsense account. If you living to South Asia it may take 6-12 hours to confirm application and approve account.

However once your account is approved you’ll be mailed thoroughly from Google Adsense team that you’re fully approved.

Display Relevant Ads on Your Existent Blog or Website Using This Adsense Account!

Google adsense allows you placing relevant ads on your existent blog or website(which maintains Google Adsense for Content policies) with an approved Adsense account for YouTube Monetization. You can do it right adopting below instructions

Follow this path Account Settings → Access and Authorization → Site authorization

Site authorization

Now type your site starting with format next to I will show ads on text

Submit site for authorization

Click on Submit button

You should see a confirmation message says Thanks for applying to show ads on non-hosted websites

You can add multiple website and blogs using this method

Alternative Tutorial:

If you’re a blogspot user then you can get your adsense account approved using Google Adsense association program for Blogger. Read following tutorial

What’s Up Next?

I applied my best to make you understand about getting adsense account approved using a common method which is highly probable for adsense account approval. The above narrated method is the easiest one to get Adsense account approved within 1 hour. I myself adopted the formula and it’s working 100%.

This method requires no website to participate in Google Adsense program so it saves your money to purchase domain, hosting space and lots more technical objects to make a complete website.

These days i will publishing most valued and necessary content regarding make money, blogging tips and techniques for beginners that i think will be interesting to you all.

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