These days webmasters and bloggers not passing moments well since Google is releasing updates time after time to improve their search results for better user experience also to resist the search engine giant on top of the competition. Only the sites have big contents and great authoritative authors still survive well to fight against Google updates and other competitive publishers.

And the sites having low quality content i’d say they’re all on hard nut to crack in this competition because Google already released another update which works to stop showing low quality content site’s author profile pictures that’s why low quality sites that suck getting optimum traffic and finally these things are terribly dropping their Adsense CTR and income suddenly dropped at the bottom

To improve low quality sites adsense CTR they must have to improve their content, check whether any particular post is being attacked by Google panda or penguin and use SEO tools to check out site health and technical condition on search engines.

Today’s part of our regular guide we have set a complete guide for low quality content sites to improve their Google Adsense CTR also those who are sucking for higher adsense CTR. It’s a very long descriptive guide but written in simple English that i think every one could easily understand.

Top 10 Things To Improve Your Adsense CTR up to 75%

This descriptive guide explains how low quality sites can improve adsense CTR engagement up to 75% fixing some common mistakes that they had done before. All the points are explained in simple comprehensive language so that newbies can easily understand also apply the theories for better performing adsense ads on their sites. Let’s begin and invent ideas that can help us

A Niche That is Full of Most Useful Content and User Friendly

The things that suck every niche site to get higher commissions rate or CTR from Google Adsense are the overall content, keyword terms and lack of user friendly motivations. The content of your niche never be successful to drive traffic unless it’s properly compelled, usable, and helper of an internet community those are searching for getting rid of troubles.

Making a blog or site is much easy setting up a normal content but it’s too hard to attend people with your unique content when you’re on competition. So building a niche with most valuable content should be your priority if you want to make money from it. Here are who you can have your daily blog readers and you can build up your successful content

  • Fanatic hobbyists
  • Career seekers or Jobless
  • People looking to cure an ailment
  • People that are insane for a certain product
  • People that want to improve their body

All these are motivated people. The sites you make should target these motivated people and you will be setting up yourself for better CTRs right out of the gate.

Site Design

A drop in CTR can be caused by a site design that’s not well optimized or by poor targeting. Readers won’t click on ads they find irrelevant or don’t see. To design web or blog is not just a play with some css or html you must have deep knowledge to make your site proper seo friendly and content readable.

The content you represent should be well blended with your site background color otherwise it will be difficult for readers to read your posts easily. The maximum clicks you expect from your readers largely depend upon your overall site design because it’s your working platform and visitors first look out the site management, navigations, content space also advertisements after landing on your site. So be careful making the best and high quality design for your site before working.

If you don’t know design and use blogger as you working platform then you can watch out our free premium designed blogger templates or if you an wordpress user you can find your dream themes at themeforest (if you have money and want to buy themes)

Overall Content of Your Site

The things that strongly affect your Adsense CTR are the keywords that people use to find your site on search engines, and your site content that Google adsense robot crawls and represents the highly relevant ads. The more your site content becomes poor the more you lose your CTR which is a common issue.

According to Google Adwords auction when competition increases between the advertisers the competition between the publisher sites also increases and the winners from advertisers target their ads to appear on biggest publisher sites based on the highest relevant topic and the budget for every click is set for $5-10(an average rate but it can certainly increase or decrease).

The losers from competition target their ads to appear on lower quality sites (eventually the sites that suck higher quality content) also they get very minimum amount.

So it’s too much important to target your content before starting any blog or site. You can go through following tutorials to build up high quality content, post, titles and right use of keywords which will help Adsense robots to represent highest valued CTR of ads on your site.

Note: Just remember to target only for USA traffic. This is the best traffic and AdSense pays you more earnings if you only deal with USA quality traffic. If you bring traffic worldwide, you are not going to earn a lot of money because payouts are lower.

Dealing with USA traffic increases your CTR and you make more money. To get the optimum USA keywords we suggest you to go through Google Keyword Planner and set the keyword location only for US not All Locations

Here is a descriptive guide that can help you to properly treat with Google keyword planner

Setting of Adsense Ad Units Visibility on Pages of Your Site

Adsense ads positioning on any website or blog is becoming a most popular concern for every blogger or website owner when it comes to getting a little bit increment in CTR. Someone says wrong adsense ads position will decrease your adsense CTR and someone negotiates it reduces content quality, later it impacts on CPM and CPC. So we have to know which is the right way to place our adsense ad units for better performance. See the below two images very carefully

Adsense Ads on Home Page

For site homepage we will keep (728 x 90)pixels ad unit(Leaderboard style) above our post and two pieces of (300 x 250)pixel layout should go below sidebar instead you can use only one (160 x 500)pixel wide skyscrapper layout

Adsense Ads on Post Page

For post page or static page we can show a (300 x 250)pixel ad slot right or left of our post, keep the wide skyscrapper ad slot position same only ad an extra Adsense CTR booster ad slot (60 x 468)pixel right below the post and inside the post.

Ad Crawl Problems (image/text blending)

Google Adsense reveals that Adsense crawler is less effective at deriving meaning from images or dynamic content so they are unable to match relevant ads to your content when it comes only rich media ads.

Although rich media ads come from higher competitions of Adwords advertisers and payouts should be much higher but due to adsense crawler inability to match perfect ads according to your content for image or flash content you CTR might be automatically dropped when people may not be interested to that ads but choosing only contextual ads which is strongly effective by adsense crawler for every piece of content and title basis keyword your CTR will be improved.

So i recommend you only using text ad for post pages for better clicks and higher CTR.

Invalid Click Activity, Copyrights create seriously dropping your CTR

There are two things that Google Adsense hates strongly are Invalid or fraudulent click activity and Copyrights. Invalid click is such a click which means the vague click and doesn’t come from users interest. This activity not only decreases your Adsense CTR but also it enforces Google to disable your account. Copyrights do the same thing as Invalid Click activity does.

Make Your Ads Prominent to Readers With Appropriate ad Formatting

This is almost the tricky part of this article because here we will talk about adsense ad customizations (text font, font-size, font-color and font-weight) which can make your ads more prominent to readers against your content. These optimizations can play a vital of your ads when they come to readers eye and prompt them to click on ads. So let’s begin and setting them appropriately

Pick an Appropriate ad Format:

Go to Google Adsense and login your account. According to our previous description pick an appropriate adsense ad unit

Remember: The ad you want to show on homepage you must choose rich media(image and text ad) but for static page or post page choose only contextual or text ad slot to help robots performing better with your site content.

Ad Title – font-family: Some experts suggest Verdana as adsense ad title but my suggestion is to pick ad slot title font similar to your body font for letting better experience your adsense ads onto your content.

Ad Title – font-weight: Almost choose it bold or nothing

Ad Title – font-size: I recommend picking font size for ad title is 20px or higher but be remember you suggested font size should be lower than your post title font size of at least 5px. Which means if your post title font is 25px then choose adsense ad title font size 20px and keep the ratio similar for other suggestions.

Ad Title – font-color: I suggest you choosing font color light blue or in #00AEEF rather using bring blue color #0000FF which is more common and user can easily detect them as adsense ads. Also choose the hover color #0076A3 which is also a great suggested color from Mashable.

Ad description: The following suggestions are very common for adsense ad description. Here we set font family as Helvetica Neue which is a case sensitive and cross browser compatible font family. The font size is set to 13px which is an ideal size but decreasing the limit will make your readers difficult to read a short description about the product they’d likely to click. Also the color is a better suggested color or you can try it for complete black color #000000

    font-family: "Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;
    font-size: 13px;
    color: #333333;

Ad url: Below is my ultimate suggestion for adsense ad url, here we set the similar font for ad title also we’d choose the same color but only change in font size. Here it is 11px that i think most of the users will recommend and your ads will perform better.

    font-family: "Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;
    font-size: 11px;

Make your ads Mobile compatible

Google adsense revealed that they support adsense ad unit to optimize mobile devices so to increase your adsense CTR on Android, iPhone, iPad and other compatible devices. Read how to optimized for mobile ads.

Never use Opt Out of Enhanced Text and Displays Ads

Sometimes new adsense account users don’t know the right way of customizing ads also do the wrong ad settings like switching opt out of enhanced text and display ads. This setting terribly hampers your adsense ads and you lose your optimum CTR. This elaborate guide of Google explains how?

Don’t use Rich Media With or Next to Adsense ad Units

The final suggestion of this article i think you should know if you want to get an increment of your Adsense CTR. Always we see bloggers and content writers attach rectangular or square size images with their post basically it goes on top or below first para of their post. Also they attach a particular adsense ad unit with or next to that post image.

This thing creates the readers to be perplexed when they can’t understand which one is ad slot and which one is content but placing ad unit just far from the image can fix this problem even this will make your adsense ads more prominent to users and your adsense CTR will be improved.

In case i suggest you using limited images or try to avoid images at all if you feel not necessary rather i suggest using Video clips this can make your content more infographic. The placement for video should be middle or bottom of your post. This technique of ad placement is being used by India’s top tech blogger Amit Agarwal


I think i applied my ultimate to make you understand the right deeds that can help you increasing your Adsense CTR. The points i figured out are all Google suggested for low quality content sites and if you can follow the entire suggestions i grantee you to see a reasonable improvement of you Adsense CTR gradient if its currently dropped or declined by Google.

Please visitors don’t be wordless, talk to me how you liked it? If you need any further recommendation don’t forget to ask me through out social comments Facebook or Blogger.

If you find it helpful don’t forget to share it on social media, you kindness is expected a lot. Feel free to ask me any question

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