How Much Should You Pay For a Dental Implant Procedure?

One of the most common questions that dentists in Canada receive on a daily basis revolves around the cost of dental implants. Even in this digital revolution age, it is quite daunting to provide a good estimate of the average cost of dental implants. Many people seeking price estimates aren’t sure whether to inquire about price per tooth or whether the quoted prices include the implants, crown, and abutment.

An Overview of Cost Estimates

Generally, dental implant procedures, diagnosis, and cost vary from one clinic to another. There is, therefore, no set or standard charge for dental implants. Compared to other titanium prosthetics, dental implants are expected to last for several years—consequently, the expenses involved is higher. Only a trained doctor or dental expert is in a good position to provide you with a specific quote based on your situation.

Nonetheless, there are certain factors that often influence or contribute to the cost of dental implant procedures. To begin with, the health and stability of the neighboring teeth will always impact the cost of replacement of a single tooth implant. If the neighboring teeth require extraction, for instance, the overall cost will be higher. Secondly, in cases where a bone graft is performed before a dental implant surgery—if the patient lacks enough bone tissue—cost is likely to escalate as the DDS will need to use bone tissues from other areas which in turn result into more bone loss. What’s more, bone grafts take approximately 3-6 months to heal, during which you are likely to incur additional costs. Other costs may also include CT scan and x-rays.

Again, if you opt for a specialist care, you are likely to pay more. Implant surgery can either be done by an oral surgeon or a dentist with more advanced training in dental implantology. The latter may charge you a higher fee for their services due to specialist trainings that they undergo to perform the procedure.

Dental implants costs and Insurance

While some insurance firms will pay part of the costs incurred in dental implant surgery, majority of the insurance companies in Canada consider dental implants as elective procedures. Accordingly, it is imperative to consult with your insurance provider to be sure of your coverage information. You should also inquire about payment and financing options.

Bottom Line

When it comes to estimating your dental implant cost, the initial consultation with your dentist is very critical. Much of the budget planning and estimation of the rest of the treatment is done in this phase. The health of your teeth and jaw bone will also be examined at this stage which will further help you estimate the amount that you are likely to pay for the whole procedure. The Chrysalis Dental Centres website is a useful source of information if you require additional insights.