Importance of Home Health Care Services

The home health care services comprise of various medical services that are provided to an individual in a facility or at his home. Home health care involves hospice care, home health, palliative care, caregiver services and many others. Medical professionals can provide these services. The good thing with this kind of arrangement is that it allows a person to get quality care in the comfort of his home.

1. Objectives
Home health care is currently becoming a significant part of our society. The primary goal of home-based health care is enabling the disabled, the elderly or the ill to get compassionate and personalized health care at their homes. For the aging individuals, providing them with quality senior care allows them to continue being independent and functional. This makes them continue maintaining their security and also living a dignified life.

Home based care is important in helping avoid readmissions to health facilities. Studies also show that the patients who are recuperating from injury, illness or surgical procedures do heal faster when they are kept in home-based care.
This arrangement makes the family of the patient the primary caregivers. The families that are unable function as the primary caregivers do enjoy the assurance that their loved ones are being provided with compassionate, professional and also personalized care by a registered nurse of their choice.

2. Reduces re-hospitalization
Home base care reduces re-hospitalization and it is affordable. It is also easier for friends and family to visit, and it is tailored to meet the specific needs of the patient. The services that are catered for include wound care, pain management, physical therapy, speech therapy, dietary management, occupational therapy, psychiatric care and disease education.

Most seniors do get depressed when they lose their ability to move around as they used to do. Depression may also arise due to the inability to take care of themselves. Home care services enable elderly caregiver to look after their seniors as they assist them in maintaining their independence.
Home care services are typically provided at any time of the day. Shifts are adjusted to fit the needs of the person who is receiving the home care from the provider. When determining the level of care that should be given to an individual, various factors must be considered. A skilled member of staff, nurse or a manager can visit the home of the client for a thorough assessment. The evaluation involves mobility assessment, which is done to determine the patient’s safety requirements.

In most cases, the disabled clients and the elderly are supposed to receive a home-based care due to their inferior quality of living. This decreased quality of life is due to their mental, physical and emotional instability.