Getting links from Wikipedia are simply awesome and appreciated by search engines. To get higher PR Wikipedia links are in a word none the alternative. They can influence PR terrifically than Do follow links having PR 4/5. SEO Experts say that an Wikipedia Nofollow link is much better than 10 PR5 dofollow links to the eye of search engines.

Getting Wikipedia backlinks we can exploit to build much more inbound links using Moving man method that is very common method across to link builders. Let’s see how we can combine these two processes within one simple work.

Why Wikipedia Links are Most Authoritative

Links from Wikipedia are almost authoritative and heavy weighted than any other oldest domain in the reign. Experts say a backlink form Wikipedia equals to 10 PR5 dofollow links. So you can understand how much importance Wikipedia backlinks to search engines behind evaluating a site’s PR juice.

Building links with Wikipedia are always time consuming and require hard and legitimate work if you want to build real time quality backlinks. Google loves links from Wikipedia, and they should since real moderators review the links.

The real fact is that if you site is linked from a Wikipedia page then it will generate additional links from other websites as if a chain reaction. Also other websites give proper value to links are being passed from Wikipedia.

So you would have the best hours if you can spend in building Wikipedia backlinks.

Wikipedia Dead Link Advantages

Wikipedia does not allow a new user to edit direct backlink from any Wikipedia page, or if you do so then there is feasibility of getting banned your account by a moderator. So we have to build backlink by updating Wikipedia dead links.

The Wikipedia “Dead link” is somewhat a link is no longer active or indicates straightly a 404 error page. Due to not getting appropriate similar pages still countless Wikipedia dead links are falling rusty. If you have similar pages of Wikipedia dead links then you have chance to build real time quality backlinks from Wikipedia.

In fact there is a page that lists every single article on Wikipedia that has a deadlink that needs to be updated.

Hitting Two Birds One Stone

The word means we can build multiple backlinks by only searching and editing Wikipedia dead links, How? Let me explain,

If we gather mass of dead links from Wikipedia who are almost 99% similar with our links and have quality content then we can build multiple backlinks by “Moving Man” method beside updating Wikipedia dead links.

The term Moving Man method is described by Brian Dean and by this article we would learn how to apply these two link building techniques across with Wikipedia and Moving Man method. Let’s go ahead…,

Gathering Wikipedia Dead Links

First of all we need to search for broken backlinks in Wikipedia by using this advanced query in Google. “Keyword phrase” “dead link”

Searching for Wikipedia Deadlinks

Let’s look at a specific example, selected at random – Social Media

Here are a list of links referred by the keyword – Social Media

Let’s check out one of these results-

Press Control+f (or Command+f) to search on the Wikipedia page for the “dead link” also notice occurrences in the “References” or “Links” section.

Press Control+f (or Command+f)

The following image shows that a link has been marked as a dead link.

Wikipedia would like the link to be updated immediately by the one that is similar with that page.

marked as a dead link.

We have almost a helpful tool called The Way Back Machine. Which will give us information about any page (broken or active), the content level and how it looks like before it was taken down. Now head over the content to see if its related to your website.

The Way Back Machine

If it is relevant, then keep going… If it is not relevant to your website, then go back to the search results and keep looking.

Now we have found a relevant deadlink from Wikipedia and we can leverage this further by checking if the broken URL we just found has backlinks from other places as well.

Two most useful tools can help us to get backlinks from a page Ahrefs or Majestic SEO. Without registering to Ahrefs we can perform site exploring so we will head over Ahrefs

Enter the URL of the broken link to review all the web pages that linked to it. We want to see about 30 or more backlinks to ensure it’s worth the effort.

In this example that dead link we found has 960 backlinks from 67 domains (quite enough).

Ahrefs results of specific page

So now we have found a link that needs updating in Wikipedia & in 960 other places from 67 other websites.

Now make a list of the websites that linked to the old broken URL using Ahrefs or Majestic SEO.

Inbound link analysis at Ahrefs

In Majestic SEO we can also check on the historical links and try to reach out to the old websites that used to link to the broken URL.

Preparing to Create Backlink

Now we have got chance to get a link from Wikipedia & more other sites. We need to create unique, original piece of content that provides the same value and information as the original one & publish on your website.

Luckily if you have relevant pages then don’t go for creating new content just update the link.

Creating Account at Wikipedia

Once our materials are at hand now it’s time to create an account and build links with Wikipedia (sounds awesome for any web master, isn’t that?)

Create a free account at Wikipedia if you don’t have one already!

Create account at Wikipedia

Once you’re registered user that you’re free to edit any content of Wikipedia’s 4,555,681 articles but not the backlinks as usual. You don’t have rights to edit or add external backlinks to any page of Wikipedia without dead links.

So we will search for dead links that are relevant to our pages that’s why we will get real benefits.

Wikipedia will provide a list of articles that are in the queue to be improved. If you continuously edit and update Wikipedia articles (no matter if it’s only updating dead links) then Wikipedia will suggest you to edit relevant pages and may be they will upgrade your account soon.

Edit to Reference section

Next just find the section of Wikipedia Article that has the citation to the dead link we are targeting.

Correct link at wikipedia

We will update only the broken link also we can update the title of link but you do not remove the word “Dead Link”, this is the word a moderator will remove after validating your page with previous one. If it’s satisfied then they will keep it as an active link.

Save edited page wikipedia

Add a note about the changes you made, then select “Save page.” The changes are pretty much instant but the moderators will review the change.

The procedure usually takes a few days. It is possible that the change will be marked as spam so check back frequently.

Note that you have your article linked from Wikipedia, you can start your outreach campaign to get links thunders from all of the sites we found via Ahrefs, and Majestic SEO

Use the contact pages or email addresses you found to send a message notifying the webmasters know about the broken link and your new web page covering the same useful materials that they can link back.

Reach out The Webmasters

The example message you can send the webmasters and that is Moving Man method :-

Subject: Broken Link on [website name]
Hi [insert webmaster name],
I’m a big fan of your site! I found a broken link the other day and wanted to let you know about it.
The page where the link appears is [insert url] and the anchor text is [insert anchor text].
The broken URL is [insert broken url].
I found a similar page that even has a link from Wikipedia if you want to update the link.
[your website url]
Keep up the excellent work! Thanks!
[your name]

You can build your own template but here is an example of template and anyone can use this.

Let’s Wrap Up

I think you have got the ideas of my article and ready to build the highest authoritative links with Wikipedia. The article is not any crucial one that you don’t understand but very effective to build backlink.

I hope you could build at least 5/6 backlinks by Wikipedia dead links and please let me know how you plan to go ahead with Moving man method.

If you perform well and get better results then please do let us know through comments…it will be super helpful for newbies also other bloggers.

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