ClickBank is an unbeatable way to make money huge with affiliate with an average rate of 50% – 70% commissions (which is regarded the highest commission rate in affiliate networks) on each product you promote and successfully get them sold out online. Today it’s becoming too hard to retain this affiliate competition and continuously increase sales without having any method like a niche on appropriate market, running advertising campaigns (Adwords, Facebook ads), hiring SEO consultants, Email marketing and lots so on.

But still you have chances to make money online with affiliate and it’s possible with world’s strongest affiliate network Indiana based ClickBank. If you have no website but try to sell your products here we have 5 suggestions that can help you to promote your products without having any website.

Hubpages or Squidoo

Hubpages is a user generated content, revenue sharing website which offers the expertises and high qualified blog writers to join free and contribute articles instead they have chances to make money with Google adsense. Squidoo offers the same features but its a community website platform which allows users to create pages (called lenses) for subjects which they are interested in and to use those pages to sell
products for profit or charitable donation.

Joining any of these platforms you can easily create a free profile and promote your ClickBank affiliate products easily for free. Also you can generate revenue with Google adsense PPC method.

Email Marketing

An alternative way to promote affiliate products through templated content. You have to make template with Css and Html for your product and build an email list to send them who are the active users online and ready to respond your mail. Don’t adopt cheating to promote any product adopt faith so that will can believe you and your words. Thus your products will successfully go better and you must have least sales with email marketing.

Social Media

Join Facebook groups, Google communities, Yahoo groups, Twitter, Linked in, Pinterest, to easily get readers of your articles and share your products world wide. Post continuously on facebook fan page, google product page and so far you can. Also join social bookmarking sites, social marker can send your products upto 17 top social bookmarking sites easily

YouTube Video

YouTube is the great medium to promote any product too quickly since more than 1 billion users are integrated in video searches daily at YouTube and it’s very easy to reach out the people online. According to your products make user friendly videos that can easily make people understand and they can easily find your products through video searches. Use optimized keywords and titles so that videos could be also found on Google searches and you find more traffic engaged.

Free Classifieds

Classified advertising is not just to reach out people but also have chances to get regular clients from part of the world. There are some highest PageRank classified advertising sites that require to pay before join but i certainly recommend you to join free classifieds since classifieds are not active to deliver traffic instead i suggest run advertising campaign through Google adwords or Facebook.

Forums Posting

Join your affiliate product related forums to easily promote your products and get more users as your customers. Forums have some certain rules for members that every single rule you violate your account more likely to be closed like, they allow to post multiple but your posts should be relevant to the topic.

You can have huge number of forums to promote your ClickBank products on internet, but i recommend you joining forums that give value to marketing, business, entertainment, gaming, softwares, fictions, ebooks etc. topics so you could get instant traffic onto your products via Squidoo or Hubpages and rapidly get your products sold. Here are some forums suggestions

Write Guest Blog

Once you have no website but trying to promote your Clickbank affiliate products then writing guest blog can be an ultimate way to reach your targeted buyers more quickly and successfully. Technorati’s top 100 blogs accept guest blog and you can find your products related blogs right there. If you’re not a skilled writer your articles might be rejected don’t be worried still you have hope to get article accepted. Find some business blogs who have low page rank and accept guest post so your article might be accepted.

Below are some of the quick points that you should maintain while writing product review

  1. Don’t copy words from product page
  2. Only sort out the core features of your product
  3. Find out Pros & Cons
  4. Try to mention Pros effectively but remember you must emphasis the product’s Cons side, i mean negative side so people will be more engaged in it
  5. Don’t include multiple and irrelevant interlinks within your post(thinking that people will click and go to that affiliate page more quickly) otherwise the author may not accept the post
  6. Try to write review according to your own words, no matter if it’s good or bad written but your mentions are much important
  7. Always tell people the truth and don’t try to cheat so you will never be possible to get any buyer indeed

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    hello, I’m trying to make some income online but there is just too much info for me.

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    would u suggest something for first timer, i was thinking promote click bank products or place ads.