I know you may babble that you do not care about any such thing as targeted audience because your product is so awesome that people from any race, age and religion would love to have it. But believe me when you say thing like this, I am sorry to say that there is not much of chance of boosting the conversion rate of your website. Identifying targeted audience is important for every business organizations and you will realize that sooner or later. Here in this article, we are going to figure out how we can locate targeted audience and get them drive to our website in an ethical way:

Interact With real people

I have personally faced client whining all the time that his customers are converting. Yes, I know this is matter of concern. However, when I ask them a simple question like this – “how many people have you talked to?” they always gave me a blank look. Now, this is what concerns me. How on earth people can fantasize that they will be earning in thousands without even leaving their comfy room. You need to go outside, have fresh air and talk with people who seem interested in your service. Interact with them and try to figure out what is ailing them or what makes them so much disinterested and leaving the conversion funnel in the middle. Believe me, you will have wealth of information that you can never be able to draw out from Google analytics or any other conversion optimization tools.

Assumptions May not always be Correct

It happens that you start a company with a particular targeted audience in your mind and as business grows, realization dawn on you that your business model needs to go through a complete overhaul. Now, changing the course of your company is not a crime. There are some glorious examples of companies that have faced similar situations but eventually they managed to succeed. So, the lesson we learnt from this is that you cannot always trust your assumption because they may not be correct all the time. Be flexible to changes that may come along your way and you will be good.

Do a Market Survey

Doing a market survey is the best marketing move that you can make to gather valuable insight right from your targeted audience. Here you are going to get information right from the horse mouth and therefore be specific of what you are going to ask them. However, for that you need to invest some time profiling targeted audience. You simply cannot call a customer who has purchased your product or paid for your service probably 6 or 8 months ago to get his feedback. He/she is certainly not going to remember what problems he had faced. So, try to get feedbacks from those customers who have made transactions with your website recently.

Here are the few things that you need to ask to get some insightful information about what people want and what you are actually delivering:

Who are they?

Yes, you need to have the demographic data. Ask them whether they are end customer or B2B business owners etc.

For what purposes you are using our service

You may never know that your targeted audience may tell you some benefits of your product that you are not even unaware of.

Has it made any difference in your life?

This will let you know whether or not your products are adding any value to the lives of the customers. If the customers are not getting any benefits, they will not going to come back. It is as simple as that.
These are some questions that you should be asking and obviously, you are free to add more. Just make sure that you are leaving them enough room so that they can give their honest feedback.

Offer some cool incentives

I know people are lazy these days and therefore when you send an email or something of that kind to get some feedback from them, they may ignore the mail outright. To stop this from happening, I suggest you to offer some incentives for filling out the form. You may offer them free 30 days trial period if the recipients fill out the form within the next 72 hours.

So, by trying these time tested techniques, you will be able to identify who are your targeted audience and this will ensure more business and more conversions.


Jarwal Remington is a part time blogger and full time content marketer. He loves coding and currently he is associated with Xpress Content.

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