This might be astonishing to know how Wikipedia can be a keyword research tool which is known as the giant vocabulary of Knowledge. Nevertheless this is true that Wikipedia is the largest keyword search giant on internet which already has proven higher user experience over decades on internet competition. As Keyword research is the most important terminology alongside internet business so marketers biggest challenge is to find out resources for highly targeting keywords.

Wikipedia can be the great solution for you which is a freeware utility and provides you unlimited long tail and short tail keyword ideas. The strategy is that to find out your market and audience wise keywords, use targeted search strings to fetch Wikipedia suggestions on Google, focus on Meta description, Permalinks and optimized headlines, then enter your desired page and hunt for unlimited keyword ideas.

Later head over Google keyword planner to justify your keyword ideas, “How indepth, descriptive and human understandable keywords are they?” also we can focus on Monthly search volumes, suggested bids, and lots of long tail strings.

Fetching Wikipedia’s Targeted Pages on Google

This is very much easy task to fetch different search terms of Wikipedia for a specific keyword on Google using a special search strings “inurl:Wikipedia”. Suppose that you have a niche which focus content like social media, tech, blogging, make money online, seo, events, news, affiliate and web 2.0s

So you can use search string like

Social media marketing inurl:Wikipedia
Blogging tips inurl:Wikipedia
Technology inurl:Wikipedia
Internet marketing inurl:Wikipedia

For my tutorial purpose i have taken “Social media marketing inurl:Wikipedia
Put the search string on Google search box and hit “Search button
The mammoth of Wikipedia’s pages on Google
Now carefully located the tags from Meta description, Permalinks, and Optimized headlines.
Social media marketing inurl:Wikipedi
If you scroll down the page a little you will see bunch of instant keyword suggests from Wikipedia [shown below on image]
bunch of instant keyword suggests from Wikipedia
You can take notes of these keywords on a note pad which we will use on another keyword search tool of Google keyword planner

Access Your Desired Page and Dive Into Keywords Ocean

Now choose any of your desired page and access.

Here you might see nothing but the typical Wikipedia’s tutorial but if you see in deep eye you will find stream of keywords, here’s what i will help to find them strategically.

Search at First Paragraph

Search at First Paragraph
The beginning paragraphs include the maximum keywords of which we have seen a small part on Google’s SERPs. This is the native feature of Google to highlight keywords from first 10-15 lines of beginning paragraphs of any article.

Now read very carefully of the first paragraph and you will find your niche based targeted long tail keywords, like the below image

Target Keywords from Content

Target Keywords from Content
Wikipedia’s content includes the most highlighted keywords which are used to navigate any section of the page with just a simple click. You might think that, “I use this section many times on Wikipedia but never thought these are all search strings which are related to my niche,” exactly that these search strings can be related your niche and you can rank for lots of long tail keywords on Google using these search terms.

I have highlighted some of the featured keywords and also by the way you can get keywords for your targeted article

Target Keywords from Series Base

Target Keywords from Series Base
Sometimes you may locate most popular articles on Wikipedia which are nominated as series based articles and topped as record times read on internet. So for these articles Wikipedia will suggest you “Part of a series” on right corner of the article page.

These are all keyword ideas also and you can focus your niche based keywords from this section as well.

Editor’s Sections

Editor's Sections
The editors sections also include different tags may be highly targeted and potential keywords for your niche. This section may not be available for all Wikipedia articles but for some specific and popular ones.

You can use this editor’s section to focus long tail keywords

See Also Section

See Also Section
This is a common section on every Wikipedia page and at the same time can suggest you the potential search keywords that no other search engines, keyword search tools will suggest you. So carefully focus your niche based keywords from this section

Reference Section

Reference Section
This is also a common part of every Wikipedia article and includes bunch of long tail keywords if you see with marketers eye not just a reader. Below i have highlighted some useful keywords which you can use if they meet your target search terms and your niche.

Head Over Google Keyword Planner and Discover Your Target Keyword for Headline

I think you have already gathered bunch of highly targeted and potential keywords from Wikipedia, now it’s time to justify these keywords, “How better they can perform with your target article, how about their monthly search volume, suggested bids (for adsense earning) and keyword competition,”

These important data you can only get from Google keyword planner so let’s get started the second part of this article

First go to Google Keyword planner and login with your Google account (Gmail account)

Now put any of these keywords (2/3 keywords) you found from Wikipedia and hit “Get ideas”

You can see the avg. Monthly searches, Keyword competition (Low/High), Suggested bid for your target keyword
Monthly searches, Keyword competition
Also thousands of Ad group keywords, and relevant Short tail keywords

Scroll down the page a little you will see the most potential keywords

How to Pick The Targeted Search Strings?

This is highly recommended that you pick only “Long tail keywords” having “Lower” competition and don’t pay attention on Suggested bid since this varies from times to times but your target must be long tail phrases with lower competition.

Moz has described the beginner’s guide to keyword research for niches, which you can have the best article ever for keyword research on internet. If you want to get more keyword suggestions then use these references:

Need More Support?

By this guide I have tried to make it clear to understand Wikipedia’s power of search keyword volume and how you can utilize this highest potentiality of search keywords to apply on your niche. The only benefit you get about this procedure is that you don’t have to think for random keywords the vocabulary of Wikipedia will suggest you thousands or millions of search strings which you can manipulate on other keyword research tools like Keywword planner, Ubbersuggest, Wordtracker and more keyword research tools.

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