7 SMS Marketing Mistakes You’re Probably Not Aware Of

According to research, more than 95% of the adult population in the US use mobile phones. More than 77% of these are smartphones which are more than twice the numbers that were there five years ago. Because most people keep their mobile phones close to them, it is easier to make contact with them through these devices. This is a benefit to any business looking to further their marketing agenda beyond email marketing or online marketing. SMS marketing has grown to become one of the most effective ways to market products and services. To get the best out of this marketing strategy, here are some tips that have helped the most successful SMS marketing campaigns.

1.      Have A Clear Call to Action

Have A Clear Call to Action
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Each SMS gives you only 160 characters, so you need to use them well. Each message you send should end with a clear call to action that should be easy to complete. Some good examples include giving a discount code, availing a link to your store location or even leaving a link to your website. The call to action should be simple.

2.      Choose the Right Timing and Frequency

 Choose the Right Timing and Frequency
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The most successful SMS marketing strategies include proper utilization of time and frequency. SMS marketing is very time sensitive and wrong timing can greatly hurt your business. You need to find a strategic time to send the messages and ensure that you do not spam your client’s phone with marketing messages. On the other hand, sending too few messages is also as bad as sending too many messages. Therefore, create a time and a schedule for sending the messages and stick to it.

3.      Personalize Your Messages

Personalize Your Messages
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You need to take time to segment your SMS list to ensure that your messages are as personalized as possible. Use data from your client database to be able to group clients based on location, unique interests, and shopping patterns. Sending customized messages increases your chances of conversion as clients like feeling important and the personalization help achieve this perfectly.

4.      Send Interesting SMSs

Send Interesting SMSs
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If you send the same message every week, it is likely that you will lose subscribers since your audience will eventually get bored. You need a lot of creativity to keep your audience engaged. Offering occasional giveaways and including educational content is a good way of making your SMS content interesting to your clients.

5.      Get Permission

Get Permission
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Never send SMSs to clients who haven’t subscribed to the service. Not only is it against the law to send unsolicited SMS messages, but it also gives your brand a bad image. Therefore, make sure that you ask your clients to subscribe to your SMS service and only send messages to clients who have agreed to the terms.

6.      Offer an Opt-Out Option

 Offer an Opt-Out Option
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You need to give your subscribers a way to opt out of the SMS service should they feel the need to. This ensures that you are only sending messages to people who are interested in receiving them.

7.      Send Short Messages

Send Short Messages
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Your messages should be easy to read so you need to keep them short and to the point. If the client wants more details, you can offer a link to your website.

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