Are You Vulnerable to Home Theft? Read To Know More


Have you ever been to a theft victim’s place and witnessed a safe so clean that it would give the cleaners a run for their money? Have you been troubling yourself lately with the thoughts whether you can meet the same fate?

Being on the receiving end of a theft or a burglary can be stressful. Nobody actually volunteers to donate their hard-earned belongings to the thieves that manage to break in. You have got to admit, it’s not only the locks that have gotten smarter but the thieves have been doing their homework as well. If you’ve been wondering whether you can be a victim of a break in attempt, this post goes for you. Here are 5 things that might indicate your vulnerability to a theft attempt:



The first and foremost indicator will undoubtedly be your instincts. Keep a check around the corner for suspicious people that might be following you through the day. Intruders usually tend to choose a time when there’s a possibility of you being away at work, making things easier for them. Never question your instincts in matters like these and act vigilantly when you feel someone is keeping a check on your timings.

Old Locks:

Old Locks

I want you to back me up on this when I say we all are nobody but the slaves of the desire to save some cash all the time. There’s a difference between having vague connoisseurs in things and the necessities, and we often fail to draw the line. If you’ve been pondering over changing the locks your great-grandfather would’ve been proud of, we’d suggest you hurry up and switch to smart locks!

Lost Key:


Probably the most overlooked of all the reasons listed here in the post. People tend to carelessly act upon the event of losing a key, which more often than not proves out to be the easiest way of letting an intruder in. Sometimes thieves act smartly and get you to believe you’ve lost the key when it’s actually in their possession. As soon as you notice any of your keys gone, call a professional locksmith lock-up services inc and get the locks immediately replaced.

Faulty Windows:

Faulty Windows

Some people focus so much on the door locks that they forget there’s an easier way for the intruders to get in – the windows. Most people make the mistake of leaving the doors shut tight but a window wide open. Approximately 30% of the burglars enter into the house through an unlocked door or a window. Thieves are highly opportunistic. It’s better to fix any windows which don’t shut properly to avoid any mishaps.

Big Mouth:

Some people love to boast about their safe being the size of a bank vault and their cash pile being ineffable. We, however, suggest you refrain yourself from being that person. Make sure you don’t shout out about your week-long trips on social media before you’re back home. There is a fair chance that a burglar might already be living in your locality getting tempted listening to your exaggerated descriptions.

Thieves are opportunistic and smart. You need to be vigilant 24×7 to protect yourself from any adversities in life. While we do not want you stressing over things you can’t control, we would like you to focus on the things you can. In case the post doesn’t calm you down, we would suggest you install smart locks in your house with the help of professional locksmiths such as locksmith lock-up services inc. Now would be a very good time to go and check your windows by the way!

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