Adding Image gallery with Visual Composer is as easy as adding single image. With Image Gallery you can show a random lists of images in slider that is responsive so your visitors get maximum experience from any device they use to browse your site.

To add an Image Gallery first of all open Visual Composer frontend editor and click on “Add Element” button

Add Element

Choose “Image Gallery”

Image Gellery

Now click on “Add Image” button and browse your images to add to your Gallery

Add Images

Image Gallery Settings

  • Widget Title: Give a title of your Gallery Widget or leave it blank to add no title
  • Gallery Type: You have four types of Gallery (Flex slider fade, Flex slider slide, Nivo slider, and Image grid)
  • Auto Rotate: Auto rotate slides each X seconds.
  • Image Source: Default to Media Library
  • Image Size: Try medium or large
  • On click action: Default to Open Prettyphoto or Open Custom link to send traffic to any page you want
  • Extra Class name: Apply other CSS styles on your Image Gallery with Extra Class. You can learn how to use Extra Class with this article

Finally click on “Save Changes”

Image Gallery Settings VC

Check Image Gallery

After clicking on Save changes the magic happens, you will see a gorgeous image slider that is for “Flex image slider” mode, you can also change slider mode to “Nivo Slider” or “Image Grid” mode.

Now click on any image and a popup with prettyphoto opens with another slider option. You can open images by clicking on “Expan image” button on right top

Open Slider Mode

You can bring much more changes on your Image Slider with Visual Composer

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  1. I am using VC and adding single image. But there is no option for image size.