Visual Composer page builder is an actionable tool to create both static and dynamic website with WordPress. To create a website with Visual Composer is much easy and handy process that takes less than 10 minutes to create a site. Let’s see how to create your own webpage with Visual composer page builder.

First of all go to WordPress −> Pages and choose Visual Composer “Frontend Editor”

Now click the existing Title of your page and give a new Page Title and “Save Changes”

Now click on “Add Element” and choose “Row” then click on “Plus” sign and choose “Single Image” element

Add Row
Single image

Choose your “Image” with browse option, give image size as “medium”, “large” or “full” or any custom size i.e. 200×100 (Width x Height). If you want to add Caption then click “Yes”.

Give image alignment “Center”, “Left” or “Right” also give Image style as “Rounded” or “Outline” or “Shadow”. You can also add “On Click Action” to Link to Large Image, Open prettyPhoto, Open Custom Link (send people to any page you want) or choose “None” to take no action

Image settings

Finally hit “Save changes”

Add Text

To add text click the “Plus” button below image and choose “Text Block”. Now type your CTA text as with regular text editor of WordPress and hit “Save Changes”

Add 3 Columns Row

To add 3 columns row click on “Plus” button −> Choose Row −> click on “Show row controls” button and choose 3 columns

Show row controls

Row layout

Now you have 3 rows and you can add three different images with captions. To add images you can follow previous mentioned way to add “Single Image”

Choose image size as Thumbnail or Medium and “Save changes”

Single image settings

Append to column

Text Block

You can make clone of single image and replace with a new row

To add Tex background color, border, padding, margin, and text color simply click on “Edit” option of any row and choose “Design Settings” and then make your changes

Add Buttons

To add buttons click on “Add Element” and search for “Button” and click on it.

Button settings

You can make tons of changes to your Buttons such as

Text: Add your CTA text here

URL (Link): Click and add your target page link

Style: Choose button style as flat, outline, modern or classic

Shape: Choose any shape i.e. Rounded, Square etc.

Color: Choose your target color that blend your theme color, text and background color

Size: Choose button size i.e. Normal

Alignment: Left, Center or Right

Add Icon: You can add icon from Font Awesome and give it alignment as left

Finally hit “Save changes” and its’ done

Publish your Page

To publish your page simply click on “Publish” button on right top of Visual Composer editor bar and you’ve successfully published your static website page.

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