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In order to make websites user friendly, features like headers, banners, sidebars, social media boxes, pop ups, and comments were introduced and became hugely popular. For some years these were trendy and every website followed them. However, all these ended up in making websites cluttered and misdirected. There was no focus and the actual purpose of brand creation remained largely unfulfilled.

In this year, a conscious shift to basics is noticeable. The trend began towards the latter half of 2016 and is expected to intensify during the course of 2017. Once again the emphasis is on content creation. Informative content written in a lucid manner is now the prime concern of custom website design services in the UK. Studies have revealed that websites containing informative content are visited more often. It needs to be noted that visitors refer to websites in the hope of getting proper information. So, it is always advisable to have websites that carry genuine information.

Creative heading and sub-heading styles

A lot depends on the style of headings and sub-headings of your content. Having sub headings is necessary as it not only breaks the monotony of reading but also assists in remembering important points. Remembrance becomes easier when title and sub-title styles are imaginative and unconventional.

No more flat designs

A vital aspect of customisation is innovation. Web designers are gradually steering away from stereotype and anticipated web designs and themes. Aesthetics based on geometrical patterns, and shapes is the latest trend in designing this year. Flat designs are failing to generate enough interest among viewers, and hence are not gaining enough popularity. Use of lines has become noticeable this year. New geometric shapes like hexagon, circle, and star are being used for images.

Imagery in duotone gradients

A novel idea of introducing newness in web pages is introduction of background colours in dual tones and that too in a gradual basis. This change in colour tone from light to deep could be done laterally or vertically. Either way it is innovative. Duotone sets up a dramatic appeal for any web page. Just by introducing dual tone and without settling for elaborate designing techniques your web page could become distinctive.

Use of hand-drawn elements

The use of hand-drawn elements could add a personal touch to your web pages. These elements could be fonts, graphics, buttons, or icons. It is very rare to see hand written characters or letters in a web site. And once they appear, they are certain to draw viewers’ attention.

Greater emphasis on landing page

Many web design agencies in the UK have made a conscious shift in designing their websites. It is a normal tendency among designers to make home page their landing page. The concept has changed as home page is just an introductory page and does not contain much information. In this New Year more stress is being given to landing page as this is supposedly the most attractive one of your website.

Thinking of viewers have changed and hence it has become necessary to make conceptual changes in web designing and development.


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