Blogger has appeared in the industry as free blog creation and sharing services that is now almost a popular platform to users who fond of blogging. Blogger was launched in Aug 23, 1999; (16 years ago) by Pyra Labs that developed Blogger software and made it a marketable platform in the industry. Blogger was later bought by Google in 2003. Generally the blogs that are hosted at are addressed through the subdomain of is good for dummies but if you think for online business then Blogger is unfit and you have to consider a complete CMS like WordPress. WordPress is a versatile blogging platform that provides all the premium supports to create blog or site that matter your business.

Today in this guide I will teach you to migrate your Blogger hosted blog to self-hosted WordPress without losing any data and traffic. 100% uptime guaranteed!

Choose a Better WordPress Hosting

Before to migrate your site from Blogger to WordPress you must register a hosting account where you can install WordPress software and then transfer your Blogger hosted blog to WordPress including posts, pages, images, comments, permalinks, feed, authors and most important existing traffic.

There are lots of hosting companies available in the market but it’s crucial to find out the best and reliable hosting provider that you can trust and host your most beloved WordPress site.

WordPress team dealt with countless hosting providers than you imagine and in their opinion Bluehost represents some of the best and brightest of the hosting world.

Bluehost provides all the essential tools to install WordPress, create and manage your site with much comfort than any hosting provider does. It comes with premium features like WordPress Auto-Install — new WordPress version availability in 24 hours, unlimited disk storage, unlimited monthly data transfer, host unlimited domains on 1 account with 1 free domain register, 2,500 POP / WebMail addresses, 50 MySQL databases, free CDN services and much more.

I trust WordPress and all of my sites including are hosted on Bluehost and I recommend you to join at Bluehost to build a reliable and powerful online business with no worry.

To get you started here is a beginner guide

Note: Bluehost offers special discount for WordPress users (only $2.95/month) so don’t wait just go to and register your hosting account with your existing domain name so that you can transfer your Blogger blog to WordPress.

If you’re a beginner to WordPress then here is a complete guide for Installing and Setting up your WordPress blog on Bluehost Hosting

Update WordPress Permalink Structure

This is an important step before to import your Blogger content to WordPress so that all of your existing traffic won’t see too many 404 error pages and they will be permanently diverted to your WordPress blog even they won’t know they’re reading content from self-hosted WordPress blog.

Blogger permalink structure format default as

In WordPress the custom structure looks like


To add the above permalink custom structure head to Settings > Permalinks

Now choose “Custom Structure” and type following snippet

Custom permalink structure
Custom permalink structure

Click “Save Changes” and you’ve successfully updated WordPress permalink

Read this tutorial to learn more about WordPress permalink optimization and available permalink tags.

Import Blogger Content to WordPress

WordPress provides a default Blogger Importer plugin which you can get at Tools > Import section in your WordPress account.  The default Blogger Importer can import only posts, comments and categories but you have still many other important things to import like pages, images that Blogger Importer can’t do so you can try another recommended tool like “Blogger Importer Extended

Blogger Importer Extended is a handy tool that can import everything you need to transfer your Blogger hosted blog to WordPress. Blogger Importer Extended can:

  • Import posts
  • Import pages
  • Import tags
  • Import comments
  • Import images
  • Import links
  • Convert formatting
  • Preserve slugs

I highly recommend using Blogger Importer Extended than Blogger Importer because you won’t lose any important data through migration process from Blogger to WordPress.

Before to use Blogger Importer Extended you have to install the plugin and activate on your WordPress site.

You can install the plugin in two ways (1) Installing plugin from your WordPress admin panel (2) Downloading plugin from WordPress plugins directory and uploading to your WordPress account and installing it.

If you want to use method #1 then access to Plugins > Add New Plugin

Search for “Blogger Importer Extended” and install it and activate the plugin.

Now go to Tools > Import section

Click on “Blogger Importer Extended” link

Blogger importer extended
Blogger importer extended

Click on “Ok, let’s go!” button to give authorization access to the plugin before importing your content from Blogger to WordPress

Ok lets go
Ok lets go

Now click on “Allow” to give Blogger Importer Extended to authorize your Google account

Allow app to authorize
Allow app to authorize

Now select your Blogger blog you want to transfer to WordPress

select your blog
select your blog

Click on “Start Import” button

Start import your blogger blog
Start import your blogger blog

Now the plugin will import your posts, pages, comments, images and links. You can see the overall progress in progress bar on right.

Progress of importing
Progress of importing

Note: If unexpectedly the plugin stopped working don’t leave the page or reload the page it will restart automatically in a few seconds.

When everything is imported successfully you can assign a new author name changing the existing name on your WordPress account.

Assign authors
Assign authors

Now all of your Blogger posts, pages, images, comments and links are uploaded successfully to your WordPress blog

Blogger 301 Redirect to WordPress

This is necessary step to redirect all your existing traffic from old blog format to new blog This is also important step to redirect Blogger post feeds to WordPress feeds, Blogger comment feeds to WordPress feeds, Blogger archives to WordPress archives etc.

A plugin “Blogger 301 Redirect” can do rest of the above tasks on behalf of you. You need to install Blogger 301 Redirect plugin on your WordPress blog using Plugins > Add New Plugin tool.

Search for “Blogger 301 Redirect” Install and activate the plugin

Navigate to Settings > Blogger 301 Redirect

Blogger 301 redirect
Blogger 301 redirect

Now check:

  • Do not redirect to homepage if page not found (Display 404 error page)
  • Redirect Blogger Post feeds to WordPress feeds (Recommended)
  • Redirect Blogger Comment feeds to WordPress feeds (Recommended)
  • Redirect Blogger archives to WordPress (Recommended)
301 redirect options
301 redirect options

Click “Save Changes”

There are two methods to do 301 Redirect (1) Using New Blogger Template (2) Using Classic Template

Method #2 is easy and recommended for everyone so better to go with second method

Click on Method #2 box and the entire snippet will be selected

Select snippet below
Select snippet below

Now press Ctrl + C (in Windows) or Command-C (in Mac) to copy the code

Go back to your Blogger account and navigate to Template section of your blog

Choose template
Choose template

Click on “Backup / Restore” button and Download your full template as a safe backup side

Download full template
Download full template

Now scroll the page down until you reach “Revert to classic templates” section

Click on “Revert to classic templates” and then “Revert to classic template” link

revert to classic template
revert to classic template

Now replace the entire snippet with the previous copied code

Save classic template
Save classic template

Finally save your template and you’ve successfully made a 301 redirect between your old blogger hosted blog and newly migrated WordPress blog to transfer traffic permanently to your new blog.

Congrats! You’ve successfully moved to WordPress platform from Blogger and you’re ready to optimize your WordPress blog for better SEO.

Site Feed

Site Feed provides blog subscribers via Feedburner or any other service to process your feed. If you have transferred your blog from Blogger to WordPress you must transfer site feed to WordPress feed url otherwise your existing subscribers can’t read through your latest articles published on your new blog.

Blogger will redirect all post feed traffic to this address.

To set new site feed URL navigate Settings > Other

Other settings
Other settings

Click “Add” for Post Feed Redirect URL

Now type your post feed URL

It should be

Site Feed
Site Feed

Click on “Save Settings” and you’re done!

WordPress SEO Setup

WordPress SEO is undoubtedly more versatile, strong and effective than any other CMS platform in the planet. By properly setting up WordPress SEO your site can gain 10X more traffic than your previous Blogger hosted platform and you can control your website’s entire SEO suites with plugin support.

To my view WordPress SEO (Yoast SEO) is the most versatile and effective SEO software which provides all the essential tools to setup your WordPress site environment with proper optimizations that search engines like.

I have written two series guides on WordPress SEO setup

You must read the first tutorial first then move on second tutorial

WordPress Security Setup

WordPress platform though very effective and manageable but it’s very risky (Hackable) platform than Blogger platform in terms of security issues. According to iThemes security everyday over 30,000 new WordPress sites are hacked due to vulnerable security structure.

iThemes security is a very effective and actionable security plugin from rest of the security tools in WordPress providing very special features like strong password generation, two-step authentication, user lockout, hiding wp-admin username and much more.

iThemes security is a free plugin but you can upgrade to premium to unlock all the advanced security features.

Read: iThemes Security Plugin Complete Setup & Installation Guide

WordPress Robots.txt Setup

Robots.txt is an important part for a website that gives search engines the specified way to access your site without crawling all the parts especially unnecessary parts of your site. Normally with WordPress installation a robots.txt file does not exist but you can generate a robots.txt using software or directly uploading a robots.txt file to your website directory using file manage or third party client software like Filezilla tool.

Read: How to Create Optimized Robots.txt for Your WordPress Site

Choosing a Better theme for WordPress

After SEO and security setup you have still one more thing left that is activating a premium and  professional look theme on your WordPress blog that enhances better user experience and provides SEO endorsements as well.

If you want a premium and professional look WordPress blog theme then you can find the one from following resources

Themeforest: Themeforest is a giant resource of WordPress and other CMS themes and templates. You can all types of WordPress themes in themeforest.

MyThemeShop: MyThemeShop is also a great place to search for any theme for you WordPress site. Use MyThemeShop to buy themes with discount rate and promote their products as an affiliate.

Elegant Themes: Eleganththemes is also a great place to search for your desired theme for your website. Elegantthemes provide a great theme Divitheme which is a multi-purpose theme and can be used for any WordPress blog

Resubmitting your WordPress site to Google, Bing, Yahoo!

Now you have to re-submit your WordPress site to Google since Google had verified your Blogger hosted blog and it did not verify your WordPress blog that is now your blogging platform.

I have written a complete guide on WordPress site submission and verification with Google.

Read: Submit & Verify WordPress Site with Google Search Console

Bing Sitemap Submission

Note: Once you submit your site to it will automatically published on Yahoo!


Moving a site from old platform to new platform is definitely a complex task and time consuming because the steps require proper patient and work. Blogger is really a better platform as it’s free and easy to create but in business mind Blogger is useless platform to everyone as it’s very limited to professional features and functions.

The above Blogger to WordPress migration process is quite easy to everyone (especially newbies) and you don’t need to have coding knowledge even not be a savvy enough to migrate your site. If you have found this tutorial helpful then don’t forget to share it with your blogger friends.

Ahmed Shawan

Ahmed Shawan is a passionate blogger, WordPress enthusiast, digital marketer. He is the top author and founder of


  1. This is nice post .
    Thank you for sharing this …..
    But Ahmad, when we will use that word press, at that time if it get interact with google then it is possible to get traffic or not?

    • Ahmed Shawan

      Okey, This article is a tested results by me though I made few mistakes while moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress such as did not trying Blogger Importer Extended plugin that can export everything from your Blogger hosted blog specially images that default Blogger Importer can’t do.

      In addition all the permalinks are safely and perfectly imported with Blogger Importer Extended so what you need to do, just setup the permalink structure on WordPress side the way it was on Blogger permalink structure. Meaning that your Blogger permalink structure and WordPress permalink structure must be the same.

      By following the above tutorial you can move any Blogger hosted blog to WordPress no matter whether your blog is in beginning condition or already established on search engines, everything residing in Blogger side will be safely migrated to WordPress if you don’t make any unwanted mistake.

      Hope that you understood.