WordPress site migration from older hosting to newer hosting has been a common practice to internet professionals those who run multiple businesses with websites and hosted them on different hosting companies.

Site migration is a big concern to users who tried a poorer hosting provider first and later understood the significant lacking in hosting services that made him/her decided to leave the hosting provider immediately.

Today in this article I have covered a complete WordPress site migration procedure that any user both newbie and pro can understand and easily apply on their recent site migration procedure.

Why You Want to Migrate your Site from Older host to New host?

WordPress site migration process seems to be complex to many users but the ultimate truth is that website migration is really a complicated process if you’re not enough savvy in your space.

To professionals and experts website migration is the easiest task as they do it always but you must know whether you migrate your site or reinstall your site to new hosting you have to perform specific tasks accurately that can lead you to be success for sure.

The reasons behind website migration from older hosting to newer hosting are

  • You sucked getting instant support from your older hosting provider
  • You see lacking in website uptime performances or gradual downtime in your site handling unlimited traffic due to limited Bandwidth issue
  • Your hosting provider is not any trusted brand in the industry and you don’t put enough faith in their services as your business is a big matter to you
  • Your hosting provider takes much cost providing poor services
  • + Tons of reasons of website migration from older host to a new host.

So today you decided to migrate your WordPress site from older host to new host, right?

Before to go ahead ask yourself have you selected a good, trusted, and branded hosting provider leaving your older hosting account where you can put your 100% trust or still you can’t find any better hosting provider and only came here to understand the WordPress site migration process.

Then don’t worry I can suggest you a better hosting provider for WordPress which is globally trusted and reliable hosting provider “Bluehost”.

Frankly speaking all of my WordPress sites are hosted in Bluehost and I’m using their services for a few years now while I didn’t see any downtime in their hosting services.

And their support team is very good in both messaging and chatting services.

You can ask for any help anytime regarding hosting services with Bluehost without any hassle

Again you can get access to many premium services (Google apps, Google Adwords, Bing ads, Facebook ads etc.) with certain discounts through Bluehost.

Need to Know More about Bluehost — Go to Bluehost.com

Important Note

In this tutorial I will teach you how to migrate your WordPress site from any host to Bluehost.com in hassle free way. I have used Bluehost Plus plan to host all the files.

Complete WordPress site Migration

Below I have organized a complete WordPress site migration procedure focusing on newbie and pro users. I have cracked a complex process into an easy process of WordPress site migration through step by step guides. Let’s go ahead.

Backup Website files

Your first step begins with website file backing up process with any software. This can be a self hosted WordPress backup software (BackupBuddy or VaultPress etc.) or a third party client software Filezilla.

Self hosted backup software is much better than third party software as third party backup software can’t include .HTACCESS file which is a must for WordPress to properly setup permalinks and run your website.

.HTACCESS file can’t display in third party client software since it’s a hidden file and it can only be visible when your third party software’s settings enabled to show hidden files.

It’s a bit complicated process to many of us so we should go for self hosted WordPress backup plugin like BackupBuddy or VaultPress.

If you want to use BackBuddy which is an iThemes product then follow the steps below

Login to your WordPress account and head to BackupBuddy −> Backup

Now click on “Complete Backup” and wait few minutes until your downloadable zip file is ready.

Download zip file

When backup is done click on Download backup file

Based on your Website data files it requires more/less time.

Backup database

Your second step begins with Database backing up process which is as simple as website file backup process. To backup you WordPress site’s database you need to login your hosting account cPanel

Now scroll down the page until you reach “Database tools” section

Click on “phpMyAdmin” icon and you will be redirected to phpMyAdmin section


If your hosting account requires Username and Password then provide and click on “Go”

Now search for your exact website’s database (if you have multiple sites hosted in one account)

Once you have found your website’s database simply click on “Export” button

export database file

The export method is selected to “Quick – display only the minimal options” which you don’t need to change also the output format is selected to “SQL” which you also don’t need to change.

So leave rest everything and click on “Go” and save your database SQL .zip file on a safe place may be on desktop or another place you want.

So we have got a complete Website’s backup file and Database file. Now we will move forward to do what others remaining yet.

Upload your website files to new host via FTP software

You’re now migrating your site from older hosting to newer hosting account so already you have registered your domain with a new hosting company and they have provided you new hosting account details, right?

Now use your FTP account login details (FTP Hostname, Username and Password) on Filezilla and click “Quickconnect”

You will see all your website files under Remote Site: in Filezilla

Now access “public_html” folder

choose public_html

On the left panel in Local site: search for your Website backup files in an unzipped file and select all files using “Ctrl + A” buttons on your keypads

Right click on your mouse and choose “Upload”

upload website fir with Filezilla

File upload may take 20 minutes (estimated) or more if you have larger website files

When you’re done uploading website files go back to your newer hosting account Cpanel

Navigate to Databases and click on “MySQL Databases”

MySQL Database

Here you have to create a new database associated with a new MySQL user account with password.

Create new Database

To create a new database simply type a name right after New Database i.e. wp1 and click on Create Database

MySQL Database

You will see a new database is created

Now type your Database name on a notepad because we will need this later

Create new Mysql user

Now you have to create a new MySQL user account for that newly created database

To create a MySQL user account head to “MySQL Users” and use following details

Username: Type any name for MySQL username

Password: Generate a new password by using “Password Generator” but you must save that password because we will need this password later

Create new mysql user

Finally click on “Create A User” button and you will see a new MySQL User is created, you must type your new MySQL user name on a notepad because we will need this also later.

Click on “Go Back” button to go back to “MySQL Databases”

Add a User to a Database

Now you have to add User to Database so that you can get rights to upload your database file to new hosting account.

To add User to Database simply head to “Add a User to a Database”

Add user to database

Choose your newly created Database and User and click on “Add User” button

Now check “ALL PRIVILEGES” and click “Make Changes”

All privileges

You will see Privileges are getting updating and a message will display that you have successfully granted privileges on the database.

Successfully granted user to database

Click on “Go Back” button to get back to Cpanel

Note down your new Mysql account details

Note: You have created a new Database and associated MySQL user account with a unique password. Now you have organize all these details (Database, MySQL User and Password) on a single notepad because will need this to complete migration process.

Upload Database files

Now you have to upload your backup Database file to newly created MySQL Databases to access your site without losing any data file.

To upload Database click on Cpanel and head to “Database tools or Databases”

Now click on “phpMyAdmin” and select your newly created Database


Click on “Import” button and browse you Database .SQL file

File format is selected to SQL so you don’t need to bring any change on file format

Import SQL File

Click on “Go” and all your database files will be uploaded to new database account

Change wp-config.php file

Now you have to bring a simple change in wp-config.php file in which is located in your WordPress data file

To bring changes in wp-config.php file go back to Cpanel account and head to “File Manager”

choose site at File manager

Select your domain and click on “Go”

Open wp-config.php file using “Code editor” tool

Change wp-config-php

Now change

DB_NAME: With your Database name

DB_USER: With your MySQL User

DB_PASSWORD: With MySQL Password

Finally click on “Save Changes” and you’re successfully migrated your site to new hosting account


Change Nameservers

You have still own important thing left completing your site migration process by 100% which is changing hosting Nameservers.

You domain Nameserver is still pointed to older hosting account, right?

So change that Nameservers to newer hosting account and wait up to 48 hours to get Nameservers globally propagated.

Enjoy new hosting services!

You have done a complete WordPress site migration from older hosting to newer hosting account without losing any data, web traffic or content through a secured site migration procedure.

I hope your WordPress site migration process has done successfully without any issue and you learned the easiest way of site migration. If you get any trouble in anywhere of the entire process don’t forget to let us know about your problem in comment section.

Enjoy your new hosting service.

Ahmed Shawan

Ahmed Shawan is a passionate blogger, WordPress enthusiast, digital marketer. He is the top author and founder of TheWildBlogger.com


  1. Hi Ahmed,

    It is a wonderful write-up. A well explained article on migrating a site from one host to another host. I remember the difficulties that I had to face when I migrated my site from Webilla to NameCheap hosting. Keep publishing and helping others 🙂


    • Ahmed Shawan
      Ahmed Shawan

      I have tried Namecheap hosting before and still few of my sites are hosted there. To my view Namecheap is the best for domain registering services but their hosting service lacks in many ways comparing to the biggest brand like Bluehost, Siteground, Dreamhost, WPEngine etc. It largely depends on your sole purpose of creating sites. If you think migrating your site to new host then definitely give a try to a trusted brand.

      Anyway thank you for your comment